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in florida, once thought this site was horrible.
updated 06.28.17
06.28.17, Robbie, Florida, I just wanted to send a message to say that when I first saw this website, I thought it was horrible. Now after three years of coming back to this site on regularly, and actually riding over the bridge on a evening when someone jumped off, I can say to you that "I finally get it". I watched the video posted in the first or second week of June about the lady who jumped off the bridge. I saw the boat pick the victim out of the water. I then read the post from the victim's husband, and my heart broke for him. You see, I too was given all sorts of medications to treat depression after I had a stroke back in late 1999. Those "head meds" did nothing to help me, and only made me feel suicidal. I even did some crazy things that I don't even remember doing. My whole life from 1999 - 2005 was a total fog due to the "head meds" and it wasn't until I got a new primary care doc in 2005 did my life change for the better. My new primary care doc took me off of the anti depressants (2) as well as the sleeping pills (3) before I could start seeing clearly again. Things have been much better since I stopped taking those meds! My primary care doc said I never needed those medications to start with, and they almost killed me. (the suicidal thoughts) The dangerous thing about head meds is that they change all sorts of chemical reactions in the brain, and the psych docs are always wanting to change your meds as soon as a new and more expensive drug comes to the market. Then, they spend hours in therapy talking to you and telling you why you needs these meds and how horrible your life is going to be without them. I'm sure there are people who have a genuine need for psych meds, but I also believe there are more people in the world who are tricked into taking them when they don't need them. It's been since 2005 since I took a psych drug, and I have never felt better. Sadly, I am still taking a blood thinner as a result of my stroke back in Dec. 1999, but I can see and think clearly. I was 20 years old when that blood clot caused me to have a stroke. During the time I was on the head meds, I would never have believed you if you told me I'd be alive today at the age of 38. The unneeded head meds made me suicidal!! Have you ever seen the TV commercials talking about the possible side effects when a new head med hits the market? Suicidal thought, and unusual behavior with no memory of the behavior is always listed as a possibility! Anyway, I know this is a long drawn out message, but I wanted to share after reading the post of the husband who lost his wife a few weeks ago. His mention of how he tried to explain to the doctor's that trying something new wasn't working, and making his wife worse touched my heart. I was there, and I know what the man is talking about because it happened to me. I really hope there is some sort of action that can be taken against the doctor, because I feel that doc has a hand in what happened. Today, I am married to a doctor and they take an oath to "DO NO HARM" Although my spouse won't go as far as I will to say the doctor had a hand in this, I don't think anyone can disagree that the doctor should have listened to the husband of the victim who jumped from the bridge. I use the word victim because that is exactly the correct word in this case. I hope the husband and family can find the strength to pick up the pieces and heal with time. And to anyone else who is on a head med treatment, and the doctor's refuse to listen to your concerns, find another doctor! It may just save your life. One more thing, I noticed this site has a call to action about people jumping from the bridge. That is a great idea, but we also need a call to action for the drug companies and the doctor's who blindly push dangerous med on patients. We live in the greatest country in the world, and there is no reason why we can't provide care to people who suffer from a genuine mental illness. Same for our Vets who have put their live on the line for us. I mention Vets because they come home and suffer from all of the mental trauma they experienced while protecting us. Anyway, I'll shut up now, but what I've shared is something to think about. About this website I'd like to say once more, "I finally get it" Please don't ever take this site down, because there is more good than bad on this website.

06.28.17, hello robbie, thank you for your story. we have been railing against head meds for years now and have seen first hand, the adverse reactions they have. do they help some? of course. do they harm more? of course. medical science is all too quick to prescribe a pillocopia of poison creations, often for inventive ailments, like the nonexistent ADHD. don't get us started on the drugging of children, whose minds are still developing. it's criminal dr. mengele stuff. we are glad to see your life has normalized beyond what you ever expected it would. thank you for your kind words. be well. 
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