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   we get questions about jumpers, the bridge, it's history, when will we be jumping, and a pile of non-skyway related stuffs. this site is focused on the skyway bridge that crosses tampa bay. please remember this when you pose your query. we will, however, try to solve the riddles of your life, when asked.
some helpful answers/opinions on:
suicide is a private event.
we need nets!
why bother stop skyway suicides?
suicide is a mental illness!
why no volunteers on the bridge to help stop jumpers?
why don't bridge travelers stop for potential jumpers?
the media silence is deafening.
ask your questions, question our answers.
(our responses follow.)
12.03.23, Suncoast, Tampa, Flora, I read that you included one "forced" suicide from back in the day on the sunshine skyway, but I did not see a second "forced" or any acknowledgement of Phoebe Johnchuck. while she was not "forced" per se, she was thrown off the bridge. I do feel that her story should be included. (Michael Plezia was forced to jump to his death off the 'skyway bridge' at gunpoint, on 07.17.81. Phoebe Jonchuck was not thrown off the skyway bridge. she was tragically murdered by her worthless father, when he dropped her off the 'dick misener bridge' on 01.08.15, which is located just north of the skyway. that is why she is not included within the skyway data. in our opinion, we feel shitty dad would have gone on to toss the girl off the skyway, had the police not become involved.)

08.27.23, Nina R., facebook, Since we have down time, I was curious how you come to amass this Skyway project for so many years? I assume you live in the area and see it everyday. Or maybe your father would take you fishing there all the time. Either way, to maintain this site for so many years, you have to have some kind of personal story with that bridge. Maybe you had a family member pass away there? I don't mean to be offensive in asking that, It's always interesting to see the people's motivation for doing what they do. And I have to say, you've knocked the ball outta the park with this project. I hope you don't stop or give it up. Hopefully you are mentoring someone to carry it on one day. Here's to more activity at the bridge. Take care my friend. 😃
08.28.23, the site started as a joke. i lived in pinellas county and listened to talk radio. i got to know one of the talking heads personally. on one show in 1998, he was talking about 'death pools' on the internet. then during a news segment, they reported about a skyway jumper. i quickly assembled a single 'skyway bridge jumper pool' page and called it in. they then talked about the page and it immediately gained traction, much of it favorable and lots of hate. i liked both responses and that's how started. we acquired the domain in december 2003 and it was only used to forward visitors to the site. then in january 2011, after moving out of state, was phased out and took over. no more jumper guessing and more historical documenting. i have no other affiliation with the bridge, other than having driven over it many times. i have no one in line to continue the site, so when i succumb to the end dirt nap, my kids will let it fade into internet history, whatever that may be.
08.28.23, Nina R., facebook, LOL!! That's fantastic! I really don't know why I sit here waiting for the next tidbit of Skyway Bridge news. It's interesting that nothing gets people outta their chair more than an unnatural death. Especially a very public Skyway jump. I suppose we are all ghouls in the way we want to know what was going on in their world when it occurred. At the end of the day, I suppose everyone is just one personal tragic event in their lives away from being perched atop that bridge. Or for some, it's their last chance to come out, and tie up traffic and inconvenience the world that ignored them all these years. This is their last chance to give a big middle finger to the traffic bottled up behind them, and to the society that wronged them so many times. Sometimes, we will just never know. One thing I do know is, you are going to be on top of it. Or I guess the bottom of it. Now, their is some "wordy up" for ya.

07.06.23, Nina R., facebookdm, I'm curious if over that 25yrs has your feelings or opinions changed any regarding all those who have taken the Ka-plunk over the years? It seems people change over time, some liberals become very conservative, while conservatives become very liberal. I was just curious. Also have any of these nut case family members actually confronted you in public or have any of your windows been busted LOL?? I love the hate mail on your website, its great stuff! I appreciate your time and effort in doing all this over the years. Take Care
07.06.23, we have always had the notion that if anyone wants to end their life, for any reason, it's their choice. who are we to say otherwise? we belong to ourselves and as long as we are not harming anyone physically, it's our body, our choice, right? we always recommend that people seek help for their desire, as it is not normal. we also chastise anyone that makes the decision to off themselves because of lost love or job. those reasons are idiotic, but they do happen. a close cousin lost a love and ended his life over it, the dumbass. we have had family members and friends of jumpers get very angry about this website, with a handful of death threats. the hate mail is a favorite part. we appreciate your kind words and thank you for them. be well.

09.09.22, Andrew, I don't know if you get asked these questions often, but I have wanted to ask you these 4 questions since long time:
1) What keeps you determined to keep the site up?
nothing, actually. now that the fence is up, site updates are minimal, yet occasionally there is something to post. i'll keep it up until my kids let it disappear after i die.
2) What do you think about the hate messages you receive all the time?
the hate messages are our favorite. we used to get more hate, but sadly, it's few and far between now.
3) Do you feel pity for the jumpers?
less pity and more sorrow, especially when the jumper is young and seemingly illness free. they seem to jump for immature reasons, like lost love, condemnation for their sexual choices that are no one's business but their own, shitty families, and other reasons that usually become null or more manageable when maturity kicks in. they just don't power through the hard days and wait for a more mature way to handle adversity. youth suicide is horribly sad.
4) Why do you write everything in lowercase letters? (optional)
that started during the 90's irc chat days. it was easier to just type without the extra step to capitalize. i know it's annoying and silly, but now it's etched in mental stone.
Oh and, I also wanted to say that the hate mail page is awesome. My main source of laughter. I genuinely hope to see more grammatically incorrect hate mail and funny comebacks. Probably the best part of the site.
while we understand their hate, most can't seem to make their points without sliding into juvenile grade school recess nonsense. it's pretty much the same as with most social media dialog. less a debate, more factless childish name calling. thanks for your questions and kind words.

06.01.22, 7:40am, Susan D., facebookdm, When will the bridge change the lighting for Pride Month?
06.01.22, in a hurry?
06.01.22, Susan D., Well, sadly,at least on the St Pete side, last year apparently y’all needed Jacksonville to do it first. And June is Pride month. So I’m kinda puzzled by the rude response I got.
06.01.22, again,
06.01.22, Susan D., I didn’t realize you’re no one actually connected to the skyway.
not following an offered link,
is akin to lazy people never
listening to their voicemails.
the rainbow league sure is
concerned about the bridge lights.
   it's rainbow pandermonium month!

07.10.21, Rachel C., Bradenton, Florida, As a Florida native, born and raised, I’ve driven past the Skyway State Park Pier time and time again and gone fishing on it plenty as well but something has always confused me…what is the part of the pier to the side of it? There are a few sections of pier, divided up, not connected, and from what I can discern not accessible to the left side of the pier (if you’re facing it) and I can’t for the life of me find any information on what it is or why it’s there. I gather it was apart of the old bridge but why is it still there and why can’t you access it? Maybe it’s too close to the active pier to be demolished so it just sits there? Anyway, just a silly question! Thank you for any insight you may have! :) (the original two-lane single span opened on 09.06.54. a parallel bridge to the west, carrying traffic lanes south, opened on 05.19.71 and was knocked down by a ship on 05.09.80. the current bridge opened on 04.20.87. the old bridges were demolished in 1993, leaving behind the longest fishing piers in the world. the original 1954 eastern bridge lanes/piers were closed on 08.29.08 for safety concerns and are gradually being removed and used as artificial reef material. the 1971 western lanes/piers are open 24/365. the remaining older pier remnants are mostly sitting abandoned, as you pointed out. there doesn't seem to be any urgency in removing them. maybe it costs too much. i hope this helped.)

02.05.20, Debby J., I have a question. It appears that law enforcement agencies do not report all Skyway Bridge jumpers. Is that true? And why is that? Maybe to deter any other possible jumpers? Thank you and I apologize if my question is a bit ignorant. (your question is not ignorant at all. as this website shows, the media used to report jumpers quite a bit in the past and there were fewer jumpers then. somewhere along the way, they steadily limited their reports to the near zero we have now. the claim was that reporting jumpers caused 'suicide contagion', where people would get the idea to kill themselves, when they hear that someone else did so. statistics show that the opposite seems to be the case. the last three years have been record jumper years, in this age of near zero media reporting. they are quick to report the people saved from jumping, but are silent on the actual jumpers. perhaps reporting jumpers would help stop them. apparently, they are not worthy of news mention. it would appear that maintaining the charade of media silence, continues the fallacy of 'suicide contagion', as it pertains to skyway suicides.)

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ask your questions, question our answers.

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