the "guess the date of
glenn beck's final breath" pool.


at times, glenn thinks he is on his way to
coronary dysfunction, stroke, or simply explode.
this can only mean we need to guess just when that may be.
it's not that we really want him to achieve room temperature any time soon,
it's just that we all love to ponder morbid things like this about others.

input your guess as to when you think glenn
will stop talking in a more permanent manner.
please do not help glenn make you a winner by plying him with goodies
or making him so angry he explodes.
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you may leave any input field blank, if you wish. guess now, guess often.

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you think glenn will keel over:
  around ampm
(time is eastern standard daylight savings glenn hits floor time)

your extra points bonus guesses!
1) glenn will be:
on the air off the air
2) and he will be:

  or he will be:

3) his method of achieving non-life:

or another way:

4) glenn will:
live (yeah, that's your only choice)
5) person(s) you would most like to beat with a shovel:

your comments? come on, don't be shy.
Isaac C. III, Houston, TX., I find that beating someone to death with a shovel is easier if you sharpen one of the edges.

rich w., sylvania OH., die of hyper-ventilation giving Stu CPR durring a "live report, on location". Hillary takes over the White House causing Glenn to fall off the wagon

roy d. h., nashville, tn., glenn talks then pauses, talks then pauses. with this being the case, it may be hard to tell when he actually does kick the bucket. a good rule of thumb will be: if the chicken in his hand has time to get cold...better check his temperature!

Al P., Tampa Fl., Glenn you are going to live along time people like you and me are put here to make everybody elses life miserable

Jason B., Roseville, CA., Glenn is the best from the East Coast to the West Coast of America. From highlighting the falsehood of fortune tellers to ensighting the rage of idiots, Glenn Beck displays his true art everyday of the week. Thanks glenn for millions of close car crashes on account of laughing to hard listening to Him on the way home from work. :)

Erin A., Tampa, I'm thinking at the end of the summer when it's so hot and the ice cream and treats really pile on.

Linda D., Tampa, I really love Glenn and his show, so I am participating but really do not want ANYTHING to happen to Glenn.

Dave, Valrico, This is really sick...and extremely funny!

Chris, Oldsmar, He'll be faking that he's upset with some schlub club caller. Glenn rocks for a fat bastard.
disclaimer: in no way do we wish for glenn to take a dirt nap. this is just a joke. this page, skywaybridge.com, and all it's contents and comments are not affiliated with glenn beck or glennbeck.com. comments can be sent here.
credit: background image, "hiding behind a microphone", lifted from glenn's old site.