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updated: 05.19.19
positive messages left at jump sites, reaching out to suicidal jumpers.
save a life project: leaving notes and signs for those in crisis.
04.04.19, two women leave messages of hope on the skyway.
04.04.19, Tiffany M., facebook, Today was the day. I've had it planned for a month and a half. I faced my fear of this bridge, the skyway bridge and did it. I've placed signs on both sides of the bridge (everywhere lol) with inspirational quotes and suicide hotline numbers. Although we got pulled over (no ticket lol) and got a flat tire, I'm so glad I was able to pull this off with the help of Brie Brie.
   The skyway bridge is the #4 suicide location in the country. It's also the #1 suicide location EAST of California.
   Mental illness is REAL and is wreaking havoc on so many people, yet so many people are still narrow minded about it. There are so many different forms and levels of mental health. Two people can can have the exact same diagnosis but present different symptoms or triggers. Everyone says "if someone is feeling that way, they need to reach out" but turn around and accuse that person of just wanting attention when they do finally reach out. Stop judging and throwing stones at those who struggle with things you're lucky enough to not struggle with. One persons struggle doesn't discredit someone elses. Stop with the "I went through worse than that and I'm fine." Mental health is not a competition of who had it worse or who deserves to feel the way they do. There's such a stigma against mental health and it's AWFUL!!!!
   Be kind to each other. It costs absolutely nothing to be a decent human being. It's 100% free. 🎁
   Suicide is not the answer to your problems. You are worth it and you deserve to see life get better. Life is scary. It can be dark, painful, and people can be fucking cruel..but not everyone is mean and not every moment of your life has to hurt. You're amazing and no one can take that from you. Whatever you're going through, it gets better. I promise. You can get through this. Reach out to someone, anyone. You can message me. I'm ALWAYS here for A N Y of you. You can message friends or family. If you want to remain anonymous, call this number: 1-800-273-8255
Text the word HOME to this number: 741741
Both are helplines that are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
   Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide. Every 41 seconds, someone is left to make sense of it. You are somebody's somebody...and I promise you, you would be incredibly missed. I could write a novel about my feelings/thoughts on this subject because it's so close to home...but I'll just leave it at this. You. Are. Worth. It. 💕 If you've been hurting and looking for a sign that you're worth it, here it is. You deserve to see life get better 💕 You are loved and the world is a better place with you in it 🌍 Skyway Bridge
   Update: Every single sign has been torn off the walls of both north and south sides of the bridge. There was well over 100 signs so they really made sure they took their time going over that bridge to get them all... Someone does something good to try to prevent suicide and encourage people not to take that jump and they tear every single sign down. Wow. Just wow.
   Please everyone share this. Since the signs have now been ripped off the walls, I'd love for people considering this option to see this message. 💕
   Update number two: I've been informed BY THE CITY that the best way to get the city to cooperate is to have the public involved. If they see enough publicity and enough of a "want" from the public, there's a higher chance of it being done. EVERYONE PLEASE SHARE THIS. SHOW THEM THERE NEEDS TO BE PERMANENT SIGNS PLACED. There's signs at the TOP of the bridge and a phone that connects to the crisis hotline but most people don't make it to the top before jumping.
   For those upset that I have the number blocked in this photo... We didn't take additional photos. This sign just so happened to be one of the signs that had my personal cell phone number on it. I edited it for the post on facebook because I knew I'd have negative people and I didn't want those people having my personal number. That is why I made sure to include the two different numbers to contact in this post 💕 Stop being so negative.. It's not a good look on anyone.
   04.09.19, Final update: Signs will be posted permanently within the next month 💕 🙏 Not only myself was pushing for this, so was the crisis center. I'm so FREAKING happy.

taping one of her messages to the wall of the skyway.
her personal cell phone number was redacted.

comments follow her facebook article and our facebook posts about this story.

05.05.19, Tiffany M., facebook, Spread the word.
event date: May 18, 'You Matter!' Sunshine Skyway Bridge, northern rest area
As all of you know, I have a passion for mental health and raising awareness for it. On April 4th, I had decided that was the day. I woke up, called a friend of mine and off we went. We placed around 100 signs going northbound and 100 signs going Southbound on the Skyway Bridge. Each sign had different inspirational messages and words of encouragement for possible jumpers. Some of them had my cell phone number and a lot of them had the suicide crisis hotline phone number. Within an hour of having those signs up, I received numerous phone calls and messages on Facebook from people who had lost a loved one to suicide and a lot of people who lost someone that made that jump as well. I was able to get the city and Department of Transportation involved and they agreed to play signs that would be permanent with words of encouragement on the walls of the Skyway Bridge. Apparently, the crisis center here in Tampa Bay had been asking for the same thing. So when I found out that they agreed to do this and the plan was in motion, I was ecstatic! I was told these permanent plaques will be placed within a month. Unfortunately, that has not happened and there have been several jumpers since then. My plan is to get as many people as possible with posters made with words of encouragement and stand in a legal spot that will not get anybody in trouble, find, or ticketed, and hopes to show the city and Department of Transportation that this is serious and will not be something that will be swept under the rug. Bring as many people as you would like and invite as many people as you would like! I would highly advise to not bring children as we will be somewhat close to traffic. Of course, we will not be on the side of the road where we could get in trouble, but I would absolutely hate for someones child to storm off or go running and something happen. No alcohol, no smoking, nothing that could possibly turn this into something that could backfire.
Please bring posters with encouraging words, suicide hotline number, inspirational quotes, and asking for permanent signs to be placed EVERY 15-20 FEET.
Let's make this happen.

05.06.19, Tiffany M., Just got off the phone with Florida Department of Transportation. The woman I spoke with said the signs are in the process of being made and will be up before the end of May. I asked if she knew how many people have jumped in the last 30 days. She mentioned 1 jumper from yesterday and the person that was saved this morning. I mentioned the multiple other jumps/suicides that have occurred in the last 30 days and the fact that none of those made news or any media sources. She said "And they shouldn't." Her reason for that was "it will just 'encourage' others to jump. When news gets involved, the numbers rise." Way to go on trying to silence the screams of mental health and the severity of it. ?? Fun facts -?? The skyway bridge is the number 1 suicide location in the entire country east of California.?? There are TONS of people who have jumped or attempted to jump that never made coverage and the amount of jumpers increase each year WITHOUT coverage. The numbers increase due to the stigma around mental health. Maybe if the community and media got involved referring to these signs, the bridge would become a place of hope instead of a place for suicide. There have been several deceased bodies found near the bridge that are possible suicides but never been confirmed suicides as there were no witnesses. No coverage. The news never is hardly doing stories on it and STILL, the amount of people ending their life rise. This isn't JUST about the bridge. It's about mental health as a whole. Placing signs is great, but the media getting involved is a huge way to show others struggling that people care and there is a light. Silencing that is just like ignoring the problem. See everyone on the 18th. I'll have a handful of signs already made, but please bring 1 of your own. It's cheap and easy to make. Supplies are at Michael's, Walgreen's, CVS, Walmart, etc. Just need poster board and permanent markers.

05.10.19, Tiffany M.,, This was just sent to me and my heart is SO happy. They're currently placing the permanent plaques on the skyway 😭💕🌻

05.18.19, Tiffany M.,, Just a gentle reminder 💕
Stood at the exit for the skyway fishing pier and had 3 state troopers awaiting my arrival because someone tipped them off that myself and a group of people would be there. They were pretty cool and told us spots we could stand since we couldn't stand at the bridge. (hazard to drivers, understandable!) They even checked on us a few times to make sure we were all okay.
We got tons of honks, waves, smiles, thumbs up, and thank you's.
The permanent plaques were placed on the skyway bridge last week and I'm absolutely overjoyed about it. I am fully aware that signs won't stop everyone...but it could be just the sign someone is looking for. It's not a cure all but it's a small step in the right direction.
Check on your friends. Check on your family. Be a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on. Learn the signs and educate yourself on how to be there for those who are struggling.💕
Additional photos to come with other people that attended. Thank you so much to those who came out and got totally fried by the sun with me 😂 And y'all, I am the color of a lobster right now 😂
#YouMatter  #MentalHealth  #Awareness  #SuicidePrevention  #SkywayBridge
Shout out to
👉 Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for being so nice about it and telling us where we could stand 💕
👉 Florida Department of Transportation and City of St. Petersburg, Florida USA for helping get the permanent signs placed
👉 ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay for giving me the opportunity to have a platform to speak on, which really gave me the courage to keep pushing forward with all of this
👉 And everyone struggling right now... You are amazing. You did not come this far to only come THIS FAR. You are strong, capable, incredible, amazing, worthy, and deserve to see life get better 💕
04.10.19,, FDOT to install plaques with messages of encouragement and hope on Skyway bridge. By: Heather Leigh
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - You may not know Tiffany Mills, but she is ready to know you.
She and a friend made signs full of encouraging and motivating words, then taped them along the Skyway bridge last week.
"Around 200. There were about 100 on each side northbound and southbound, she said.
"You are loved, you matter, this world is a better place with you in it, she said, reading off some of the messages.
Mills says she cant bear the thought of someone feeling alone. She thinks a sign could be exactly what someone needs to get help if they're in a dark place.
"Even if Im not physically there to stop somebody, its something - a sign showing them youre not alone, you can get through this, keep going its going to be okay, she said.

The signs were taken down just hours after she taped them up because its illegal to park on the side of the side of the bridge for anything other than an emergency.
She says a Florida Highway Patrol officer kindly reminded them of this.
While she was sad to hear the signs were taken down, she feels accomplished knowing the Florida Department of Transportation has a more permanent plan.
FDOT plans on posting more than a dozen plaques with carefully written messages of hope on the top of the barriers on the side of the bridge. You wont be able to see them from your car, so they don't distract drivers.
"There are no words to describe that feeling. It was very surreal and I was very happy that they were putting up some type of signage to show people you are not alone, Mills said.
The plan for the plaques has been in the works for a while, after FDOT says they heard from folks all over the world.
Mills says its clear by how many people have shared and commented on her post about the messages she taped, people in our community care about each other.
"Thats really all I want. Thats it, thats all I wanna do is help people, she said. The plaques are going up sometime in May, 2019.
If you or someone you know are struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). (more help resources.)

09.07.18, Briana H., Sure you have seen this but maybe an idea.

Paige Hunter's suicide notes stories:
more about messages and notes left at suicide destinations.
save a life project: leaving notes and signs to those in crisis.

03.12.19,, messages for people considering jumping off bridge.
08.01.18,, upper valley women post signs at Quechee Gorge.
06.23.18,, woman leaves notes, after she considered taking her own life.
   there is a growing trend to post these positive messages and they seem to be having some effect. many suicidals only need a glimmer of positivity in their current state of low.
   it was tried on the skyway and although the notes were quickly removed, the effort is helping prompt installation of permanent messages.
   there is no legal pedestrian walk way on the skyway and non-emergency stopping is not allowed. those leaving the notes, have to do it ninja style. move in, post your stuff, and get the hell out. we'd like to see more of that happen. if anything, it could save a life, as well as create more media attention to the nothing being done now.

* does not recommend that anyone stop and leave notes, as it is illegal to do so.
there, asses covered.

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