why all the information?

   first and foremost, we are sorry for your loss. any self-death of a friend or family member is usually unexpected, tragic, and hard to comprehend. the "why?" and "what happened?" and "was it my/our fault?" and/or "could i/we have done more?", are often never answered. it's an endless tragedy that will live on forever.

   we apologize for this less than personal answer, but like others before you, you have requested that certain elements of a specific report be censored and/or removed. we created this page, in an effort to explain things. this page is not available to general site visitors and is aimed at explaining to you specifically, why all this information is provided.

   we report on people that jump off the skyway bridge. this is the basis of the website. we have been doing so since 1998 and for all that time, we have asked the powers that be to do something to stop jumpers. finally in early 2020, they have promised to do something. until they do, they have failed us. most importantly, they have failed you. want to be angry at someone? yell at the FDOT for their stellar ineptitude, that has been ongoing for decades now.

   the barrier was announced to be started in june 2020 and take three months to complete. then it was pushed back to the fall of 2020, and now until spring 2021. apparently, $15,000,000 worth of disco bridge lighting is more important than stopping people from jumping off the bridge. had they been more willing to work it out and fix it sooner, you would likely not be reading this.

   we tell potential jumpers, that unless you want your story detailed here, do not jump off the public conveyance known as the skyway bridge. we do not put them on this website, they voluntarily add themselves to it, by making a public event of their 'should be private' departure. it is our opinion that suicide is a very personal choice. as such, it should remain a personal and private situation, involving one person or at least, a very select few. when people involve many public agencies, as well as dozens of hapless witnesses and thousands of people directly affected by it, it becomes a public newsworthy event and everyone gets to know.

   people traveling across the bridge, that are involuntarily cast into the event, are often stuck for hours. hundreds of cars, stretching for miles in both directions. many are fearful up there. they hate going over the bridge in the first place and are now stuck on it, perhaps freaking out. some get involved in accidents because of it. who caused all this? what was so wrong in their life, that they chose this end? what did we just see? some get traumatized by witnessing someone go over the side. they struggle with it, long after the day is done. those involved, want to know the who, what, when, where, how, and why. we feel they have a right to know all they can.

   we could list all the jumps with just the date, with zero names, stories, images, or other info, and no one would find it worth much. when we add news stories and witness accounts, it means more. when we include the names and faces of those who jump, along with bits about their life, it drives home the fact that these are real people, not some faceless nobodies, unworthy of notice. some are extremely young. they seemed happy, had family, friends, hopes, dreams, and ambition. what brought it all down? why this end? didn't anyone see it coming? "what signs do i look for in my circles?" it is our hope that this will get people motivated. maybe get them to thinking, "how do we stop this?!" and/or "can i help those i know, that may also have suicidal thoughts?".

   any and all information posted on this website about public jumpers off the public skyway bridge, is gathered from publicly released items, submitted by site visitors, and/or public jumper event witnesses. we publish publicly obtained public content that is made available publicly for the public. this includes items such as pictures and videos taken in the public or posted to the public, public press releases, public news articles, public obituaries, public guestbooks, public arrest records, and items publicly posted to other websites, such as public facebook, public youtube, public google, public mydeathspace, and various other public sources on these here public internets. private suicides do not receive the same treatment, as they are not public.

   again, we are sorry for your loss and what your loved one has thrust upon you. we are positive that this is not how you want to remember them, but this is how they left you to remember them by. like it or not, they made this their legacy. as such, we highly recommend that you do not continue to visit this website or our facebook page. please, just stop checking in. do not come here in order to see things you do not want to see. we implore you to just stay away. there is no reason to keep opening the wound.
   shhhh, do not tell others about this site. if they know about it, ask them to stay away and to not discuss it with you. refuse to listen to people talk about it. obviously, this website is not for everyone. believe it or not, nothing would please us more, than for this website to be made obsolete, due to something being done, and there would be no more jumpers. until then, we will continue this project.

   if you wish to add some kind words about the person close to you, on this website, please do.

   be well and we hope you cope.