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   it can be difficult gathering jumper news. we encourage your help to update this site. if you have any factual news and/or images, old or new, please let us know. if you are someone that deals with jumpers firsthand, be sure that your information will be handled with utmost confidentiality. go undercover. use a fake name. our lips are sealed.
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we use first names, last initials only.

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you know about a jumper that jumped or threatened to jump:
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1) the jumper was: male  female  a jumper couple  not sure
2) the jumper used the crisis hotline phones: no  yes  not sure
3) the jumper hit: water  rocks  boat  never jumped  not sure
4) the jumper: died lived was stopped from jumping not sure
5) the jumper was recovered: yes not yet didn't jump, taken away not sure

we often get reports from other, non-skyway bridges.
this report is about: the skyway bridge some other bridge

•  did you stop or slow down and take pictures?
•  if you are giving information you would rather not see posted on this site, please indicate as such.
•  we appreciate the time you took to contact us, thank you.
we ooze continued gratification for all our jumpnews reporters,
facebook friends, and anonymous insiders. thank you...
vague Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office 'calls for service' in regard to the skyway.
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