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dick misener bridge

between the skyway and the northern skyway toll plaza,
on the pinellas county side.

updated: 08.17.18
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i275 fdot still-shot camera at the dick misener bridge.
camera may be randomly pointing in any direction or fail at any time.
skyway webcams

01.08.15: floridiot man throws his daughter off the Dick Misener Bridge.
John Nicholas Jonchuck Jr., 25, murders Phoebe Jade Jonchuck, 5
   there are too many articles about this horrific event to post in full here. these articles tend to have videos, photos, comment sections, and links to further updates and side stories. as with many news websites, they also tend to be bloated with clickbait, pop-up ads, auto-play nonsense, and useless content that becomes increasingly more annoying as time goes on.

01.08.15,, Girl, 5, dead after father drops her from Skyway approach.
01.08.15,, Girl, 5, dead after dad threw her off Dick Misener Bridge.
01.08.15,, mother of 5-year-old girl says she forgives the girl's father.
01.08.15,, Child found dead after being thrown off bridge.
01.08.15,, Girl, 5, dead after being thrown off bridge by father.
01.08.15,, Vigil held for girl dropped off bridge.
01.08.15,, Phoebe Jonchuck's mother: 'She was my angel'.
01.08.15,, Priest: No signs of danger in Jonchuck encounter.
01.08.15,, Attorney: Jonchuck Called Her ‘God’.
01.08.15,, Eckerd College students found girl.
01.09.15, Mike Calta,, talks with Michelle Kerr, mother • audio
01.09.15,, Parents' rocky relationship preceded girl's death near Skyway.
01.09.15,, Phoebe Jonchuck was alive when thrown from bridge.
01.09.15,, Bridge death suspect: 'Leave it in the hands of God'.
01.09.15,, Litany of previous abuse charges for dad accused of murder.
01.09.15,, Cops Questioned Dad Hours Before He Threw Daughter Off Bridge.
01.09.15,, Why wasn't Jonchuck Baker Acted?
01.09.15,, Dad sought baptism before throwing child off bridge.
01.09.15,, DCF changes hotline policy after death of Phoebe Jonchuck.
01.09.15,, Phoebe's mother says she misses good drugs.
01.09.15,, Phoebe's death reverberates across state, nation.
01.10.15,, Girl was heard screaming as father threw her to her death.
01.10.15,, Child protection services pledge overhaul after missed chances.
01.10.15,, Tampa vigil offers comfort for grieving grandmother of slain 5-year-old.
01.11.15,, Analyst weighs in on what to expect in Jonchuck case.
01.11.15,, Suspect in death of daughter off bridge in court Monday.
01.11.15,, Legal expert previews Jonchuck's hearing in Pinellas.
01.11.15,, It's time for children's safety to be a priority in Tallahassee.
01.11.15,, Mother of man accused of throwing daughter off bridge, speaks.
01.12.15,, Phoebe "Princess Angel" Jonchuck. guestbook
01.12.15,, Jonchuck appears in court, maintains silence.
01.12.15,, Jonchuck gets public defender, is held without bond.
01.12.15,, DCF secretary to examine events leading to Phoebe Jonchuck’s death.
01.12.15,, Tampa funeral home pays for funeral of murdered 5-year-old girl.
01.13.15,, Jonchuck Struggled with Mental Illness.
01.14.15,, Phoebe Jonchuck Is Laid to Rest with an Emotional Tribute.
01.14.15,, Bright colors celebrate life of girl tossed from bridge.
01.14.15,, Petition calls for renaming bridge after Phoebe Jonchuck.
01.22.15,, Lawmakers grill DCF chief on Jonchuck death.
01.23.15,, Could more have been done to save Phoebe Jonchuck?
01.24.15,, Stetson's Corner: Doing the unthinkable.
01.29.15,, New evaluation ordered for father that threw daughter off bridge.
02.04.15,, DCF fielded second call about Phoebe a week before her death.
02.06.15,, From Bradley to Phoebe - how many kids have to die?
02.09.15,, DCF acknowledges failures in its handling of Jonchuck case.
02.09.15, report, Critical Incident Rapid Response Team
02.10.15,, Jonchuck is incompetent to stand trial, doctors say.
02.10.15,, Backlash follows DCF probe of Jonchuck case.
02.12.15,, Jonchuck tragedy reveals underpaid staff, DCF doublespeak.
02.13.15,, Jonchuck formally accused of throwing daughter into Tampa Bay.
02.16.15,, Senate President Andy Gardiner wants review of services.
02.17.15,, Judge could decide today on Jonchuck’s competency.
02.17.15,, Argument over jail records holds up case.
02.17.15,, Lawmakers demand answers in Phoebe Jonchuck case.
02.24.15,, DCF suspends worker who screened Phoebe Jonchuck call.
02.26.15,, Man who threw child off 60-foot bridge unfit for trial.
03.11.15,, Eckerd team that found Phoebe to be recognized by St. Pete Police.
03.19.15,, Death penalty could be, if Jonchuck goes to trial.
03.29.15,, Lawmakers consider child protection changes after Jonchuck death.
04.01.15,, Efforts continue to prevent another Phoebe Jonchuck tragedy.
04.19.15,, John Nicholas Jonchuck Jr.: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.
05.01.15,, officer recalls night Phoebe dropped from bridge.
05.12.15,, new evidence released in Jonchuck case.
05.15.15,, Interrogation video shows Jonchuck asking for his bible.
06.02.15,, kindergarteners celebrate Phoebe Jonchuck with 'reading garden'.
07.16.15, officer recounts:,,,
09.08.15,, lawyer: Jonchuck still not mentally competent to stand trial.
01.06.16,, mother of Phoebe feels her daughter should still be alive.
01.06.16,, 5-year-old thrown from bridge one year ago brought about changes.
01.07.16,, man to run 3 days straight to honor Phoebe Jonchuck.
01.08.16,, extensive article, marking one year ago.
01.15.16,, editorial: when in doubt, take the child.
01.20.16,, how a times reporter grappled with the story of a child’s murder.
02.12.16,, the story behind ‘The Long Fall of Phoebe Jonchuck’. facebook posts
02.23.16,, Judge again rules Jonchuck still not competent to stand trial.
03.30.16,, Jonchuck moved back to Pinellas County ahead of hearing.
04.18.16,, Jonchuck competency hearing pushed back.
04.25.16,, Jonchuck refused treatment ahead of latest hearing.
04.26.16,,, Jonchuck still not competent to stand trial.
01.11.17,,,, Jonchuck competent to stand trial.
02.27.17,, annual event honors Phoebe Jonchuck two years later.
03.03.17,, John Jonchuck is competent to stand trial.
03.27.17,, trial date scheduled for John Jonchuck, 02.05.18.
05.01.17,, lawyers have until august to file not guilty by insanity defense.
12.22.17,, trial delayed until 09.24.18 for father of Phoebe Jonchuck.
03.25.18,, motorcyclists honor Phoebe Jonchuck with annual memorial.
03.29.18,, little girl’s memory leaves big legacy.
08.02.18,, where the Phoebe Jonchuck case stands.
08.15.18,, Jonchuck defense takes novel approach to gain any advantage.
08.17.18,, Lawyers, judge hammer out details of the upcoming Jonchuck trial.

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 John Jonchuck
John Nicholas Jonchuck Jr.
 Phoebe Jonchuck  Phoebe Jonchuck
Phoebe Jade Jonchuck
obituary: onetwofacebook memorial
 Michelle Kerr
Michelle Nicole Kerr
mother •
01.09.15: Mike Calta talks with Michelle Kerr,
the day after the incident • 11m33s • download/play

 Phoebe Jonchuck

RAW VIDEO - Interrogation of John Jonchuck Jr. • more

 John Jonchuck  John Jonchuck  John Jonchuck  John Jonchuck
 John Jonchuck  John Jonchuck  John Jonchuck  John Jonchuck
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 Michelle Kerr 06/12/2017  Michelle Kerr 01/26/2018  Michelle Kerr 03/05/2018
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in other 'throw my child to death' news:
08.02.18,, tampa police release 911 call related to homicide of 4-year-old girl at hands of mother in river.
08.02.18,IONTBfb/, mother charged with murder.
08.03.18,, press release
06.14.18,, mother throws six-month-old boy from bridge to death.
05.18.18,, former playboy centerfold and her son jump from penthouse.
05.17.18,, woman, 3 kids jump from bridge into canal; mom rescued.
02.24.16,, mother gets life in prison for throwing autistic son off bridge.
07.06.16,, mother of 7-month old intends to sue state.
02.16.17,, dad who threw baby off bridge admitted he wanted to take own life.
02.22.17,, connecticut man found guilty after fatally throwing son off bridge.
05.31.17,, man who threw baby off bridge gets 70 years in prison.
10.25.16,, man dead, 2 children survive jump off new jersey bridge.
08.04.85,, 32 years after surviving her mom's fatal jump···

dick misener bridge
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