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friends and others

updated: 01.10.16
throwing around the word "friend" may be ill conceived and pompous on our part.
most of those listed here usually cross the street if they see us coming the other way.
 mark gave us our first radio air time. thank you, mark.

 keeping an eye on tampabay news  
   social networking death
  yanked off the air.  <insert bone joke here>  fisher and boy
 they pretend to hate us
 bubba was screwed.  glenn beck
 fark you  
 fez loves being on the skyway.
are you our friend too? let us know. is not affiliated with any of the people, groups, or companies depicted on this page.
they do not support, sponsor, or necessarily condone, so don't blame them.

florida highway patrol

 hey, that's us getting a ticket on alligator alley!
common sense words from: Someone who works behind the red & blue lights.
Hey - could you do us a favor and ask all your readers to PLEASE slow down when coming by us on the bridge? We often have a couple of patrol cars there because one is working and one is watching out for insane drivers. Not slowing down and moving over when emergency vehicles are by the side of the road is actually against the law. Help keep us safe, and avoid that nasty ticket! Thanks! (the thanks go to you. this is one of those common sense things many people are incapable of comprehending. it is better to slow down and, dare we say, rubberneck, then it is to blow by the scene and risk hitting something and/or someone.)
05.09.99: on florida bridge, troopers are also suicide counselors.
we appreciate these officers and do not envy their having to deal with the scum and debris of human villainy. stay safe, troopers. now, about that ticket you gave us on 'alligator alley'. is 86 really too fast? come on!
there are 60 excuses and they cycle to the clock, a different one every second. send your excuses.
other agencies related to the skyway bridge and jumpers.
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office: assigned to the jump zone over the main shipping channel, in between the pinellas and manatee county approaches. vague calls for service.
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office: the keepers of the northern bridge approach.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office: their jurisdiction is the bridge's southern approach.

United States Coast Guard

Eckerd College Search and Rescue, EC-SAR.
students see life and death on the waterways.

maximo marina • o'neill's marina: occasional relay points for jumper search and rescue.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission marine patrol, FFWC

acronyms some of these agencies use.
one might think these organizations want nothing to do with this site and you'd probably be right. as a whole, we're sure their public policy is that this site is wrong and it should go away. however, individuals within apparently find this site a source of information and/or perhaps a way to release bridge jumper news that would otherwise not see the light of day. they know they can always give jumper news anonymously, with confidence their identity, if provided, will not be divulged by us. we appreciate these organizations for the work they do, both on and off the skyway. we wish them much success and safety from harm.
visitor's websites. distract our site visitors away!
show your complete lack of sound judgment and list your site here.
Bullet, Clearwater, hands on bicycle
Sean Michael Davis, Manatee County, Film maker • one of his films.
Cedric, St. Pete., • listen
your link may or may not be posted by our discretion. your site needs to hold our attention for at least 15 seconds. examples of unlistables: your loving tribute to adolf hitler and aryan supremacy, a blog about reality shows, yo gangsta love of the hip hop culture, your staunch dedication to political, abortion, or religious debate, pictures of your 'whatever' collection or stupid cat, and other such sites we determine to be a bigger waste of internet bandwidth than this one.
websites that mention this one.
12.08.18,, an interview.

06.19.18, will making art make you suicidal?

06.30.15, crisis phones – suicide prevention versus suggestion/contagion effects

09.04.13, 'a victim no more' blog

12.10.11,, #Amazeballs: Skyway Bridge Jumpers Website
the skyway bridge jumper barrier
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