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tampa bay high speed ferry

post-skyway tampa bay crossing pre-skyway: the bee line ferry
updated: 04.06.16

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after the skyway... tampa bay high speed ferry project. on

06.27.13:, High-speed ferry proposal continues to gather steam.
02.05.14:, Hillsborough takes plunge with high speed ferry.
06.02.14:, Proposed Tampa Bay ferry gets $4.8 million federal grant.
06.02.14:, High-speed ferry proposed to cross Hillsborough Bay.
07.29.14:, Testing the ferry commute to MacDill.
11.06.14:, Advocates for high-speed ferry project announce new committee.
11.24.14:, MacDill high-speed ferry still searching for terminal site.
02.08.15:, Port Tampa Bay against high-speed ferry terminal on preserve.
03.04.15:, Environmental impact study of high-speed ferry underway.
06.02.15:, fast ferry concept gains momentum in tampa bay.
06.04.15:, Castor can't wait to spend tax money on cute ferry project.
06.04.15:, U.S. Rep. Castor wants high-speed ferry project to speed up.
04.05.16:, Manatee leaders hear plans for Tampa Bay ferry service more...
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