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how would you do it?

updated: 04.17.05 archived: 12.31.10
   at one time or another, most of us have pondered self-expressed termination. whether in a group discussion, after hearing about someone else's self elimination, while arguing with the voices in your head, or just because we all think about our own death from time to time and simply wonder. let's assume for a moment, that you long for the solitude only death can bring.

tell us what method you'd use to extract yourself from life.
latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow.)

live learn get luvs, chino valley, az., well thinking about it it would be quite amusing to be at the top of a skyscraper,i would be covered in a vasaline/gas/oil mix with a few blocks of plastic explosive.(not hard to make)wired to a switch of course....well noe the fun part rant and rave and draw attention until you have a nice crowd......jump before you hit the ground detonate yourself spewing flaming mix all ove the beautiful people. have a nice day

wiley, br., I've had the urge since I was a teen. thought of many ways. i guess the one place were I feel at peace is in the ocean. I'm a scuba diver so I'd rent some tanks and just dive deep till I blackout. Would nvr feel it after about 120; you get a euphoria and start to hallucinate. Probably the best way I've ever thought of, no body, so no shame on family or friends.

Vak, Vicotria, BC., When i get up the nerve to do it i will run a warm bath grab a straight edge razor and take a bunch of pain pils then slit my wrists and leave this horrible worl behind

gertrude, bradenton, florida, yikes i never really thought about killing mi self until i read this i am really not that mad about mi life so i have no reason to kill mi self but if i did it i guess i would do something fast and painless like uhh...shoot mi self right through the temple ! thx for listening to mi story ! xoO gertrude istn really mi name

Sparks S., Virginia beach Va., I would find an overpass and start making a rukuss until people got out of their cars and a croud formed. I would keep ranting and raving about nothing in paticular.sooner or later a news crew would come around, thats when I would do it. On the arival of said news crew I would promptly drop my pants, douse myself in gasoline,light my cigarette and jump off of the overpass into oncoming traffic. Hopefully my flamming corpse would start a 72 car pileup, taking alot of people with me. In the event that the police came before the news crew, I would piss my pants and run.

Kitty L., Cupertino, CA., I woudl; lock myslefg in the room, then take as many sleeping pills as possible, then I'd go into the splits on the side I cant do and superglue my legs to the ground and tie them with stong ropes and make sure i stay, then i fall asleep, still being pushed down further into the splits, the pain is too much and i eel lik going anyay, and I freeze myslef. BUT I NEVER WOULD AND DO NOT DO IT THIS WAY!

J., Hendersonville, N.C., mybe take some sleeping pills mixed with pain medication. Not much but afew to feel drosy. Then get some mending tape and 25/ or 30 gauge hose that ranges from 6 to 12 feet. mybe a potatoe in the back of the exhaust but the hose is better. Run the hose in to the window ceiling all the cracks in the window with towels are a bedding cover. I would then wait outside for about 45 min drinking a half of gallon of volka and giving the carbon some time to build up my 20min. After which I'd pray my last prayer. In hopes that god heard me and would listen. And then get in the car and make a few calls to acouple of people until I fall asleep.

Jessica, Dover, FL., Too scared of heights, But Cyanide is a good way, did you know you can extract lethal doses of Cyanide from apple seeds? Herorin overdose has to be my favorite though.... nice and peaceful and drugged out of your mind. You wouldnt even know you went! There are many peaceful ways to go for wussy's like me. but i don't want to condone anything, if you want it bad enough you will find a way. OOOOH i forgot one... cause some kind of scene... a car chase, then get out of the car, and point your realistic water gun at the police...act like your insane... and say... "THAT'S IT!!! I'M GONNA SHOOT" and pretend to start pullin the trigger while running at the police!.... BANG BANG off you go!!!

jaboo, tampa, I have never felt like it but I'd probably o'd on poprocks and coke...

Ron, Palmetto, Fl., At midnight, I would throw some chum off the center span of the Skyway Bridge (just to get the sharks excited) then I would pour Brandy of myself and light it up. Jump. (Flambe' O Tampa Bay) A real hit with the fish & fun to watch!!!

infinity00, reno, nv., bottle of xanax 90 of them, .5 mg's and 30 ambien, well its all i have right now.

Erin V., Chicago, go the way of the ever so beloved armored vehicle rampage psychos (i.e. the guy who stole the tank in California and also the Fella who made the armored bulldozer). Steal or construct some extremly tough and powerfull vehicle and just start breaking things. Expensive things. After your ride breaks down theyres always that one bullet to infamy. Note: After I die I want my scull bronzed. for laughs and a cool show and tell for any young relatives.

John H., Saskatoon, Strangulation.. excersize lots or use the valsalva manouvetr.. lay on my stomach then stand up real fast and tighten the necktie/rope/thick string around my neck real fast and pass out in like 10 seconds.. (wasn't valsalva manouvetr a stripper during the nazi occupation of paris?)

Amy, St. Louis, Have you ever choked on the intake from a powdered donut? Like you begin to bite it just as you inhale. sound familiar? My suicide is based on this notion. I call it "Death by Fruity Pebbles". It involves several boxes of the tasty breakfast cereal and a bowl big enough for my head to fit in entirely. Fill the bowl, insert noggin, inhale until you see a bright light. (An added bonus to this way of checking out is that you leave behind a fresh smelling corpse.)

dh, illinois, simple: 12 guage shotgun blast to the head. use 3" magnum deer slug. entry through mouth. intended exit somewhere between back and top of head. pressure build-up of exploding gases would almost surely cause skull to blow open and brains to be ejected. very quick death. (just don't do it in your mom's house.)

Steve, WV., Alright...picture this......the tallest building in town ........on the side with the most foot and street traffic.......climb to the top...or at least an upper window..........tie a very strong but thin strand of wire around my neck in a slip knot....and use a legnth of rope...and tie it too my feet.......last but not least.....super glue my hands to the sides of my measuring is needed here....for the effect that i'm shooting for......the wire has to be a tad bit shorter than the that ....when i jump......the wire severes my head from my neck....and i'm left dangling just a few feet from the sidewalk....with my now severed my hands, for all the world to gawk at........ahhh....bliss and shock value!!! (lights, camera, action!)

Dani M., Sarasota, FL., Well, ok, I know it sounds painful, but hell life is painfull too right? Right! So just go with me! Ok, picture it - *You're standing atop a beautiful cliff side, and you turn around, and a crazied clown is running at you with a bloody cleaver, not wanting to die at the hands of a freak, you decide to take your own life. You back up. Salute, and jump...* Now, that may sound odd, but I do believe I forgot to mention the fact that there is nothing but a pile of sharp, pointy, jagged rocks.. Ok, now back to the visualization - *'WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'....SPLAT* Oh the sweet sweet sound of a painful impalement!!!

aaron like moses's bro, spokane, wa., oh yea felt like it more like a long-term goal though first would be the poisoning of my body with special substances then an adrenaline needle punctured staight through the heart... i could take everyonme down with me in my own little blaze of glory FUN

hannah, england, i feel like dying at the moment and my ideal way is to take an overdose an slit my wrists (from what we have heard, that can be a very painful way to go and it doesn't always work. why the despair?)

mrs, somewhere in fla., I would just call my hubby and tell him to come see what my lover and i are up to. he would find us-kill me-then him and because he probably wasnt worth my time-i'm doing his wife a favor anyway. IF hubby does himself in too afterward that would be an extra added bonus. save taxpayers incarceration costs/nuthouse care also. (so whatcha wearing right now? lie to us. you know what we want to hear.)

John D., I don't feel like doing it I just like to mess with peoples minds. Drink gallons alchol, gasoline, and other extremely flameable/explodable liquids.(maybe some gun powder) Take a bath in all all those liquids. Go to the bridge with a lighter in my hand and a alchol soaked and dried string hanging out my mouth. light the string and jump. BOOOOOOOOM!! (seems like you already got started.)

gr, im been thinking about doing it everyday ive tried 3 times ive cut my wrist i have sat in the garage with the car on my grand father saved me so he thinks i took 30 xanax before and got very sick to my stomach this site makes realize that im not the only one with the problem i dont know what do anymore i know its a selfish act the bridge is looking better better to me everyday

haley, ma, Carbon Monoxide seems to be the easiest way out. Maybe have a few drinks in ya first, couple barbituates wouldnt hurt either. If you have a garage, start you car, and wait for death. Or you could hang yourself. Done the right way, pretty fast and not too painless. Worst comes to worst, just stop eating.  (carbon monoxide is our favorite way too.) jess from apollo beach disagrees with our carbon monoxide thought:
Jess, Apollo Beach, I was reading your "how would you end it" page when i came across one of your comments i was going to post this there, but technically this is a question...Is Carbon Monoxide really your favorite form of suicide??? Can I interest you in a heroin overdose? I found carbon monoxide to be very painful if you are not drunk and overdosed on barbituates. about 10 minutes in, your hands and feet start to tingle very painfully. Thats why they say to be drunk, alchohol tends to numb the skin, and you actual go into at least 5 minutes of asthmatic breathing until you just cant breath anymore. This is where the barbituates come in, regular sleeping pills wont work, not even ambien (RX). You wake up beacause of the survival instinct. I am not dumb enough to have tried this myself, i read it on a web page i found a practical guide to suicide (web address removed) but dont post that address in case it falls into the wrong hands. i believe in euthanasia and assisted suicide when it is needed. I just thought you might want to take a look at it. it is pretty interesting, and you might want to change your favorite way to end it to another way.. heh heh (thanks for the warning and insight. we do not plan on checking out any time soon, but if so, we will study up.)

darcy, nh, well i first would make myself into a human snowman, then run at little children. after i would hold up a bank, take the money and run. give the money to some *white* bum's that are american. the cops would be after me so i would have to alter my appearance. id shave head put on a male wig, and dress as a man. id fly to austraila and feed steve erwin to a crocodile, *cry-kee* shes a beauti! then i would cover myself in honey, and let fire ants crawl all over me. after that i would run around naked in south africa and see if i can out run the cannibals!

joyce a., tampa, fl., i wouldnt jump, i wouldnt overdose, i wouldnt use a gun. i would get ahold of a hyperdermic needle and some drug that would just stop my heart or stop my breathing. as a child i was sexually abused and i tried pills to end my life all it did was make me sick but it helped me realize just how much i wanted to live. im thankful that i didnt die. i just had to face my problem and find an answer which i did.

k j, richmond, va., take 50 sleeping pills, tie rope around my neck and attach the other end to bridge then jump with gun in my hand and shoot myself in the head before hitting a cruise ship. I like to do things right. But right now im not really interested in doing that
disclaimer: in no way do we condone anyone committing suicide. we are simply interested in visitor's thoughts and ideas about life's self end. we do not advocate anyone taking these ideas and putting them to use. these are submitted for entertainment, informational, and humorous purposes only. anything and everything shown within this site is intended as adult entertainment only. if you need help, get help. all comments contained on this page are submitted by visitors to this site. any and all remarks are the sole opinion of the comment submitter. neither agrees nor disagrees with any particular comment made and takes no responsibility for said comment or opinion. other than deleting last names and/or naughty words, no edits are made to comments.
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