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bridge notes

positive messages left at jump sites to help suicidal jumpers.
updated: 09.11.18
09.07.18, Briana H., Sure you have seen this but maybe an idea.

Paige Hunter's suicide notes stories:
more on, woman leaves touching notes, a year after she considered taking her own life.

   there is a trend now to post these positive messages and they seem to be working. many suicidals only need a glimmer of positivity in their current state of low. it could work on the skyway, but there is no legal pedestrian travel way and non-emergency stopping is not allowed. those leaving the notes would have to do it ninja style. move in, post your stuff, and get the hell out. we'd like to see that happen.*  if anything, it could save a life, as well as create media attention to the nothing being done now.

* does not recommend that anyone stop and leave notes, as it is illegal to do so. just don't do it. there, asses covered.

03.12.19,, messages of hope for people considering jumping off Narrows bridge.


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