Y'all should check out this hilarious website called The Skyway Bridge Jumper which chronicles the suicidal plunges of Tampa residents who choose to end their lives by tossing themselves off that city's Skyway Bridge. The best part of the site (aside from the splashing sound you hear when you first log on) is the Las Vegas-style betting pool on the time and date of the next suicide attempt, as well as whether a bridge jumper will hit a boat, rocks or the water! Roughly a dozen people take the plunge every year, and this website painstakingly detailing the stats. Phil, the demented freak who created the site, says that the Skyway Bridge Jumper was created as a form of dark humor, and yer old pal Jerky thinks it's a blast. However, some folks from the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention would beg to differ. "The site certainly isn't helpful to someone who is suicidal," says Rene Barrett of the organization. And her argument is supported by the fact that one Darlene Davis, from Gulfport, Florida jumped from the bridge on the very same day she logged on to the site. So, in order to appease the worry-worts, Phil has added a disclaimer which reads "No matter what you read here, please do not jump off the bridge." Whatta guy!