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sand key bridge

located south of clearwater beach.
updated: 10.04.17
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10.04.17: jumper, lived
08.28.10, iontb/fb, Clearwater: Investigation and search underway for a possible jumper from the Sand Key bridge. later: Jumper recovered from the water. later: Jumper confimed. Currently onboard FD boat. (more than likely a thrill jump. there will be no
05.2017, bridge jumping enthusiast, jumps from the sandkey bridge
Jacob Winokur, 16

he also jumped from the clearwater memorial causeway bridge:
06.02.17, anon, His name is Jacob winokur he has a YouTube channel and Instagram under his name he is a student at Steinbrenner high school but lives in pasco county and is looking to jump more bridges he did the Clearwater memorial and pinellas bay bridge you can see his videos on you tube he is 16 but is also bringing much younger kids with him that may follow so its very concerning to me. (thanks for the input. with his very public presentations of illegal jumping activities, his jumping days here locally should be numbered, hopefully before a tragedy strikes.)

a facebook dialog ensues about this post:
06.03.17, Rachel P., Wtf! Where is this kids parents!? ??
06.03.17, Skyway Bridge, chances are they have no idea he does this or has a youtube channel showing these activities.
06.03.17, Rachel P., (posts images of what may be his father's online presence) Maybe his dad? Debating messaging him. This is so disturbing and worries me sick! If it were my son I'd want to know
06.04.17, Skyway Bridge, could be. perhaps dad is too busy making bank to worry about what his kid is doing. at 16, the boy does seem to have all the resources for his varied activities. they drive a fine bmw someone else buys the tires for, that's for sure. plenty of high end cameras, an atv, and plenty of time on his hands to work on his sheet of goals.
06.04.17, Rachel P., Ya it's him. The kid Jacob has a FB page with videos of him jumping off stuff and on his friend list was his dad. I messaged him.. but I get the feeling he knows/doesn't care. I'm seriously deeply affected after watching those videos... wtf wtf wtf.
06.04.17, Skyway Bridge, many children of busy parents with higher incomes, are rewarded with cash and possessions, in lieu of time spent with them. i'm not saying this is necessarily the case with the winokurs, but it would appear jacob has ample financial backing to live this lifestyle.
06.04.17, Rachel P., Completely agree. And his Instagram says he's sponsored by Adventure Co whatever that means but I'm sure parents are aware. Poor kid is reckless and going to wind up dead. I really hope and pray I don't see a post on your page one day when his bridge jump turns fatal.
06.04.17, Skyway Bridge, let's hope 'jump off the skyway' is not on his list of goals.
06.04.17, Rachel P., I messaged his dad and just got a reply.. he seemed to have no idea and thanked me for the info. So thanks to you too!
06.06.17, Skyway Bridge, while i tend to let those do as they please, as long as they do not hurt themselves or anyone else, his jumping is a danger to both. he has skill and incredible daring, perhaps that can be channeled into a professional stunt career of sorts. i wish him well and safety either way.

06.13.17, Jacob Winokur, facebook, Lol cant beleive all of this because i did a flip And my dad knows that i do this hes been telling me not too for 3 years now

06.13.17, Jacob Winokur, facebook, Thank you, since you put my vidoes on your website my advertisement revenue and watch time has gone up by 76.8%
06.13.17, skyway bridge, you are welcome. just be careful. we don't want to read about you in some tragic news story.
06.13.17, Jacob Winokur, Were always careful. Thats what most people dont understand

07.12.17, Rachel P., facebook, Did y'all see the 17 year old guy killed from jumping. They showed a video from Jacob Winokur's Instagram. (you saw this coming from the start.)

facebook post local jump enthusiast injured.
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