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would you or anyone you know,
be willing to tell your military related suicide story?
   Several years ago, local filmmaker Sean Michael Davis took on the task of creating a film documentary to offer insight, education and hope to any potential suicide victims from the Skyway Bridge.

   After watching a young lady jump to her death, Sean started working on his documentary, with the help of this web site, and after a couple of years, created "Skyway Down".

   Sean incorporated interviews with family members, public officials, The Hillsborough Medical Examiner, recovery divers and Crisis Center counselors, to offer their perspective on all of the elements involved when someone jumps from the bridge.

   After some time being posted online, Sean has received some very positive responses regarding his efforts in making the film and has been requested to incorporate military suicide into the documentary.

   As with many projects, there is always room for more important information. He is requesting anyone on this forum, who has had involvement in a situation regarding a military family member who has committed suicide, to please contact him. This does not have to be from jumping off the bridge, but any and all military suicides in general.

   If you have a family member who was in the military or past service who jumped, this would also possibly help deter future jumpers. Please to discuss your story.


   Sean Michael Davis

   "You have never been given a wish, without also being given the ability to make it come true. You may however, have to work for it." - Richard Bach
'Skyway Down' - by Sean Michael Davis
documentary about 'Skyway Bridge' suicide jumpers.
watch the full length movie
60 minutes
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