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non-skyway jump news

06.07.24: latest 'possible' jumper, save, or something.
05.22.24: comment for Joseph Albert, 01.14.21.
05.13.24: no 2024 pride lighting on the skyway.
04.01.24: article about Jason King, 07.29.12.
04.01.24: foolishness.
03.27.24: latest known 'almost jumper' save.
03.05.24: Cali K. says, "Your website saved my life".
03.04.24: new page dedicated to assisted suicide discussion.
01.18.24: man caught going 140+ mph on the skyway bridge.
01.13.24: a skyway parody song.
12.30.23: article - 'suicide pods', plan your own soft ending.
12.11.23: article - preventative measures cause decline in suicides.
12.06.23: skyway police chase turns into 3x fatal wrong way accident.
11.30.23: article - suicide ends remarkable 19 month run without one.
11.29.23: article - crisis center helps install signs on the skyway.
11.28.23: latest known jumper. scaled fence, died. identified.
11.21.23: photo and obituary of Ryan Matthew Gilbert, 04.20.00.
10.13.23: suicide in a vehicle, at a skyway rest area, mm13.
07.21.23: no more paid ads. perhaps make a donation.
07.19.23: florida man jumps into gulf after stabbing and burning victim.
07.07.23: florida turnpike quietly raises tolls for skyway bridge.
06.18.23: vehicle fire on the skyway.
06.16.23: comment on 11.29.16 jumper save.
05.06.23: Joe Winko visits the grave of Steven Simpson.
04.26.23: a skyway jump survivor story.
04.24.23: potential jumper, responds to their 09.09.18 comment.
04.16.23: man falls off the skyway fishing pier.
04.01.23: april fools fail.
03.12.23: 6th annual 'skyway 10k'.
03.02.23: man dies in motorcycle accident.
02.14.23: proposal to curb bird deaths at skyway pier falls short.
02.08.23: jump advisory, vague mention of future demise.
01.14.23: comment on Joseph Albert, 01.14.21.
12.21.22: article - why is it so easy to jump off a bridge?
12.20.22: comment on Melanie Anne Branch, 12.23.18.
11.22.22: man claims he tested the barrier for a possible jump.
11.10.22: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 31st arrest. play the game.
11.07.22: woman saved from jumping off the dick misener bridge.
10.14.22: man shot dead at skyway fishing pier. identified.
09.30.22: we are served a sextortion hacker scam. more.
09.14.22: eyewitness story of Carol Ann Heller, 08.22.96.
09.14.22: Tiffany continues her work.
09.06.22: 'duh' articles - drop in number of suicides reported.
09.01.22: vehicle fire on the skyway.
08.28.22: comment on Randy Hover, 01.24.03.
08.06.22: child of Raymond Cutler, 03.10.01, tells of losing a father.
07.27.22: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 30th arrest.
03.06.22: the skyway 10k returns. vehicle accident, video.
02.17.22: correspondence from the almost jumper on 01.24.22.
02.13.22: comment on Louis DiCarlo, 11.20.08.
02.13.22: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 29th arrest.
01.28.22: jumpers continue off the golden gate bridge.
01.17.22: identified Nicholas Wojtkowski on 04.13.18.
01.17.22: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 28th arrest.
12.27.21: vehicle fire on the skyway.
12.21.21: obituary and photo added of Frank Colangelo, 04.11.07.
12.03.21: obituary and photo added of Maggie Dennis, 09.28.07.
11.30.21: photo added of Terry Stephens, 02.12.08.
11.29.21: photo added of Gaetano 'Guy' Zupa, 04.11.08.
11.12.21: another vehicle fire on the skyway.
11.11.21: vehicle fire on the skyway.
10.30.21: identified Alexander Stratton on 08.04.19.
09.15.21: comment on Luke Carlisle, 06.24.19.
09.13.21: Joe Winko visits the grave of Donna Marie Klein.
09.10.21: comment on Deborah Williams, 09.30.12.
08.07.21: article about the 02.03.21 jump event.
07.02.21: possible identification of Dustin Pham, 03.05.20.
06.23.21: skyway suicide barrier is completed.
06.06.21: possible identification for the 05.25.21 incident.
03.16.21: dedicated website for the skyway bridge collapse disaster.
03.09.21: comment on Joe McKinney, 12.10.18.
02.09.21: 4th annual 'skyway 10k' to be virtual, due to panicdemic.
11.20.20: suicide on the fishing pier.
11.20.20: jumper save story, 12.14.15.
11.10.20: comment on Virginia Sheley, 11.21.00.
11.05.20: possible jump on 10.06.98.
10.11.20: 2 arrested for racing 100+ mph on the skyway.
07.16.20: possible jumper Andrew McCaskill, 08.31.13.
06.14.20: article about Joseph Landfried, 09.08.95.
05.09.20: the skyway collapsed 40 years ago.
04.16.20: fhp trooper and good samaritans save woman on 04.11.20.
04.09.20: 'The Skyway Bridge Disaster' documentary.
03.01.20: 3rd annual 'skyway 10k', one death.
02.21.20: article about Jason King, 07.29.12.
01.09.20: suicide barrier to be installed on the skyway.
12.26.19: Tiffany is spreading positivity on christmas.
09.23.19: article - port tampa bay to add three cruise lines.
09.17.19: more on idiot that threw his daughter off the dick misener bridge.
08.16.19: addressing suicide as a mental illness.
08.12.19: updated info about Michael Plezia's killers from 07.17.81.
08.10.19: skyway jumper suicide #300.
07.30.19: the $15,600,000 skyway bridge disco light project.
07.28.19: jump advisory cancelled, man helped by our efforts.
07.24.19: skyway disaster documentary, premiere and 2nd show sold out.
07.10.19:, petition for suicide barrier with 10,000 signatures.
07.05.19: jump advisory, man is sure he will jump at the end of july.
06.20.19: article - 10.11.18, man commits suicide at a skyway rest stop.
06.09.19: man uses crisis phone to report he ran out of gas.
06.09.19: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 27th arrest.
05.30.19: FDOT re-examining barriers, as push from the public grows.
05.12.19: small dog loose on the bridge, rescued safely.
05.10.19: permanent positive messages get placed on the skyway.
04.10.19: women leave positive messages on the skyway, media story.
03.14.19: Joe Winko Wiki, Dalana Davis.
03.03.19: 2nd annual 'skyway 10k'.
03.02.19: bomb sweep.
01.31.19: added images for Suzanne Sandsmark, 01.26.07.
01.14.19: addressing the public versus private suicide and media silence.
01.13.19: editorial, revisiting safety on the skyway.
01.05.19: addressing why bother stop jumpers and we need nets!
01.04.19: article about the 2018 record year.
12.31.18: 'save a life' bridge suicide prevention project.
12.26.18: addressing volunteers on the bridge and people stopping to help.
12.10.18: articles, FDOT won’t add netting to prevent suicides on the skyway.
11.24.18: new documentary about the 1980 skyway collapse disaster.
11.13.18: jump advisory, worried that his ex is jumping off the skyway.
10.28.18: Joe Winko visits the grave of Julia Tyson.
10.23.18: article mentions Stephanie Eisensmith.
09.07.18: woman leaves positive notes on jumper bridge.
08.06.18: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 26th arrest.
07.08.18: boy paralyzed from trill jump off pinellas bayway bridge.
05.25.18: article - how a public suicide harms the people that see it.
05.09.18: skyway disaster 38 year anniversary articles.
04.21.18: body found near skyway.
03.26.18: getting credit for helping avoid the thoughts of suicide.
03.18.18: more about this creepy website.
03.15.18: warning, extremely graphic gruesome after-jump images.
03.04.18: the inaugural skyway 10k.
02.04.18: more about 'the baker act'.
01.10.18: attorney, increase in suicides bring awareness to liability issues.
01.09.18: news report on the notion of a skyway suicide barrier.
01.08.18: article about the 2017 record year.
12.21.17: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 25th arrest.
12.17.17: jump advisory, Gracie says she will jump.
12.09.17: man tumbles off skyway fishing pier.
11.27.17: article about David Prior, 01.18.17.
11.09.17: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 24th arrest.
10.01.17: woman out for a stroll.
09.30.17: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 23rd arrest.
08.30.17: jumper body recovery under the bridge.
08.05.17: update on wrong-way driver death.
07.17.17: Sean warned of a skyway jump, but golden gate is his preference.
06.28.17: Robbie shakes his use of head meds and appreciates this site.
06.19.17: jump advisory, Francia alludes to her future jump off the skyway.
06.05.17: Bee, in australia, appreciates this website.
06.05.17: Bill W. tells his story about his two attempts to leap off the skyway.
06.02.17: videos of Jacob Winokur, local bridge jumping enthusiast.
05.28.17: sister writes about William David Chester, 04.12.98.
05.23.17: another article about jumpers that will get nothing done again.
04.23.17: trying the facebook comment plug-in.
04.07.17: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 22nd arrest.
03.13.17: opinion article - Is FHP too quick to close the Skyway Bridge?
02.07.17: current Skyway Bridge turns 30 years old. videos.
01.10.17: two crashes close bridge.
12.31.16: wrong-way driver death.
12.19.16: car fire on the bridge.
12.08.16: article - Port Tampa Bay Releases Master Plan ‘Vision 2030’.
12.03.16: Jennifer asks about a 'gofundme' to install an anti-jumping fence.
12.03.16: 11.28.16 jumper found.
12.03.16: mystery vehicle incident on skyway.
11.30.16: identified sex offender Aaron Dagwan as the jumper on 09.10.16.
11.27.16: unconfirmed name, Katie Freeman, 10.06.13.
10.31.16: crews say man safely exited water off skyway bridge.
10.10.16: Diana finds this website helpful, in her battle against suicide.
10.06.16: 10 consequences of jumping off a bridge to your death.
09.28.16: Skipping the Skyway: Future Alternatives to Crossing the Bay
09.27.16: Manatee Co. sheriffs chase vehicle over Skyway Bridge.
08.24.16: This Vortex needs to be closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08.16.16: 444 days of bridge repairs ahead.
07.28.16: car fire on the bridge.
07.12.16: 4000 gallon diesel tanker fire on bridge.
06.22.16: body of missing tampa teen found in water near skyway, 06.22.16.
06.13.16: added page for suicide stories and personal contact.
04.21.16: article - larger ships versus the skyway.
02.21.16: unconfirmed name, Katy Jodat, 05.16.04.
02.13.16: unconfirmed name, Andy Powell, 09.18.15.
02.13.16: possible jumper, Johnny Jones Nolton, 12.19.03.
02.13.16: possible jumper, Karen Tucker, ??.??.85.
01.11.16: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 21st arrest.
12.30.15: the facebook profile has been deleted. again.
12.23.15: man smashes his car off the skyway fishing pier and dies.
11.20.15: huge dry-dock just fits under the skyway.
11.09.15: found save, George Ford, 10.27.92.
11.09.15: found save, unknown woman, 05.30.94.
11.09.15: added video and image for John Stewart Murray, 02.02.12.
10.13.15: waterspout near the skyway.
09.24.15: media nonsense and accusations persist.
09.22.15: added additional depression/suicide help information.
09.12.15: another skyway suicide song.
08.30.15: floridiot news, Justin Steele, dead of drug overdose, 04.03.15.
08.16.15: floridiot news, man crashes car on skyway, 08.16.15.
08.09.15: police free man thought suicide-bent, Charles Hayes, 02.05.61.
07.29.15: rv catches fire on the skyway, 07.28.15.
07.25.15: eckerd crew devised a search pattern for rescuing skyway jumpers.
06.15.15: story update about the man that fell off the skyway, 05.03.15.
06.13.15: report about the Klein/Weigel jump, 08.23.93.
05.12.15: skyway disaster memorial is dedicated, 05.09.15.
04.23.15: this website is #2 of the "6 creepiest on the internet".
02.22.15: added article for Katherine Freeman, 05.16.00.
02.19.15: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 20th arrest.
02.11.15: floridiot news, man steals tires in skyway toll plaza parking lot.
02.01.15: James Edgar Smith survived a jump on 10.31.64.
01.29.15: article about suicide prevention on the skyway.
01.29.15: ceremony remembers those lost in coast guard disaster, 01.28.80.
01.17.15: wrong way driver on the skyway, 01.16.15.
01.15.15: jump advisory, potential jumper found.
01.13.15: fisherman falls off the skyway pier, 01.12.15.
01.01.15: Michael J. Smith saved from jumping, 08.??.94.
01.01.15: William Arnott goes a.w.o.l. by faking skyway jump, 02.02.65.
01.01.15: Gerald Schmidt jumps from the skyway for fun, 01.16.85.
12.17.14: visitor describes her vision of the skyway ghost girl.
12.12.14: man's body dumped off the skyway, 11.14.78.
12.02.14: some artificial reefs are made with skyway debris.
11.20.14: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 19th arrest.
10.25.14: article - college marine rescue team teaches lessons.
10.21.14: this website is #8 of the "15 creepiest on the internet".
09.29.14: article about Julia Marie Tyson, 03.13.05.
09.24.14: Eva Gassie killed in skyway wreak, 02.28.82.
09.24.14: found additional bridge/boat collisions, 05.19.77 and 09.22.74.
09.24.14: more skyway tunnel talk.
08.06.14: more images about the 'bee line ferry'.
07.27.14: additional article - the skyway versus the cruise ship industry.
07.26.14: added articles about the segregated skyway beach, 07.14.54.
07.25.14: rumor, William Dean was murdered and buried in skyway concrete.
07.01.14: article about suicide nets and Todd Korell, 03.13.10, with video.
06.30.14: article - 06.29.14, can sunshine skyway suicides be curbed?
06.09.14: new page for skyway art.
05.31.14: skyway fishing pier gains top 10 rating.
05.27.14: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 18th arrest.
01.17.14: new page for non-skyway bridge suicide related articles.
12.06.13: article - study to evaluate the possibility of lifting the skyway.
11.24.13: named Vanessa Blanchard as the still missing jumper on 09.30.13.
10.20.13: 01.01.97, new policy, 'bridge to close in foggy weather'.
10.19.13: DOT removing all motorist call boxes, except from skyway.
09.19.13: Deborah Korell seeks donations, Walk for Life for husband Todd.
09.18.13: 05.10.13 jump survivor told his story, takes his life on 09.17.13.
09.09.13: added images of the new bridge in design.
09.06.13: 09.05.13 study, tampa bay area 'most stressful city' in u.s.
08.10.13: a new book about the skyway disaster.
07.18.13: added images to the original span page.
07.18.13: more video on the failed swing stunt, 04.27.97.
07.18.13: images of the first skyway swing stunt, 11.20.88.
07.04.13: worth it or wasted, lighting the skyway, 07.03.13.
06.23.13: the coast guard cutter 'eagle' motoring under the bridge.
05.31.13: eastern skyway piers to close, safety a concern, 08.22.08.
05.25.13: driver flees from skyway accident, 05.25.13.
05.25.13: 'skyway down', documentary about skyway suicides.
05.19.13: added report about christmas eve save, 12.24.12.
05.17.13: Seasons In Reverse's first single, Skyway Suicide.
03.20.13: more about Peter Dent, 10.12.73.
03.17.13: skyway bridge, a mode of transit for the spirit world?
03.17.13: off duty st. pete. police officer shot at in drive-by, 03.16.13.
03.15.13: skyway worker Delray Morris drowns, 10.31.84.
03.15.13: skyway worker Mac Warren Ridings killed, 11.28.83.
03.12.13: more about accidental jumper David Schwandner, 07.30.84.
03.12.13: skyway included in list of most dangerous bridges, 04.27.82.
03.09.13: article - Charles Jones shooting a gun on the skyway, 05.01.74.
03.09.13: article - Richard Boicheff's suicide on the fishing pier, 01.04.01.
03.08.13: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 17th arrest.
03.07.13: story about Heidi Hughes-Cihaner, includes suicide save, 08.??.01.
02.17.13: skyway demolition begins, 07.04.91.
02.16.13: cigarette ad to be filmed, 02.10.88.
02.16.13: commission drops it's opposition to skyway fences, 03.05.75.
02.11.13: skyway fishing piers state park unit management plan.
01.03.13: officials first knew of skyway problems 7 months ago, 06.07.83.
01.01.13: skyway bridge designer dies, 03.20.02.
12.31.12: additional article about Bill French, 11.22.81.
12.29.12: additional article for Mary Sirmons, 10.13.59.
12.19.12: another video of the ill-fated skyway swing stunt, 04.27.97.
12.18.12: article about William Robb, 01.26.61.
12.17.12: suicidal man gets saved in more ways than one, 05.24.02.
12.16.12: another article about the skyway audio web documentary.
12.15.12: additional image articles for Derek Chandler Simons, 08.30.97.
12.09.12: Linda Robillard drives off bridge approach and drowns, 02.07.87.
12.09.12: additional article for Hillard Miller, 02.13.63.
12.09.12: more tunnel debate, 06.11.80 and 10.18.80.
11.23.12: shrimp boat hits new bridge, 04.29.87.
11.12.12: skyway suicide note published, Thomas Malone, 06.17.12.
10.07.12: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 16th arrest.
09.07.12: more about Michael Plezia, 07.17.81.
09.07.12: 'safety first is goal in skyway bridge design', 05.13.82.
09.05.12: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 15th arrest.
08.29.12: barge hits skyway, 08.20.73.
08.27.12: identified James Slater as the jumper on 01.21.80.
08.27.12: article about David Donahue 04.08.74.
08.19.12: brochures from 1958 and 1966, pier brochure, and postcards.
08.05.12: reports of a possible jumper turn out to be a boating incident.
08.02.12: article about Patrick Coelingh, 07.17.03.
07.29.12: updated common jumper rescue and recovery acronyms.
07.21.12: additional article for William Russell, 03.09.65.
07.14.12: first successful 'save' for skyway crisis phones, 07.31.99.
06.27.12: floridiot news, Aaron Poindexter arrested again.
06.26.12: storm closes skyway for days.
06.23.12: florida tolls increase. skyway now $1.25 per car.
06.13.12: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 14th arrest.
06.09.12: added page for skyway postcards.
05.25.12: popular mechanics article on the new bridge, august 1954.
05.23.12: added video from 1986.
04.12.12: a study from 05.04.07, critical analysis of the skyway bridge.
04.03.12: view the skyway with 'google street view'.
04.03.12: a guest takes issue with google's censorship of 'hope'.
04.02.12: pdf file detailing structural maintenance issues, with images.
03.12.12: a first responder tells of his accidental fall from bridge, 02.28.88.
03.07.12: additional article for Mary Sirmons, 10.13.59.
03.07.12: found 'save', 12.24.60.
03.07.12: additional article for Robert Donovan, 06.07.77.
03.07.12: article about skyway suicides, 06.30.98.
03.07.12: plan to install fence on skyway discussed, 02.07.59 and 08.17.66.
03.07.12: found the earliest mention of a skyway suicide so far, 09.10.54.
03.07.12: found past jumper, Willie Butler, 08.23.59.
03.07.12: added news clipping and fixed date for William Karsen, 09.29.59.
02.21.12: added skyway related music video for jumper 'save', 07.01.11.
12.30.11: new postage stamp to feature skyway bridge, 12.30.11.
12.29.11: added story about Bang Quoc Luong, 11.13.11.
12.12.11: news video link about Frank Colangelo, 04.11.07.
11.09.11: added stories about Shasta, the skyway jumping dog, 05.06.98.
11.08.11: identified Charles Yagley as save on 10.12.11.
09.22.11: article naming Kimbell Hodges as Kimbell Scott, 06.23.78.
09.19.11: found jumper Donald Lawrence, 10.22.75.
09.04.11: article about ship hitting the bridge, 08.31.70.
09.04.11: article about shrimp boat hitting the bridge, 05.26.76.
09.03.11: identified Frederick Sharp as jumper on 07.24.87.
08.21.11: added name Irene Bohman, 02.19.63.
08.21.11: additional article, accidental faller, Edward Thornton, 02.20.82.
08.17.11: news article about Roy Krebs, 04.16.79.
08.17.11: short article about Virginia Sheley, 11.21.00.
08.17.11: news video for Daniel Collinsworth, 06.08.08.
08.15.11: found unknown jumper, 07.25.94.
08.08.11: Shane Chancy killed in crash on skyway, 08.06.11.
08.06.11: found article for Hazel Rooks, 01.07.64.
07.29.11: found jumper Karen McFawn, 10.07.93.
07.21.11: recent article about Steve Trotter, 04.27.97.
07.20.11: report of a save, name unknown, 11.18.10.
07.20.11: reports of saves, dates and names unknown, 2006 and 2008.
07.18.11: tire advertisement from 1958.
06.30.11: mug shots for Aaron Poindexter, 09.18.08.
06.30.11: mug shots for Louis DiCarlo, 11.20.08.
06.29.11: mug shot for Wendy Waldron, 02.22.07.
06.29.11: mug shot for Coren Nuckolls, 04.20.06.
06.29.11: mug shot for Michael Vincent, 07.06.04.
06.29.11: mug shots for Andre Talley, 05.20.03.
06.29.11: more on floridiot Izra James Richard Nowitzke.
06.29.11: mug shot for Judd Langenhahn, 07.05.09.
05.20.11: added research request page.
05.19.11: added articles for Thomas Warns, 09.05.73.
05.08.11: segregation news articles about skyway beaches, 05.26.59.
05.02.11: web radio documentary program, SPLASH.
04.28.11: incident involving Kyung Yang, 04.24.11.
04.08.11: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 13th arrest.
03.24.11: posted video about Matthew Clark, 07.17.09.
03.19.11: added site map, including archive pages.
03.17.11: contact about James Massolio, 11.12.03.
03.08.11: a poem for Todd Korell, 03.13.10.
01.21.11: floridiot news, Izra Nowitzke, 12th arrest.
01.11.11: mention of Daniel Collinsworth in a news article, 06.08.08.
12.31.10: ends and begins. why?
11.12.10: contact about Kattia Benetatos, 12.11.09.
11.10.10: found article, 02.12.02, skyway second in suicides.
11.10.10: found save, Langford A. Brewer, 07.24.73.
11.03.10: found articles for Kimbell Hodges, 06.23.78.
11.01.10: identified William Dixon Gresh as the jumper on 08.15.79.
11.01.10: skyway jumper barrier article from 09.03.99.
10.31.10: found accident, Amelia Biasi, 06.28.70.
10.31.10: found accident, Gerald Kavanagh, 07.13.83.
10.31.10: added story to bridge hauntings on paranormal page.
10.30.10: found accident, Carl Bohman, 02.19.63.
10.30.10: found save, Mary Stambaugh, 07.18.60.
10.30.10: found article, Cyrus Angelo Hadley, 06.02.77.
10.28.10: found save, Myrna Dobson, 11.25.77.
10.17.10: identified John McCorkle as the jumper on 08.25.10.
09.11.10: added facebook memorial page for Michael O'Neill, 07.17.06.
08.28.10: video clip of skyway jump from the 2006 movie, 'loren cass'.
08.22.10: found accidental faller, Julius Curry, 01.23.69.
08.22.10: found bridge faller, 02.20.82.
08.21.10: articles about skyway pile-up, 12.27.96.
08.12.10: found escaping jumper, William Frank Kuttig, 07.18.86.
08.12.10: found save, Christopher Moody, 11.26.81.
08.12.10: found jumper, 12.28.80.
08.11.10: found jumper, Leonard Francis Logan, 03.27.77.
08.11.10: found save, Milton Weston, 03.20.72.
08.11.10: additional articles for 12.15.72  •  09.18.72  •  12.12.70.
08.11.10: found saves, 09.08.66  •  09.01.66.
08.07.10: memorial message for Jennifer Francis, 12.09.03.
08.01.10: memorial message for Kenneth Goyette, 07.24.02.
07.18.10: additional articles for 11.08.59  •  06.08.79.
07.07.10: this page is created. thanks to jimmy k., nashville, georgia.
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