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"Guess the Date of the Next
Skyway Bridge Jumper"
Our beautiful Skyway Bridge is fast becoming an attraction of choice to many a troubled soul.
This pool is intended as simple fun using the plight of those less mentally stable than we may be.
You will not receive junk e-mail or be put on a junk e-mail list by participating in this pool.
Winners will be honored on "The Esteemed List of Jumper Pool Winners".
Your last name, e-mail, and web address will not be put on the list or on the air.
Your first name, location, and comments (all or in part) may be put here or on the air.
You may leave any input field blank if you wish. Please, only one guess per person per jumper.
Do not help people "volunteer" to be jumpers.
Note to potential jumpers:
You will be automatically disqualified if you are the jumper on the guess you provide.
Do not jump from the Howard Franklin or one of those other wimpy bridges.
Do the job right, choose the Skyway. Accept no substitutes. Always open. No waiting. Only $1.

Your name
Your city, state
Your e-mail address
Your web address
You think the next jumper will jump  around  am pm
Your extra point bonus guesses!
1) The jumper will be: male female
2) The jumper will hit: water rocks boat
Your comments? Come on, don't be shy.

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This pool and all it's contents and comments are NOT affiliated with
Mark Larsen, 970 WFLA-AM, or Jaycor Broadcasting.
It's my thing and your comments can be sent here.
Disclaimer: In no way do I nor anyone listed above condone jumping to one's death. In fact, we are against jumpers.
We encourage any and all would be jumpers to seek help immediately.
Anything and everything said within this site is for humorous entertainment only.
No matter what you read here, please, do not jump off the bridge.
If you do jump, remember me in your will. Thank-you.