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Sean T. B.

Sean has been alluding to a future skyway bridge jump for years.
we have dialoged with him on several occasions. a few of the chats
were zapped gone when facebook ended our profile pages.
Sean is an ongoing jump advisory
updated 07.01.23
01.04.13, Sean T. B., facebook, I have had thoughts for 35 years. Can't believe still here.

06.01.13, Sean T. B., facebook, ∑∑∑I'm 45 been depressed for 35 years. It sucks.
06.01.13, Sean T. B., every one gets depressed even GOD if there is one.
06.01.13, Sean T. B., positive thinking doesn't make it go away.

08.02.13, Sean T. B., facebook, Think I'm headed very soon to break the drought. I won many battles but this last BS has drained me to lose the war.
08.02.13, best leave the drought be. care to chat this up?

06.04.17, Sean T. B., iontb/fb, No suicide isn't funny and I have Major Depression and the bridge would be my choice. (now sean, we've discussed this before and you know the bridge is a poor choice. there will be no bridge jumping for you, mister!)

07.05.17, facebook, Sean T. B., It's sad, I think someday, I will be on your page.
07.05.17, skyway bridge, you already are.

07.05.17, Cynthia H., There are many people that can help you may not think so but as someone that battles depression I know how how the negative thoughts can take over don't let the devil win someone will listen and help
07.12.17, Heather R., Skyway Bridge clearly you aren't qualified. A photo isn't what he meant . Be responsible if you are running this page people may reach out for help
07.12.17, skyway bridge, sorry, heather, being as you are so well aware of the relationship i have with sean, i should have contacted you prior to having a bit of fun with him. he sent the picture to me, so perhaps you should not assume he has zero sense of humor and can play along.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Boy you kept that picture. I'm 99% it will happen someday. My ex-girlfriend just stole my dog and six babies and the police didn't even really even talk to me it was just plain disgusting I had respect for police but not anymore that was just truly truly disgusted and I have it video taped the video was taped from the witness I brought along they barely even spoke two words to me it just disgusting. Most people are just really worthless nowadays it's really sad.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., I wonder why I was even born I seem like I was definitely born on the wrong planet.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Don't worry Heather it's not his fault if I ever do end up doing it.. I'm surprised he still has that picture or maybe my ex-girlfriend just sent it to him who knows.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., But I definitely won't jump from the north then because for some reason somebody seems to think you have a less chance of dying from the North End not sure why
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Don't worry it won't be tonight
07.12.17, Sean T. B., I'm playing poker on the 16th so I'm safe until we at least the 16th
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Well if I do do it at least he's got my picture all ready to go
07.12.17, skyway bridge, sean, we discussed this before. you know jumping off the bridge is not what you need to do. you did send me the picture and it's been on the website ever since.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., I never said, I didn't send it.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Just not recently, like ,4 years ago.
07.12.17, Heather R., Well skyway bridge, it isn't humorous at all. How would any random stranger know "your relationship" his words sound quite serious and credible to a professional ear! Sean T. B., seriously talk to someone use the numbers I sent! We all go through rough patches, loss and heartache. Medications can help ! Don't let one person take enjoyment of life from you !

07.05.17, Nick B., facebook, Sean T. B., plz don't... If you need someone to talk too im all ears? What can I do to help?
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Cure major reoccuring depression if you can do that you'd be awesome.
07.12.17, Nick B., Sweetie i have the same along with pstd. And bi polar i understand
07.12.17, Sean T. B., 50 years, that's no living, just surviving, not fun.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., I'm not sure they was mentioned in this section and this is not a joke. I broke up with my girlfriend things were peaceful so I let her take my dog and her babies for about 4 weeks so she can enjoy them with her granddaughter and now she has refused to give them up. I called the police they barely even look at me all they did was take my license at the very end give it back to me and say this is a civil matter now how disgusting is that a scorned woman stealing a man's best friend I don't have time and energy to go to court and she knows that who Stoops that law to steal somebody's dog.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Sorry I suck at typing so I'm doing speech to text I think you could probably figure out most of what was meant
07.12.17, Nick B., Omg my heart is breaking for you! Sorry evil woman.... I can also relate except my child has been taken and im not allowed to have any contact bc the father wants all of the control. I do understand. Its a pain that never goes away! I also dont have the time or money ro fight. People have done this too me entire life. Whether it be my pet or my child. It truly is the most heartbreaking experience to go thru. It makes you sick to your stomach to think about I know. Same was done to me. I still cry daily. Im so very sorry. My heart is aching so bad for you. And to have depression on top of it i tend to go insane! I take meds. They help very little... People who intentionally hurt someone who has depression has a special place in hell waiting for them! No one knows what we truly go thru! I can honestly say I do! He fighting you're tougher than what u think. Trust me. I dont feel tuff either. But im still here and the demons have not won! And they won't!!! Pray pray pray. I promise it will help!
07.12.17, Sean T. B., It's disgusting and she wanted to marry me.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Lower than any snake.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Cops didn't want to talk to me. Fuck police now.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., Some how have to fall asleep.
(sean posted a few pictures of his dogs)
07.12.17, Sean T. B., One died buried in my yard
07.12.17, Nick B., Omg how beautiful... God im crying for you!!!!!!!!!
07.12.17, Sean T. B., And I bailed her sorry ass twice from jail. And she claims, she's Mrs. Empathy. She has no soul.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., The babies are nice but I won't see my best friend. She will die early of a broken heart.
07.12.17, Sean T. B., She will think, I abandoned her and dogs sense those things.
07.12.17, Nick B., I know they do sweetie. God my heart is truly bleeding out for you... Yes I agree she is an evil person with no soul. Does she live close. Maybe stake out her house and grab the dog from her yard? Anything?
07.12.17, Nick B., Karma is a bitch and she will get hers!!!!

07.06.17, Sean T. B.,facebook, Doesn't matter which end you jump, it's the angle you go in. He went in apparently the right angle to live. I wonder how bad his injuries are.
07.06.17, Cynthia H., Praying for you
07.06.17, Sean T. B., Cynthia H. Thanks, I need it.

07.16.17, Sean T. B.,facebook, I hate to disappoint you but if I don't get my dogs back soon, I will have a final tour ending up at the Golden Gate Bridge so won't make your page. It will end sometime in September. So if don't get my dogs back in two weeks, the tour starts. I would have lost all hope in humanity. I went from a best friend to such hate. So around September 1 St will start. I'm fine for now, playing poker on Wednesday and hopefully Friday. So it's up for someone to do the right thing, not liking the odds. I will text along my journey, if get my dogs back then won't do it.
07.17.17, Skyway Bridge, sean, do not allow dogs to be the deciding factor in ending your life. i understand loss, it's debilitating, i get it. however, there are no dogs on the planet worth ending your life over. do not let a struggle over dogs determine your end. turn it around by perhaps rescuing other dogs. channel your depression into a positive move with new dogs. as with any lost love, we must strive to let it go when it's no longer there. time heals these wounds, but only if we allow it. picking at the scabs, only prolongs any possible improvement on past losses. i addressed someone in perhaps a similar situation. read how you may help yourself over one that pains you.

07.21.17, Sean T. B., facebook, So my ex files a bogus domestic violence charge. Skyway Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge? (neither.)

06.09.19, Sean T. B., facebook, I am on the new ketamine spray and will be doing my fourth treatment matter-of-fact later. I'm at 1 even on a Sunday, I'm the first patient for this doctor and he is even working on Sunday. I have already tried the VNS Peckerhead machine and didn't work. I have mentioned these two treatments during the last week and discussions on this page.

06.09.19, Sean T. B., facebook, That's my medication and first that arrived for the doctor. (good luck with it and do let us know if this is an improvement for you.)

07.01.23, Sean T. B., facebook, Barriers donít really work. I think itís funny that people are making fun of the guy jumping from 20 feet now I donít know the area too well Iím guessing from where are you Sean (he jumped) itís probably at least a mile swim to get to sure (shore) and if you canít swim, itís called drowning and the average male is like 510 6 (?) feet I think 20 is higher than that. so thatís still gonna be my choice if I ever do it and most people didnít really die from the jump it was because he had no freaking arms or legs because they were broken and they drowned maybe 10% got lucky and died on impact so I guess you and the rest of the people came and claim success, at least from the Bridges point of you I suppose. and I canít swim by the way you couldnít give me $1 million to swim 1 mile. Iíd be lucky to swim for one minute and I would tire out and drown. Iím pretty sure thatís what the other guy had in mind Iím not sure what happened. Maybe there was a car nearby and somebody got to him just in time.
07.01.23, pretty sure a deliberate drowning would be terrifying. perhaps if one were to go to the beach, get obliterated on drugs/alcohol, and simply try to swim to texas, that would probably do the trick, not that this is a recommendation.
07.01.23, Sean T. B., Yes, for the first two minutes it would be and then you would lose consciousness. I donít do drugs or alcohol, so thatís why can I happen, and itís impossible to get like a cyanide pill. Thereís really no easy way to kill yourself. May be a gun to the heart or I guess hanging supposedly isnít too bad I had neck surgery. I donít think I would like that. My stupid ex girlfriend was threaten to kill her self with antifreeze. Thatís like the most painful way to do it to die and can take up to 3 to 7 days to work. Well, the easiest way, probably would be like, jumping off a skyscraper or the Grand Canyon.
07.01.23, when one ponders self death, the avoidance of drugs and alcohol has no more merit. a popular way in asia is with charcoal. used in a confined space, using a grill and an electric starter, the build up of carbon monoxide puts one to sleep. forever.
07.01.23, Sean T. B., I tried that in a car one time I hooked up a vacuum hose to my exhaust and I punched a hole in my convertible car and put the hose in the car. I think I was in the car for at least 1520 minutes and nothing happened. And I was very drunk and I used to drink back then I gave up and went back inside the house and went to sleep. I figured somebody might catch me even though it was like 3 oíclock in the morning but nothing was really happening and it wasnít like I had a hard time breathing or anything so I said fuck it and went inside. Asians usually jump off tall buildings for whatever reason match usually is there a number one way to do it.
07.01.23, well, i'm not here to assist you in your demise, but today's cars put out less CO than older models.
07.01.23, Sean T. B., Well, this was over 20 years ago. It was probably 30 years ago. Besides, I already told you how I would do it if I do it and I guess people will make fun that I jump off the 20 foot section and drown Actually, I would go where thereís no fence and Iím pretty sure thereís like a ledge and you can walk and hold onto the fence until you can get up higher. And if you slip and fall, I guess you fall from whatever distance that may be so the great barrier is it 100% full proof and weíve already seen people like that girl climb and sit on top of the cage or wall. I hope I never do it but if I do and Iím in Florida, thatís where itís gonna be. I have driven the Hollywood Florida which is 4 1/2 hours away to playing poker tournaments and I taking pictures of the search pretty covered bridge.
07.01.23, there was also the guy that stood on top of a box truck. he didn't jump, though.
07.01.23, Sean T. B., I remember that my biggest fear is that I will chicken out. I still have one year left on my car payment and they will tow my car and I would get baker acted and I would not be able to afford to get my car out so thatís it give me an idea of maybe renting a car in case I chickened out. I donít think the fence has really saved too many people, maybe a couple I think just a lot of people and job chicken out like I probably would.
07.01.23, clearly, the suicide jump rate has sharply dropped since the barrier was erected. did those intent on jumping to their death, find another method? surely some may have, we just don't know the number.
07.01.23, Sean T. B., Probably because Covid killed much more people than the plan Demic

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Sean T. B., facebook, sent this double rainbow over the skyway approach,
taken from the fishing pier.
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