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skyway bridge books

updated: 04.02.21
books about the skyway collapse disaster
  The Sunshine Skyway Bridge: Spanning Tampa Bay

by Nevin and Richard Sitler

Of the more than 5,200 bridges in the state of Florida, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, spanning scenic Tampa Bay, is by far the most famous. But the award-winning bridge that residents and tourists cross on a daily basis isn't the first to hold the Skyway name. Numerous versions of the current bridge have stretched across lower Tampa Bay, and each has its own remarkable history. Nevin and Ric Sitler detail the suspension cables, concrete, nuts and bolts and political battles that combined to produce the fantastic history of the Skyway bridges and other historic Tampa Bay crossings. Join this father-and-son team on their journey across the historic bay.
  Transportation: Florida's Sunshine Skyway Bridge-Design and Construction Concerns: RCED-85-32

by U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO discussed the construction of Florida's Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Specifically, GAO reported on the design process, federal and state efforts to ensure that the bridge is being built to specifications, and a group of technical concerns about the bridge.
  SUNSHINE SKYWAY: A dark thrilling tale of obsession and hedonism set in Florida

by Jeannie van Rompaey

Why does Roz keep making one disastrous mistake after another? Nineteen-year-old ROZ, leaves London for a honeymoon in Florida with GRAHAM, fourteen years her senior. She hopes he will provide the stability she needs after the death of her father and the abrupt end of a love affair. Her new husband’s brutish behaviour the night they arrive shatters that belief. Confused and hurt, when Roz meets charismatic twins, THEO and JOLENE, she goes with them to their home in the Everglades. Roz needs time away from Graham to consider her options. On the way they cross the famous bridge with its history of disasters, SUNSHINE SKYWAY. Roz is fascinated by its steep ascent that gives the illusion it ends in the sky. On arrival at the isolated villa, EVERGLADE FOLLY, she finds herself in a world as surreal as the deceptive Skyway. Obsessed with Theo, manipulated by Jolene and plied with drugs, Roz finds herself drawn into their hedonistic world. As the games they play become darker, Roz knows she must leave. But Theo and Jolene are determined to keep her there. How the hell did Roz get into this mess? And how the hell can she get out of it?
  Bridge to Oblivion
skyway based historical fiction

by Henry Hoffman

In one of the worst bridge disasters in American history, a runaway freighter rams the underpinnings of Tampa Bay’s Sunshine Skyway during a morning squall, spilling a string of rush hour passengers to their deaths. For Charlene Gibbs, the sister of one of the victims, this event leads years later to her own fatal plunge from the reopened Skyway, an incident novice detective Adam Fraley witnesses by chance. Puzzled by the official findings, Fraley delves into the circumstances surrounding the death, his digging uncovering a sinister link between the two tragedies and a cover-up initiated by a powerful figure in the community.
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books about the skyway collapse disaster
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