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golden gate jumpers

updated: 07.09.15
people report ggb jumpers to a website about skyway jumpers.
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07.08.15, male
07.09.15, Lisa K., Berkeley, CA., Horrified to learn my sweetest friend and neighbor, a good-hearted Irishman, has jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, today, 7-8-15. Bereft over his own losses, Joe was there for me with mine. He stood with me at my late father's bedside almost a year ago. PLEASE do a kind deed for another in Joe's memory. RIP, dear Joe. You embodied kindness. I will never forget you. Sending you love.
02.03.15: 2:40pm, female
02.03.15, joe m., San Francisco, (2:40pm, female), I was working at a restaurant construction site right by the northbound toll booth area, police sped as i was about to drive across so i was curious. As I reached about midway between the spans i saw the cluster of police and firemen and on the outside of the rail a younger dark haired woman wearing a purple top. I stopped at the vista point out of interest in how this would unfold and saw the coast guard vessels and other watercraft in the water below her. I snapped a few pictures on my phone.


02.01.15: 9:00am
02.01.15, korena, sac, ca., (9:00am, hit water), We saw what looked to be a person falling into the water yesterday. Then there was a boat circling around entry point and shot a flare. that went on for about 45 min or so.
09.02.08: 9:00pm, female
09.08.08, tee, phili, pa., (09.02.08, 9pm, female), dahlia jumped off the golden gate bridge in san francisco, ca last tues nite sept 2, 2008...they have not found her body yet and had a memorial svc today. can anybody help me find info in any newspapers re: her jump? she was in her 30's and single. my heart has been broken.
05.10.89: male
03.04.03, michael j., Occidental, CA., 05.10.89, I jumped of the golden gate bridge and it was a mad rush. After a half a second I blacked out and I then awoke in a car. It was so crazy. Nothing was wrong. just some bruses. I loved it.
11.13.09, Dreamer, Las Vegas, NV., (12.1982, male, died, body never found), My uncle jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge. Body was never recovered, but he DID jump. It was late at night, December of 1982, I think. He was coming home from playing cards. The Bridge was not on his way home....he made a detour. He car was recovered from the north side of the bridge, in the parking lot.
 Barry Young, Los Angeles, CA, regarding: Tullia Tesauro, 1977, My beloved Sister-In-Law. Very, very sad.

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