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2021 jump events

updated: 01.15.21
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01.09.20: suicide barrier to be installed on the skyway.
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south tower, lower cam, 10.4 northbound

south tower, lower cam, 10.4 southbound

north tower, lower cam, 10.6 northbound

north tower, lower cam, 10.6 southbound

10.4 northbound channel camera

10.6 southbound channel camera
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01.15.21: possible jumper, 7:00am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.15.21, Tpa, Any news on the black smart car at the top of the bridge this morning around 0708? One police vehicle with lights on behind it

any more info is welcome.
01.14.21: jumper, 12:50pm, male, hit water, died, body found
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.14.21, anon, (1:00pm, male, hit water, died, body found)

01.14.21, Guy Who Saw, Today around 1pm a truck driver parked on the bridge, and after a road ranger and FHP trooper arrived, ran and jumped off the bridge. He was recovered by a fishing boat. Prior to the troopers arrival, the Ranger had him in a bear hug to stop him. Not sure what happened in between but he ran from the Ranger once he let him go.

01.14.21, Ed B., facebook, Lots of police on top of bridge southbound traffic backed up. Looks like they had a jumper. Saw coastguard boat headed that way.

01.14.21, Cheri M., facebook, I was on the boat and we did the CPR. I watched him jumped from the bridge while we were fishing 😞 It was tramatizing.... we were parked directly underneath the middle of the skyway along with one other small boat when he hit the water inbetween us. We were looking up talking about how it was strange that a semi truck was parked on the bridge like that, next thing we knew in a blink he was on the edge jumping. A crew member on our boat is a firefighter and we immediately went over to him and pulled him from the water and adminstered CPR until St Pete Fire Rescue arrived. He was dead when he hit the water, but we tried all we could. Myself and my friends are so sadden and couldnt believe what happened today right in front of us. God bless his family and friends and anyone who knew him.... my heart hurts for all... (sad you had to go through that. sadder yet that it will forever be in your history. you'll never forget. be well.)

01.15.21, Jade, Saint Petersburg, (01.14.21, 12:45pm, male, hit water, died, body found), While fishing under the bridge i saw the man's semi truck at the top and construction workers ..then I hear sirens and told my friends someone is jumping, unfortunately I was recording and have video.. we rushed over and pulled him into our boat, a firefighter was fishing near by and came on board to assist, I believe he was gone when he hit the water but we didn't stop trying until recovery boat came. When FWC pulled up they said I appreciate your efforts but if it were to happen again please drive away or just call it in . Hard as that was to hear I understand the truth behind it because its so rare someone survives hut theres noo way we weren't going to try!! Whyyyyy is there no net or supervision up there???! (so surreal and tragic for you. they are going to be installing a barrier, but it's "delayed due to covid".)

any more info is welcome.
01.14.21, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, 12:54, 18:54, 6h0m
01.14.21, IONTBfb, Skyway Bridge: Delays southbound on bridge due emergency vehicles at the top of the bridge.
post from the article:
01.14.21, Michelle H., unfortunately it was a jumper. My husband was out fishing and was the marina when the body was recovered. Very sad.
facebook article posts
01.10.21: possible jumper, 4:00pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.10.21, Josie J., facebook, About an hour ago I called in a potential jumper. They said they would watch him on the cameras until FHP got there. Hoping they got to him on time. If you have any updates later on I would love to know if I was able to call in on time and potentially save him.

any more info is welcome.
hoping 2021 brings you all the success and happiness you work hard for.
   the barrier is expected to be erected and completed this year. it is our hope that this website will go fallow, as jumper incidents will be no more. we will update articles and other news of interest, as it comes along. any and all new additions will be listed here.

   if you are having trouble dealing with life and everything that comes with it, make the effort to find and use the help that is available to you. life is indeed worth living.

   remember, you are responsible for your own well being. love who you are and who you can be. always maintain an effort to improve upon yourself and allow no one to affect that. rid yourself of those that hold you back, no matter who they are. be they stranger, friend, or even family, lose the destructive forces tearing you down. end your addictions, be they drugs, love, social media, and/or whatever consumes you to a negative degree. better yourself. become stronger and healthier in body and mind. by all means, talk to people that can help you.

   do keep an eye on your friends and family members that may be despondent and depressed. check in on those that need checking in on. a few kind words and a helping hand may be all it takes to send them down a better path. be well.
the skyway bridge jumper barrier
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