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skyway bridge jumper
rescue and recovery
abbreviations and acronyms

updated: 08.18.16
pinellas county fire and ems real-time: audio feed active calls 911 Legend
random number - ambulance
#BA - ambulance
D5 - District chief, typically dispatched from station 5
DEP - Florida Department of Environmental Protection
DV11 - St. Pete Fire Dept. 11 house dive unit
E# - St. Pete Fire Dept. Engine, station #
ECSR/EC-SAR - Eckerd College Search and Rescue
EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency
FB11 - St. Pete Fire Dept. Fire Boat 11
FDOT/DOT - Florida Department of Transportation
FFWC/FWC - Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
FHP - Florida Highway Patrol
grid 723S - water area near and around the skyway bridge
H5 - Hazmat, St. Pete Fire Rescue, station 5
HCSO - Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
LEO - law enforcement officer
LR1 - Lieutenant Rescue, dispatched from station 1 in st pete.
M11 - marine unit, station 11
MA13 - ?
MCFD - Manatee County Fire Department
MCSO - Manatee County Sheriff's Office
PCSOM - Pinellas County Sheriff's Marine Unit
PD# - Police Department number
R# - St. Pete Fire Dept. Rescue #
RH# - rehab unit
SB10A - ?
S1 - Squad, St. Pete Fire Rescue, station 1
Sig7 or Signal 7 - dead person
SP### - ?
SPPDM - St. Pete. Police Dept. Marine
T# - St. Pete Fire Dept. Truck, station #
TFD - Tampa Fire Rescue
TV1A - ?
U5 - Utility, St. Pete Fire Rescue, station 5
USCG - United States Coast Guard
W19 - Water Truck, Lealman Fire District, station 19
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