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the west gate bridge

melbourne, victoria, australia
updated 04.01.07
we appreciate input from our aussie friends about their favorite jumper bridge.

03.12.07, lisa W., melbourne, aus., upon traverling the westgate today there were police ambos ect at the top of the westgate in the center holding up traffic upon passing we asked what was going on and an officer said they had a jumper,that did jump and were waiting for the divers.

10.15.05, jacinta c., melbourne, as., westgate bridge grand final morning melbourne victoria man jumped off the westgate bridge in melbourne victoria australia,last news still waiting for his body to emerge from the mud.

04.13.05, Doris, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, My daughter jumped from the Westgate Bridge on the morning of 18th December 2003. I just want all of you out there who are contemplating the same thing to think about the affects of this on the people you intend to leave behind. I have been seeing a psychiatrist every week since it happened. The sight of her injuries as my daughter lay in the mortuary and at the funeral home is something that will never leave me. The loss of this precious daughter, mother and sister has totally devastated our whole family. Nothing is ever THAT BAD that it can't be fixed. Suicide is not the way to go. Having said that, I will also say that I personally have attempted Suicide myself in the past on a number of occassions and am so glad that I never succeeded. When you think that life holds nothing for you and there is nowhere else to go except to your death, then you are so wrong. Everything always works out in the end, even when you are in your blackest hour!!!! Don't do to your family what my daughter has done to us. I cannot even begin to explain the pain that I feel having lost her. It is something that I will never recover from. Go see someone or tell someone how you feel when you start exploring ways to end your life. Death is not the answer! (we are sorry for your loss.)

05.06.00, Bernard, Melbourne, Australia, Hey, the Tampa bridge is nothing. Per-head-of-population Melbourne's Westgate Bridge (also a cable-stayed box girder bridge. Coincidence? I think not!) wins hands-down. Further, the Westgate got off to a good start when, during construction in the early 70s, a box section broke off and smacked straight onto the workmen's canteen hut, which was underneath. 57 dead and it wasn't even open! Top that!! The woozies want to construct a high guard fence, but the powers-that-be say, well, if someone want to jump there's not much we can do about it. (seems many people concerned with jumpers want to install elaborate fencing and netting to thwart the would be jumper on bridges world wide. we address our opinions on barriers and nets here.)

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jumper survivor
03.29.07, gouki, melbourne, vic, aus., (01.17.07, 4.30am, hit water, lived), I know all this because i am the jumper. I jumped off the middle of the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne. I was sober. I wanted to disappear. I slowly drove up the bridge, telling myself to go head first, waiting for a nice gap in the minimal traffic. I didn't think anyone should have to see me do it, why would i care for these strangers when i was well aware of the hole my death would leave for family and friends? Authorities are quick to get to potential jumpers on the Westgate. I knew this. So I knew I had to jump quick. I parked my car next to fence. Leaving my shoes on the passenger seat. Strangely, I really liked those shoes and did not want them to get wet. Within 20 seconds of parking, I hopped out of my car, jogged into the middle lane. From here i got a run up, jumped up on the front tyre of my car, ran across the bonnet, and then off the fence. But I did not go head first. In my mind there are two reasons why. A. in taking the running jump style i used i simply jumped out and did not dive. and B. I had a strange out of body experience which i am not sure began before i jumped or just as i did, taking my mind off diving. I liken it to roadrunner, Warner Bros. style cartoons. say when Wile E. Coyote goes off a cliff he hovers...ponders...then realises he is going down. When I jumped out off the fence it did not feel like i fell at all. I saw a vision of myself (oddly wearing different clothes) falling, looking back up at me. Then I caught up with the vision and just remember the sickening slap as i hit the water. I don't think i even got knocked out. I swam to the surface, looked up, and thought "does heaven or hell have a westgate bridge? oh fuck. I'm not dead." My next thought was maybe i was mortally wounded. I could barely breath. I thought i'd just go with the flow of the water and eventually i'd die. The water was very choppy, unusually so. I still wonder if this contributed to my minimal injury. after floating with the water for a while, gasping, i just knew i wasn't really that hurt. I swam to the edge climbed up on the sand and lay and waited. Police got to me first. I didn't say a word to them and they understood. What else could i have been trying to do? I do not remember the ambulance ride. I think they gave me a lot of morphine because I had damaged my spine, how badly? they obviously do not know yet. I just remember suddenly being in an emergency room, still finding it hard to breath, in a lot of pain, a whole bunch of medics buzzing around me. They told me i had broken my spine. I was beyond caring. Thinking "fuck, the westgate bridge is meant to be a sure thing and i'm gunna come out a paraplegic. this is fucked." Then I realised all i had to do was try and move my legs. I could! Perfectly well. I was sort of smiling about that despite the nurses telling me rather adamantly to stop moving them! then my parents arrived. and i cried. silently.
Turns out I fractured 3 vertebrae in my spine. Compression fracture of L1 and T12, and the one above T12 was split clean in the middle. and some fluid leaked in my skull or something. I landed in a seated position, my whole underside was black with bruising and half my face was black. Apparently I was bleeding really badly out the nose when they found me. I spent 5 days in the trauma unit before i could walk. And i've understandably spent some time in a psychiatric clinic, a month all up. that was a little over two months ago that I jumped. I have totally recovered physically. I don't even need physio. Other patients in the clinic were calling me wolverine because of my sideburns and that i survived and i was healing so quick. then i got a haircut and somehow the nickname spiderman caught on. I get a slight back ache sometimes but that is fuck all when stacked next to what i did. Westgate is 58 metres high plus the fence, nearly 200ft. my friend worked out it is a 2.7 sec fall, and i hit the water at 87km/h. i think something like 1 in 10 people survive the westgate. but i wonder how many people have gotten away with it like i did. It is a crippling fall. I feel i have transcended what it is to feel suicidal. what i did was something very monumental for me. I look at the world through the eyes of a man that didn't fuck up a pussy shit suicide attempt, rather a man that survived a pretty serious one. In a strange way i feel like jumping off that bridge is the best thing i have ever done. It should have killed me but it didn't do shit to me. They're was something very romantic for me and the notion of jumping off a bridge. I loved the Westgate Bridge. I love it more now. But I will not jump off it again. I don't know what my purpose is, but at least i feel like there is one for me somewhere now.   -gouki
(thanks for your story. glad you made out with the attitude you now have. make the most of your second chance.)
hate mail

10.20.06, Diana M., Melbourne, VIC, AUST., To whom this may concern, I am appauled to even have heard of this website. I am disgusted with the jokes made and the sarcastic tone used. If you can't see that suicide on the westgate bridge is a serious matter then why attempt to build a web page based on it. More than anything this page should be based on assisting human beings contemplating suicide with the support they need, by listing more contacts on where they can receive help and where their families can learn more on how to recognize the suffering and the potential death in their loved one. (oh sure, like we are soooo sarcastic.~ we never brought up your 'west gate bridge'. we are sure it's a serious matter, but we didn't build a web page based on it. we built a website about the skyway bridge here in florida, usa. the fine people from down under brought up their 'west gate bridge' and we just posted their views. then you prattle on with the same old "this page should be based on assisting human beings" crap and get them help and blah blah blah. we do that already, bugger off.) 
04.01.07, we build this page to honor the 'west gate' bridge and those that jump from it. thanks, diana.

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