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clearwater memorial causeway bridge

located just west of downtown clearwater.
updated: 04.14.20
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04.13.20: possible jumper
04.13.20, iontb/fb, Clearwater: Police and fire department activity at the Memorial Causeway Bridge. Expect delays.
10.27.19: save, male
10.27.19, iontb/fb, Clearwater: Lane closures reported on the Memorial Causeway bridge as officers are speaking with person on the bridge. later: Clearwater Police officers were able to intervene in a situation where a man was threatening to jump off the Memorial Causeway Bridge this afternoon. For about three hours, the 45-year-old man was perched off the side of the bridge and threatening to commit suicide. Multiple police officers, including hostage negotiators, were able to establish a dialogue with him over that time. With the assistance of the high-angle rescue team, he eventually was brought back over the retaining wall and taken into custody under the Baker Act.
05.2017, bridge jumping enthusiast, jumps from the clearwater memorial bridge
Jacob Winokur, 16

he also jumped from the sandkey bridge, leading out of south clearwater beach:
check him out: youtube facebook
06.02.17, anon, His name is Jacob winokur he has a YouTube channel and Instagram under his name he is a student at Steinbrenner high school but lives in pasco county and is looking to jump more bridges he did the Clearwater memorial and pinellas bay bridge you can see his videos on you tube he is 16 but is also bringing much younger kids with him that may follow so its very concerning to me. (thanks for the input. with his very public presentations of illegal jumping activities, his jumping days here locally should be numbered, hopefully before tragedy strikes.)

tragedy strikes:
07.12.17,, Largo teen dies after cliff diving into quarry, 13 others arrested for trespassing
A Largo teen died after cliff diving into a widely trespassed quarry. Deputies believe he was one of several individuals who saw videos of trespassers cliff diving at these quarries on social media and wanted to try it for himself.
Trey Austin Dagwan Cardozo passed away after he cliff-dove into an inactive lime rock mining quarry located at the 6400th block of NW Gainesville Road in Ocala. The 17-year-old was found unresponsive in the quarry around 3:45 p.m. Monday, by Marion County deputies.
"He just lived life to the fullest, he didn't let anybody get him down, he was just everybody's friend, everybody loved him," said friend Mikhayla Morrison, who attended Seminole High School with Trey.
Cardozo died from his injuries at Ocala Regional Medical Center early Tuesday morning. His cause of death is pending further investigation with the Medical Examiner’s Office.
"We're not invincible and a lot of people, it's just, you don't ever think it will be you and he really didn't think it was going to be him," said friend Destiny Winter.
Several hours before Cardozo’s accident on Monday, 13 people, 12 adults and one juvenile, were arrested in a separate incident for trespassing on private property to swim in the inactive lime rock quarry.
On June 25, three juveniles were arrested for trespassing on private property in this same area. They told deputies they were swimming in the quarry and taking pictures, knowing they were trespassing on private property.
No one was injured during these incidents.
Cardozo is the second person to have died as a result of trespassing on private property and diving or swimming in a Marion County lime rock quarry this summer.
On May 27, 18-year-old Zachary Newton, a senior at King High School in Tampa, drowned in a lime rock quarry at the Hard Rock Cycle Park located at the 6800th block of NW Gainesville Road.
In all of these cases, these individuals saw videos of trespassers cliff diving into Ocala quarries on social media and wanted to try it themselves.
The sheriff's office says it is concerned with a YouTube video glorifying cliff jumps may convince some people to risk taking a jump with deadly results.
ABC Action News tracked down the YouTube video in question. Its producer declined to comment Tuesday night.
"It's really putting people in danger and I think that teenagers need to realize that it's not always worth it," said Winter.
The Marion County Sheriff's Office released a statement saying that they will be proactively patrolling these areas and strictly enforcing state statutes for anyone involved in trespassing at these locations.
"Cliff diving and swimming in these areas is extremely dangerous and has taken the lives of two young adults with promising, bright futures this summer already. The men and women of the MCSO will do everything in their power to prevent further loss of life as a result of these preventable accidents."

a facebook dialog ensues about this post:
06.03.17, Rachel P., Wtf! Where is this kids parents!? ??
06.03.17, Skyway Bridge, chances are they have no idea he does this or has a youtube channel showing these activities.
06.03.17, Rachel P., (posts images of what may be his father's online presence) Maybe his dad? Debating messaging him. This is so disturbing and worries me sick! If it were my son I'd want to know
06.04.17, Skyway Bridge, could be. perhaps dad is too busy making bank to worry about what his kid is doing. at 16, the boy does seem to have all the resources for his varied activities. they drive a fine bmw someone else buys the tires for, that's for sure. plenty of high end cameras, an atv, and plenty of time on his hands to work on his sheet of goals.
06.04.17, Rachel P., Ya it's him. The kid Jacob has a FB page with videos of him jumping off stuff and on his friend list was his dad. I messaged him.. but I get the feeling he knows/doesn't care. I'm seriously deeply affected after watching those videos... wtf wtf wtf.
06.04.17, Skyway Bridge, many children of busy parents with higher incomes, are rewarded with cash and possessions, in lieu of time spent with them. i'm not saying this is necessarily the case with the winokurs, but it would appear jacob has ample financial backing to live this lifestyle.
06.04.17, Rachel P., Completely agree. And his Instagram says he's sponsored by Adventure Co whatever that means but I'm sure parents are aware. Poor kid is reckless and going to wind up dead. I really hope and pray I don't see a post on your page one day when his bridge jump turns fatal.
06.04.17, Skyway Bridge, let's hope 'jump off the skyway' is not on his list of goals.
06.04.17, Rachel P., I messaged his dad and just got a reply.. he seemed to have no idea and thanked me for the info. So thanks to you too!
06.06.17, Skyway Bridge, while i tend to let those do as they please, as long as they do not hurt themselves or anyone else, his jumping is a danger to both. he has skill and incredible daring, perhaps that can be channeled into a professional stunt career of sorts. i wish him well and safety either way.

06.13.17, Jacob Winokur, facebook, Lol cant beleive all of this because i did a flip ··· And my dad knows that i do this hes been telling me not too for 3 years now

06.13.17, Jacob Winokur, facebook, Thank you, since you put my vidoes on your website my advertisement revenue and watch time has gone up by 76.8%
06.13.17, skyway bridge, you are welcome. just be careful. we don't want to read about you in some tragic news story.
06.13.17, Jacob Winokur, Were always careful. Thats what most people dont understand

07.12.17, Rachel P., facebook, Did y'all see the 17 year old guy killed from jumping. They showed a video from Jacob Winokur's Instagram. (you saw this coming from the start.)

facebook postlocal jump enthusiast injured.
04.11.17: save, male
03.28.17,, 8:30 p.m., Authorities are currently speaking to an individual threatening to jump from the top of the Memorial Causeway Bridge.
Multiple marine units are getting in position in the event the person jumps from the bridge.
Motorists are being advised to avoid travel over the bridge until the situation is resolved.
Updated: 8:37 p.m., The individual was taken into custody and situation now under control.
04.12.17,Vickie D., facebook, My husband and I walk that bridge every evening. We saw this whole thing last night. He parked his car on the westbound lane and stood there. No shirt or shoes. When they took him into custody. He was just standing there with a smile and a cigarette hanging from his mouth. They closed both lanes of the bridge for the jerk. Does he need help? Yes! It was merely a cry for help..He didn't jump. I would guess mid thirties. Heavy set guy. It was sad to see. He obviously had some issues..
03.28.17: jumper, female, lived
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.28.17, anon, Seminole, (9:15am, female, lived), CLEARWATER MEMORIAL CAUSEWAY, IONTB is reporting on a woman jumping from the Clearwater Memorial. Bayflite enroute to trauma center.

any more info is welcome.
03.28.17,, Brandon Crane, 26, of Largo plucked a woman from the water after she jumped from Memorial Causeway bridge.
He pulled her to safety on the docks as she fought him and told him she just wanted to die.
The woman has been flown to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. later:
Crane was working on docks when he heard loud splash. He jumped in water and pulled her to safety. She's being airlifted to local hospital.
03.28.17, iontb/, Bayflite Transporting Woman That Jumped From the Clearwater Memorial Causeway
Multiple fire rescue and law enforcement units are currently onscene at the Memorial Causeway.
They were called at about 9:15AM about a woman that jumped from the top of the bridge.
The woman was reportedly pulled from the water prior to the arrival of fire rescue crews.
The extent of her injuries are not known and she is currently being transported onto Bayflite and enroute to a trauma center.
06.02.16: jumped on a dare, male, died
Patrick J. James, 48
06.02.16, iontb/, Clearwater: Man jumped from Memorial Causeway Bridge about 12:30AM. Fire rescue crews searched till about 2:30AM. FWC, USCG and CPD continue. later:
Clearwater Police and Clearwater Fire & Rescue continue to investigate the case of a man who reportedly jumped from the Memorial Causeway bridge early this morning. Two men were walking across the bridge shortly after midnight when they started talking about a dare for each of them to jump from the bridge. One man told officers that the other man jumped. There was a delay of at least 30 to 45 minutes before it was reported. Detectives are trying to ascertain this morning if the incident did occur. Clearwater firefighters, along with the Coast Guard, are searching the area south of the Memorial Causeway bridge this morning. later:
Fisherman finds body of a man 2 miles west of Clearwater in Gulf of Mexico; discovery likely connected to this morning's bridge jumper case according to Clearwater Police.

06.02.16,, A body discovered in the Gulf of Mexico about two miles west of Clearwater belongs to a man who apparently jumped Thursday from the Memorial Causeway.
Police began searching the water around the Memorial Causeway early Thursday after a man reportedly told officials someone jumped from the bridge.
Several rescue boats, a helicopter and a combination of four agencies participated in the search for several hours after the report came in around 12:30 a.m. The water rescue search focused on Clearwater Bay.
The search was suspended after more than three hours.
The Clearwater Police Department reported Thursday afternoon the body had been discovered by a fisherman.
The man’s name has not been released.

06.02.16,, Body of man who jumped off Memorial Bridge in Clearwater recovered in Gulf
The body of a man who jumped from the Memorial Causeway bridge in Clearwater on a dare was located this afternoon in the Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater police said.
According to police, a fisherman found the body of the unidentified 48-year-old man about two miles west of Clearwater Beach.
Police confirmed the body is that of a man who was reported to have jumped off the bridge earlier this morning.
A man told police that he and the victim were walking across the bridge around 12:30 a.m. when they dared each other to jump.
The victim jumped, the man told police, and there was a delay of between 30 and 45 minutes before the incident was reported, according to a news release.
The man's identity will not be released until after his family has been notified, police said.
a few comments from the article:
• Rodney D., Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Sure hope this idiot didnt leave any kids behind....
• Mel_G_Isa_Schmu­ck, Except for that narrow dredged channel part, the water around the bridge is 6 feet or less deep. So his fall probably had about the same impact as jumping off a building onto a side walk. Oh well, he won't make that mistake in judgement again.
• hookahs Smoking, You go, you go, you go first.....

06.03.16,, Police identify man who jumped off Memorial Bridge in Clearwater.
CLEARWATER — Police have identified the 48-year-old man whose body was found in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday afternoon, Clearwater police said.
Patrick J. James jumped from the Memorial Causeway bridge about 12:30 a.m. Thursday after he and another man dared each other to jump, according to police. Thursday afternoon, a fisherman found James's body about two miles west of Clearwater Beach.
Police said they believe both men are transients. The other man told police they talked about jumping together, but only James did. According to a news release, the other man reported the incident between 30 and 45 minutes after it happened.
any more info is welcome.
06.08.16, Elena G., St Pete, FL., Patrick was such an awesome and fun person. He was so caring, giving, passionate, and just fun to be around. He told great stories and with incredible enthusiasm. He loved his bird, Tiki, like a father loves their child. Its so hard to believe that this happened but those close to him in the last 6 months know that he has been unhappy and suffering on the inside. Its so sad and heartbreaking that he would take this route because he truly was an amazing person and could've done something great or been someone great in this life. He will be greatly missed. :'(

facebook post
08.31.13: jumper, male, died
08.31.13,, CLEARWATER — A man died Saturday night after he either jumped or fell off the Memorial Causeway bridge, police said.
It happened on the west end of the bridge span over the Memorial Park grounds. About 10:45 p.m., an unknown person, possibly a witness, called 911 to report that a man had jumped or fallen from the bridge, said Clearwater spokeswoman Joelle Castelli.
Police and paramedics responded. Authorities have not yet released the name of the man.

any more info is welcome.
08.28.10: jumper, male, lived
08.28.10, zolter, The Skyway is getting some competition lately. Jumper at 8:40 this morning from Clearwater Memorial Causeway. Male was pulled from the water after holding on to the new docks downtown. Being transported to Morton Plant. Maybe because of the economy they can not pay the toll for the Skyway. (we don't have it in us to start, so this page will have to suffice.)
08.21.10: jumper, male, died
Matthew Allen Woodward, 34
08.23.10,, Man's body found south of Clearwater Memorial Causeway Bridge
Rodney Thrash, Times Staff Writer
CLEARWATER — Clearwater Fire & Rescue marine units retrieved an unidentified man's body from the Intracoastal Waterway on Monday afternoon, authorities said.
About 4:30 p.m., someone on a fishing boat saw a body about a half-mile south of the Memorial Causeway Bridge and called 911, Clearwater police spokeswoman Beth Watts said.
Watts would not release details about the condition of the body, but she said there is no indication of foul play.
"Detectives say his death does not appear to be a homicide," she said. "They are working to identify the body. The circumstances surrounding his death are still under investigation."
The man's body surfaced less than 24 hours after the Coast Guard suspended a search for one near Clearwater Pass.
According to the Coast Guard, two people on personal watercraft noticed a white male wearing a green and yellow hat floating face down in the channel near Marker 4 about 1:20 p.m. Sunday.
When the pair approached the possible body, it disappeared. The two riders returned to shore and alerted the watercraft rental owner, who called 911.
After a search that spanned about four hours and 20 to 25 square nautical miles, the Coast Guard and several other agencies called it off about 5:30 p.m. Sunday.
Investigators have not determined if the body that surfaced Monday is the same one that officials could not find Sunday, Watts said.

08.25.10,, Clearwater man's body found floating near Memorial Causeway Bridge
By Andy Boyle, Times Staff Writer
CLEARWATER — Police identified the body of a man found floating south of Memorial Causeway Bridge on Monday.
The man's name is Matthew Allen Woodward, 34, of Clearwater. A preliminary investigation indicates that Woodward jumped from the bridge, police said.
Several of his personal belongings were found on the bridge Saturday, police said. An autopsy confirmed that Woodward's body showed no signs of trauma. But officials will not determine the official cause of death until toxicology tests are completed.
09.23.08: jumper, male, lived
09.23.08,, Clearwater, Florida -- A young man jumped from the Clearwater Memorial Causeway Bridge this evening and survived, police said.
The fire department and marine units assisted in recovering the man and getting him to shore. There was no immediate word on injuries, if any, other than apparently he was "going to be OK," said city spokesperson Joelle Wiley.
She said the young man would be arrested.
11.25.07: suicide pact - jumper, male, died
Craig Hill, 25, died • Todd Payne Jr., decided not to jump
11.27.07: full article

11.28.07,, Craig Hill, 25, made the 74-foot jump on Sunday.
By Times Staff Writers
CLEARWATER - Craig Hill, 25, had jumped from small bridges in Pinellas County, waterfalls in North Carolina and on early Sunday, he and a friend decided they wanted to be the first ones to jump from the top of the Memorial Causeway Bridge, which connects downtown Clearwater to the beach.
His friend, Todd Payne Jr., decided not to jump after watching Hill take the plunge, which authorities believe killed him. As of Monday, searchers had not found his body. At its highest point, near where he jumped, the bridge is 74 feet high. The channel beneath it is about 20 feet deep.

11.28.07,, Craig Hill (25) is presumed dead after jumping off Memorial Causeway Bridge to become the "King of Clearwater"

11.29.07,, Body Of Bridge Jumper Found By Coast Guard
CLEARWATER - The body of a man who jumped from the Memorial Causeway Bridge on Sunday was found by the Coast Guard on Thursday afternoon, Clearwater police said.
The body of Craig Hill, who was last seen jumping from the bridge at 2:36 a.m. Sunday, was found off Clearwater Beach at 4 p.m. Thursday. The medical examiner's office will perform an autopsy.
04.07.86: jumper, male, lived, runs
07.25.84: getting all 'dukes of hazzard' on the old drawbridge • full article
11.28.47: car plunges off clearwater memorial causeway bridge • full article
09.07.37: jumper, female, lived
Corrine Davis, party girl
other non-skyway tampa bay area bridges
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