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other jumper bridges

archived: 12.24.23
*golden gate: san francisco, ca.
   #1 jumper structure in the usa, #2 in the world, 220' high

george washington memorial (aurora): seattle, wa.
   #2 usa jumper bridge, 167' high
04.13.00,, jumpers take it to the bridge

coronado: san diego, ca.
   #3 usa jumper bridge, 200' high
04.21.20,, one year in, ‘bird spikes’ haven't stopped suicides.
01.07.20,, caltrans installs bird spikes to help prevent suicides.
05.17.19,, lawmakers push for Coronado Bridge suicide barriers.
01.16.19,, suicide-prevention spikes to go up soon.
08.09.18,, suicide barrier pushed until 2019.
06.08.18,, suicide-prevention spikes will be installed on coronado bridge.
04.25.18,, simple solution to preventing suicides on the coronado.
02.19.18,, lighting project raises concerns suicides could get worse.
08.11.17,, opinion - suicide prevention plan stirs debate.
08.11.17,, suicide deterrents for coronado bridge introduced.
05.20.17,, new study looks at ways to stop suicides.
10.28.16,, senator gets involved to improve safety on bridge.
11.11.15,, local group wants to make coronado bridge suicide proof.
*royal gorge bridge: canon city, co.
   highest bridge in the usa, 1053' high
the bridge deck is about 5.5 times higher than the 190' high skyway deck.

*hoover dam bypass: arizona/nevada
   2nd highest bridge in the usa, 900' high

new river gorge bridge: fayetteville, wv.
   3rd highest bridge in the usa, 876' high, legal bridge jumping.
'us19' travels across both the skyway bridge and the new river gorge bridge.
*westgate: melbourne, victoria, australia
   #1 aussie jumper bridge

prince edward viaduct: toronto, canada

duge bridge: china
   highest bridge in the world, 1854' high
the bridge deck is about 9.75 times higher than the 190' high skyway deck.

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