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the suicide barrier

06.23.21: the barrier has been completed, but it's not 100% effective. this site will continue to monitor it's success/fails, as well as remain a reference of skyway suicide history. updates/additions to current/past events are always welcome.

the sunshine skyway bridge

   on the west coast of florida, at the mouth of tampa bay, is the attraction of choice for many contemplating life's self end. it's the #4 suicide bridge in the country, #1 east of california.

   "Break out the Zoloft. Apparently, that's what your friends and neighbors do, at least those who aren't perched atop the Sunshine Skyway Bridge." - s.p.times
latest jump: 11.28.23 • save: 03.27.24 • *possible: 06.07.24
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2024: 5 possible, 1 save
2023: 1 suicide, 5 possible, 2 survivors, 1 save
2022: 2 suicides, 6 possible, 2 survivors, 2 saves
2021: 1 suicide, 13 possible, 2 survivors, 5 saves
2020: 10 suicides, 22 possible, 8 saves
2019: 14 suicides, 27 possible, 1 survivor, 10 saves
2018: 19 suicides, 43 possible, 1 survivor, 10 saves
2017: 13 suicides, 29 possible, 1 survivor, 4 saves
2016: 12 suicides, 24 possible, 1 survivor, 6 saves
2015: 12 suicides, 15 possible, 3 survivors, 10 saves
2014: 9 suicides, 23 possible, 1 survivor, 2 saves
2013: 9 suicides, 24 possible, 3 survivors, 2 saves
2012: 12 suicides, 12 possible, 2 survivors, 6 saves
2011: 9 suicides, 14 possible, 1 survivor, 3 saves
2010: 5 suicides, 19 possible, 5 saves
2009: 8 suicides, 15 possible, 1 survivor, 8 saves
2008: 11 suicides, 10 possible, 2 survivors, 4 saves
2007: 10 suicides, 7 possible, 2 survivors, 1 save
2006: 4 suicides, 17 possible, 1 survivor, 1 save
2005: 11 suicides, 12 possible, 2 saves
2004: 4 suicides, 2 possible, 4 saves
2003: 13 suicides, 1 possible, 4 saves
2002: 9 suicides, 1 survivor, 1 save
2001: 5 suicides, 3 survivors, 1 save
2000: 5 suicides, 1 survivor, 1 save
1999: 10 suicides, 2 survivors, 1 save
1998: 12 suicides, 1 survivor, 1 possible
1997-1987: 35 suicides, 3 survivors, 9 saves
1986-1977: 17 suicides, 1 forced, 5 survivors, 15 saves
1976-1967: 15 suicides, 4 survivors, 9 saves
1966-1954: 20 suicides, 4 survivors, 7 saves
317 suicides + 49 survivors = 366 jumpers
historic record years for skyway suicide jumping:
2018       2019       2017       2003

statistics on this website are as close as we can get and are not
an official accounting of any skyway bridge related activity.
your anonymous corrections and additions are always welcome.

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to potential jumpers:
   we feel skyway jumpers need to know you bring pain and shame to yourself, your friends, and your family. it's not a free pass to end your misery. it's simply a way to transfer your hurt and sorrow to those that know and love you.

   if you are having trouble dealing with life and everything that comes with it, make the effort to find and use the help that is available to you. life is indeed worth living.

   remember, you are responsible for your own well being. love who you are and who you can be. always maintain an effort to improve upon yourself and allow no one to affect that. rid yourself of those that hold you back, no matter who they are. be they stranger, friend, or even family, lose the destructive forces tearing you down. end your addictions, be they drugs, alcohol, love, social media, and/or whatever consumes you to a negative degree. better yourself. associate with those that care about you. become stronger and healthier in body and mind. by all means, talk to people that can help you.

   do keep an eye on your friends and family members that may be despondent and depressed. check in on those that need checking in on. a few kind words and a helping hand, may be all it takes to send them down a better path. be well.

   according to the st. petersburg times: "anyone who jumps from a point close to the center of the bridge, hits the water in about 3.5 seconds at about 75 mph. the impact usually breaks bones and ruptures organs. some live for minutes before they drown."

   from a 05.09.99 article: Corporal Gary Schluter of the Florida State Highway Patrol, who has "seen the number of suicides, and attempts, climb steadily over the last few years" at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, as well as persuaded multiple would-be suicides at that site to live, advises: "People look at that water and think it's very serene, an easy way to die." But "it's more like hitting concrete." As he and other troopers explained to The New York Times reporter Rick Bragg, "Jumpers tend to die ugly. ··· The fall, less than four seconds, ends in a bone-snapping, organ-rupturing trauma, but some jumpers do not lose consciousness, and drown in agony." Schluter elaborated: "We retrieve the bodies. They are distorted, mangled."

   know this: chances are very good that you won't die immediately when you hit the water. it will hurt like all hell. your broken body will struggle to stay afloat. intense pain for who knows how long before you finally succumb to a horrid drowning death. maybe you will survive after all, now with life long debilitating injuries and additional mental anguish.

are you really up for that?
read this chilling first hand account and
another description of water impact.
do not jump off the bridge! seek help now!
to those with jumper news:
   were you driving across on the bridge and see some jumper action, an abandoned vehicle, and/or emergency personnel looking over the side? perhaps you were boating down below and had an unexpected experience. let us know and help update this site. if you have any factual news, old or new, please bring it to our attention. are you someone that deals with jumpers first hand? your identity need not be provided, nor is it expected. our contact forms are 100% anonymous.
comments from site visitors:
   09.09.18, anon, Florida, For a few years now, I've been a frequent visitor to your site. Mostly, because I eventually had planned on Jumping from this bridge and ending my own life and found myself obsessed with this bridge, the things said about it, etc. I must confess that every time I read an entry regarding a jumper, it dissuaded me from this particular method. Not because of the gruesome nature of death, but the publication of it (which is nothing against your website considering you probably prolonged my life actually). I decided that this method is no longer something I will ever do and I won't end my life publicly, traumatizing others. I still plan on eventually ending my own life on my own terms, but I don't see it occurring in the immediate future. I guess I'm just trying to say thank you for the website, as tragic as the website is, I probably would've jumped off the bridge by now if I hadn't found it. I know some people have issues with your website, which is their right, but you saved my life for the moment.

   Laura, St Paul, I just want to say that this site is indescribably important and valuable to the general human population. I have been obsessed with the pure romance of jumping off a bridge and this site has 100% and completely changed my mind.··· (more)

   Jennifer, St. Pete Beach, I've dealt with major depression in my lifetime, and was hospitalized in psych wards 8 times within the span of 3 years. I know what it feels like to be on the edge like that, and I honestly think it's great that you're taking some of the romance out of jumping. It's so easy to suffer from depression and imagine suicide (especially with such dramatic style as jumping off of the skyway) will leave you looking like a victim of this horrible world and beloved in everyone's mind. I'm glad that you're showing it in a different light, because suicide is neither beautiful nor romantic. I hope that people will see that and seek help and go on to lead happy and productive lives. It's very possible, and taking control and making that turn-around is where true romance lies.

   Helen T., Tierra Verde, FL., ...It's a rather dignified chronicle of a very undignified act...

   BDC, Bradenton, FL., i dont think this site supports suicide or does harm to the family of the victims. it is really the only place to find out information about jumpers. i knew someone who recently jumped and this site made it seem real. there was no mention of the death on the news or in newspapers. this site is the only way i know of learning and expressing yourself on this matter.
common sense words from:
"Someone who works behind the red & blue lights, Hey - could you do us a favor and ask all your readers to PLEASE slow down when coming by us on the bridge? We often have a couple of patrol cars there because one is working and one is watching out for insane drivers. Not slowing down and moving over when emergency vehicles are by the side of the road is actually against the law. Help keep us safe, and avoid that nasty ticket! Thanks!"
 stay safe, troopers.

 stay safe, troopers.
   what a depressing work shift. sitting there 24/7, waiting and hoping for a chance to intervene during someone's tragic choice. we wish them well and good luck. stay safe, troopers.
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Chuck L., austin, tx
• skyway down - skyway suicide documentary.
• splash - skyway suicide web radio program.
• the bridge - 'golden gate' suicide movie.

05.09.80: a ship crashes into the bridge, knocking down a span, 35 perish.
failed suicide attempts
a 'bob and tom' bit.

gephyrophobia (JEFF-i-ro-FO-bee-uh) - the fear of crossing bridges.
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quick skyway history:
   the original two-lane single span opened on 09.06.54, thus ending the bee line ferry. a parallel bridge carrying traffic lanes south, opened on 05.19.71 and was knocked down by a ship on 05.09.80. the current cable-stayed structure opened on 04.20.87. it's 4.1 miles long, includes a single span of 1200 feet, approximately 191' high on center, a bottom clearance of 174', two 430' high suspension towers, and cost $244 million to build. the old bridges were demolished in 1993, leaving behind the longest fishing piers in the world. the original 1954 eastern bridge lanes/piers were closed on 08.29.08 for safety concerns and are gradually being removed and used as artificial reef material. the 1971 western lanes/piers are open 24/365. the suicide prevention barrier was completed on 06.23.21.
seeking your input:

• be a research intern.
   we have many jumps with missing news and information. maybe you have time to kill and want to do our work for us for free. that would be great, thanks.

• attention: jump survivors...
   we would like to hear from suicide jump survivors in an effort to explain why you tried. can you detail the injuries received from your jump? how do your injuries effect you now? tell us your story. you do not need to leave your name, but any details about the hows and whys of your jump would be welcome, as well as informative to those that have lost loved ones to suicide or are contemplating suicide themselves.

• do you know about jumper's that were on medication?
   we would like to hear about jumpers that were on any anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or any other form of head med, either shortly before or at the time of their jump, as well as those that have suddenly stopped taking their meds prior to their suicide or attempt. there seems to be a correlation between these "medications" and suicide.

contact us if you have anything to offer on these topics. thank you.
trigger warning terms of service acceptance agreement disclaimer:
   in no way do we condone anyone jumping from the skyway bridge or any other land based structures of height, without proper safety procedures, equipment, and permission from authorities, whomever they may be. do not become a statistic on this stupid website. get help! we do not want you to jump. we are anti-jumper. anything and everything shown within this website is intended for informational purposes only.
   this site may not be the best place to visit, if you have been affected by suicide in any way or are otherwise easily offended by facts, opinion, reality, or adult language. if this is the case, please do not enter, just go away. text and imagery found within this site may be offensive and insensitive to soft visitors.
   many of our postings, such as 'jumpers', 'possible jumpers', and 'saves', are reported by anonymous reporters. these 'facts' can be facetious, nebulous, and/or clever fiction. do consider any and all statistics and 'news' as unconfirmed, unless verified by official sources. this website is not to be taken as an official accounting of any activity whatsoever, concerning the skyway bridge.
   many comments on are submitted by visitors to this site. any and all remarks are the sole opinion of the comment submitter. neither agrees nor disagrees with any particular comment made and takes no responsibility for said comment or opinion. other than deleting last names, personal attacks on jumpers, and/or some adult words, no edits are made to these comments. any and all responses to said comments are ours and we agree to all of those, even if we fabricate blatant fiction in the name of satirical theater. (~) we are unoffendable and recommend everyone strive to be the same. being offended is not a crime and is something you can easily get over.
   this website is best viewed on the internet. your paranoid browser may take issue with our use of non-malicious javascript gimmicks. relax. we make no attempt to collect/share your data, identify, track, or harm you or your computer/device in any way. we are google verified and safe. on 06.09.20, we installed a ssl security certificate to our website. think of it as an internet condom.
   links found on this website may stop working over time or may direct you to web pages found outside of you may find these other web pages even more distasteful and offensive than this one. click at your own discretion. is not responsible for the content found on these other websites, your excessive caloric intake, your complete absence of common sense, your want of socialism, your obsession with porn, your drug and/or alcohol dependence, your poor driving skills, your staunch allegiance to either of our two lying political parties, your blind dedication to a nonexistent god, your lousy self-image, or your children's lazy attitude, lack of ambition, and disrespect.
   your employer may not approve of you poking around here while at work. do not bring grief upon yourself over this ridiculous website. use your own judgment and some common sense as to how, when, and where you view this site, as well as those that may view you viewing it. only you are responsible for any negative outcome. if you are dominated by political correctness in your dismal woke work environment, bail now, as there will no doubt be something that some whiny sjw will find offensive and could possibly attempt to destroy your life. schadenfreude is running wild! get back to work and return here later. remember, "arbeit macht frei".
   while we work hard at practicing correct grammar and spelling, we do employ the annoying habit of avoiding capitalization. please take this into consideration as we condemn others for their mistakes. we are not professional, so there's no need to point that out to us for the umpteenth time, we gots it.
   this website engages in animal testing. it may contain peanuts and was created in a facility that consumes peanuts. it is genetically modified, non-vegan, and non-gluten free. not responsible for lost or stolen articles. contents under pressure, do not puncture or incinerate. do not expose to flame or store above 120°f/49°c. for external use only. choking hazard, not for ages under 3. smoking and open containers are permitted. you may wave your gun in the air like you just don't care. clothing is optional, but please use a towel if you're going to sit down. items on the screen may be more sarcastic than they appear. we practice diversity by mocking those unlike ourselves for our own amusement. our pronouns are 'master' and 'sir' and we are one of only two genders. this site may irritate your politically correct mind. ask your psychiatrist if is right for you. best if used by 04.20.25. this site is void in rhode island. we accept all competitors' coupons. cash value 1/20’.
thank you:
   thanks again to all of you that have donated to this site. thanks also to the many website visitors through the years. we have received input from every state and many countries. special thanks to all of our jumpnews form filler outer reporters that keep a vigilant eye, our anonymous insiders, and facebook buddies, for without whom, this site would not be. we love each and every one of you equally, without the usual favoritism a parent shows for one offspring over another. thank you all...
from the help desk:
*  'possible' jump reports could be unreported jumps/saves, vehicle issues, people checking out the barrier, or quick picture moments. send yours.
Ή  with all the 'possible' and unreported incidents, we doubt anyone knows the exact number of jumpers in the history of the skyway. our unofficial totals only deal with voluntary suicidals and not the one forced jump or any accidental jumping/falling incidents.
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