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do you feel suicidal? there are people that will help you. let them.

the skyway bridge jumper barrier.

report bridge/jumper activity: your diligence is appreciated.

skyway jumpers through the years:
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advisory: we receive notice of possible future jumpers.

the name list: known jumpers, saves, accidents, and incidents.

news articles related to suicide jumpers:
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non-jumper bridge news articles:
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skyway vs. the cruise industry: larger ships do not fit.
bee line ferry: pre-skyway tampa bay crossing.

accidents: calamity is a part of skyway history.
  the 05.09.80 disaster: a ship brings down the bridge, 35 die.
  vehicle accidents:
2020-  •  2019-2016  •  2015-2000  •  1999-1954

incidents: on and around the skyway:
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  of the paranormal: the weird skyway.

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  02.19.10: from the 'office of the governor'
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infolinks: information found outside this site.
  the skyway fishing pier state park

about this: why

jumper prevention: a possible way to end this.
  positive notes and signs on the skyway for potential jumpers.
'Save A Life' bridge suicide prevention project.

stories: and personal contact about depression and suicide.

  public versus private suicide.
why not nets?
why bother stop skyway suicides?
suicide is a mental illness!
why are there no volunteers on the bridge to help stop jumpers?
why don't bridge travellers get involved with potential jumpers?
the media silence.

questions and answers: you ask, we answer.
  the weird: random, yet senseless.

webcams: i275 skyway toll-to-toll still cameras. know of others?
  more: still-shot cams just outside the toll-to-toll corridor.
  photo pages: one  •  two  •  three  •  four
visitor images
the original 1954 bridge
'street view'
postcards: original span  1  -  2 •  'twins'  •  current bridge
current bridge: designingbuilding
building the original bridge: span 1 and span 2.
skyway art
facebook covers: social media ornamentation.
st. petersburg piers: through the years.
after the jump: warning - gruesome images of dead jumpers.
  'skyway down' - 2013 documentary about skyway suicides.
non-jumper skyway related
suicide discussion
patron contributions:
    montages by 'MrCaringuy' from australia
Joe Winko: discussion about the bridge and jumpers.
  05.02.11: radio documentary about skyway suicides.

books about the skyway

disclaimer: home made legalese.

contact us: have something to add, subtract, correct, or condemn?

research: additional information would be helpful.
  other bridges: non-skyway bridges offer jumper services.
    golden gate bridge: world's number one suicide structure.
      ggb jumper reports: occasional reportage.
    hoover dam bypass bridge
royal gorge bridge
westgate bridge: australia's suicide bridge.
other skyway bridges
non-skyway tampa bay area bridges: with jumper history.
belleair causeway
clearwater memorial causeway
courtney campbell causeway
dick misener
gandypostcards and images
howard franklandwebcams
john ringling causeway
martin luther king blvd.
pinellas bayway
sand key bridge
    what's new on 'other bridges' pages.
non-bridge tampa bay area jumpers

  selfies with suicidals: a growing anomaly.

failbook: social media providers wield an iron fist.

acronyms: common jumper response, rescue, and recovery terms.

baker act: involuntary examination.

hcso vague calls for service list

this creepy skyway website

skyway bridge satire articles. warning - adult language.

the $15,600,000 skyway bridge disco lights.

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and since you asked: the f word  •  now hear this  •  fools
archive - pages from the past:
  call to action: the people demanded an end to skyway jumpers.
friends: not everyone hates us.
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skyway crisis phones play a message from tony dungy.
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do you feel suicidal? there are people that will help you. let them.