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2016 jump events

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11.30.16: jumper, 8:40pm, male, died, body found
Kyle Jackson Freeman 'Werkz', 35
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
11.30.16, ESP, St Pete, (8:45pm), The troops were called out for a possible jumper.

11.30.16,, skyway activity

11.30.16, Jeff, Fla., PCSO deputy on scene witnessed male jumper @ approx 2040hrs on 11/30/16. Fire and police on scene. Eckert college has a boat en route. later: Units have visual on body. fire boat trying to retrieve body later: Fire Dept swimmers in the water

11.30.16, sofia, ruskin, I was driving by at 8:39pm and saw the car pull over and the deputy automatically pull right over in front the the car once he noticed they stopped. He flashed his red & blue lights as I continued to drive over the bridge. This makes me think that the moment the jumper pulled over they automatically jumped so that the deputy could not stop them.

any more info is welcome.

11.30.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 2059, 0044, 3h45m
11.30.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway Bridge: Watch for emergency vehicles in the southbound lanes of the Skyway. Abandoned vehicle at the peak and rescue boats responding later: Skyway: Body recovered by marine units after Pinellas K-9 Deputy witnessed man jump from peak of bridge.
 Kyle Freeman (Werkz)

  Kyle Freeman 'Werkz' - much love  1  2

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 Kyle Freeman (Werkz)
"rest in power"
12.02.16, a friend of Freeman, St Petersburg, The man that passed away on Nov 30 was a great friend of mine along with alot of people St Petersburg. He was a local and a true staple to the community of St Pete. Anybody who is anybody know who Freeman is. He along we many other dealt with mental illness throughout his life. He was a shining spirit in this dark world. He created amazing music and the warmest spirit. Please respect his family to include his girlfriend and young son. He is no longer here but his spirit truly lives on in the Burg. (it does not take a long look at his facebook to see the outpouring of love. no doubt he will be missed. sorry you lost your friend.)
11.30.16: possible jumper, 9:57am
11.30.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, MISSING PERSONS - ADULT ENDANGERED, SKYWAY BG, 0957, 1621, 6h24m

any more info is welcome.
11.29.16: jumper save, 2:00pm, male, was stopped from jumping
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.29.16, anon, (5:21pm), Driving southbound on 275 from St. Petersburg. Saw state troopers heading towards top of bridge, I was about 5 cars behind. State troopers pulled off to side and entered abandoned vehicle (grey, old truck, two doors) no passenger or driver at scene. Possible jumper?

11.29.16, Charles D., Skyway, Southbound, Tuesday, 5:31 PM

11.30.16, Richard R., Ruskin, (11.29.16, 5:20pm, male, was stopped from jumping), As I drove past, there man was at the rail beside a brown truck on the southbound side with one leg hanging over the rail. A police officer had stopped and grabbed the man and pulled him back before he could jump off the bridge.

any more info is welcome.
11.29.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, MISSING PERSONS - ADULT ENDANGERED,  SKYWAY BG, 1401, 1730, 3h29m
11.29.16: possible jumper, 7:30am
11.29.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0732, 1143, 4h11m

any more info is welcome.
11.28.16: jumper, 8:45am, female, hit water, died, found 12.03.16
Elizabeth Vasti, 48
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.28.16, Rachel, St. Petersburg, (10:00am), White Buick at top of bridge empty. Police looking over edge. Found out it was a suicide at 8:30am

11.28.16, Chris M.,

11.28.16, Tim G., facebook, What's going on in the southbound lane. Rh lane closed at the hump and police activity. Traffic is backed up past the toll booth. later: I saw the car and the blood. I had already checked your site but nothing was posted. Her tag was not covered by the police like I have seen in the past.

11.28.16, Val, (8:50am, hit water), we were approaching top of bridge going Southbound. Multiple cars in front of us pulled over and jumped out calling 911. Others were peering over edge. Someone had just jumped moments before. At 10am coming Northbound only one lane was open. PCSO helicopters and Coast Guard patrolling area. Southbound lane closed with 15-20 FHP, HCSO, PCSO and unmarked cars.

11.28.16, pork, largo, fl., (female, hit water), Was driving to work in bradenton saw her standing on the wall, by the time I got pulled over she had jumped. Middle aged woman in dark clothes. There was blood in her car and on the wall. A very sad day. I said a prayer for her, while standing there

11.28.16, Rob L., I came upon the vehicle on the Southside of 275 at 8:45 am this morning. It was a four door sedan sitting in the emergency lane on the right side of 275 with the 4 way flashers on. The young white woman (I found out) jumped 30 seconds before I got to the scene. I have a few picture of the scene, but nothing can be gleaned from them.

11.28.16, cax C., Bradenton, FL., (8:45am, female), Saw girl on bridge ledge holding onto sign, car in emergency parking. Then passers-by ran to look over edge after she jumped.

11.28.16, Sonny M., St Pete, FHP on Southbound side of bridge with right lane blocked. Abandoned white Honda Accord at top. Appears to be plain clothes detectives on site as well. Approx 11:30 am.

11.28.16, Shelly K. F., on IONTBfb, This is the second jumper I have witnessed going to work. I was approaching the top span this woman was standing on the edge I wanted to stop and help but was in the left lane. This is a horrifying to not be able to assist. Feeling tramatized and my thought for this poor soul.

11.28.16, Gabbie R., Gulfport, My family and i witnessed the petite short blond hair woman dressed so neatly with her black sweater tied around her shoulders and barefoot jump off the bridge. it looked as if she had already cut her wrist. it was so sad. ill never forget today. or her image. we ran to side of bridge yelling for a boater. but her body never surfaced

11.28.16, Rich C., Her husband made it up shortly after she jumped. 6 boats and they still not have recovered the body. 5'4" and 110lbs

any more info is welcome. disagreement
11.28.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, MISSING PERSONS - ADULT ENDANGERED, SKYWAY BG, 0854, 1652, 7h58m
11.28.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Multiple agencies responding to the Skyway Bridge for reports of a person that may have jumped from the center span. Drive safely and #MoveOver, Southbound right lanes blocked

12.03.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Multiple agencies now responding to reports of a boater locating a body against the rocks under the bridge later: Body recovered of a person that ended their life earlier this week.

12.03.16,, Officials find body under Sunshine Skyway Bridge
ST. PETERSBURG — Florida Highway Patrol troopers Saturday found the body of a woman who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway bridge earlier in the week.
Authorities originally went to the scene after a caller falsely reported a car going off the bridge into the bay, FHP spokesman Sgt. Steve Gaskins said.
In the process of trying to find the car, which they later learned did not go into the bay, troopers recovered a body from the rocks below the bridge.
"We believe it is a female who jumped from the bridge earlier this week," Gaskins said.
The woman was not identified.

12.03.16,, Body found under Sunshine Skyway Bridge, FHP says
St. Petersburg — A body has been found under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
Authorities were originally called Saturday after a vehicle reportedly went off the bridge into the bay.
While officials were searching for the car, they found a female body located along the rocks, according to FHP. No car was found in the bay.
This is a developing story. Check back for updates. (there will be no updates.)
 Elizabeth Vasti   Elizabeth Vasti

11.28.16, Ruby R. J., facebook, I saw when it happened, what was her name? Her husband got there and was in shock when they told him! So sad!

11.28.16, Denise D., facebook, I saw it too. It happened so fast. I was driving by but everything happened so quickly. I'm so sorry for that family

11.30.16, Matt, Tampa, She leaves behind her husband and three children. An absolutely beautiful family lost an amazing soul Monday.

11.30.16, Gabbie R., Gulfport, Tonight i didn't witness this jumper, but i did witness the woman Monday. it really has effected myself and kids .. We actually witnessed the whole thing... And have video.. But it jst saddens me to know there is no fence being put up! After mondays incident, i cant get the image out of my head and wish ao badly i would have tried to speak to her! She was there for so long... But ive noticed so many pep do this every week. they need something better to prevent this! (thank you for your input. we get many such reports of people witnessing others take their last moment in life. it is something you will never forget and we truly hope you and your family cope with what you were dealt.)

12.01.16, Nicky G., facebook, There are "no words", looking at her FB page makes me cry like a baby... her precious children, omgod! (it never fails to cause the question: why? with so much to lose, why lose it like that? no matter how a person's life appears, only they know the torment their life consumes.)

12.04.16, Hunny G. D. C.,, Liz was a very cheerful, energetic, most thoughtful, selfless person that I had the pleasure of knowing and calling my friend. She was very involved in her community, Church and her kids school and sporting events. Due to medical proceedure and the effects that the meds had on her, this was the unfortunate result. So you really should not comment negative posts if you DON"T know the person that you are commenting on. Please have respect for her family and just be respectful and let them heal. Tis the season and enjoy your time with your family as you never know what tomorrow will bring.
11.27.16: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
11.27.16, noname, St. Pete, FL., Possible jumper. 911 dispatch page shows Eckerd College and FB11 on scene

any more info is welcome.
11.27.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, 911 - HANGUP, SKYWAY BG, 1325, 1358, 0h33m, may or may not be connected
11.20.16: possible jumper, 9:30pm, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.21.16, Bill K., St Pete, (11.20.16, 7:00pm, male, hit water)

11.21.16, Anna H., Bradenton, (11.20.16, 7:00pm, male), Saw him in a blue SUV.

any more info is welcome.
11.15.16: jumper, 12:11am, female, died
Leann Medina Wiener
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.15.16, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (12:40am, female), HCSO requested by FHP. Empty car @ top of bridge. Female's driver license found on front seat. No witness to jumper. 00:40, grid 723s rollout of all typical 'jumper units'

11.15.16, anon, Possible jumper, 130 am at least 5 FHP at top of bridge, 2 vehicles and police boats in water

11.15.16, Michael R. Sr., facebook, Probably a jumper lots of action at o'neill's.

any more info is welcome.
11.15.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, MISSING PERSONS - ADULT ENDANGERED, SKYWAY BG, 0011, 0623, 6h12m
 Leann Medina Wiener   Leann Medina Wiener
11.21.16, Phil, York, PA., If any of her friends or family are on this page and need someone to talk to, please reach out to me. Today marks one month since my mother Stephanie Eisensmith committed suicide off this bridge. You are not alone in your heart break. I will listen. (thanks, phil, we are truly sorry for your loss. if anyone reaches out, we will pass along your contact info.)
11.10.16: possible jumper, 9:30pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
11.10.16, Patsy, Terra Ceia Bay, police activity on Skyway, 9:30 pm Thursday. Police cruiser stopped with lights on, on Northbound lane for about 45 minutes, almost all the way to the top. Traffic moving slowly. I have no other info.

any more info is welcome.
11.07.16: jumper save, 5:55pm, female, stopped from jumping
unknown, 52
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.07.16, Bryan, Palmetto, (6:30pm), Empty car. Southbound. Top of the bridge. Three officers on scene. Jumper not seen.

11.07.16, cloed, Traffic was backed up heading South on the bridge at 6:00pm. On the approach to the top, a police car and ambulance came flying by with lights on along the right shoulder. I reached the top around 6:05pm and saw a policeman and ambulance driver talking on the side of the road. There was another police vehicle at the top behind an empty vehicle. I did not see a jumper or anyone looking over the edge. I am hoping they stopped the person if there was a jumper!

any more info is welcome.
11.07.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Deputy was able to prevent woman from jumping from the southbound lanes of the Skyway. Watch for slowdowns.

11.08.16, IONTBfb/, Pinellas Sheriff’s Deputy Saves Woman From Jumping Off Sunshine Skyway Bridge, On Monday, November 7, 2016 at approximately 5:55 PM, a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office court processing deputy pulled a woman off the ledge of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
According to deputies, Corporal Howard “Glenn” Finley was driving home from work, southbound across the top span of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. He noticed a car parked on the roadway along the side of the bridge and a woman sitting on the ledge, with her legs dangling over the water.
The 52-year-old woman was crying with her hands covering her face. Corporal Finley believed the woman was getting ready to jump from the bridge.
After parking his vehicle, Corporal Finley approached the woman undetected, grabbed her and successfully pulled her off the ledge. Corporal Finley detained the woman while she cried and said, “Please let me die, let me jump.”
The woman informed Corporal Finley she was upset over marital and personal issues.
Florida Highway Patrol Trooper arrived about five minutes later and took the woman into protective custody under the Baker Act.
Corporal Finley is a court processing deputy and he has been with the agency for over 28 years.
In October 2013, Deputy Anthony LoRusso, a K-9 Deputy with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, encountered a suicidal woman attempting to end her life. story and audio here.

11.08.16,, A Pinellas County Sheriff's deputy is credited with possibly saving the life of a distraught woman who was contemplating suicide while sitting at the edge of the Sunshine Skyway on Monday night.
Deputies said Corporal Howard "Glenn" Finley, a court processing deputy, was driving home from work southbound across the top span of the bridge just before 6 p.m. when he noticed a car parked on the roadway, along the side of the bridge.
Finley then saw the unidentified 52-year-old woman sitting on the ledge with her legs dangling over the water, crying with her hands covering her face, deputies said.
When Finley told deputies he believed the woman was getting ready to jump, he parked his vehicle, approached the woman without her detecting him, and pulled her off the ledge, deputies said.
He held onto her, deputies said, as she cried and pleaded "please let me die, let me jump."
The woman told Finley she was upset over marital and personal issues before a Florida Highway Patrol trooper arrived about five minutes later and took her into protective custody under the Baker Act, deputies said.
Finley has been with the Sheriff's Office for 28 years.

11.08.16,, Pinellas deputy prevents woman from jumping off Sunshine Skyway
PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputy is being called a hero for stopping a woman from jumping off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on Monday evening.
Corporal Glenn Finely was on his way home when he noticed a car parked on the roadway along the side of the bridge and a woman sitting on the ledge with her legs dangling over the water.
Corporal Finely pulled over, got out of his vehicle and carefully approached the woman who was crying, with her hands covering her face.
He said the woman was rocking back and forth, saying “Oh my God, Oh my God.” Finely believed the 52-year-old woman was getting ready to jump from the bridge.
Corporal Finley said he spoke to the woman, but doesn’t think she heard him because of the cars passing by.
He said the woman continued to rock back and forth and that’s when he made a move to grab her.
He pulled her off the ledge, but she struggled to get free. Finely placed her in handcuffs.
Corporal Finley said the woman cried asking him to “let her die.”
The woman told Corporal Finley that she was upset over marital and personal issues.
The woman was placed in protective custody under the Baker Act.
“I’m glad I was in the right place, at the right time,” said Corporal Finley.

11.09.16,, Off-duty deputy pulls woman from Sunshine Skyway Bridge ledge, ST. PETERSBURG --
An off-duty Pinellas County Sheriff's deputy pulled a woman off the ledge of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on Monday, potentially saving her life.
• Corporal Howard Finley a Pinellas court processing deputy
• Finley noticed woman on the bridge on his way home from work
• Woman was taken into protective custody, Baker Acted
Corporal Howard Finley, a court processing deputy with more than 28 years in the agency, was driving home from work when he noticed a car parked on the roadway at the top of the bridge.
"If I had been looking to the left at a disabled vehicle on the other side and wouldn't have looked to my right, I might have driven right by," said Finley.
He got out of his car and noticed a woman sitting on the ledge with her legs dangling over the water.
"And she was rocking back and forth and she had her hands over her face, crying," said Finley. "She would open her hands every once in awhile and look down at the water. I think she was trying to get up the courage to jump."
Finley approached the woman, grabbed her and pulled her off the ledge. He detained the woman until help could arrive.
"I was just at the right place at the right time."
The 52-year-old woman was taken into protective custody and Baker acted.
Fellow deputies, meanwhile, are calling Finley a hero.
"People keep telling me that," he said. "I did what I had to and that's not why I did it. Not to be a hero. It was just the right thing to do."
10.21.16: jumper, 1:56pm, female, hit water, died, body found
Stephanie Edith Eisensmith, 50
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
10.21.16, Craig V. D. W., facebook, BREAKING Skyway backed up due to possible jumper

10.21.16, Tom, St Pete, Jumper or possible jumper RIGHT NOW. Check out FHP C CAD

10.21.16, anon, (2:00pm, female, hit water), Witnessed it happen as passing her going over. Southbound side.

any more info is welcome.
10.21.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 1402, 1851, 4h49m
10.21.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway Bridge: Expect delays atop the bridge as reports of a jumper from the southbound lanes. #MoveOver later: Update 2:48PM: Skyway Bridge: Body has been recovered by marine units. later: Female

10.21.16,, PINELLAS Co., Fla (WWSB) - Florida Highway Patrol is on the Skyway Bridge helping rescue workers search for a possible jumper.
The right southbound lane is blocked at the top of the bridge. Traffic over the bridge is backed up but moving slowly.
A witness said they saw a jumper from the bridge, according to the FHP. The incident report map on the FHP web site shows a suicide reported at 1:56 p.m.
The St. Petersburg Fire Department, water patrol units, and helicopters are assisting in the search. First responders arrived on the scene at 2:12 p.m.
Developing story... (that will not be developed.)

10.21.16,, Search underway for possible Sunshine Skyway jumper
A search is underway after someone was reported to have jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge into Tampa Bay, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
At 1:56 p.m. FHP was dispatched to the bridge, according to their website. Troopers arrived on scene at 2:04 p.m. and are working alongside other local agencies.
At least three helicopters are assisting in searching for the body in Tampa Bay.
Meanwhile, traffic over the Skyway has slowed to a crawl with the right southbound lane blocked at the top of the bridge and the presence of law enforcement vehicles.
 Stephanie Eisensmith   Stephanie Eisensmith

obituaryvideo tribute


skyway in the distance, from her facebook.

10.20.16, the day before her fatal jump.

The Benzodiazepine Medical Disaster, a video from Shane Kenny on Vimeo.
10.21.16, Katie M., facebook, People speak but obviously never felt so alone and worthless to feel the need to do something like this! Sometimes people feel this is their only way out of whatever is troubling them! Depression is real and overwhelming!

10.21.16, Billi M. A., facebook, Very Tragic.. my friend is usually the tow truck driver that picks up the vehicles left behind by the jumpers and he told me how when this happens the dolphins surround and swim around the body to keep the sharks away. Crazy how a human ends their life but the dolphins try to protect there body... May she RIP.

10.22.16, Paul C., facebook, Benzos (Xanax, Klonopin) Kill People. My friend Stephanie Eisensmith jumped off a bridge yesterday and ended her life.. She was a mother of two, a wife and worked as an LPN until 3 years ago when she had to stop working.. She had been prescribed 3mgs of Klonopin for 10 years, was never warned by her doctor of the dependency benzos create or the horrible withdrawal they cause. This is Stephanie dealing with one of they many withdrawal symptoms., this one being Akathisia.. it is defined as: a state of agitation, distress, and restlessness that is an occasional side-effect of antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs. She was one tough yet caring woman who was worn down by the debilitating withdrawal/recovery endured by we who have been harmed by this class of medication.. RIP Stephanie, for you the fight is over but the war continues. One day the rest of you will understand why I raise as much hell as I do about these medications.. Hopefully you will not personally experience this horror.. I can tell you from personal experience, this is torture.. Please educate yourself and show compassion to those who have to endure this despite your lack of understanding or personal experience.. I promise you know someone taking these meds who has no idea of the Hell rushing towards them at this very moment.. Peace... Please share..
(we have been yelling about the dangers of prescription headmeds for years. prescribing these legal poisons is blatant deadly abuse that ruins individuals and families, often by doctors willing to prescribe for profit before need. by all means, keep the money rolling in and distract us from it, by continuing to battle the scourge of the evil marijuana.~)

10.22.16, JC M., facebook, Not that long ago, I posted a video (directly above) of a Bradenton woman pacing, akathisia, from being withdrawn from Klonopin fast.. Maybe some of you remember it. That woman is dead. People idly watch, expecting those with this to solve their problem with no support.
I posted another video asking for support and help, asking people to help us. Most watched and did nothing, even if promising to help. All I asked is to write to your rep and ask for more research on this.
Stephanie was in a situation where if she went to a hospital for being suicidal, she would only get sicker, which could prolong her healing for years, because this benzodiazepine injury. She did anyway, and they couldn't do crap for her.
The silence of many speaks to me, it's clear a lot of you just don't give a shit about anyone but yourselves. RIP Stephanie, I give a shit and will set this right, I wish you were here because I know you always wanted to help and did care about people.

10.24.16, JC M., facebook, It was 100% avoidable and she reached out for help everywhere she could. Tragedy. She was an amazingly kind woman.

10.24.16, Nicky G., facebook, Heartbreaking! Reading now about the drug she was given: Controlled substance Can cause paranoid or suicidal ideation and impair memory, judgment, and coordination. Combining with other substances, particularly alcohol, can slow breathing and possibly lead to death.

10.25.16, Jennifer J, Nc., I want everyone to know that benzodiazapines taken AS PRESCRIBED killed my friend Stephanie! I want her death to spread awareness on what these benzos and also these psych drugs are doing to people! I KNOW this is what she would want me to do! Her life is over due to these medications, but YOUR LIFE AND YOUR LOVED ONES LIVES can be SAVED from EVER going through this! PLEASE research and watch these different benzo/psych drug documentaries and educate yourselves on how DANGEROUS these medications truly are! I have seen first hand what benzos do. I am 10 months off of xanax cold turkey and i'm still bedridden unable to function! I feel like i'm on LSD everyday and have HORRIFIC brain damage feeling symptoms! SO many people are out here suffering and dying due to benzos and also psych drugs! EVERYONE needs to educate yourselves on the TRUTH behind these psych meds! These psych meds are causing people to become MORE depressed/MORE anxious/Manic acting/and suicidal ideation and NO ONE has a clue! We are taught to trust our Drs and medications and if you research enough, what you will find is HORRIFIC and scary as hell! It's well known that these anti depressant drugs are causing people to commit suicide/kill their kids and other horrendous acts! BUT when this happens, people look at it as the persons "mental illness". They NEVER look at the med as the cause for ALL OF IT! These psych drugs are hardly researched AT ALL before they are placed on the market! WE are ALL guinea pigs and Big pharma is profiting off of making us SICKER! Within a month of taking an antidepressant, it changes your brain to the point when you try to stop, it throws your brain haywire creating mental symptoms! When this happens, the person is diagnosed with some mental illness and the medication is NEVER looked at as the cause! THIS is how easily it is to be misdiagnosed and then polydrugged FOR LIFE! These drugs also cause something known as medication spellbinding! Where you are unable to realize the med is making you WORSE! These psych drugs/benzos are the most dangerous horrific drugs in the world! Before these came out, we did not see all these suicides/mothers killing kids and other horrendous acts! PLEASE wake up everyone and see the TRUTH! These drugs cause MORE harm than they do good! In fact, every time you hear of a suicide or some crazy murder, 9 xs out of 10, the people were on these meds or coming off of them! These medications are NEVER look at as the cause for ALL of this! Antidepressants/psych drugs and benzos CAN NOT be stopped cold turkey! In fact they change the brain SO bad, that when these drugs are not taken in a few days, it can throw the brain crazy and in turn make someone MORE manic/suicidal/homicidal. PLEASE research about these anti depressant meds and benzos! ONE day you WILL be prescribed one and you need to know what you're up against! Just ONE month of taking them can screw you up beyond belief! They are now prescribing paxil and cymbalta and other anti depressants for other things like fibro, which is making people mentally sick! Here's a video about Benzos, which Stephanie was coming off of. It tells a bunch of people's experiences and suffering from them. To give you an idea of what she was living with for MONTHS. There's also 2 other videos for benzo awareness day you can look up! "World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day" 2016 And here's a MUST SEE documentary. IT tells you the TRUTH behind how these psych meds came out and why they are SO dangerous! It also tells you how Big Pharma is profiting keeping people mentally sicker, the lies and greed that is going on behind these medications. [video link withheld] (thank you, Jennifer, for telling your story and detailed description of these drugs and what they destroy. we posted the first video link, but will not include the second one, as we will not promote anything to do with 'scientology' on this website. our only agreement with them is on their stand against headmeds. we wish you well in your life and your mission to expose these harmful drugs.)

10.27.16, Eric S., Tampa, First of all, my condolences to the friends and family of Stephanie Eisensmith. BUT, I have no choice but to give MY side of the (headmed) story.··· (thank you, eric. we moved your comments to the comment section, by request of the family.)
10.10.16: jumper, 7:30pm, male, hit water, died, body found
Caleb F., 19 (unconfirmed)
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
10.10.16, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., 8:20pm, HCSO sent units, including Aviation & Marine unit, Pinellas has all 'typical' units for jumper to grid 723s. later: Apparently, response is due to an abandoned car. Checking DOT cameras to see how long car has been there. later: HCSO chopper infrared shows little heat from vehicle. Assume car has been there since 7:30. Still no eyewitness to a jumper. All response is for a deserted car, so far. later: USCG just informed HCSO that tide is incoming & any body would be about 1/2 mile into the Bay. Car was found by FHP @ 7:30 PM. HCSO Aviation has left for another call. later: HCSO Marine unit stated that Bay was very rough. As you know that would make finding a body tonight almost impossible. I'm sure the car registration will be traced to an address, & checked if owner is missing later: (hit water, died), FB group 'Ruskin area crime alerts' states USCG has recovered the body.

10.10.16, Patsy, Terra Ceia Bay, Peak of skyway, north bound lane, is lighted up with red and blue lights, I have no other information. 9:27 PM Monday

any more info is welcome.
10.10.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 2015, 0136, 5h21m
10.10.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Multiple rescue units responding to the Skyway Bridge for reports of an individual that likely jumped.
10.11.16, Jason K., facebook, It's not the bridge's fault. It the fault of the vastly over worked and underfunded mental health system in this country. The cracks in it are too damn wide and far too many people fall through them.

10.11.16, Sadie S., facebook, So sad, another family has to endure the rest of their lives asking why?
10.04.16: possible jumper, 11:08pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
10.04.16, Patsy, Terra Ceia Bay, Police lights at the peak of skyway, Northbound. 11:08 PM Tues night.

any more info is welcome.
09.26.16: jumper, 8:22am, male, died, body found
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.26.16, anon, SB center span again. FHP dispatch actually showing reason.

09.26.16, Teresa W., facebook, Someone jump off the bridge this morning? Road rangers and rescue on the top of the skyway looking down into the water.

09.26.16, Karen H., Palmetto, fl., looks like someone may have jumped this morning. sheriff racing to reach the top of skyway around 8:38am people looking over empty car on top.

09.26.16, Matt J., Lots of police activity on the NB side of the bridge. I was heading SB and lots for rescue/1st responders looking over the side. Saw a chopper heading that direction too and more police as I was getting off the bridge.

09.26.16, Sherri H., I was on the bridge around 8:30 this morning, and the digital sign said there was police activity at the top of the bridge. We all know what that means. An ambulance came roaring by followed by 3 police cars. By the time I made it to the top, the ambulance was gone. There was an empty car parked on the side and someone looking over the edge. I am not sure if they took the person away in the ambulance or they jumped. I saw a police boat leaving the area once I got past the activity. A coworker of mine was calling FHP when she saw the person jump. On a side note, it infuriates me that the digital sign lets you know that the right lane is blocked, but people feel the need to ride all the way to the end an cut in! (we have been requested to have you look into the 'zipper merge'. having one long line of traffic and one empty lane is less efficient. if drivers could somehow magically get their crap together, a zipper merge would make traffic flow much smoother. that and throwing slow-down-and-rubber-neck drivers off the bridge, would brighten our lives as well. thank you for your continued input.)

09.26.16, Taylor, Pinellas County, Driving northbound over bridge around 8:00 AM. No police at that time but I noticed 3 cars pulled over at the top of the bridge. One car was parked, turned off, and empty. The second car (white I believe) was parked, running, and had the driver inside. The third was a truck (black I believe) that was backing up close to the second car. Inside the white car I saw the driver motion for the truck to stop. In my rear view mirror I saw someone get out of the truck once it parked. About half way down the hump from these three cars there was a fourth car pulled over! There was the driver and a passenger sitting in the car looking in their mirrors behind them. They had their hazard lights on. I thought that the three occupied cars (not the empty one sitting at the top) knew each other and something had happened for them to have to pull over. I hope this wasn't too confusing and is mostly readable. I checked here first moment I could for any information, only to see the cameras are not currently up. This explains all the construction they're having on them at night. However, I'm still confused about this 4 car incident. Especially since I saw an ambulance head south towards the bridge from St. Pete as I was entering the city.  (we're guessing these additional stopped vehicles may have done so, in what may be an attempt to help. perhaps they were the ones that actually saw the man jump. we can imagine the trauma of having seen such a stunt, may make one stop and pause. we have many reports from the past, of people witnessing a jump and they have been taken aback by what they saw.)

09.26.16, Derrick, Sarasota, fl., 1 male jumper confirmed dead this morning.

09.26.16, Melani, Bradenton, FL, Activity on the bridge this morning with Troopers and EMS. Cops, Red Malibu empty car.

any more info is welcome.
09.26.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 0819, 0018, 3h59m
09.26.16,, The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a man jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Monday morning.
At 8:19 a.m., the Florida Highway Patrol was notified of a person who jumped. Twenty minutes later, officials located the man, who had died.
Hillsborough deputies will conduct a death investigation. (thanks Elisha E., Bradenton, Fl.)
09.25.16: possible jumper, 10:30pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
09.26.16, Patsy, Terra Ceia Bay, Sad to report more police at top of skyway bridge, north bound lanes. 10:30PM. Always seems to be the late evening hours.

any more info is welcome.
09.20.16: possible jumper, 11:10pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
09.20.16, Patsy, Palmetto, Fl., 9-20-2016 11:10. Activity with police cars at top of skyway bridge.

any more info is welcome.
09.17.16: possible jumper, 2:40pm
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.18.16, shanti, riverview, (09.17.16, 2:45pm), Hi, Thanks so much for this website. I actually called the police/highway patrol yesterday about a parked red vehicle at the top of the northbound bridge. Was wondering if you or your followers had any information on the outcome of the event? Were they taking in the sites? Couple jumpers? I did slow down but had a child in the car. Thank you.

09.22.16, Denvrunr, Sarasota, (09.17.16, 2:40pm), I drove past this same red car on my way to TPA. I saw it parked at the top and there was a person in the car. I did not stop. After dropping off my travellers, I drove back toward SRQ, and notice a patrol car parked at the top where the red car had been about 30 minutes earlier. I did not see anything else to indicate a jump had occurred. The red car was gone as well (no tow trucks).

any more info is welcome.
09.10.16: jumper, 4:17am, male, died, body found
Aaron Michael Dagwan, 30
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.10.16, Patsy, Manatee, skyway action, police cars on highest part of skyway, 4:24 AM, 9-10-16.

09.10.16, Kai, Gypsy, (4:15am), While viewing the bridge from the rest area, we witnessed police racing to the top. We saw spot lights. It looked like they stopped traffic. My fiance grabbed his binoculars to see if he could tell anything. He swore he saw something fall from the bridge. After a bit, traffic resumed and only one set of police lights remained at the top of the bridge.

09.10.16, Barbara H., facebook, IONTBfb/ reported jumper one hour ago on Suicide Prevention Day - a jumper with a sense of humor.

09.17.16, Reese, St. Petersburg, (09.10.16, 4:17am, male), The jumpers name was Aaron Dagwan. He was a 30 yr old single white male originally from Boston Mass although he had been away from there for a long time. He had been having financial issues for a while and was I guess to his breaking point. I know all this beause he was my next door neighbor and we were friends. I last heard him Fri night prior to the incident. He was with a girl it seemed like they were drinking and having a good time. I physically saw her coming in and out but not him. He was there though. That was around midnite. Whithin 4 hrs from that point he was found. I guess he emailed his family that he was tired of bring in debt and that he would rather kill himself then ask for their help anymore. Aaron was a really funny guy who would help anyone he could. He did work as an HVAC repairman but he wasnt making the kind of money he was used to anymore. I had only known hom for about 2 mos but he had been here 5 yrs and a lot of ppl beisides myself was very shocked and sad to see this happen. One last little note, about a month prior to this i was hanging out with Aaron and i think i asked him about finding out about the identity of a new jumper, so we googled and found this site. He sat there absorbed in the information for a long time. I could tell he was facinated, and i think thats when the idea began to form. Anyway, Aaron this is for you buddy. I knew you would want your spot on the site.

11.30.16, Truth Be Told, Massachusetts, Aaron D is Aaron Dagwan. He was not a good person he was a registered sex offender (you can Google him). He had offenses in 3 states and he hurt young children. (while most skyway suicide jumpers are rightfully mourned, this one is rightfully celebrated. thanks for the update.)

any more info is welcome.
09.10.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0417, later:
09.10.16, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 0417, 1435, 10h18m
09.10.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Search ongoing by land, sea, and air for jumper from NB lanes of bridge on this #worldsuicidepreventionday later: Body located and recovered  
09.10.16, Chris D., IONTBfb comment, It happens all of the time. News outlets quit reporting because it's so frequent. Only reason this one is being reported is because it's suicide prevention day. (IONTBfb/ is perhaps the last vestige of skyway jump reporting. they come through, while the main stream media focuses more on selective news and pc reporting.)
 Aaron Michael Dagwan   Aaron Michael Dagwan
10.10.16, Tita, Saint petersburg, It's 11:47 the last time we texted on September 9TH a few hours later you decided to leave us taking a part of me with you. It really hurts me that I did not check on you like I used To do all the time, that day was just weird. just wanted to say, I love you & you are so missed. Aron D. Was my neighbor he decided to jump early morning September 10th 2016 a very caring loving, young man. It's been a month already & it's not the same without you. Love you so much.....Tita!

05.10.17, Tita M., St.Petersburgh, Fl., Aaron D. Was my neighbor he left us September 10th 2016.It's been a long 8 month's that you left us, not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I miss you so much It's NOT the same without you. Aaron was an awesome guy, I really feel bad that he left us never did I imagine that he would do that, that wensday mom & I were @ his place playing dominos. It was a three way tie & come out and say alright Aaron we going night night he was like no we have to break this tie I was like no pa we'll see you tomorrow love you. He was fussing because we left & didn't want to stay to beak the tie I was thinking we'll break it another day. Well little did I know I would NEVER get that chance again! Never take anything for granted. I love & miss you much Aaron D.
08.27.16: possible jumper, 11:58pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
08.28.16, Patsy, Manatee Co, Palmetto, (08.27.16), Lots of police at top of skyway, 12:30 Sun AM, as viewed from my condo on Terra Ceia Bay

any more info is welcome.
08.27.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, SKYWAY BG, 2358, 0134, 1h36m
08.24.16: jumper, 10:55am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
08.28.16, anon, (08.24.16), No other details known. They were up there over an hour. SB center span.


any more info is welcome.
08.20.16: jumper, 12:00am, died, body found
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.20.16, Amber, BRADENTON, (12:15am), Driving home from Tampa Airport to Bradenton, at top of bridge I saw Florida highway patrol speeding past. When I got to top ambulance & police were there and all looking down. There was a car at the bottom with emergency lights on.

08.20.16, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (00:00:00am, died, body found), HCSO bringing was in area when recovery was made by another boat. Heard on HCSO scanner. Grid 723s, all typical units on scene.

08.20.16, Patricia B., Snead Island, About 1am police cars and firetruck or paramedic at top of bridge both sides. About 6 policeman and paramedics leaning over and peering over into the water at top Northbound. Seems likely there was a jumper.

08.23.16, Brigette, Miami Beach, FL., (08.20.16), I was driving across the bridge to Tampa. As soon as I saw 4 police cars on Northbound lane, top of bridge, I knew what had happened. It's a suicide bridge. There was also 2 police vehicles, top of bridge South Bound side, and Coast guard and another vessel in the water below. What I NEVER KNEW BEFORE was that there is a Vortex running through the center of the bridge, which is why everyone jumps from the top. People are pulled to the location. It's an energy force, from the dark spirits communicating with those that have weak channels. For people reading this that have no knowledge of How spirits work, or communicating with those not in earth form, this may all sound cooky. It's sounds cooky to those of us with special gifts. My cat, yes, of course, was traveling with me, he had a harness on when we left Miami, no problem. As soon as we ascended up the bridge, the kitty started strangling himself with the harness, he had his jaw underneath the front strap and was trying to push his head down. I immediately started trying to undo the clip to remove the harness, all while driving, very aware of the flashing police lights ahead. i popped off the harness. The kitty had NEVER done this before, nor after, which is how I recognized the vortex. (He has had the harness on several times since, no problems.) Animals are pure spirits and communicate very easily with spirit form. These bastards (of darkness) are VERY manipulative. evil demons that pull people to the bridge. A weak soul is very vulnerable to it. Centuries ago, my grandmother told the story of the girl in the back of the car, a ghost, only when you go over the bridge. I never saw her. I know now, she was trying to ask for help, to warn people... This Vortex needs to be closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any more info is welcome.
08.20.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0000, 0544, 5h44m
08.09.16: possible jumper save, 3:00pm, female
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.09.16, Shea S., Tampa, Florida, (3:15pm), Passing over the skyway bridge I saw on the south bound side, a vehicle pulled over to the side. At least 6 or 7 police cars surrounding it. I do not know if there was a possible jumper or abandoned vehicle.

08.09.16, Matt, Bradenton, (3:00pm, female, no crisis phones, was stopped from jumping, taken away), I saw a lady go around her car top of Skyway She looked over the side, I called 911... unfortunately traffic could not let me stop, I made the U-turn to come back and see many police showed up and saw her in the back of police car. Thank the lord. I do not know if anyone else was involved, only seen 1 white women... I pray she is ok ??? I wish I would have stopped but it all happened so fast...

any more info is welcome.
08.09.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, MENTALLY ILL PERSON / NON VIOLENT, SKYWAY BG, 1455, 1505, 0h10m and then again 1510, 1531, 0h21m
08.07.16: possible jumper
08.07.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1147, 1209, 0h22m
08.06.16: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
08.06.16, anon, tampa, fl., possible jumper 8.06.16 ; abandoned black truck on the side of the Skyway with police cars surrounding it.

any more info is welcome.
08.04.16: jumper, 7:28am, possible survivor
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.04.16, Shane, Bradenton, Florida, (7:32am, hit water), I saw two highway patrol officers looking over the side of the bridge at the highest point while talking on a walkie talkie and parked nearby was an empty car.

08.04.16, Sherri H., Empty vehicle at top of bridge. Not sure if jumper or broken down.

08.04.16, Shannon W., Ruskin, FL., Possible Jumper this AM. I commute over the Skyway 2x a day. This morning going north, there was a slow down and a State Troop passed on the shoulder about half way up. There was a St Pete Police car up there (I see several StPete Cops and Pinellas Sheriffs commuting in the morning). A 4 door sedan was up there, no passenger visible and the State Trooper and the city cop were looking over the rail.

08.04.16, ‎Eric S., facebook, Jumper this morning. Personal boater bringing individual to marina to meet medical.

08.05.16, Kristen N., facebook, I passed by him yesterday as he was jumping, called 911 i really hope he's okay

any more info is welcome.
08.04.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, SKYWAY BG, 0728, 0941, 2h13m
08.04.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Reports of jumper from NB lanes. Private vessel bring person to marina to meet up with medics. Expect delays. later: Person is being transported to Bayfront later: Big shout out to the boater that was able to get the man aboard his boat and rush him to the marina. St Pete Fire Rescue and Sunstar were able to rapidly transport him to Bayfront.
07.30.16: possible something
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
07.30.16, Kai, St pete, Driving SB just past n tower, there was what appeared to be a family, young children included, standing together on shoulder near wall. No cars were visable. Appeared to be 2 adults and 2 kids. 12:28am on 7/30.

any more info is welcome.
07.29.16: possible something

any more info is welcome.
07.23.16: save, 7:30pm, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:

07.23.16, dale, st. pete., (7:30pm, male), Driving north on 275. Jumper was sitting on ledge. State police was on sight with more emergency personnel arriving

07.23.16, eric b., bradenton, fl., (8:45pm, male), There was a man sitting on the edge of the railing facing the water at the top of the southbound span of the skyway bridge staring down at the water. This is now posted on FHP website: ROAD CLOSED DUE TO OTHER CONDITIONS, PINELLAS SKYWAY BRIDGE SB & NB x[SR-55] [SAINT PETERSBURG] RIGHT LANE BLOCKED SOUTHBOUND LEFT LANE BLOCKED NORTHBOUND FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES

any more info is welcome.
07.23.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, SKYWAY BG, 2019, 2130, 1h11m
07.23.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway: FHP Trooper was able to remove man from hanging off the railing threatening to end his life. Imagine being put in that position.  
07.23.16: jumper, 2:56pm, male, hit water, died, body found
William "Bill" McKinney Sr., 64
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
07.23.16, Chris N., What's going on here? FHP with one other LEO vehicle makes me think it's not a disabled vehicle.

07.23.16, Kari, Clearwater, IONTBfb/ and other agencies reporting a jumper with boater below waiting for leos

07.29.16, Robert, Freeport, ohio, (07.23.16, 3:00pm, male, no crisis phones, hit water, died, body found), My brother William Mckinney jumped. Took his life, troopers were on site. you have the camera on him at 257 pm (we are sorry for your loss. be well.)

any more info is welcome.

07.23.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1503, 1954, 4h51m
07.23.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway Bridge: Another unfortunate suicide from the bridge. Boater down below with jumper awaiting assistance from first responders.

07.23.16,, Skyway Suicide Saturday afternoon, Posted July 23rd, 2016 @ 6:15pm by John Sipos, A tragic suicide off the northbound Skyway just before 3 this afternoon. Motorists reported what was called a suspicious person on the bridge to the Florida Highway Patrol. As the responding Florida Highway Patrol trooper approached, the man dove off the span. The body has been recovered, but not immediately identified pending notification of family.
  William "Bill" McKinney Sr.

06.27.16: possible something
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.27.16, joe, terra ceia, i see a bunch of activity at the top of the bridge. can't tell from cameras if there is a jumper.

any more info is welcome.
06.15.16: jumper, 9:57pm, male, hit water, died
unknown, 46
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
06.15.16, Bill E., Riverview, (10:15pm), Heard HCSO DISPATCH CAR & Marine1. Pcso typical response units did not show as dispatched until about 8 minutes later (723s) Monitoring. later: (hit water, died, body not found yet), Units tracking tides since jump. Outgoing. later: 12am, Search suspended until daylight.

06.15.16, Sandra B.,
06.16.16, Hatchet Man,
06.15.16, Sandra B.,
06.16.16, Skyway Guardian, the audio I received over my radio,

06.22.16, Anonymous, St. Pete., jumper was found around 1:00 AM by Eckerd College Search and Rescue.

any more info is welcome.
06.15.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 2157, 0526, 7h29m
06.15.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Crews searching down below for a reported jumper prior to 10 PM. Drive carefully. Multiple units on bridge
06.15.16: possible something
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.15.16, Sandra B., northbound side

both vehicles moved on soon after.

any more info is welcome.
06.13.16: possible something
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.14.16, Chris N., What's this person up to?

any more info is welcome.
06.08.16: possible something, 8:00am, female, water, died
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.10.16, JHS, Sarasota, (06.08.16, 8:00am, female, water, died), spoke to my sister in Virginia who was trying to contact her friend (jumper) "Rose". Info back was that she jumped Wednesday morning around 8:00am. No additional info available. Sad though. I had the opportunity to meet her 2 months ago and she was a very sweet person.

anyone else? any more info is welcome.
05.15.16: possible something, 4:20pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
05.15.16, Sherry D., Saint Petersburg FL., Driving northbound today at around 4:20pm, saw a truck pulled off to the side of the bridge just over the topmost part - a man was taking a ladder out of his truck. Then there was an accident by the toll booths on the north side.

any more info is welcome.
05.15.16: possible something, 1:30pm, male
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
05.15.16, randall, st. pete., (1:30pm, male), as i was driving south bound a guy was on the northbound side and it looked as though he was taking a picture at the top but i seen him jump. and another gentleman was on the same side at the bottom and he was out of his car. dont know if he jumped or not, but it was very weird to have both men out of their car and no flashers or anything.

any more info is welcome.
04.22.16: possible jumper
04.22.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1138, 1150, 0h12m

any more info is welcome.
04.06.16: save, 5:30pm, female
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
04.06.16, Craig, Tampa Bay, (5:30pm, female, was stopped from jumping), FD responded to southbound lanes of bridge. Female had leg over wall but did not jump. Possibly talked out of it by another person on scene. Female evaluated.


any more info is welcome.
04.06.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway Bridge: Emergency vehicles atop the Skyway Bridge. Appears subject comtemplating jumping has been saved.
03.25.16: jumper, 8:10am, female, hit water, died, body found
Sherri Lynn Ackerman Newborn, 52
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.25.16, shepdog of skyway lane, St Pete, FL., (8:51am, female, body not found yet), Pinellas County dispatched Rescue 11, Fire Boat 11, Eckert College SAR, Marine Patrol, the Coasties, Sunstar and the District Chief and Rescue Lieutenant both from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper. FDOT cameras showed a woman jumped. I am listening to dispatch on todays’s jumper at 8:50. FHP reported she jumped in front of an outbound freighter/barge. Makes it doubtful they can make a recovery. later: She achieved her objectives. She hit the water and was Signal 7 by FB11 at 9:36 (acronyms)

03.25.16, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (9:36am, female, hit water, died, body found), Pinellas Co EMS scanner traffic says cameras saw her jump. FB11 recovered. Deceased female. Headed to O'Neills Marina.

03.25.16, R., St. Pete, Full first responder contingent + empty car northbound crest.

03.25.16, Craig, Tampa Bay, (9:00 am, female, hit water, died, body found), Female jumper observed by DOT camera. Body found 40 mins later by civilian boat. FD confirmed fatality. Possibility of jumper mentioned on Fox 13 with live traffic cam feed showing FHP behind abandoned car and trooper looking over the wall.

03.25.16, anon, (9:30am), Saw it, was stuck in the backed up traffic as search & rescue and helicopters, police, etc. were looking for the body.

03.25.16, stella, parrish, FL., (9:01am, female, died, body found), bays news 9 reported it this morning. it wasnt on there website but had a report about it. not much information has been released yet.

03.25.16, Ron, Bradenton, FL., (9:00am, female, hit water, died, body found), While fishing the nearby waters we responded to the search area due to an emergrncy radio report from St Pete Coast Guard Station requesting an all vessel assistance reporting a possible person in the water by the center span of the Skyway Bridge. Upon arrival to the West side of the Center Span we began a search pattern, and on our second pass of the area approx 100 yards west of the center span when we discovered a female victim. At that point we notified St Pete Coast Gaurd and signaled the Fire Dept. search vessels that were working an area west of our location. St Pete Fire Dept vessel responded to our location and recovered the victim from the water.

03.29.16, Jane Doe, Tampa, FL DOT pics RE March 25 Jump

any more info is welcome.
thanks also to Jason S., Bradenton, FL., Gary S., Tarpon Springs, and Joe S., Miami
03.25.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0905, 0907, 0h2m
03.25.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 0905, 1450, 5h45m
03.25.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway Bridge: Emergency crews atop and below the bridge in search for subject that reportedly jumped. - Update 9:30AM: Victim deceased (female)

03.25.16,, Sunshine Skyway jumper's body recovered,
By JESSICA DE LEON, MANATEE -- The body of woman who jumped off the northbound side of the Sunshine Skyway bridge has been recovered from Tampa Bay, according to officials.
The Coast Guard responded to the call, along with St. Petersburg Fire Rescue and Pinellas County Fire Rescue. St. Petersburg Fire Rescue was first on scene and was able to find the body.
The Florida Highway Patrol was dispatched at 9:01 a.m. after receiving reports of a possible jumper. They arrived on scene at 9:06 a.m.
This story will be updated as more information becomes available. (it will not.)
comment from the article: Carol C., We all know that if someone wants to committ suicide they can find a way. but if we can make it a little harder for them, give them time to think about it. some people have been saved from it and are still glad they are here. we all have bad times. the skyway has been a form of joke for years amongst us locals, like if something goes bad we will say we are going to the sky way (not really, not funny). these people do not want to die they are crying out for help and are not getting it. I personally would love to see the sides of that bridge built up. it scares me, and I avoid it at all costs. (the usual calls for nets and fences. again, this.)

03.28.16,, Thanks, Sherri, for making our world better with your work,
By Steve Otto | Tribune staff
Sherri Lynn Newborn, 52, passed away Friday, leaving a husband and two children.
Down here at Mother Trib we remember her as Sherri Ackerman. For years she was a reporter who mostly covered education before being laid off five years ago.
Those are pretty much the facts. Unless you were a friend, you might only remember the byline, although I’m not sure how many of us remember the bylines on news stories that only bother with the facts.
Too much of what passes as news these days is not news at all. It’s written by people like me, who cleverly (or not) twist reality to fit their own boxes or agendas. Cable TV and the brave new world of social media are spawning grounds for misinformation and bias.
Sherri was a journalist. Her parameters were the facts of whatever her assignment was. She didn’t take the glory road to get her position. She did a dozen odd jobs from waitress to oyster-shucker. She earned her degree at the University of South Florida and at Mother Trib she did everything from night cops to covering baby beauty contests.
Along the way she found her niche — two niches actually — education and children. Which brings us to her problem. She wasn’t perfect. It turned out she came to love her beat so much she couldn’t shake it even when she had moved on.
Journalists ... I mean real reporters who don’t pick their own stories but are shipped out to do the legwork of getting facts from people who aren’t inclined to give out much of anything, seem to be slipping away or are being overshadowed by the shouters.
I was one of those who took advantage of Sherri’s efforts. She became an expert on the Byzantine education systems in Florida and Hillsborough County. Her stories, gleaned from her sources and hours of sitting through meetings, were a window into the good, bad and the confused in the system.
As a columnist, I could call on her for enough facts to launch into some rant about the failings of the system and leave her to explain to her sources how I’d found something out.
I really didn’t know much about her private life, except she had a family she worshipped as much as I’m told they did her. I knew they liked to travel and spend time outdoors. She loved food and every now and then would branch out with a story about a restaurant or some place her family had discovered. I also knew, that like most people in her field she worked long hours, got little credit and practiced the good nuts-and-bolts reporting that we are supposed to be about.
After leaving us, she worked briefly as a correspondent for the Tampa Bay Times. More recently her passion for children and education was finding rewards in more personal writing with an organization called “Step Up For Students.’’
Journalists tend to be a close-knit group. Reporters and editors often hang around together, avoiding the people and institutions they report on. These are difficult times in our profession, and losing someone as full of life and passion is devastating.
For the rest of the community, the ones who may have read her stories and not remembered the byline, you have lost someone who cared about your children and the world of education they are put into, and did her best to explain it fairly and with accuracy.
comment submitted with the story link:
03.30.16, max b., st. pete., curiously, no mention of cause of death - a missed opportunity to address mental issues that are tragically ignored in our society. (it's no secret the media likes to hide suicide reports. they gloss over suicide, as if it has no bearing on the reality of the subject matter at hand. instead of letting the readers guess how her death occurred, perhaps highlight the self-induced cause and stress the need for mental health improvements and help for depression. that should go a lot further than the "let's not talk about it" mentality we continue to endure and must pretend that it works.)
Sherri Lynn Ackerman Newborn

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• Thomas C., Was fishing around there today and seen all the emergency personnel. It's just sad some people think this is the only way out of a hard time
• Rob S., She's braver than I am. Most say suicide is a cowardly thing. that's a way for cowards to justify not being able to do it. I wish I were brave enough. Anyone who actually does it has tons of respect from me.
• Londa C. S., How sad. Wish she would've reached out for help. People can't see any way through.
Hanns Jones, For a long time I was sure there was a way to build an electric safety railing system but now I'm not so sure. What a horrible waist for these people throwing thier lives away when I'm certain that many of them could recover from what ever it is that was hurting them so bad.

03.30.16, anon, I was wondering how you identify jumpers. I found your website looking for information because no one will say how my friend died, and I saw that it names her as a person who supposedly jumped last week along with having a picture of her. How do you know that is who it was? I tried looking at the photos of the car, but other cars are blocking it. So, I can't tell if it's hers or not. Are there public records for this kind of thing? I'm just trying to figure out what happened to her. It's really hard not knowing. Thanks... (we are truly sorry for the loss of your friend. we used to sometimes get an identification from the police or media, but any more, we rely on the friends and family of those that choose to step off the bridge. while some people see this website as a heartless reminder of what happened, others find it a source of information and closure they can not find elsewhere. once we get a name, it's often easy to search facebook, obituaries, and the google for more information. we feel that since the departed chose a public venue for their departure, the public has a right to know. more importantly, it reminds everyone that they too may have someone close to them that may be in the same depressed situation. instead of lambasting this site, as is often the case, perhaps more information about suicides would alert people of potential trouble, as well as guide those in need in finding the help that is available to them. in the end, people close to the suicidal need the same closure as if the person died from illness, accident, or even murder. public records are available, but we never go through the hassle or expense of seeking them. we are always appreciative of information submitted to us. we do hope you cope.)
03.03.16: possible save, 8:10am, female
03.03.16, Mallerie K., Tampa, FL., (8:10am, female), Black BMW sitting on southbound shoulder, woman with dark hair sitting in drivers seat. No emergency vehicles were on scene.

03.03.16, Richard H., St. Petersburg, suspicious activity atop the Skyway.

03.06.16, anon, Here’s some screenshots of the incident on March 3rd. It is worth noting that they did not dispatch the coast guard or fish and wildlife boats. (one might then deduce that the incident was a suicide save, medical, or vehicle issue.)

any more info is welcome.
02.14.16: possible jumper
02.14.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 2110, 2311, 2h1m 

any more info is welcome.
01.22.16: more vehicle issues?
01.23.16, Sheena McG., Ruskin, Fl., (01.22.16, 11:30pm), Heading into work at the pier tonight I noticed a car at the very top with the hood up. (Possible distraction for the cameras) I did not see anyone outside the vehicle. Realizing I worked the South pier tonight and not the north I headed back over the bridge and noticed that there was now a state trooper up there with his spot light on the car. Please tell me this isn't another jumper.

any more info is welcome.
01.21.16: possible jumper
01.21.16, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1708, 1712, 0h4m 

any more info is welcome.
01.09.16: possible something
01.09.16, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Vehicle stopped atop the main span. Unable to locate occupant and engine still warm. Marine assets being deployed along with USCG.
Update: Further investigation seems to indicate that this may be related to a mechanical issue with the vehicle.

any more info is welcome.

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