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when pages just give up.
jumper prevention: a possible way to end this.

call to action: people demand an end to skyway jumpers. guessing form.  •  winners   •  guessers

05.06.98, first jumperpool home page.

media input

zero county sheriff skyway news releases.

hcso vague calls for service list.

skyway jumper t-shirt

high speed ferry fail.

friends, not everyone hates us.

nonsensical skyway imagery.

glenn beck

silly awards: cruel site of the day  •

how would you do it?

wishlist: oh please, my least favorite aggravator.


toll rebate  •  rebate for the french

other famous jumper bridges:
  hoover dam bypass bridge
royal gorge bridge
westgate bridge: australia's suicide bridge.
other skyway bridges.
other bridge articles: 2011-2014  •  2015-
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