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golden gate jumpers

updated: 10.06.21
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07.12.21, Em K., Oakland, CA., regarding: 07/11/21, I was out fishing when we heard there was someone drowning beneath tower 2. We motored over as fast as we could and found a man, pale skinned with a tattoo, floating in the water. We could not save him and radioed the coast guard who retrieved his remains. Does anyone know who this man was?

10.04.21, Aiden C., Richmond, CA., Em K. of Oakland, CA. I think I know who this man was. I'm not 100% sure and it could be my best friend who jumped. If you have more info I'd like to know. Thanks!
Reuben B.
03.31.21, ryan, fort worth, tx., passed a man who jumped shortly after we passed him on the bridge. I have a short video clip of him standing there as I panned the area. id like to know more about him if someone that knew him comes across this. (feel free to send your video.)

06.18.21, Martin E., Petaluma, In response to Ryan, Fort Worth, TX., Reuben B. from Napa, CA., left his parents house telling them he was going for a walk. Reuben took an Uber to the Bridge where he jumped to his death. His remains have not been recovered.
03.11.21, 11:00pm, male
Daniel Schuet
09.13.21, Neil S., Campbell, CA, Golden gate bridge jumper, brother. Jumped on 3/11/2021 late at night. Shocking to know this happened to my brother. It’s really hard to make sense of and perhaps we all can work on improving prevention somehow.
02.23.21, female
10.20.20, Ramona, Palm springs, Unfortunately I cannot jump since the bridge is being fixed. That was last hope/dream from all the miserable life I have suffered since being born. Having been mistreated and abused death would have been the answer to finally rest in peace.

07.18.21, Aaron, Vacaville, CA., regarding: Ramona palm springs who wanted to jump: Please tell me she hasent gone through with it Ramona if your still out there and you are reading this please don't do it you might have Ben dealt a crummy hand so far but tomorrow's another day and things will turn around people care about you becouse you matter you are special please believe that it's true
03.30.20, male
Michael Recchia
06.13.21, Patsy T., San franxisco, regarding: Michael recchia. Date jumped march 30th 2020@8pm, Knew Michael Recchia. So sad he had to do this. I guess looking for some closure.. Thank you..
07.08.15, male
07.08.15, Lisa K., Berkeley, CA., Horrified to learn my sweetest friend and neighbor, a good-hearted Irishman, has jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, today, 7-8-15. Bereft over his own losses, Joe was there for me with mine. He stood with me at my late father's bedside almost a year ago. PLEASE do a kind deed for another in Joe's memory. RIP, dear Joe. You embodied kindness. I will never forget you. Sending you love.
02.03.15, 2:40pm, female
02.03.15, joe m., San Francisco, (2:40pm, female), I was working at a restaurant construction site right by the northbound toll booth area, police sped as i was about to drive across so i was curious. As I reached about midway between the spans i saw the cluster of police and firemen and on the outside of the rail a younger dark haired woman wearing a purple top. I stopped at the vista point out of interest in how this would unfold and saw the coast guard vessels and other watercraft in the water below her. I snapped a few pictures on my phone.

02.01.15, 9:00am
02.01.15, korena, sac, ca., (9:00am, hit water), We saw what looked to be a person falling into the water yesterday. Then there was a boat circling around entry point and shot a flare. that went on for about 45 min or so.
03.10.11, stupidity
03.11.11,, SAN FRANCISCO -- A 17-year-old boy on a field trip with his Sonoma County high school class leaped from the Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday, but survived and was able to swim to shore with a surfer who went out to rescue him, authorities said.
The boy is a junior at Windsor High School whom officials did not identify because of his age. Some students said he might have leaped to impress his classmates, but for now the California Highway Patrol is investigating the matter as an attempted suicide, said CHP Officer Chris Rardin.
The boy jumped at 11:15 a.m. from the east sidewalk near the south tower, the CHP said. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where he was expected to survive.
Some witnesses said he broke his tailbone and damaged his lungs in the fall, but a Windsor Unified School District press release said he suffered no severe injuries beyond bruising and tenderness. Hospital officials said they cannot release specific information.
Frederic Lecouturier, 55, said he was surfing under the bridge when he saw the boy drop into the waves.
"I thought, 'Well, he's going to die,' and then it was a miracle when he popped up alive," said Lecouturier, of San Rafael. "I paddled out there, and he told me he jumped 'for kicks.'
"That's when I lost it and told him what he did was wrong, that life is precious, and he should not take risks like that. I mean, he's a kid, he's got his whole life ahead of him."
Lecouturier said the boy was about 5 feet tall, "built like a wrestler" and had a brown ponytail. "There was a stiff wind coming out of the south, and I think that broke his fall and helped save him," he said.
Surviving the drop was remarkable considering the spot the student leaped from is more than 200 feet off the water - and 99 percent of the estimated 1,500-plus people who have jumped from the bridge since it opened in 1937 died from the fall.
Seven people have jumped to their deaths from the bridge this year, officials estimate. Last year, the count was 32.
Golden Gate Bridge District spokeswoman Mary Currie said the number of people attempting suicide off the span has grown from about 20 a year in the early 2000s to about 30 annually in the past few years.
The district has plans to install safety nets on the bridge, but the final design is not complete and the installation is a couple of years away at best, Currie said.
Rumors tore through the student body and the common thread was that it appeared the boy jumped of his own accord and that onlookers were upset by the experience. The boy recently transferred from another school, many said.
"He did it to try to look cool," said one classmate, who did not want to be identified. "He said he'd jumped off bridges before." Another student who said he was on the scene tweeted that students tried to stop the boy before he leaped.
Rardin said the boy jumped as he was walking on the bridge with about 45 other students on a school field trip.
"I've heard a bunch of things about how this happened, but we haven't come to a conclusion yet," he said. "I do know he's very lucky to be alive." (there are several hundred comments following the story.)
09.02.08, 9:00pm, female
09.08.08, tee, phili, pa., (09.02.08, 9pm, female), dahlia jumped off the golden gate bridge in san francisco, ca last tues nite sept 2, 2008...they have not found her body yet and had a memorial svc today. can anybody help me find info in any newspapers re: her jump? she was in her 30's and single. my heart has been broken.
1995, male
Navy Corpsman Lee
09.08.08, John M., Fresno, regarding: Navy Corpsman Lee, Please help as he was my friend but I did not know his first name. It was 1995 not exactly sure the month. His last name is Lee. (anyone?)
08.07.89, male, missing
Fred C. Friedman
07.09.21, Howard Friedman, San Jose, regarding: Fred C. Friedman 8/7/89, My brother died from jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge on this date. There was a bus stopped by his blue Toyota truck that blocked the right lane. There was an off duty bridge PD present as well, from what I had been told. Dense fog and denial by the authorities complicated his demise and reporting this. Also the tide was so strong, it most likely pushed his body far out to sea. He was never recovered. My Uncle Peter Cameron was stationed at the navy base at Alameda and had the Coast Guard search for his body. Our family was called by the bridge authorities to report the truck blocking traffic. One person said they saw him go over the rails, but nothing was followed up. This is be best I can provide. I am shocked that the authorities did nothing but try to say he walked to Marin on the catwalk in the dark on an extremely windy night. He had stated he was going to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge many times over the years.
07.09.21, skyway, sorry for your loss and the hurt it caused you and your family. him never being found is tragic, as there can be no closure. we hope you cope.
07.09.21, Howard Friedman, It's been a long time and my brother's struggle with schizophrenia was equally difficult. I have had decades to get to a place of peace. I just found a load of his notes and medical docs. today. Interesting and difficult to read. It's just not right in my book that my brother is invisible and his death is not noted by the bridge authorities. Took 7 years to declare him deceased. I appreciate your kind words. I have had a great life and remember him in a very loving and positive way. In appreciation- Howard
05.10.89, male
03.04.03, michael j., Occidental, CA., 05.10.89, I jumped of the golden gate bridge and it was a mad rush. After a half a second I blacked out and I then awoke in a car. It was so crazy. Nothing was wrong. just some bruses. I loved it.
03.13.88: full article
11.13.09, Dreamer, Las Vegas, NV., (12.1982, male, died, body never found), My uncle jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge. Body was never recovered, but he DID jump. It was late at night, December of 1982, I think. He was coming home from playing cards. The Bridge was not on his way home....he made a detour. He car was recovered from the north side of the bridge, in the parking lot.
Jack H.
12.18.20, Linda M., OKC, OK, regarding: Jack H 05.15.1982, Jack was my oldest brother and we loved him so much. He lived in San Francisco going to Berkley on the GI Bill. We dont know why he jumped... There was 2 or 3 witnesses, one tried to stop him, but couldn't get to him in time. His body was never recovered
07.30.81: full article
10.08.79: full article
Ann McGuire
Tullia Tesauro
02.18.17, Barry Young, Los Angeles, CA, My beloved Sister-In-Law. Very, very sad.
Elizabeth A. Paro
1970? or 1971?
Ronald Miller
02.22.21, Stephen J., Eastsound, I want to set the record straight. My high school friend Ronald Miller in 1970 or 1971 DID NOT commit suicide as was stated in reports. Ron was an athlete and wanted to be a stunt man in the movies. He had a friend filming him when he purposely DOVE off the Golden Gate Bridge as a stunt. He would take the film to Hollywood! The friend doing the filming refused to make the film public and destroyed it. That's how I remember it.
1970? or 1971?
Michelle S.
399th jumper off golden gate. I wish I could've been there to help her somehow. The young toddler she left behind that day has grown up to be a wonderful man, father, a beautiful wife (K), and happens to be my best friend. And not a day goes by he doesn't think of his Mom and wonder Why? And Loves you to this day. For him and for you I wish I could've helped you somehow. later: And she wasn't from the States, neither was his Dad. They came over from England. I understand there were problems between them, and I "think" she may have had postpartum depression. Which wasn't a thing back then really. And all that, a new country, new baby, and no real friends yet - she was depressed, alone, and a brand new Mom with her Marriage falling apart, living somewhere far from the home she knew, and friends & family to turn to. I wish help was available back then, it could have saved her? And saved him years of wondering & heartache.  
Robert Dickinson
12.24.20, Dena D., San Jose, California, My brother jumped Christmas eve 1970. 50 years ago. I believe his partner jumped 2 days later. Want to check list.
Louis Sales, 29
03.14.19, Louis, San Antonio, Texas, He was driving along in a panel van and witnesses said he stopped in the middle of traffic and calmly jumped. His death cert shows "Jump from Golden gate Bridge" and his body was found in SF Bay with multiple traumatic injuries. I never got over it in all these years and only share this for him.
Barbara Baker
09.22.20, Kristin C., Berkeley Ca. Alameda, regarding: Barbara Baker
The police chief of Berkeley Ca.’s wife. In 1969. They were my neighbor across the street, John Baker police chief of Berkeley, California had Bloodhounds & random aggressive Geese.
1965 or 1966
Walter Weeks
03.30.19, Harriet K., Oakland, CA.
01.11.65: full article
Francis Patrick Kennedy, 20
Mid 1960
07.26.20, Mark, Boulder Colorado, regarding: Mid 1960, I witnessed a person jumping to their death from below the bridge. I was at the Fort Point walkway outside the fort looking up. The sight and sound of that very few seconds has stayed with me, like it just happened moments ago. All I know is from the paper is a woman jumped that day. To this day 2020 I wish I knew her name and could have talked to her and maybe she could have found help. Rest In Peace, I have prayed for you since that day. ❤️
James Donald Ross
08.24.20, Margaret G., Berkeley, CA, S.F. News, Wed Jan 30, 1957 reads:
Cab Driver Leaps From Gate Span: A 54-year-old cab driver leaped to his death last night from the Golden Gate Bridge. He was the 166th known suicide from the span.
The Coast Guard recovered the body of James D. Ross, of 1325 Pine-st, just 12 minutes after a highway patrolman flashed word that a motorist had seen a man go over the side.
Ross left no notes, but his mother, Mrs. Caroline Ross, 87, said he had been worried about losing his job.
He was my great uncle.
Hugh Frasher Cunningham
10.02.18, anon, jumped off the golden gate bridge He was my grandfather 1954 i think is when he jumped.
02.06.48: full article
07.24.45: full article
02.17.37: full article
date unknown
Christian Silva
Owen, Marysville, ca, Christian was my wifes first born he was the absolutly the most fantastic special young man I ever knew .he was the ideal of what i consider a real man he never asked for favors and wouldn't accept money if he already had some. He was a real rough and tumble guy that played first string high school football and always held a job .he loved the Denver's Broncos and watched them win the super bowl with me . At 300 am a highway patrol officer came to my house where i was asleep with Christians mother Charlene silva owen .he asked if we were the parents of christian silva I? I answered yes and he went on to say a passing motorist witnessed christian jump off the bridge and notified authorities a coast guard volley recovered his body within 15 min of jumping and he was dead. It was the hardest thing I ever did to tell his mother the news and I had to bury her 6months later she literally died of a broken heart at age 38. I know that things are hard to understand .my memories and perspective is that its extremely difficult to spot the behaviour symptoms of a person intending to commit suicide but if a person can spot a stranger and see in his eyes compassion they might reach out for help as it happened to me three times after Haitians and Charlene passing three complete stranger came up to me while I was out in public and out of the blue confided to me their desire to kill themselves .and because of my experience with my sons suicide and also my father suicide I was able to convince them to seek out and I took thetime to go with them to get professional help.
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