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the skyway $1 toll rebate form.

   so you want to jump from the bridge, but think it's unfair they charge you $1 toll to actually drive onto the bridge. imagine for a moment the cost to your family as well as all us taxpayers for your asinine suicide plan. if you still insist your selfish plan is costing you $1 more than you want to pay, simply send proof (copy of death certificate, mental hospital admission form, or police report) of your jump and you will receive a refund of the $1 toll. it's that simple. fill out the form and within a week or so, $1 will be delivered to you.
$1 bridge toll rebate request form.
form no longer functions

your name as it appears on the death certificate, 
mental hospital admission form, or police report:  (required)

your mailing address: (required)

your city, state, zip: (required)

your e-mail address: (optional)

your name appearing in the story about your jump is at this
web address: optional

when you jumped: (required)
1) did it hurt? no yes yes, but i liked it not sure

2) did it feel like it happened in slow motion? no yes not sure

3) did you scream like a little girl? no yes not sure

4) did you change your mind half way down? no yes not sure

5) did you think for one moment about the traffic mess
you created for others trying to cross the bridge? no

6) did you shit yourself? no yes not sure

7) did you die live not sure

8) now you feel like: (check all that apply)
a bigger total loser that can't do anything right.
i will aim for the rocks next time.
i will try another way to do myself in.
i will just get drunk next time i get depressed.
nothing. i'm dead.
not sure.

anything else? (optional)
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