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golden gate jumpers

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updated: 03.27.24
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03.21.24, possible jump threat.
Noah Konsevitch
03.21.24, some guy, san francisco, golden gate bridge, regarding: Noah Konsevitch, he sent me a text this morning of him next to a bridge saying "end of road?" i'm worried he might jump hes been making pretty dark comments about himself
08.14.23, male, died, body found 08.29.23
Yohanes Stefanos Kidane, 22
09.06.23,, Body of Netflix engineer is pulled from San Francisco Bay two weeks after going missing - as officials rule that death was a suicide.
The body of a missing Netflix engineer who vanished from San Jose two weeks ago has been found dead in the water near Golden Gate Bridge.
Yohanes Kidane's body was pulled from the San Francisco Bay on Tuesday, August 29, after investigators received calls about an unresponsive person in the water.
An autopsy confirmed the body as Kidane's and ruled the 22-year-old died from blunt force injuries and with drowning as a contributing factor.
His death has been ruled a suicide, the Marin County Sheriff's Office said.
The recent Cornell University grad was reported missing in mid-August after he did not show up to his one week old job with the popular streaming service.
Kidane had moved to the area just two weeks prior to his disappearance on August 14 and his phone and wallet were found near Golden Gate Bridge after he vanished.
In a press release shared Wednesday, the Marin County Sheriff's Office shed light on the discovery of the 22-year-old's body on August 29.
A call initially came in around 11.41am and coroners were dispatched to the scene alongside members of the United States Coast Guard who pulled the body.
He was taken back to land and pronounced dead by paramedics who did not attempt to resuscitate him 'due to the subject's presenting physiologic condition.'
'The remains exhibited signs of advanced decomposition, prolonged exposure to the aquatic environment and appreciable depredation,' the press released stated.
The body was so decomposed when it was retrieved from the Bay that his remains were unidentifiable and required further investigation by police and coroners.
Kidane's identity was ultimately confirmed on August 31, however, and his next of kin were quickly notified of his discovery and passing.
An autopsy was conducted on September 1 and Kidane's cause of death was determined to be 'blunt impact injuries with drowning' as a contributing factor.
It's currently unknown what caused the blunt impact injuries found on his body.
It's also unclear what caused the coroner to rule Kidane's death a suicide.
Kidane's disappearance sparked major headlines around the country as he seemingly vanished without a trace just a week into his new job at Netflix.
His sister was the first to realize something was amiss after she noticed her brother's phone location showed he was at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
When she noticed his location did not change, Sarah asked her older brother if he had spoke to him, which he had not.
Family members started calling Kidane's friends, but no one had any information of his whereabouts.
The next morning a commuter found his phone and wallet near the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center and turned them into cops.
Kidane's brother told KTVU Fox2 San Francisco 'someone who was in San Rafael, who was on a commute, saw a phone and wallet sitting on this small grassy hill right between the Welcome Center and coffee shop.'
He added: 'Thirty bucks in cash was in his wallet, IDs cards, phone untouched.'
That same day Kidane did not show up at his new job at Netflix and police were unable to find him at home.
On Wednesday, the family said police found his backpack that had two laptops and some personal documents that were 'seemingly untouched,' his brother said.
Prior to the discovery of his body, Kidane's family described him as 'very intelligent, high achieving individual with lofty expectations for himself.'
'They said he was also at the 'top of his class at Cornell.'
Friends described his mental state before his disappearance as 'normal as always,' and said he's 'always been a really positive guy.'
One friend added: 'We don't think there's any self-harm or anything implicated from that.
'Because his family situation, I think, was perfectly fine, friends are fine, workplace is fine.
'He was super motivated, honestly. He was going to the gym and was just pretty excited about life,' the friend told one outlet.
A GoFundMe to help the search effort for Kadine has raised more than $100,000 as of September 6. It's unclear how the proceeds will be used following his death.


09.06.23, • •

09.07.23, •

Yohanes Stefanos Kidane
12.13.22, 4:58pm, male
unknown, 16
12.15.22,, boy, 16, dies after jumping off Golden Gate Bridge.
An Indian American teenager reportedly jumped to his death from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge on Tuesday.
The 16-year-old is believed to have leaped off the bridge at around 4:58 p.m. His phone, bag and bicycle were found on the structure.
The Coast Guard reportedly carried out a two-hour search.
The deceased's parents confirmed his death, according to reports. The incident marks the fourth time an Indian American has used the Golden Gate Bridge in an apparent suicide attempt, said community leader Ajay Jain Bhutoria, as per NDTV.
At least 30 people die from suicide via the Golden Gate Bridge each year, according to the bridge's official website. Since it opened in 1937, it has seen nearly 2,000 such cases.
Construction of a suicide prevention net began on the bridge in 2018. The project was due in January 2021 but was repeatedly delayed and is now expected to cost $400 million, more than double its original price, according to the Associated Press.
The project entails adding stainless steel mesh nets measuring 20 feet on both sides of the 1.7-mile bridge. Old maintenance platforms are also being replaced.
04.23.22, jumper, male
04.25.22, melanie s., about 8:58am on 4/23/22 as I walked the GGB I watched a male driving, stop his car & get out. He quickly hopped both railings looked down and jumped. Not sure if he's been recovered or identified. Does anyone know this person? My heart goes out to his family & friends, I'm so sorry for your loss. this is the car of the poor soul that jumped off the GGB
04.17.22, possible jumper
04.18.22, T., Belmont, regarding: Jumper 4/17, Someone was hanging on the bridge with cops around not weaing a shirt not sure What happened or if they let go.
03.25.22, jumper, died, recovered
Rolando Dusuau
03.26.22, Anonymous, San Francisco, Ca., They found my cousin's body yesterday.. he jumped

04.01.22, C., San Francisco/Marin, regarding: Rolando Dusuau 3/25/2022, Jumper is not unknown but loved. The weight of this cold world was overwhelming overbearing and which he didn't overcome. Yet he jumped into the deepest of last thoughts and drowned in pain hurt and sorrow. Leaving behind precious boys which he loved. Tragic and sad. I love you cousin. Wish you would have reached out. Wish your humor and Witt could have pulled you from the darkest hours and reveled time was still on your side.
01.28.22, jumper, 3:45p, male, died
02.01.22, Df, Marin county, I witnessed a jump at 345 in the afternoon while driving north on Friday 1/28. I saw the man climb over the railing just before the south tower. I had only a brief view but I hope you can find closure.

02.05.22, Wren M., Livingston, MT, Thank you so much for that information. That was my brother, and my family and I are absolutely devastated. Does anyone have any other information about what you saw that afternoon? I'm just wondering for my own peace of mind. Thank you so much for your time.

02.13.22, Stephanie M., Berkeley, CA., Wren, my deepest condolences on your families loss. He was part of my chosen family and we're devastated as well, he was someone I trusted and knew I could turn to. I would have known what happened sooner but the one medical examiner I didn't think to call was Marin, so I found out the next morning. I miss him so much and keep expecting him to come through the gate. I will be putting up a small memorial on the bridge next week with a couple friends. I hope you find peace in time.
Annie Vang
01.21.22, Friend, Sacramento, Annie Vang, Followed her love, Vinh Nguyen off the bridge. Her body was recovered 1/20/2022 (see 01.14.22 below.)

01.23.22, Heartbroken, San Francisco, CA., She had a dark past. She carried a lot of weight on her shoulders. She was in a toxic relationship. In which, he took his life on the Golden Gate. It caused so much guilt and remorse for Annie. And with everything that built up inside, she too, went to the same bridge and took her life. His body has not been discovered yet, but hers have. Our hearts and scattered. I wish I knew of the troubles She was facing. I would've held her hand and saved her. Her family is asking for information on WHO drove her to SF. None of her friends are talking. But someone knows. If you know, or you're the one who drove her, SHAME ON YOU. But you need to step forward and announce yourself and answer to the repercussions. Give her family some kind of closure. Annie, you are now free from all the weight you were carrying. We hope to one day, find you in God's kingdom. You are terribly missed. And our hearts will always be broken for you. (such a tragic event. sorry for your loss.)
01.19.22, male, threatened suicide
Jia He Chen
01.21.22, Vivi P., Boston, Massachusetts, regarding: Jia He Chen, 1/19/2022 message: My friend hasn't been mentally well for a few years now. It's taken a turn for the worse the past few months and he's been planning to take his life for the better part of half a year now. The last I heard from him was Tuesday 1/18/2022. I know he had a trip booked to San Fran for Wed 1/19/2022. I'm not sure if he's still alive but if anyone has seen him or know of anything please, please reach out. He's a Chinese male, 23, around 5'11 and 140lbs, wears glasses with Gucci frames. (if we get any info, we will let you know. good luck.)
Vinh Nguyen, 28, male
01.17.22, Thao N., Petaluma, California, My son Vinh 28/male took an Uber to the Bridge and called his best friend and told him he was going to jump. We haven't heard from him since. Any information please contact me PLEASE (such an awful situation. if we get any info, we will let you know. good luck.)
01.22.22, Niki, Az., How did he jump? Aren't there barriers now? (we thought so as well. being as we are mostly focused on the skyway bridge here in florida, we'll have to look into the status of the ggb barrier. any ggb barrier insight is welcome.)
Robert Levin, male
01.19.22, Bear, San Mateo, CA, regarding: Robert Levin/ January 6, 2022, My best friend took his life on 1/6/22. I miss him so much. He was a smart, funny, kind, sweet, great all around person. Rest in Peace Turts. I would like any information about his last moments. Thank you. (sorry for your loss. if we get anything, we will let you know.)
Bradley Baker
12.16.21, Daphne B., San jose, ca., regarding: Bradley baker 12/15/21, I was a close co worker of Bradley. He was a very sweet and kind man. We worked on a lot of projects together and had great conversations about music and just being out on the town. There was a sad and happy side to Brad that i was learning. I wished i had more time. He was my friend. later: We were all waiting for Brad to come into work today. We were having a luncheon for his last day. He never showed. His back pack and note were found on the bridge. I wished i had more time. He was my friend. RIP Brad.

12.19.23, Daphne B., San Jose, Hi Brad I just want to tell you you are so loved and missed by me and my family. My cat Brad helps ease the pain and makes my smile every single day. You will always be a part of my heart and soul forever. Your friend Always. Daphne
11.10.21, 2:00pm, male
11.11.21, James d., San Francisco, regarding: Unknown 11/10/2021 2pm., A man around 2pm there was a jumper white male age? Had a red shirt black jeans black n white converse or vans he was floating not sure how long but coast guard responded 25 mins later after bridge patrol threw a flare my condolences to his family

11.12.21, Alessandro C., Panama, I witnessed the 2,00PM jumper. He jumped right in front of me. Male, late 20's. Jeans and Grey hoodie (perhaps with some red). Was walking towards me (towards the city) and he just jumped off in one go
10.18.21, jumper, 7:00pm, female, lived
04.12.22, anonymous, illinois, I pray that nobody saw the jump, or the green windbreaker and small black purse that were left by the bridge. if, by chance someone did see this, it was the writer of this comment that jumped off the ggb at roughly 7 pm in October of last year.
i was rescued from the water by the coast guard after about 25 minutes, and received care at marin county general, and was transferred to stanford later to receive further care.
the main purpose of this comment is to provide closure if by chance anyone saw (although I am fairly certain that no-one did), and I pray that a prospective jumper sees this.
if you're someone who has found this site in your research, I beg you to read more about what will happen to your body if you jump. it is not a beautiful nor guaranteed swift death. further, you are so fucking unbelievably wrong to believe that nobody will care.
it effects everyone in a community, especially anyone who knew you regardless of the length of time. you are traumatizing the people close to you, and they will spend the rest of their lives asking themselves what they could have done differently.
please at the very least tell someone in your life what you're thinking of, what they will say and how they can help will be far more impactful than some stranger on the Internet. I wish that I had done that before permanently fucking up my body and losing the ability to do the things that I loved.
Lucas Talbott
11.01.21, anon, Novato, CA., Well loved Novato high school senior, texted his girlfriend a picture before jumping, body is yet to be recovered.
07.12.21, Em K., Oakland, CA., regarding: 07/11/21, I was out fishing when we heard there was someone drowning beneath tower 2. We motored over as fast as we could and found a man, pale skinned with a tattoo, floating in the water. We could not save him and radioed the coast guard who retrieved his remains. Does anyone know who this man was?

10.04.21, Aiden C., Richmond, CA., Em K. of Oakland, CA. I think I know who this man was. I'm not 100% sure and it could be my best friend who jumped. If you have more info I'd like to know. Thanks!
Reuben B.
03.31.21, ryan, fort worth, tx., passed a man who jumped shortly after we passed him on the bridge. I have a short video clip of him standing there as I panned the area. id like to know more about him if someone that knew him comes across this. (see a request from Arielle B., below. feel free to send your video.)

06.18.21, Martin E., Petaluma, In response to Ryan, Fort Worth, TX., Reuben B. from Napa, CA., left his parents house telling them he was going for a walk. Reuben took an Uber to the Bridge where he jumped to his death. His remains have not been recovered.

12.15.21, Arielle B., Napa, CA., In Response to Ryan, Ft. Worth, TX. Reuben was my youngest brother. It would mean a lot to me and my family to see the footage of Reuben on the bridge. Please, any little piece of him I can see or touch. I am desperate and in so much pain. I'd be happy to talk to you and tell you all about the amazing, loving, brilliant being that is Reuben. Please. (ryan left no contact info with his comment. if he sees your request and contacts us, we will connect you both. sorry for your loss and good luck.)
03.11.21, 11:00pm, male
Daniel Schuet
09.13.21, Neil S., Campbell, CA, Golden gate bridge jumper, brother. Jumped on 3/11/2021 late at night. Shocking to know this happened to my brother. It's really hard to make sense of and perhaps we all can work on improving prevention somehow.
02.23.21, female
10.20.20, woman wants to jump.
10.20.20, Ramona, Palm springs, Unfortunately I cannot jump since the bridge is being fixed. That was last hope/dream from all the miserable life I have suffered since being born. Having been mistreated and abused death would have been the answer to finally rest in peace.

07.18.21, Aaron, Vacaville, CA., regarding: Ramona palm springs who wanted to jump: Please tell me she hasent gone through with it Ramona if your still out there and you are reading this please don't do it you might have Ben dealt a crummy hand so far but tomorrow's another day and things will turn around people care about you becouse you matter you are special please believe that it's true
08.16.20, female
01.05.22, M b, Lakewood Township, If anyone has information on a woman who jumped off the Golden gate bridge on August 16 2020 I would really appreciate if you can reach out to me. Trying to identify if this is a loved one who is since missing (sorry you're going through this. if anyone contacts us, we will pass them along to you. good luck.)
03.30.20, 8:00pm, male
Michael Recchia
06.13.21, Patsy T., San franxisco, regarding: Michael recchia. Date jumped march 30th 2020@8pm, Knew Michael Recchia. So sad he had to do this. I guess looking for some closure.. Thank you..
early 2020, male
04.24.22, Deanna B., CA., regarding: Miles, early 2020, His name was Miles. I heard that Miles had jumped to his death while I was incarcerated at Marin County Jail. We had met in rehab months earlier, and he was one of the funniest most lovable humans I've ever known. I spoke with him on my way to turn myself in, and he told me to stay strong, and that he'd write me. I never heard from him again. He was brilliant and extremely special. He was cooler than I could ever hope to be. He was full of wit and sarcasm, and so generous and loyal to those he loved. The world would be so much better had he stayed. I think of him so often. If anyone has any further info on Miles, please share. I never knew his last name because of meeting in Alcoholics Anonymous. It would mean a lot to find his family and be able to reach out to them, or even just see a picture of him if he had an online presence. I will love him forever. (thank you for your story. if we get anything about him, we will contact you.)
10.04.19, 11:00am, male
Brent Furlano
11.09.21, Michelle F., Pittsfield, My brother jumped off the bridge October 4, 2019 I'm looking for any information. It was 11 am someone had to have seen him.
07.01.19, female
Gerri Grossman
03.16.22, Zoe P., jumped in the afternoon of July 1st after parking her car at the vista point
08.2017, male
John Waldrop
03.27.24, Lisa A., San Francisco, regarding: John Waldrop, August 2017. message: I've tried for years to find something about my dear friend John Waldrop who jumped in August of 2017. Please let me know what ever you find. Thank you, Lisa A. (it's truly heartbreaking for those left behind such an event. i post your inquiry here, in the hopes someone will respond. if so, i will contact you directly. good luck.)
07.08.15, male
07.08.15, Lisa K., Berkeley, CA., Horrified to learn my sweetest friend and neighbor, a good-hearted Irishman, has jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, today, 7-8-15. Bereft over his own losses, Joe was there for me with mine. He stood with me at my late father's bedside almost a year ago. PLEASE do a kind deed for another in Joe's memory. RIP, dear Joe. You embodied kindness. I will never forget you. Sending you love.
02.03.15, 2:40pm, female
02.03.15, joe m., San Francisco, (2:40pm, female), I was working at a restaurant construction site right by the northbound toll booth area, police sped as i was about to drive across so i was curious. As I reached about midway between the spans i saw the cluster of police and firemen and on the outside of the rail a younger dark haired woman wearing a purple top. I stopped at the vista point out of interest in how this would unfold and saw the coast guard vessels and other watercraft in the water below her. I snapped a few pictures on my phone.

02.01.15, 9:00am
02.01.15, korena, sac, ca., (9:00am, hit water), We saw what looked to be a person falling into the water yesterday. Then there was a boat circling around entry point and shot a flare. that went on for about 45 min or so.
03.10.11, stupidity
03.11.11,, SAN FRANCISCO, A 17-year-old boy on a field trip with his Sonoma County high school class leaped from the Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday, but survived and was able to swim to shore with a surfer who went out to rescue him, authorities said.
The boy is a junior at Windsor High School whom officials did not identify because of his age. Some students said he might have leaped to impress his classmates, but for now the California Highway Patrol is investigating the matter as an attempted suicide, said CHP Officer Chris Rardin.
The boy jumped at 11:15 a.m. from the east sidewalk near the south tower, the CHP said. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where he was expected to survive.
Some witnesses said he broke his tailbone and damaged his lungs in the fall, but a Windsor Unified School District press release said he suffered no severe injuries beyond bruising and tenderness. Hospital officials said they cannot release specific information.
Frederic Lecouturier, 55, said he was surfing under the bridge when he saw the boy drop into the waves.
"I thought, 'Well, he's going to die,' and then it was a miracle when he popped up alive," said Lecouturier, of San Rafael. "I paddled out there, and he told me he jumped 'for kicks.'
"That's when I lost it and told him what he did was wrong, that life is precious, and he should not take risks like that. I mean, he's a kid, he's got his whole life ahead of him."
Lecouturier said the boy was about 5 feet tall, "built like a wrestler" and had a brown ponytail. "There was a stiff wind coming out of the south, and I think that broke his fall and helped save him," he said.
Surviving the drop was remarkable considering the spot the student leaped from is more than 200 feet off the water - and 99 percent of the estimated 1,500-plus people who have jumped from the bridge since it opened in 1937 died from the fall.
Seven people have jumped to their deaths from the bridge this year, officials estimate. Last year, the count was 32.
Golden Gate Bridge District spokeswoman Mary Currie said the number of people attempting suicide off the span has grown from about 20 a year in the early 2000s to about 30 annually in the past few years.
The district has plans to install safety nets on the bridge, but the final design is not complete and the installation is a couple of years away at best, Currie said.
Rumors tore through the student body and the common thread was that it appeared the boy jumped of his own accord and that onlookers were upset by the experience. The boy recently transferred from another school, many said.
"He did it to try to look cool," said one classmate, who did not want to be identified. "He said he'd jumped off bridges before." Another student who said he was on the scene tweeted that students tried to stop the boy before he leaped.
Rardin said the boy jumped as he was walking on the bridge with about 45 other students on a school field trip.
"I've heard a bunch of things about how this happened, but we haven't come to a conclusion yet," he said. "I do know he's very lucky to be alive."
09.02.08, 9:00pm, female
09.08.08, tee, phili, pa., (09.02.08, 9pm, female), dahlia jumped off the golden gate bridge in san francisco, ca last tues nite sept 2, 2008...they have not found her body yet and had a memorial svc today. can anybody help me find info in any newspapers re: her jump? she was in her 30's and single. my heart has been broken.
12.17.01, female
Marissa Imrie, 14
03.23.24,, Santa Rosa teen's suicide led her mom's crusade for barriers on the Golden Gate Bridge.
Until her daughter used it to take her life, Renee Milligan had no idea the bridge was such a suicide magnet, but then she immersed herself in advocacy.
For Renee Milligan, it was never about the money.
In December 2002, she filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in federal court against the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District.
Her daughter, Marissa Imrie, was an honors student and cross-country runner at Santa Rosa High School. On Dec. 17, 2001, Marissa took a $150 cab ride to Vista Point, at the north end of the bridge, then walked out onto the span and jumped. She was 14.
The suit alleged that the district's failure to build a suicide barrier violated the girl's constitutional right not to be deprived of life without due process of law. It also called for a court order requiring the district to build an effective and safe suicide barrier.
Thorton McKay performs stand-up comedy at Barrel Proof Lounge in Santa Rosa, Wednesday, March 13, 2024. McKay, who jumped from the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge on Dec. 27, 2022, uses his attempted suicide experience in his routine quite often. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat)
Local man jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge and lived to tell - and joke - about it. A suicide deterrent net is seen under construction on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023. The barrier at the bridge is near completion more than a decade after officials approved it. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)
After decades, Golden Gate Bridge suicide prevention nets finally complete. Take a look
Both the trial judge and an appeals court ruled against Milligan, finding that the bridge authority could not be held liable for Marissa's death.
The lawsuit did succeed, however, in shining a spotlight on a grim reality: this international icon, painted International Orange, held the dubious distinction of being the world's most popular suicide spot.
"I didn't want money, I wanted awareness," Milligan told The Press Democrat in a recent interview. "I wanted people to be protected."
Until her daughter used it to take her life, Renee Milligan had no idea the bridge was such a suicide magnet.
She immersed herself into advocacy for a barrier. "I remember the attorney who represented us said it would take about five years before something would happen."
For a few years, Milligan was consumed with grief. "To be honest, I don't know how I made it through. The loss of Marissa was unfathomable. I just didn't have any idea that she was suffering from depression, and I felt so mad at myself" for not knowing more.
Renee's marriage to her husband, Mike, Marissa's stepfather, survived, "thank God, because most don't," she said, referring to the strain the death of a child can place on a couple. For some, the grief isn't bearable. In July of 2005, Marissa's father, Tom Imrie, hanged himself from a tree at his home in Occidental.
Milligan soldiered on, showing up for meetings, adding her voice to a chorus of bereaved calling for a barrier. A decade or so after Marissa died, they were told that no barrier could be installed until the bridge had been earthquake retrofitted.
It was around that time Milligan told herself, "I can't keep doing this." She stopped focusing on the barrier. She put her energy into helping other grieving mothers who'd lost children. She administered a scholarship in Marissa's name. She moved on.
In 2012, President Barack Obama signed a $105 billion transportation bill that included funds for "safety projects, including nets on bridges."
‘Moon and stars aligned'
That language was not inserted by accident. At the time the bill was crafted, noted Golden Gate Bridge General Manager and CEO Denis Mulligan, U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer — an ex-member of the Golden Gate Bridge Board — was chair of Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee. Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House.
"So the moon and stars aligned."
The barrier cost at least $224 million, and possibly much more. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission contributed $74 million, with Caltrans kicking in $70 million. The other third, Mulligan said, "is mostly bridge tolls."
Naysayers had long opposed a barrier on both fiscal and aesthetic grounds. It would cost too much, and it would be ugly — would ruin the gorgeous, Art Deco lines designed by chief engineer Joseph Strauss.
In fact, the just completed barrier is surprisingly unobtrusive and organic. Critics carping at its appearance should take a look "at all those bodies," Milligan said. "Or hear the horror stories from the bridge workers, or the coroner."
Another reflexive criticism of a safety net is that people intent on committing suicide will simply find some other way to do it.
"Although this belief makes intuitive sense," wrote Tad Friend in an October 2003 New Yorker story titled "Jumpers," it is "demonstrably untrue."
He cited a 1978 study by Dr. Richard Seiden of the University of California's School of Public Health. That study followed up on 515 people who were prevented from jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge between 1937 and 1971.
Over a quarter-century after their intervention, 94% of the would-be suicides were still alive, or had died of natural causes.
"Suicidal behavior is crisis-oriented and acute in nature," Seiden observed. If the suicidal person can get through that period of crisis, chances are good they won't try suicide again.
Over the last two decades, an average of about 30 people a year died by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, Mulligan said. In 2023, with the safety net under construction, that number fell to 14.
As of March 15, there had been just a single fatality, and that was on New Year's Day, before the public announcement that the barrier was complete.
"Normally by now," Mulligan said, "we'd have about six or seven people dead."
While it's too early to determine whether the net will be a success or failure, early returns are encouraging.
Around a year and a half ago, Milligan was part of a group invited to a plant in Oakland where workers manufactured the netting for the barrier.
They were invited to write messages "on the railing" that would be installed with the barrier, to their loved ones who'd jumped to their deaths.
"I got to write Marissa. Michael wrote one. I wrote a message from Marissa's sister," recalled Milligan, who described the experience as "hard, but cathartic." At long last, there would be a deterrent on the bridge. Other families would be spared their pain.
"It's finally happened," said Milligan, who believes the net would have saved her daughter's life.
"I didn't think I'd live to see the day."
09.25.00, male, survived
Kevin Hines, 19, Kevin Hines is a storyteller. He is a best selling author, global public speaker, and award winning documentary filmmaker.
In the Year 2000, Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Many factors contributed to his miraculous survival including a sea lion which kept him afloat until the Coast Guard arrived.
Kevin now travels the world sharing his story of hope, healing, and recovery while teaching people of all ages the art of wellness & the ability to survive pain with true resilience.
His motto: #BeHereTomorrow and every day after that.

12.10.23,, Kevin Hines is one of around only 36 people to have survived the jump. On September 25, 2000, then 19-year-old Kevin paced the walkway for nearly 40 minutes before leaping over the four-foot rail.
"The millisecond my hands left the rail it was instant regret," he told the Mail. "I kept thinking, this is not real, I am not in this water, I did not just jump off this bridge, this did not just happen. I said 'God please save me, I don't want to die'."
He crushed his spinal vertebrae and broke an ankle, but miraculously survived. Now 41, Kevin works as a mental health advocate, motivational speaker and author.

Before his suicide attempt.
Now works as a mental health advocate.
date unknown
Christian Silva
11.10.20, Owen, Marysville, ca, Christian was my wifes first born he was the absolutly the most fantastic special young man I ever knew .he was the ideal of what i consider a real man he never asked for favors and wouldn't accept money if he already had some. He was a real rough and tumble guy that played first string high school football and always held a job .he loved the Denver's Broncos and watched them win the super bowl with me . At 300 am a highway patrol officer came to my house where i was asleep with Christians mother Charlene silva owen .he asked if we were the parents of christian silva I? I answered yes and he went on to say a passing motorist witnessed christian jump off the bridge and notified authorities a coast guard volley recovered his body within 15 min of jumping and he was dead. It was the hardest thing I ever did to tell his mother the news and I had to bury her 6months later she literally died of a broken heart at age 38. I know that things are hard to understand .my memories and perspective is that its extremely difficult to spot the behaviour symptoms of a person intending to commit suicide but if a person can spot a stranger and see in his eyes compassion they might reach out for help as it happened to me three times after Haitians and Charlene passing three complete stranger came up to me while I was out in public and out of the blue confided to me their desire to kill themselves .and because of my experience with my sons suicide and also my father suicide I was able to convince them to seek out and I took thetime to go with them to get professional help.
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07.23.22, Bob J., Denver, CO, Hi, I think this golden gate jumpers page has been removed from the Google search index. They Skyway Bridge jumpers is still in Google, and going to other bridges at the bottom of that page seems to be the only way to get to the Golden Gate jumper page. I think that's why there haven't been posts in a while (hopefully I'm wrong). It would be helpful for friends and family members looking for answers and those posting info to help others out if this was in Google search results. Not sure if noindex tag was added to the page or unindex was on purpose or if Google removed for some reason. (obviously, we have no control how google functions their searches. we employ no 'noindex' or 'unindex' tags. this whole website has been throttled to various degrees for many years now. it's clear that they'd rather no one discuss suicide. not sure what else we can do to improve things.)
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