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updated: 05.15.22
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12.18.15: facebook has determined once again, that we do not deserve a facebook 'profile page' account and it was deactivated. that's it, facebook wins, their game, their rules, we're out. there will be no hat-trick of 'account disabled', no trifecta of good-bye. facebook posts about this.

 fail us on facebook

12.29.15: we resurrected the idle facebook 'reference website' account. while our ability to directly defame, defile, and troll upon our friends' pages has been removed, perhaps we can still give and gather bridge incident info with it. facebook posts about this.

 fail us on facebook

   we also tried for the third and last time to have a, but it became a magnet for literally 2000+ spammershits and trolltards, before even a dozen real people joined, so it was abandoned before it ever gained momentum.

01.01.21: ended our 'anti-free speech twitter' account.

05.21.21: ended the use of the 'facebook plugin' feature.

05.15.22, we correspond with a man that wants to end his life. facebook deemed it remove worthy. we re-posted the article. we then were offered an option to dispute. we did. they reinstated the original post. facebook posts about this

05.17.22, facebook deletes the replacement post. we appeal. facebook reinstates the post, just like with the original post.
05.26.16, Sean Michael Davis, Sorry to hear that FB removed your site. That sucks! To me, what you have created has been so incredibly helpful to so many people who either needed some form of closer or education since the media refuses to help inform or educate on this topic. When I made my film, Bob Hite (former channel 7 lead anchor) told me "I am very, very proud of you. Just as Hanns Jones' survival allowed his son and future progeny to be born. Your work will most assuredly save many lives and future generations. Thank you for your important gift to humanity.". I feel you have done the same work, my friend, and I'm sure if you were wanting a break, someone out there would be willing to continue your work with this very important site. It HAS to continue. Take care my friend. (thanks, sean, i appreciate your kind words. sometimes i do want to let this go away.)

12.29.15, hanns jones, facebook, Over the years, I met a couple of people that have credited your website with saving their lives. Just thought you'd like to know. I talked with one guy that was so down on himself, he was telling me his story after contacting me because of your Facebook page. I truly believe that having a chance to speak with him changed his life and most likely saved it. I told him not to be so hard on himself and to accept being alive, in so many words. (i appreciate you and everyone that finds something of value on what many see as a worthless dark website. keep fighting the good fight. being a sarcastic idiot isn't the only reason i wanted to maintain a fb 'profile' page.)

12.29.15, Jenni R., Lakeland, fl., I miss u on fb. I thought well he deleted me do to that post fest I had one day :( fb sucks :( (it took a lot for me to delete people. there were maybe three i blocked because they were incredibly annoying and didn't play well with others. i normally just hid people if they continuously offered up nonstop cat pictures, endless "giving prayers", youtube music videos of every song they are listening to on a daily basis, or other such clutterage. i would never hide you! many of my "friends" were obviously in various states of depression or prone to very low moments in their life. that's often how we came together. they find the website and connect with it, because they too sometimes think of an abrupt end. you can usually get a feel about them and where they are mood-wise, based on their fb postings. i always had hope that dropping off a positive comment or dumb jokey thing might bring a glimmer of something to their current low.)

12.27.15, hanns jones, saint pete, fl., What happened to your Facebook? We all miss your sarcastic comment and post. (sorry, but i can't come out and play anymore.)

12.26.15, Nicky GiGi, Seminole, FL., OK, this does it! Was wondering where you went, this is just not right. Why do they let this page go on (altho' it got taken down a few days ago and now they are back again) - Please come back!!  (i set up a 'community' page the first time the 'profile' page was removed, but it didn't connect with the people. it went no where, no one would see it, and i could not comment on people's posts. what joy is there, when smacking around my "friends" is taken away?)

12.25.15, stardust dreams, Tampa, FL., I had you on my friends list and it's a shame that you were deleted without any notification or reason as to why. FB is crap. (while facebook is a colossal time suck, there was enjoyment to be had, mingling with my maybe-could-be-but-probably-not-really friends.)

12.23.15, Kisa, FL., Yet another reason for me to hate Facebook. I will miss you, my friend... (thanks. i do miss many of you too.)

12.19.15, Blair, I noticed you posting on the site about Facebook. To be honest, I gave up on Facebook a variety of reasons. With some of the stuff on Facebook, I'm surprised they found reason to shut you down. They are stupid. You are actually providing an important service. Thanks for keeping your site excellent. I check it all the time.
I would like to let you know something I found quite amusing... when I was at a highway rest stop north of Toronto last week, stopped for a coffee, and used their wifi with my phone. I decided to check out Guess what?? It was blocked by some type of firewall, and cited as "Tasteless".... Really??? Open discussion of suicide is considered tasteless? Reading through so many victim's families postings has helped me through some very rough times - my entire direct family has passed away. Many times I found myself standing in the river above Niagara Falls. Unlike the Sunshine Skyway, it isn't so public, especially at night. And most people are never found. But I may have passed through this phase for now. Thanks for keeping it real. - Blair
(thanks for the good words. facebook has always been a 'like/dislike' item for me. i liked the fact i did have some friends on there, even though i have never met them. maybe it's best we never meet, who knows? i enjoyed foisting sarcasm and a skewed opinion everywhere i went. it was also pretty handy for collecting jumper news as well. in all honesty, my skyway fb page was more enjoyable than my personal page. however, i dislike the childish and hateful nature so many people have on social media. the proliferation of political correctness and some peoples' insistence that everyone march lockstep with it, is shear madness. i often angered myself with the time lost with facebook.
   i suppose anyone is free to censor the wifi service they provide. this is not the first time someone has informed me that this site is blocked by a firewall or on a 'blacklist'. the site has been called worse than "tasteless" many times, boo hoo. i'm sure if i was a wifi master overlord, i too might block sites, just because i could. emails informing me that they could not log on to because it was deemed "harmful", would be hilarious.
   again, i appreciate your kind words and the contributions you've made to the site. the fact the site has possibly helped you over your life's rough road is humbling. maybe i should have kept a list of times people have told me like stories, in order to battle site detractors, but i long ago stopped giving any shits about people that hate the site, much like the haters on facebook. what's the point? using them as tools for humor works better for me. keep moving forward, write in again, and stay ahead of that "phase".)
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