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updated and archived: 12.28.03
   prior to the jumperpool forum, we had the 'tagboard', an online message leaving freebie that we discontinued. the forum became a spamer's haven, so we ended that as well. latest comments are at the top. comments flow from the bottom up.

Cade Dakmor: Servants of God aren't in high demand either. Shame they've returned anyway.

Servant of God: Suicide is a demonic spirit that works for Depression. It is a permanent decision for a temporary problem. Jesus is the the only way to peace and everlasting life. A humble Servant of God.

Soxzie: Although, the Hypothermia is a nice touch

Soxzie: if you plan on jumping into cold water..If you are discovered too soon, you can be revived because cold water preserves you! make sure whatever is in your system will also kill you...happy dying

dead katy: i am dead, tottally, thier is nothing more to live for

darcy: Suicide is the ultimate end. Those who take their own lives, some may be selfish, but others may have tryed to get help, but failed to find any.

darcy: Im only 20, and my life is such a living hell. Ive been on alot of different meds. Ive lost alot of friends. Boyfriends too.

darcy: Or jumping into Freezing water, or below freezing temperature and drinking and druging myself oblivious. Im bi-polar. Ive been diagnosed three times now.

darcy: Ive made many attempts. Even totally my car, crashing it at 80mph into a cement pole. My next attempt will be either hanging.

darcy: There is an exception though. Those who are mentally ill have it alot fucking harder. Ive been suicidal for the past three years.

darcy: I think people are going to continue to jump off of the bridge. Im all for it. Yes life gets hard. For everyone.

me: you know me, you like me, remember? you talked to me, i have so much to live for blah blah blah

jumperpool: 'me', who are you? where are you?

me: Besides Jumping is the easiest method of all. That or hanging. Ive tryed the rest, and the success rate is low.

me: katy, i know you think, im smart, funny, cute, and whatever. But Ive tryed my dear, there is no "help".

me: crazykaty you dont know the shit ive been going through w/ docs, and drugs and such, and family members, my life is over. Im constantly up and down, and unstable!!!

crazykaty: darcy honey, ive been disasociating myself alot, ill try log on and talk to you soon ok, its really hard at the moment, im not tottaly with it, voices and suicidal thoughts are plauging my mind 24/7

crazykaty: me....u can fight this honey, its hard but u can, thier is so much out thier? please try

me: Im so suicidal, and manic from being bi-polar, no one listens, not even my own phciatrist, I dont know what to do, someone help. Nevermind, there is no such thing!

me: Phyciatry sucks. Im 20, and ive seen many pdocs. SOme have helpd, but im BP, and life just sucks for me. Im only 20 this isnt fare, I cant take it, no one will listne to me

darcy: krazyKaty where the heck have you been?>>>>>

Will: This is funny! I quess that some one will jump soon in the next mounth.

crazykaty: im jumping soon.....3.5seconds to end it, means nothing considring i will be happy

jenn: oh, jumping is sooo overrated, whatever happened to shooting your brains out or the good ole fashioned od?

stilladruggie: A trifecta of bad luck in 1992 (relationship breakup,fell off wagon,dropped outta college)made me once drive to the Skyway to end it. I wimped out.

Soxzie: I'd rather take a gun to my head...but this seems more fun - you get to fly, weee.

johnbelushi: i wonder if anyone that jumped was afraid of heights? LOL.

MentallyGone: Ya so your going about 75mph, but you hit so quickly, its gonna feel like forever while your in the air, but after that, complete releif of all mental anguish.

MentallyGone: Hey, I say go for it. Whats 3.5 seconds of complete horror, if you get your dream, death?

MentallyGone: I think your awesome! Ive read all the comment, and your responses. I couldnt STOP laughing! Way to go for this site!

goofy Jumper: Anyway, again, as a truly suicidal desirer, this site makes me laugh..thanks for sense of humor...we prospective jumpers appreciate it

goofy Jumper: I think of my niece or nephew, and can't set that bad example...but believe me I got nothin' to live for

goofy Jumper: have been nothing but depressed and crappy since...and yet, I cannot end it...jumping seems fun, but then ...

goofy Jumper: an inner voice spoke to me...that had something beautiful still to live..

goofy Jumper: ...practically in a coma, then something right out of some cheezy story happened...

goofy Jumper: I hate it, but i plan to stick around...and I have really come close to successful suicide...

goofy Jumper: yeah, i get that sucks and to die seems more desirable...and I still want to jump or something...but this site cracks me up...

crazykaty: no action, what are people doing these dayS?

crazykaty: friend is in a coma, she OD'd makes me so sad, makes me want to jump even more but i know i need to be here for her, oh i hate this life

crazykaty: ill jump with u jumper

jumper: i give a shit, but the pain of living is worse than any pain of dying

jumperpool: that is something only you can do, but only if you don't give a shit about yourself or those around you that really love and care for you. do you give a shit?

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