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updated: 01.10.16 archived: 08.31.23
throwing around the word "friend" may be ill conceived and pompous on our part. most of those listed here usually cross the street if they see us coming the other way.
 mark gave us our first radio air time. thank you, mark.

 keeping an eye on tampabay news  
   social networking death
  yanked off the air.  <insert bone joke here>  fisher and boy
 they pretend to hate us
 bubba was screwed.  glenn beck
 fark you  
 fez loves being on the skyway.
are you our friend too? let us know. is not affiliated with any of the people, groups, or companies depicted on this page.
they do not support, sponsor, or necessarily condone, so don't blame them.
visitor's websites. distract our site visitors away!
show your complete lack of sound judgment and list your site here.
Bullet, Clearwater, hands on bicycle
Sean Michael Davis, Manatee County, Film maker one of his films.
Cedric, St. Pete.,
websites that mention this one.
12.08.18,, an interview.

06.19.18, will making art make you suicidal?

06.30.15, crisis phones suicide prevention versus suggestion/contagion effects

09.04.13, 'a victim no more' blog

12.10.11,, #Amazeballs: Skyway Bridge Jumpers Website
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