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updated: 10.09.16
10.09.16, from Kim T.
   Hi, October 2-8 is Mental Illness Awareness week, and with about 20% of American adults and youth experiencing a mental illness every year, it has perhaps never been more important.
   A vital step in improving these numbers is eliminating the stigma that often accompanies a mental illness diagnosis. Just as we cheer those battling diseases like cancer, we should offer the same support to those with a mental health condition. My team at USHealthCorps recently put together a packet of online resources to promote better understanding and support of this critical issue, and we hope you'll consider sharing it with your audience.

10 Misleading Assumptions About Mental Illness: Learn the Truth
Understanding and Accepting Depression
15 Ways to Support a Loved one with Serious Mental Illness
African Americans and Substance Abuse: Addressing Mental Health Issues Before Addiction Takes Control
Addiction as a Disease: Understanding the Disease Model
Signs of Addiction and Drug Use
Talking to Others About Your Mental Illness
10 Things People with Depression Want You to Know
7 Ways to Deal with People Who Don't Understand Depression

   These resources are a great first step, but let's work together to keep the conversation about mental illness going!
   Thank you for your time, Kim,
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