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2003 updated: 05.28.05

latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow.)
12.30.03, Matthew Mc., Sydney, Australia, I think this site is great. Suicide's funny, cause i don't know them. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SPLAT... i mean SPLASH. If they didnt want me laughing at their waterlogged corpses they should've jumped of the bridge.

12.22.03, John R., Clearwater, FL., It's sad but I feel there will be at least one more jumper this year. The holidays seem to bring out the worst in people that are having problems. Besides back in October I lost a close friend to suicide, turns out he had big addiction problems and was ashamed and never sought out his friends for help. I just hope he is in a better place. (the holidays are hard on many people. sorry about your friend.)

12.16.03, unknown, To anyone reading this, I want you to know that I knew a person who died there this year. At the time I wanted answers to many questions. I found this site while doing a search. At first it was very shocking that it exsisted, but I turn down the sound and read the entries and now try to understand, which you never will. It gave me many answers to the questions those of us who know these people are asking. To me this site has now become a place to grieve privately for everyone going thru this. I pray for everyone who sees someone, finds someone or knows someone on these pages. I now don't feel like the only person in the world who has to have this in their life. (seems most everyone we know has had suicide in their life at some point. it seems suicide is more common than most people realize.)

12.15.03, Jayme, Trinity, Florida, USA, Woo Hooo!!! Saddam should have manned-up and jumped himself!!! (he did. in a hole.)

12.15.03, Kat, Kidderminster, UK., Dont jump in front of trains, I hate getting stranded miles away from home, while there trying to clean you off the tracks.

12.13.03, trish, arnold, md., usa, i think suicide sucks and would never do it but hey if they wanna then we can talk, read, or joke about it all we want.

12.12.03, Jayme, Dunedin, Fl., Well, I love death and depression so this is definitely the right place for me to be! I think jumping off the skyway is the right way to go about it. unless you take a massive amount of pills. I mean what other way do you live for about 10 seconds and its all over. Only 10 seconds (okay, maybe a minute) and WAM you're squished! Fabulous idea. I'll be sure to tell all my friends!

12.12.03, Danielle B., myersville, MD., USA, This is a pretty cool website. It may be wrong-but I found myself laughing at some of these jumpers. (sometimes we do too.)

12.05.03, R.Grim, I think your website is pretty good, maybe some pictures would be nice. Maybe something like or I don't think this website is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I really enjoy your come backs towards the families when they write you to complain. And how would they find your website if they weren't looking for it, so they must have known what was coming to them. Well good luck in the future. Take care.

11.28.03, will, tampa, i dont see any problem with this site. shit if someone jumps its all in the media anyways. all these people whining makes me wanna jump.

11.24.03, John R., Clearwater, FL., Tis the season for more jumpers FA-LA-LA-LA-LA LA.

11.22.03, Tab, think the site is a hoot. and yes. i have known someone who ended their life. keep up the good work.

11.20.03, Tanya, Wow Phil! Still a fine site. Sad people still jump but what a beautiful way to go! Nice pics too! It really is a gorgeous bridge! (thanks, tanya, we try.)

11.18.03, Tom, Hah...this site is wrong...but I hope I'm right? Thanks for posting the -news- because truthfully, thats all it really is. Sure It looks at things in a different light, and may even be morally incorrect. but realistically speaking, this is no different than reading about x number of soldiers being shot down in Iraq.

10.22.03, Lee G., Bellevue, NE, USA, All these people emailing, and saying "how could you do this", and "go to HELL", must not be able to read disclaimers. It clearly says "it's not a fun site to visit if you have been affected by suicide in any way.
if you feel your visit to this site will offend you or cause you grief in any way, leave now." But no. They continue to read on, and guess what? They get offended. I have had 2 suicides in my family (cousin, and Aunt) and this site doesnt offend me. I loved them to death, but sites like this arent the problem, and people shouldnt be so quick to place blame on places where it shouldnt be. This is media, and this site lets people know what is really going on out there. You only have the person who commits suicide to blame, not those who report/talk/or in some cases joke about it. I dont get a kick out of this site in a humorous way at all. Im not sitting here laughing when I read this stuff. I just find it interesting, and I dont see whats wrong with anything here. Lastly, those who are offended should blame the person who took their life, because after all, if they cared about you, as much as you say you cared about them, then they wouldnt have done what they did. Suicide is one of the most selfish acts anyone could do, because that person doesnt care about how his family and friends will feel when they are gone. Later, and keep up the good work on the site. (sorry about your suicide history. we seem to be on the same page, suicide is very selfish. the site detractors cause us no loss of sleep. we love them. thanks for the good words.)

10.20.03, kayla, bradenton, florida, usa, i really hope theres not suicides this year people shouldn't do that! they should have more respect for themselves! and by the way i love youre site its amazingly helpful! but i dont like the whole im a blonde i need to start over ! im a blonde i made it threw on my first run threw thank you very much mr. or mrs. or miss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (kayla waves her blondeness like a flag.)

10.09.03, Jack S., St Pete, I really dont think the people who jump realize how many people they effect when they jump. Not only their family and freinds but the poor guys who have to pull their bodies off the rocks and outta the water. Its not a pleasant site to see fish eating at someones rotting flesh after being in the water for days. Also pulling a girl from the rocks. It is very disturbing. I am not condeming your site I just wanted people to know its pretty f**ked up to see the aftermath. I actually put in a guess for the pool. I'll probably be picking them up this weekend if it does happen. Later (thanks, jack. please feel free to input anytime you do pull someone out of the water or off the rocks.)

10.04.03, Jim, St. Petersburg, FL., My wife and I visited your site for the first time tonight. We could not believe some of the comments people are writing. We in no way feel that you are promoting suicide. If anything, it is more of a deterrent. I can guarantee that more than half of the people who posted negative comments spent a great deal of time on your site reading the stories and comments before they decided to ridicule you. Typical hypocrisy! I do believe in some cases the person who commits suicide does not show signs that it is coming. However, the people who are commenting that their loved ones were very troubled and showed signs, should have spent their energy trying to help them. If they spent half as much energy trying to help their loved ones as they do harassing you guys, they might still be alive today and would never have found the site to begin with. You guys are hilarious, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (we are sure that most, if not all, of the friends and family of the potentially suicidal person, sees a change in that person. it may be gradual, subtle, and vague, but it's a change that is noticed. perhaps it's blunt and to the point, but no one believes they will go through with it. maybe they are sure they will do it, but are helpless to help them. i'm sure this is a major source of frustration in these friends and family when the person actually goes through with their suicide. the friends and family feel somewhat guilty in allowing it to happen. "i should have done something". but what to do? it is our belief that when a person decides to end it all, that there is not much anyone can do to stop it, as sad as that is. thank you for your kind words and thank you for visiting our site.)

10.04.03, David B., Tampa, FL, I was pretty good guessing football games all last year. Maybe it's time for bridge jumps.

10.01.03, Merilyn, Oldsmar, Florida, USA, My mother comitted suicide ten years ago, and I guess I am still trying to figure out why. I think your site is very interesting and appreciate all the emphasis on GETTING HELP. (we are sorry for your loss. the thought of the torment left on our children if we were to end our own lives is repugnant. it's just not an option. we hope it has made you a stronger person more able to enjoy the life your mother was unable to enjoy.)

09.30.03, jimmy, bradenton, fl., i think more people should use the sunshine skyway bridge as there selected tool of demise. that is to say, instead of using other tools or forms ( i.e. guns, rope, pills, etc.). i'm saying people that were already going to commit stupidcide. cause the more people that jump off the bridge, the more reading material for us. moreover, jumping has got to be so much more exhilarating than the other ways. you know, one last adrenalin rush. i'll bet about 1/4 of the way down they feel pretty good. in fact, i wish the death rate off the bridge wasnt that high, then the survivors would prolly be cured. well i guess dieing is a cure too, my bad. my last comment was about having a web cam set up on the bridge, but further thought has lead me to believe that a camera at water level would be much more exciting. does that make me sick? MUHAHAHA

09.25.03, Casey, Carthage, Thank you for the helpful information and somewhat overripe amusement! Yes, you are sick. Much sicker than me. (overripe amusement? what the hell does that mean?)

09.25.03, d., So, how does one get the "balls" to jump? Even suicidal, some just cant do it. Also, even if one got the "balls" to do it, surviving is far more crappier then dieing. So why would anyone do it? I know there is no sure fire way to die. I think the Skyway is much riskier then other methods. Survival rate, is still too much a factor.

09.19.03, Richard M., Big Pine Key, Fl., THIS IS GREAT! I only wish I had found this site sooner. I enjoy reading all the "hate mail" and wonder if we could set up a mirror site here in the Keys. We don't have any bridges high enough to kill yourself, unless you jump in front of a car, but we could set up the same contest on when the next endangered Key Deer is going to get hamburgered on U.S.1 - Reading this site is a good way to laugh the stress off at the end of the day and thanks! (thanks richard. know of any places to stay during fantasy fest this year without paying a fortune?)

09.12.03, Fred T., Bradenton,, I think your site is pretty interesting, and some parts are funny as hell! You've done a lot of work collecting all this info. Keep it up, and don't let the humorless bastards bring ya down! And check our calender, we'll be adding more gigs soon.

09.12.03, Jeff, Ohio, USA., This jumper will aim for a boat, but will land on the soft rocks below. 

08.28.03, Todd R., Fla., According to this, 200 feet is very survivable: Extreme dives. The world's record high dive was from the cabin of a zeppelin in 1936, 394 feet into a German lake. The world's highest voluntary dive from a stationary platform is 206 feet.

08.27.03, Todd R., Stuart, Florida,  Im an avid parapsychologist (ghost hunter) and I am truly perplexed as to whether the dead spirits are still down in the water or eventually find a way to climb back on the bridge. There is a report of a woman in a white gown who haunts the bridge. Maybe she is the only one who found a way to climb back up. Maybe a new category could be was ghost present or not. (todd inserts an article with his comments): Florida Sunshine Skyway Bridge - This bridge was the scene of a tragic accident during the early 1980's. The bridge was struck by a boat and collapsed, killing a great deal of people. The ghost that haunts the bridge seems to be unrelated to the accident. He is a hitchhiker that will climb into peoples' cars at the bottom of the bridge. By the time the unlucky individual gets to the other side, the hitchhiker is gone. Also, There is a woman dressed in a nightgown that appears usually around 12am at the top of the bridge and hitches a ride with oncoming cars. One semi truck had his story printed in the paper where you should verify this story, its maybe possible these people go across the bridge and somehow are influenced by ghost, That one female jumper was said to have "scouted" the bridge with her family before she jumped ((The souls of the ones who have jumped gets into them (team spirit) and they are compelled to jump)) he said he picked up a young woman, dripping wet and she told him to drop her off on other side of bridge but as soon as he got there, she was gone. There were many sightings of this woman on the bridge who locals believe was a suicide victim, one of many jumpers on the bridge. The Skyway Bridge is 200 feet tall and connects St. Petersburg to Sarasota. (we have heard of this ghost girl. more.)

08.27.03, Todd R., Florida, 1. Everyone flirts with suicidal thoughts at some point in there life. Lets face it. Some get further than others. 2. I think the picture of the bridges on your site are a great deterrent. I was thinking about jumping but after i saw the height, I'll stick with my gun. 3. To the retards who disagree with this site posting about death, a) Everyday I read CNN our country is boasting how we killed more of the "enemy" as if they were some kind of cattle and there deaths mean nothing b) we spend 20 times more as a country developing ways to kill people (weapons, war technology) than we ever spend on suicide prevention. As humans, death is what we are all about. Wake up. 4. My final statement is this and it's how the law looks at it and also how this site looks at suicide. I was ordered to trial after a suicide attempt and the judge said "If you wanna kill yourself there is nothing we can do." 5. I have seen sites that post many pictures of death, car hit and run victims all the way though to suicide they post pics of the people who died. This site is mild in comparison. What if there was a site that guessed how many people would die when the next hurricane hit. What about a site when the next US soldier in IRAQ is killed? It's irrelevant, this site doesn't kill people. Actually if you should be mad at anything it should be the ocean for being so dam hard when your going 75 MPH. DEATH TO THE SEA!!! p.s. I think you should also add to the pool, Did they leave a car or walk and did they leave a note or not. Also one interesting fact. People who intentionally jump sometimes live because they are more relaxed, yet people who accidentally fall never live. (thank you for your kind words. we hope all is well with you now and thoughts of suicide are past. there are many joys of life to be had and we wish you your fair share. as for adding the additional "bonus points" items, we rarely hear about people leaving notes and there are no walkers to the top that we know of. walkers are normally picked up quickly before they reach the summit. after all, it is a well watched interstate highway and no pedestrians are allowed.)

08.26.03, Rachel F., Suicide is a very touchy subject most people try to avoid. I think it's a great idea that you have posted a web page about it. Most people that will visit are looking for answers on suicide, hopefully this site will persuade them not to act upon it. I know I have acted upon it and glad it didn't kill me. I am very happy with life now. Keep the site going. (thank you for your kind words. we are continually told by suicide attempt survivors that this site is helpful to them and in their opinion, helpful to those with suicidal thoughts. we hope that is true and we hope you are a happy person now.)

08.04.03, Jim, Ft. Myers, Great site, I have shown it to many friends and my kids, in the hopes that it opens their eyes. I point out that while children around the world continue to starve, succumb to terrible diseases or become orphans when their parents die in wars, clowns in this country jump off bridges because their girl/boy friend, husband/wife broke up with them. Keep the site going. (jim, thanks for the good words. we like to think we help people realize the folly of suicide with this site. it perplexes us to see how many wish to cover up and hide suicide, as if that would make it go away. it is our opinion that suicide should be made folly of by everyone, including the press. adults that insist on self elimination, despite offers of help, should be given the tools to do so. who are we to tell anyone they have no right to die?)

08.02.03, anon, thanks. my friend is suicidal and you have helped me to learn about resources and ways to try to help. maybe you saved another life. (it's nice to think we just might prevent a suicide. many would have you think we promote suicide. we are glad to be of whatever help we can and we wish you much luck with your friend.)

07.22.03, Kathryn, Tampa, FL., USA, This site isn't all about being offensive, it also gives anyone who may be thinking about it some places to go for help. Also, if anyone if doing a school report they can use this site and the info. (and I am blonde, ha) (thanks, kathryn, while we appreciate and thank you for your input, we ponder your blondness. is it true or boxed? does the carpet match the drapes? oh, the wonders of the universe, the questions of mankind, the incredibly rude nosiness of this webmaster.)

07.21.03, bonnie, tampa ,fla, usa, the milcharic jumper was a friend of mines cousin and by the way they were truly offended by the site i love it because in my own personal opinion people who stay are the tough ones any coward can jump luv the site and have been spreading the word....... (thank you, bonnie.)

06.27.03, Laurel, St Pete., I think this site is hilarious. If you love this site and it cracks you up constantly, you should read the book "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers. I think the author and the website authors must surely be related and have the same sarcasm genes! Keep up the good work. PS. Do you guys have jobs? If so, do you have time to sleep? (thank you very much for your kind words. yes, we do have jobs. the site does take some time, but we have been at this since 1998. we mess with it during off time when others watch tv. most of the content is submitted by visitors and posted from publicly released text. we just piece it all together and add our comments. we enjoy providing some entertainment to the visitors to this site. again, thank you.)

06.18.03, jim, bradenton, florida, u.s.a., would'nt it be much more fun to go postal 1st? you know, kill those who are causing you to feel sooooo bad. naw, just joking, then you would have to have a website called or something. wait, i never did look for that kind of website. maybe there already is one, how exciting i better go searching the web right now. (jim, don't bother, is just a lame 'free' e-mail service.)

06.17.03, jason s., fort stewart, ga., it is a halarious site. the only people that wouldnt think it isnt funny are the ones thinking of doing it

06.06.03, Melissa, Memphis, Tennessee, I'm a psych nurse - deal with attempted suicides daily. I find it intriguing, as deranged as that sounds! (how do you do what you do? doesn't the depression simply crush you eventually?)

06.05.03, thebiggameover, phx,az,usa, dont do it. unless you really, really want to

06.02.03, Tim, Burnsville, MN., Grandma lives in Bradenton, love the bridge, looking up sites about the bridge and stubbled accross it. GREAT SITE.

05.26.03, jessica, tampa fl usa, before you commit a homicide do us all a favor you should try suicide

05.23.03, Amy, St. Louis, Nobody likes you, just jump. (you mean us or people in general?)

05.15.03, John R., Clearwater FL., I figure we are due for some crazed female to take the plunge and Memorial Day weekend seems appropriate, females always look for the most attention to stupid activities. (ouch. no way will we publicly agree to your view of females.)

05.15.03, Me, Unfortunatly, USA., First and for most. I love this site. LOVE. I find it so funny, and think its great. I beleive you dont promote suicide either. I think you just have found a way to mess with a touchy subject, and never intended on all the hits your site would get. Suicide is a selfish matter. But its up to the person themselves who take their own lives to do so. I strongly beleive in commiting this horrible act, because I myself know the pain of wanting to. I also know that sometimes, help is just not "available". So dont try to make it sound like, a few stays at a phscy ward is gonna help, or docs, or pills. Its all individual. And no one has any right to judge. With that said. I am an idiot. No one is gonna read this are they? Come on, really? "Hurray for a child that makes it through, if theres anyway cause the answer lies in you, their laid to rest before, they've known just what to do. Their souls are lost because...They could never find..whats this life for.. (well said.)

05.07.03, Celia E., Binghamton, NY, USA, It's been way too long since I've been here. you guys rool. Hope 2003 is a better year for the unstable. Meanwhile enjoy your life by guessing another's end! (by better year, do you mean more or less jumpers?)

04.29.03, Ricky K., Michigan, USA., Hey whats goin on. My honest opinion about this website was that it was pretty cool and I got quite a few laughs out of it. I used to live in a city near the skyway. But then today I got recent news of a pretty good friend of mine committing suicide from the bridge. And now I kinda think it's sick and disturbing to sit here and laugh about all this. I will admit I've gotten quite a few kicks out of this site. But from now on I dont think I will be laughing. To all the people that view this site, have fun while it lasts, but think if you were in my shoes or the family's shoes. Its kinda sick. Thank you. (we are sorry to hear about your friend. having had a suicide in the family, we appreciate your honesty and opinion. obviously your friend was suffering and chose to end it. very sad for those that loved him. hope you feel better soon.) 

04.21.03, Jim b., Odessa, Flordia, Funny Site, even though people think it is horrible, i think its the funniest thing ever! You really need a good sence of humor to love this site. I quess that means i have a good sence of humor (you have a good sense of humor too. thanks for the good words.)

04.14.03, anon, i think its wrong that yall poke fun at suicidal people, however i do think that if someone is stupid to do it that they should be mocked. AND IM BLONDE! BLONDES ARENT ALL DUMB! U ASS (we be da assest.)

04.12.03, Dan B., St. Pete., This sucks that I can't win if I, you know... win. If I win this pool but don't win because I can't win because I was the winner. Jeez, thinking about it just makes my head spin. Spinning across the ice. Smashing into the boards. Head spinning. Can't win. Gotta win. I WANNA WIN!!! (dan, do problems with alcohol run in the family?)

04.11.03, Haydn B., Nelson Mid Glamorgan, I have been living as a man for two years but I have had enough, I am going back to Akansas to be the queen of the silver dollar, it is so troubling being a man. (we are at loss for words here. you make up your own jokes.)

04.08.03, Rob W., Bradenton, (If i could just get an audience with the DOT) It's a tourist state, why don't we build an observers tower with those telescopes... I think we should put a parking lot with a kiosk to take admissions and build a lane for foot-traffic to the top where a diving board could be useful. Also lets put a camera up there with e-mail so that someone might send a loved-one (or a not so loved-one) a card (CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!) maybe webcast; pay-per-view. This could Produce jobs all around.

04.07.03, Kim, Clearwater, Thanks for the laughs. You are so creative, you ought to write a book. You have such a fun way with words. Lord knows what your book would be about. (i blush under the praise. i appreciate your kind words. writing a book would be something, finding people to read it would be something else. many have another description of my "fun way with words". thanks for the picture of your ass. you have a nice ass, to be sure. i'd like to ride it, but your ass is small and i would crush it.)

04.05.03, Kinzley, Anderson, IN., I kinda want to kill myself... But one of my best friends want to kill herself to... I want to help her but I cant... when I want to do the SAME thing! I dont know wut to do... I dont want her to leave me and she hasSOOO much to live for! Email me and tell me wut you think... Thanks... Kinzley (seems a lot of you young people want to end it. beats us. when we were growing up, we would wonder what ending it all might be like, as death is something everyone thinks about sometimes in their life, but we were too busy living life to actually end it. we had shit to do and dying wasn't an option. young people now seem to have everything, yet nothing. blame it on the break up of families, too many 'things', not enough or too much parental love, stupid tv, pressures to succeed in life, idiot friends, depressing crap music, trying to keep up with the endless fashion/accessory/money demands, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, whatever. bottom line, we have trouble understanding your desire. if you really want to help your friend, help yourself in the process and live your life for you. get away from whatever it is that brings you down. end any bad habits. if your circle of friends isn't doing it for you any more, cut them loose. if you are failing at living the lifestyle you think you need to live, change it. be original and screw what others think. do something about your life. do something about hers. fight for your happiness. it's not always easy. it wasn't meant to be. good luck.) we get e-mail responding to our reply to kinzley:
05.16.03, Ken S., Tampa, Dude. Not going to rip the site..but when some disturbed A-hole emails you telling his/her intent is to do something stupid I feel it is your obligation to at least point them in the right direction. I am not by any means saying it is your responsibility for what these people want to do, or actually do, but for God's sake please point them in the right direction. I find this very recklesss. I'm not sure of your qualifactions, but a to advise (or attempt to advise) this person on their email is insane. Probably as insane as the person that sent the email. God willing the next time you receive and email of this nature you will direct them to the proper forum that can help them with thier concerns and hopefully save a life. God bless freedom of speech, God bless doing the right thing, and God bless America!
05.16.03, hello ken, one of the first things we do when those that want to end their lives contacts us, is to send them to the help section of this site. it's located at the bottom of the home page. there is another page of help links as well. we are currently helping two young females, hell bent on ending their lives and we try to do so without the use of idiot doctors, shrinks, and meds. those conversations are private and will remain so. our qualifications are simple: we too can be depressed and have a shit load of problems, but we choose to remain alive. in our opinion, our advice to kinzley was answered properly. we always advocate the help section throughout the site and individually in e-mails to those that write to us. the only thing we would add to our response to Kinzley would be to mention once again the help section. after all, Kinzley is the only person on the planet that can keep him from ending his life. 
   you know, running this pool has gone from being done as a joke, to getting involved in helping those that ask for help. however, there is only so much we can do.
   thank you for your concern. we will be changing the help section and after reading your e-mail, we will include a link to it on every page. thank you for your input.

04.04.03, Joseph B., Mississippi State, MS., USA, Some may say it's a damn shame that we talk about these people, but I say it's a damn shame that these cats jump off this bridge and take the easy way out instead of facing their problems. Greedy bastards!

04.01.03, Crazykaty, Australia, scary, i'll do it one day.

03.21.03, Jenny, GA., Hey, I think your site is purty neat, people who do commit suicide don't have nothing wrong with them, they just want attention because they dont get enough, so if a person is going to commit suicide then they should be made fun of. This is good, dont listen to other people!!

03.19.03, Mark Q., Aurora, Co., is there a way i can post a ad on the bridge? cuz if they are jumping and going to commit suicide, they would probably sell the car that they used to get there really cheap, and i could use a car.

03.17.03, debbie, tampa, fl., i love your site. tell me are you as hot as that woman says. i am looking for a man to spend sometime with. I have seen your pictures and you are handsome but are you hot? I would love to find out.

03.17.03, glen, somerset, nj., man i love your site its cool. all those people who write you and that flashing girl, awsome dude. man you seem to know all the girls all the bad guys want ha ha 

03.17.03, unknown, liked keywest dude, thought i was gonig to see a certain lady naked oh well your site is good 

03.16.03, pamela, edinburgh, england, i loved your site. she was right, you are hot. keep up the good work. both funny people. (funny? yeah, but looks ain't be everything.)

03.15.03, bob, lincoln, nebraska, I got a kick out of your whole site. Funny shit here. (gots to like funny shit.)

02.25.03, Amanda D., Pinellas park, Florida, Suicide is a very bad thing and it doesnt't just hurt you. It hurts everyone around you!! So if u are contemplating suicide don't do it! (seems suicidal people don't give a rat's ass about themselves, much less those around them.)

02.12.03, kate, England, im actually real bored so thanks for givin me smthin 2 do.

02.12.03, Jeff Y., Harrisburg, PA., Valentines Day...broken heart leads to Jilted Lover's Leap and a broken body.

02.11.03, John R., Clearwater, FL., I figure Valentine's Day would be appropriate for some loser to make the big leap. Besides we have had 1 jumper for every month of the new year, so let's see if the trend holds up.

02.11.03, Glenn P., Clearwater, Fl., Love the Web-site, I have forward it to so many people and they love it to! You guy's are the best! Just one question, do you guy's/girl's "if there is any" have any product's for sale like a tee shirt or anything like that, I would love to buy one from you and let other people that you guy's/girl's " again if there is any" are out there. Please E-Mail me back. Again I love your web-site and I will let other people know about it.... Take care! (glenn, thanks for the good words. sorry, we have no t-shirts, mouse pads, ball caps, bumper stickers, pencils, miniature ponies, shrunken heads, dancing girls, or any other skyway bridge jumperpool articles for sale or lease.)

02.10.03, dylan (not a guy), Hey all you little shit heads that f**king have a problem w/ this site can shove it right up your ass b/c no one gives a f**k what you think and i would strongly suggest suicide to you. . . you need to grow the hell up and realize that some people have a good damn reason for suicide and in all your little shit's cases, it is your ignorance. . . GROW UP

02.10.03, Bob "the analyst" S., St. Pete, FL., Now that I live on Sunshine Skyway Lane, I will be more active in participating. Whenever I hear sirens head up the bridge (excepting fire engines. A ladder truck isn't very useful with potential jumpers) I check the page the next day. Looking forward to winning a guess. (keep your eyes open, bob, you just might win.)

01.27.03, emily, near the skyway, florida, basically, this site is wonderful. i do not advocate suicide, but i also do not think that people should be forced to live. i believe that human beings have always had a preoccupation with escaping the inevitable and trying to achieve immortality. it does not happen. suicide may be a sad and sometimes disrespectful thing to those that are left behind, but death happens to everyone in one way or another. so why not laugh about it? keep up the good work, a psychology student. (heh.) (emily, thank you for your input. you can write to us anytime.)

01.12.03, Young, Harrisburg, PA., Valentine's Day....the next jumper takes the plunge. Broken heart leads to a broken body. 

01.09.03, Alvin S., st.petersburg, dude this website is cool as shit, keep up the good work fellas! by the way,can i get a job? (thanks, we'll try, and no.)

01.05.03, 0J-Red, Kearney, Nebraska, Damn funny. Last time I shot myself in the head, I said "Not enough gun." Now how do I top that?
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