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who's next?

updated: 02.21.17 currently in archive limbo.
    throughout our lives, there are those amongst us that we wish would simply go away.
some for a moment, some forever. here, our valued visitors put out a hope that their chosen aggravator succumbs to a swift plunge off the skyway. mind you, it's all in good fun.
latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow.)
02.21.17, Kisa M., Courtney Love because: F#*! that B#$@! (and the blonde reference below isn't funny...asshole <3 )

11.06.15, anon, The Kardashian family, because: Their breeding and making more future useless celebrities.

08.18.15, Todd, Palmetto, Donald Trump, because: Fear of WW3.

07.14.15, Jessica, Plant City, FL., Joshua Feuerstein, because: well, you know...

12.10.10, Kathy O., NY, NY, i'd like to see Lindsay Lohan jump because: enough is enough...this is the only way she will quit

12.01.10, Chris, Tampa, FL., i'd like to see Rick Scott jump because: he bought himself the position of Governor.

10.26.10, algator, montgomery, al., i'd like to see The Kardashians, With Bruce Jenner And Paris Hilton And Lindsey Lohan jump because: Nobody cares about them!!!!

09.18.10, Random Hero, Largo, Fl., i'd like to see Nick Hogan jump because: Hes an arrogant little shithead and im tired of seeing him on tv, radio, twitter...etc... Hes annoying has no talent and thinks hes great... I do not like him!!!

07.02.10, KC, OH, i'd like to see Dontae Morris jump because: he's a scumbag (too bad he didn't get taken out, instead of turning himself in. now we get to see this murdering jackass on the news for years to come. "he had a harsh life, he was high at the time, he is an addict". all the excuses the a-hole needs to explain away what he did. hopefully he will hang himself in jail.)

06.08.10, Wishful Thinker, i'd like to see All BP employees that make more than 100K per year jump because: They value the dollar more than the earth and its inhabitants (while yours may be a valid request, we believe the politicians that took money to allow deep sea drilling without redundant safeguards should go first.)

06.06.10, Amy H., i'd like to see sex offenders jump because: they're disturbed creeps and its better if they hurt themselves instead of a beautiful innocent child. its horrible what they do to those kids... (we'd like to see them forcibly thrown off the bridge by the thousands.)

05.31.10, Donna B., Alabama, i'd like to see my boss jump because: she would make an awesome wave.

05.29.10, psycho williams, summerfield, fl., i'd like to see my ex wife jump because: she's a bitch

05.28.10, Krystee, norman, ok., i'd like to see dusty bigby jump because: he's a certified douchebag!

05.18.10, Hammerhead, jefferson, S.C., i'd like to see all pedophiles and sickos jump because: they deserve it. unlike those kids they hurt that didn't deserve it. thank you.

04.18.10, Morgan W., Washington, DC, i'd like to see Itawamba High School Class of '10 jump because: For being douchey enough to organize a fake prom for the lesbian and the learning disabled.

03.31.10, Cosmo, Grand Rapids, MI., i'd like to see Nancy Pelosi, preferably with her boss. This would be an excellent 2nd "couple" jump!

03.22.10, anon, i'd like to see an ex-boyfriend jump because: very rotten person

03.20.10, Morbid Curiosity, California, i'd like to see The entire Hogan family jump because: They are pimples on the ass of society.

03.16.10, Mrs. M., Fresno, CA., i'd like to see 'Too many deserving people to list' jump because: To clean out the gene pool.

03.14.10, Nick H., Lincoln, Ne., i'd like to see Brett Favre jump because: Duh

02.22.10, Frank D., Treasure Island, Florida, i'd like to see Oprah jump because: I hate Fakers

02.16.10, EMILEE M., KANSAS CITY, MO., i'd like to see britney spears jump because: she is a stupid c**t.

02.10.10, Billy B., Brandon, FL., i'd like to see Kim Kardashian jump because: she is a stupid annoying "celeb" that did nothing to obtain her stupid status

02.09.10, frank, PinCo, i'd like to see charlie sheen jump because: just 'cause

02.09.10, wogon, palmetto, i'd like to see me jump because: life stinks


01.08.10, The Dewd, Craig County, VA, i'd like to see Dick Cheney jump because: he sent thousands of people to their deaths, the world would be a much better place without him.

12.31.09, Aquadiente, St Petesburg, Fl., i'd like to see the Guantamino inmates, and our latest airline highjack jump because: Why do you think?

12.20.09, KC, Dayton, OH., i'd like to see Tiger Woods jump because: Because

12.18.09, bobby g., fort lauderdale, fl., i'd like to see pop country singers jump because: they suck

12.16.09, KX, Cape Coral, FL., i'd like to see Bank Executives jump because: they are greedy bastards that have ruined many lives

12.16.09, mike c., clearwater, fl., i'd like to see tom cruise jump because: he's a scientologist

12.16.09, Bullet, Clearwater, i'd like to see my wife jump because: She drank all my beer

12.15.09, Olagod, Tampa, FL., i'd like to see Nancy Pelosi jump because: Dont even get me started.

12.14.09, MBee, Largo, FL., i'd like to see my neighbor jump because: it might knock some sense into him, providing he lives.

12.02.09, badafuco, Ventura, CA., i'd like to see Nancy Grace jump because: So her shrill voice is silenced and she won't profit off of missing and murdered children any longer.

11.29.09, Kevin D., Grand Rapids, MI., i'd like to see Cowboy Bob Orton jump because: He cheated when he and Rowdy Roddy Piper wrestled Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. He used his arm cast as a weapon and hid foreign objects in the cast. If there's one thing I can't stand it is a cheater in pro wrestling. (we agree. we hate when athletes take a legitimate sport and bring it down with their backhanded cheating ways. we're just pleased pro wrestling has cleaned out the cheating scum and replaced them with true sportsmen.~)

11.13.09: esther m., seattle, washington usa, i'd like to see arnold shwazenegger jump because: he is an idiot

11.13.09: KC, Beavercreek OH USA, i'd like to see oj simpson jump because: he's an idiot

disclaimer: we do not wish for anyone's desires to actually come true. this nonsense is intended as stupid entertainment and for humorous purposes only. all comments contained on this page are submitted by visitors to this site. any and all remarks are the sole opinion of the comment submitter. neither agrees nor disagrees with any particular comment made and takes no responsibility for said comment or opinion. other than deleting last names, no edits are made to comments.
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