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jumper prevention

a jump survivor invention that could possibly end skyway jumpers.

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updated: 05.07.19 archived: 11.17.23
   Hanns Jones jumped off the skyway on may 30th, 2001 and lived to tell about it. he has since been driven to prevent further jumpers and has dedicated much time inventing a device that could possibly end future skyway jumping or at least, severely cut down on them. will government see the potential of this device or will it make too much sense to implement? you be the judge.

   the Electro Safety Rail, otherwise known as the E.S.R. device, rests as a rail on top of the existing wall along the edge of the bridge. it's a hinged device that uses high voltage and near zero amperage to shock potential jumpers when downward pressure is applied, as a jumper pulls on the device to climb over it. being hinged will also allow the rail to be swung all the way down and locked in place, in order to allow for bridge inspections, which bridge authorities claim is the only reason a barrier has yet not been installed.
bridge inspection arm at work:

   some may think shocking someone like that may be cruel and unusual treatment. however, such treatment is already legally applied when a taser is used to prevent someone from hurting themselves or others. the electric fence has been used since mid-1800's. the use of the ESR device has thus been established. besides, what's worse, a quick electrical shock preventing a jump or having another body floating in the channel? every day that this device is ignored by those that govern, is another day they really do not care about stopping jumpers. they spent $1 million on worthless cameras that have little power to stop jumpers and about that much on solar powered phones that may stop someone, if they actually use them. most do not. all jumpers would have to deal with the E.S.R..

   the E.S.R. also appears to be bridge friendly. it has a low profile, would not add excessive weight or wind resistance to the bridge structure, would allow for bridge inspections, would not be especially attractive to birds, and would still allow acceptable scenic value. the visual addition would no doubt help calm many bridge travelers that find the retaining wall too low and worrisome.

   we propose that a section of E.S.R. railing be installed on one side of the main span edge, known for most of the suicide jumpers. this is the area contained within the solar powered phones and just before and after them. at the end of one year, decide whether the side with the E.S.R. rail had more or less jumpers than the side without the device.
   the skyway bridge could very well be the instrumental test bridge for this device, forever after acknowledged as the bridge that got jumper prevention started, without unsightly gulag fences and ridiculous nets.
   the governmental entity that encourages this device, would thus be known as the one that finally stopped, or at least, severely limited further suicides off the skyway, as well as any other structure that implemented the device. there'd be accolades, pay-offs, and of course, money to skim from the project. government entities expect that sorta stuff.

   it is the sole opinion of, that this invention makes too much sense for anyone in government to comprehend. we wish mr. jones much luck and success in implementing his invention through a governmental bureaucracy that has little capability to function common sense and simply pretends to care about people leaping from their bridge. all opinions expressed are the sole opinions of and are not attributed to hanns jones.

01.09.10,, article about hanns jones and the ESR device. (on this site)
2 drawings of the original E.S.R. plan

 E.S.R. prototype
Hanns Jones and his E.S.R. prototype.
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05.07.19, Concerned, I think we need a deterrent for jumpers. The E.S.R. (Electronic suicide rail) Is a perfect solution. I know people are determined to jump but being a witness to one has really affected my life and that of my family.

07.19.18, Robb C., facebook, I never gave it a thought. then one day someone i knew leaped. what a horrible way to go. i understand that putting walls and nets up are unfeasible due to wind effects on the bridge. but the phones are a joke. sorry. no one is driving there to self eliminate to chat with anyone. want to stop it. put an electrified rail up. my family has had horses for years. just a fence like that will drop your ass. personal experience. i get the fact that people will say someone that wants to self eliminate will do it. my argument is this. make it hard. make them jump through hoops. just driving up taking 3 steps and pow isnt much of a deterrant. make them take some electric shock. something that hurts. but pales into comparison of that leap. i know a lot of tough guys. if you kick em in the sack that toughness fades fast. (sorry you lost your friend. the ESR device meets the criteria for what the fdot claims is required, yet absolutely no mention of it is ever considered.)

03.27.16, Re W., facebook, I read so many articles about you and I surely thought your safety invention would be implemented. I don't know you personally but I'm happy you are still here on earth to help others understand what goes through someone's mind in their darkest moment and hopefully it helps others who feel hopeless and want to give up.
03.27.16, Hanns Jones, facebook, I've got a seamless design now for the ESR that doesn't have a break between sections, important because the way it is drawn now, someone could potentially get hurt between the independent sections. (although sustaining an injury may be just as effective in allowing the troopers extra response time. people have used the ridiculous "suicidal people might get hurt while being prevented from killing themselves" nonsense for some time now. we would like to hear a logical argument on that point of view.)
03.28.16, Jackie E., facebook, Hanns Jones, good job. yes you have a second chance wondering why they have not implemented. I also thought the suicide problems were dealt with guess not.
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