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updated: 06.28.21
keeping it creepy, since 1998 ē videos
   Looking for something out of the ordinary to spice up your travels around the web? Whether you love grossing yourself out or are looking for weird links to send to your friends, take a look at some of the most disgusting websites we've collected here for you. Of course, the internet is home to some truly vile content, but we won't share anything grotesque here. To fill in the gaps, we've also included some creepy websites so you can scare yourself in different ways.
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tracking the suicides from one of the most popular bridges in the us
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25 Creepiest Websites You Wonít Believe Actually Exist.
   The internet can be quite a disturbing place. In fact, we donít suggest visiting some of the sites on this list. LikeÖwe really donít suggest it. Alas, curious minds still want to know. Whether itís the last words of airline pilots or people jumping off of bridges, you will find some of the most disturbing websites on the internet below. These are the 25 Creepiest Websites You Wonít Believe Actually Exist.
10.05.17, culturehook,
15 Horrific Websites You Should Avoid at All Costs.
   It's no secret the internet is filled with highly disturbing content. These days you can find just about anything if you look hard enough, ranging from peculiar products to depictions of human tendencies no one should ever witness. For one reason or another, the following websites are exclusively dedicated to documenting everything creepy and mind boggling. Be warned: Most of these are strictly for adults and should never be visited. Unless, of course, curiosity gets the best of you.
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9 Creepiest Websites On The Internet (Complete List)
   The Internet supplies the world's information, but it's also home to the scariest and creepiest websites. Take a plunge in the deepest, darkest parts of the Internet.
05.19.17, therichest,
Top 15 Horrifying Websites You Should Never Ever Visit
   The following list was not composed for those who scare easily. In fact, this list contains some of the most creepy and disturbing websites to be found on the internet. These websites are so eerie and scary that trigger warnings often accompany them. Even if you are a claimed fan of all things horror-related, you will still find these sites very hard to stomach.
   After reading this list, you will not be surprised to hear that some of the founders of these horror sites ran into legal trouble over their content. This list includes numerous types of sites from online games all the way to serial killer blogs. So sit back and take a look at the top 15 sites on the web we recommend you never visit.
   Next up is a very sad case that comes in the form of the online website Skyway Bridge. Skyway Bridge is dedicated solely to tracking the suicides from one of the most popular suicide bridges in the US, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. This bridge is the fourth most popular suicide bridge in all of America and those that click into the site can see the list of all those tragic individuals who lost their lives jumping off the bridge. A visitor to the site can see the most recent deaths but also has the option of looking back through the ďjumper pagesĒ that takes them back through the decades, as far back as the first few suicides that took place. In one part of the site, users have the option of reporting a suicide on the bridge by filling out a form detailing the events of the jumper leaping to their death. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is located on the West Coast of Florida and by clicking on this site, one will be able to see just how far the tradition of Floridaís doomed bridge goes back.
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10 Creepiest Websites You Will Ever Come Across.
   The internet is a wide place where diverse websites are situated. Anyone with knowledge and access to this cyberspace can be rest assured to find interesting stuffs while surfing. Meanwhile certain individuals have weird interests and from this interests comes the evolution of weird and creepy internets. I will take time to discuss 10 of such sites:

it's true, this website has been around since 1954.~
02.14.16, ranker,
The 14 Creepiest Websites On The Internet You Shouldn't Visit.
   This list of creepy websites is not for the faint of heart, as it contains some of the weirdest and scariest pages on the internet. Trigger warnings often accompany these sites; some have even run into legal trouble for the content they publish. ... The internet is a weird place, and these sites are some of the weirdest you will find.
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10 Creepiest Websites Youíll Ever Come Across.
   The internet is a vast place. One who has access to the internet can easily built a community of people sharing similar interests. And you can be sure some people have really really weird interests. The 10 following websites were built out of such insane human interest and they are totally intriguing. Check out the 10 creepiest websites you'll ever come across:
12.15.15, mystown,
15 trang website cực kỳ đŠng sợ vŗ thķ vị trÍn internet 2016
   Từ những website ců vẻ như đang chu‚̉n bị cho việc di cư khỏi Trái đ‚́t đÍ́n những website mà trong đó những người xa lạ có thÍ̉ đŠnh giŠ "sản phẩm nhạy cảm" của bạn, chķng tŰi sẽ thống kÍ 15 website kinh dị đến khů tin trÍn mạng Internet.
   Ghi chú: những trang sau đ‚y khŰng phải deep web hoặc các trang b‚́t hợp pháp. H‚̀u hÍ́t đÍ̀u là những trang được nhiều người biết. Đường links ở bÍn dưới.

we b‚́t hợp pháp you long time. translate this creepy site
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13 Creepiest Websites Youíll Ever Come Across.
   This gap is filled with websites and URLs. But just few we remember near to us. Looking at these Creepy Websites, you will definitely remember each of these.
10.08.15, bloggedd, scoopwhoop, oddpad, thethings,
15 Super Creepy Websites That Will Give You Goosebumps.
   The internet can be a dark and dismal place. Thereís obviously a lot of straight up horrible content on here, but thereís also stuff thatís just plain weird and oddly creepy.
   Hereís a list of these websites that range from odd animations that are slightly weird to supremely strange websites documenting how many suicides happen from a certain bridge. The human mind is a curious thing however, so youíll probably find these kind of interesting.
   Here are some of the creepiest websites around!
08.13.15, gawkinggeeks, funfactlol,
Top 5 Creepiest Websites EVER!
   Internet is a scary place; be it the amount or the nature of content, everything about it is staggering. You can use your 3G data to become a better person and make this world a cheerful place, or you can terrorize an entire populace; the choice is yours. You can rob an indie filmmaker or contribute towards kick starting a personís start-up. This probably is the scariest thing about the Internet. Anybody can do anything, without even proper training.
   Some people though have made it their objective it seems, to gift you fits of paranoia, sleeplessness and delusions. These virtual ďMentalistsĒ are different from your average mouse potatoes. They arenít some creeps playing sick online games. These people, through education or experience have found their ways to the underside of an average humanís skin. Without even shock stunts, gore or violence, these people can scar your life. This article is a chronicle of their evil gifts to the cyber world.
   So, here are the 5 creepiest websites on the face of Godís, I mean the Devilís good earth.
07.17.15, dailypillar, boredbug,
5 of the Most Disturbing Sites on the Internet
   We love holidays and we know you too because who canít love Halloween? The candy, the costumes, walking down your neighbourhood drive to collect candy from everyone down your block, the joy in particular of irritating your old, stingy neighbour who lives alone..ah.. Halloween..until of course that is, you reach the creepy look spindly building down the lane. The house no one wants to go to. Gulp.
   Sadly it isnít Halloween and so our scary little scenario canít really take place. Or can it?Ö
Given the Internetís potential, there are now a million and one ways to scare yourself without ever having to stir from your bed..Ghost, ghoulies, spirits and creep crawlies here we come!
   Scariest and creepiest websites and places on earth can be found featured in this article. If you have no love for your life then check out the websites, but at your own risk!
12.13.14, planetdolan, factsoftoday, topratedviral, bentshit,
15 Creepiest Websites on the Internet
   From websites apparently preparing the evacuation of Earth to pages in which you can have strangers rate a picture of your own feces, we count down fifteen incredibly creepy sites found all over the internet. Itís just going to be the more popular creepy websites out there and links will be in the description box below.
07.02.14, thoughtcatalog,
25 Of The Darkest, Creepiest Places On The Internet
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10 Most Creepiest Websites On The Internet
   As we all know there are millions of websites available on internet today that we can visit. Most of these websites are entertaining and useful for users in many ways like Facebook, Youtube and so on. But not so many people know that there are some websites on the internet that are creepy as hell. Beware some of the below websites may be disturbing for some users so visit them at your own risks. So we give you the 10 most creepiest websites on the internet.
creepy website "award" videos.

06.24.21: "Disturbing Internet Websites You Should Avoid"

11.01.15: "10 CREEPIEST and SCARIEST Websites on the Internet".

"Check out the 10 Creepiest Websites on the Internet!"

06.14.15: #2 on the "Top Five Creepy Websites".

"There are many places on the web, however there are some dark and mysterious
websites that would probably drive you insane if you stay on them too long."

04.23.15: #2 on the "Top 6 Creepiest Websites".

they claim we have a dedicated group of jumper watchers that would rather
"post in" than stop a jumper, because we all know a guy in a boat has full
control of whether or not someone jumps off the bridge his boat is under.~

03.17.15: #6 on the "10 creepiest websites ever - weird and strange".

guy with creepy voice declares we are creepy.

10.21.14: #8 on the "15 Creepiest Websites On The Internet".

so we are expected to "put a net up" to catch jumpers,
as apparently that would cost the same as running this website and
after all, we do have the power to make that decision.~

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