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skyway bridge related new stuff
* non-local newness
10.20.23: *twins found dead at home, after mom jumps from bridge.
08.14.23: *22 year old man jumps from the golden gate bridge.
12.13.22: *16 year old boy jumps from the golden gate bridge.
11.07.22: woman saved from jumping off the dick misener bridge.
03.21.22: *bridge jumping deer.
12.16.21: *recent jump input about the golden gate bridge.
12.09.20: man sets himself on fire, jumps, and hangs from tampa bridge.
08.06.20: 1 dead, 1 injured after suspects jump from howard franklin bridge.
06.25.20: suicide on howard franklin bridge.
06.08.20: *dog waits for it's owner to return from suicide jump.
04.13.20: possible jumper off the clearwater memorial bridge.
10.27.19: man stopped from jumping off the clearwater memorial bridge.
09.17.19: more on floridiot that threw his daughter off the dick misener bridge.
03.29.19: *more about the overtoun "dog suicide" bridge.
12.30.18: *judge says jumpers determine their own fate.
11.01.18: man saved from jumping off the howard frankland bridge.
08.22.18: man jumps from the gandy bridge and gets rescued.
08.02.18: tampa woman throws her 4 year old into the hillsborough river.
07.23.18: article about the boy that trill jumped off the pinellas bayway bridge.
06.03.18: woman jumps from an i-4 overpass, then struck by a tractor trailer.
05.29.18: updated non-bridge local suicide jumps.
04.15.18: man jumps off the howard frankland after his vehicle catches fire.
02.23.18: man jumps from mlk blvd. bridge in tampa.
02.22.18: former florida rep. jumps from tampa overpass, 02.19.18.
01.22.18: *man stabs woman, leaps to death from chicago's skyway bridge.
11.15.17: *officer saves woman from royal gorge bridge jump.
10.04.17: someone jumps off the sand key bridge.
06.20.17: *man shoots woman on chicago's skyway bridge, then kills himself.
06.02.17: posted videos of Jacob Winokur, local bridge jumping enthusiast.
04.15.17: man jumps off desoto bridge and lives.
04.15.17: *golden gate bridge suicide barrier work begins.
04.11.17: person was saved from jumping off the clearwater memorial bridge.
03.28.17: woman jumps off the clearwater memorial bridge.
03.15.17: *man who jumped from the buffalo skyway dies.
02.22.17: *suicide squad fights for the lives of others on George Washington Bridge.
02.08.17: woman saved from bayside bridge jump hanging.
10.30.16: *royal gorge bridge jumper still not found.
10.06.16: *texting offers new lifeline to prevent suicides on the golden gate bridge.
08.25.16: *sjw get panties in a wad over "inappropriate" selfie.
08.20.16: *stopping bridge jumpers.
07.21.16: *man jumps from the royal gorge bridge in colorado.
06.28.16: *woman threatens to jump off hoover dam bypass bridge.
06.09.16: dead cats appearing on the howard frankland bridge.
06.09.16: comment for man that jumped off the clearwater memorial bridge.
06.09.16: *wife tells of husband's suicide off the Perrine Memorial in Idaho.
01.23.16: *teenagers encourage 'suicidal' woman to jump from a bridge in england.
01.19.16: *woman jumps to her death into the icy waters under the skyway bridge.
12.24.15: man jumps from howard frankland to avoid crash.
08.05.15: woman jumps off desoto bridge and lives, 08.05.15.
06.09.15: *update on girl that jumped off bridge after public shaming.
04.29.15: *transgender woman jumps from bridge, 04.23.15.
04.21.15: woman jumps off desoto bridge and lives, 04.20.15.
03.31.15: *man jumps from 'royal gorge bridge' in colorado, 03.28.15.
03.12.15: *woman sets self on fire while driving, crashes, then jumps off bridge.
02.11.15: new page for jumpers off the john ringling causeway in sarasota.
02.04.15: more about the proposed new st. pete pier.
02.04.15: *people report about golden gate bridge jumpers.
01.08.15: floridiot throws his daughter off the dick misener bridge.
12.18.14: *edmonton's 'high level bridge', a draw for the desperate and distressed.
12.17.14: new debate brewing over new st. pete pier design.
12.13.14: woman jumps off the howard frankland and dies, 05.21.85.
12.13.14: car sails over open clearwater causeway drawbridge, 07.25.84.
10.24.14: howard frankland still-cam images added.
10.13.14: *fire crews to handle Golden Gate Bridge suicide net rescues.
09.28.14: woman wrecks jeep, jumps off indian rocks beach bridge, dies, 08.21.14
09.24.14: *a growing anomaly with the ongoing selfie trend.
06.12.14: report of jumper causes disruption at ringling causeway, 06.10.14.
06.09.14: *grandson of ggb suicide barrier pioneer leaps to his death off ggb.
05.26.14: *golden gate suicide nets: worst red tape in california history, 05.23.14.
05.01.14: tampa pd rescues man trying to jump from martin luther king jr. bridge.
04.30.14: *man jumps off bridge and gets devoured by crocodiles, 04.29.14.
04.16.14: officer shoots man, who then jumps from tampa parking garage, 10.28.13.
04.12.14: *group poses for a "selfie" while stranded, because of suicidal jumper.
04.08.14: pinellas deputies keep man from jumping off bay pines bridge.
04.08.14: new page. woman jumps off of 16 story building in st. pete., 04.02.14.
03.04.14: bradenton police prevent student from jumping off desoto bridge.
02.22.14: *record number of suicides from golden gate bridge in 2013, 02.21.14.
01.20.14: woman saved from 9th street bridge jump is arrested, 01.12.14.
01.17.14: *family of hoover dam bridge jumper wants higher guardrail, 01.16.14.
01.07.14: man rescued after jumping from howard frankland bridge, 12.14.07.
01.06.14: article about clearwater memorial bridge jumper, 08.21.10.
11.14.13: someone jumps off the 40th street bridge in tampa, 11.13.13.
11.04.13: bradenton - body of 11.02.13 desoto bridge jumper found.
11.01.13: new page for courtney campbell causeway jumpers.
10.24.13: Selmon Expressway deck closed after suicide jump today.
10.12.13: new page for belleair causeway bridge jumpers.
10.11.13: new page for gandy bridge jumpers.
10.11.13: local man dies after jumping from bayside bridge, 09.29.07.
09.28.13: new page documenting other tampa bay area bridges with jumper history.
09.05.13: *man stabs his own chest, crashes vehicle, jumps to death, 08.31.13.
06.04.13: new page dedicated to the st. petersburg piers.
02.16.13: article about the 'capricorn' colliding with the 'blackthorn', 01.28.80.
08.20.12: added a page covering other bridges that occasionally make jumper news.
03.12.11: *idiot teen jumps from golden gate bridge 'for kicks', 03.10.11.

skyway bridge related new stuff
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