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john ringling causeway bridge

sarasota, florida
updated: 02.15.15
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02.09.15: jumper, male, died, body found
Louis Klinger, 63
02.09.15,, SARASOTA - Sarasota Police are investigating an apparent suicide that occurred at about 9:30 a.m. Monday morning.
Divers have recovered the body of a person who parked on John Ringling Causeway Bridge and jumped into the water.
According to a police spokeswoman, all westbound lanes of the John Ringling Causeway Bridge have reopened. Traffic remains backed up in the area
Here is the full text of a news release from the Sarasota Police Departmen sent at 9:51 a.m.t:
Sarasota Police have recovered a body of a suicidal subject who parked on John Ringling Causeway Bridge & jumped from the westbound side about 30 to 45 minutes ago.
Officers are asking drivers to please avoid the area. Traffic is beginning to back up in the westbound lanes.
02.10.15, UPDATE: Sarasota Police identify suicide victim. The man was identified Tuesday as Louis Klinger, 63, of Sarasota, according to a police spokeswoman.
Sarasota police investigate the scene after recovering the body of a man who parked on John Ringling Causeway Bridge and jumped from the westbound side on Monday morning, Feb. 9, 2015.

02.09.15,, Jumper commits suicide from Ringling Bridge in Sarasota.
SARASOTA -- An individual committed suicide by jumping from the John Ringling Causeway Bridge on Monday morning, according to the Sarasota Police Department.
The individual parked his or her vehicle on the bridge and jumped from the west side just after 9 a.m., according to a release. Police have recovered the body.
Police said the westbound lanes of the bridge were reopened as of 10:20 a.m. but traffic is still backed up.
No additional details are available at this time.

02.09.15,, Body recovered after plunge from Ringling Bridge
The Sarasota Police Department has recovered the body of an unidentified man who jumped from the Ringling Bridge before 9:30 a.m. Monday.
The "suicidal subject" was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident near the intersection of North Tamiami Trail and University Parkway, after which he fled to the John Ringling Causeway, according to SPD spokeswoman Genevieve Judge. After parking, the man jumped from the north side of the bridge.
The man was somewhere between 40 and 60 years old.

any more info is welcome.
Louis Klinger

06.10.14: save, female
06.10.14,, Report of jumper causes temporary disruption at Ringling causeway.
SARASOTA - The John Ringling Causeway was closed Tuesday afternoon as emergency workers responded to a potential jumper on the bridge, said Capt. Jerry Jensen with the Sarasota County Fire Department. The woman was safely brought down from the bridge's railing and taken into custody by the Sarasota Police, whose negotiators worked with her during the crisis.

Photo from the scene as Sarasota Police negotiators work with a woman who is attempting to jump from the top of the span.

comment from the article:
angel_previte: I know her she is 19 not 30 as they stated she has severe mental illnesses and limited funds for proper treatment. As a young child she was sick and treated for high levels of lead paint poisoning which affected her learning she has an IQ of a elementary school child. With limited resources this is what happens.

any more info is welcome.
08.12.07: Bridge stunt lands man in hospital.
Joseph Porter
08.13.07,, Teenager arrested after recording jump from Ringling bridge.
SARASOTA -- An apparent attempt at stardom ended badly Sunday when a man was injured after jumping off the John Ringling Causeway bridge while a teenager made a video recording of him.
Joseph Scott Porter, 42, jumped off the 65-foot-high bridge about 4 p.m. to the astonishment of onlookers. Porter was pulled from the water and taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for internal injuries.
A 15-year-old boy who recorded the jump was arrested and charged with culpable negligence, said Sarasota Police spokesman Jay Frank.
Frank described the jump as a "'Jackass' stunt," referring to popular movies in which people are filmed performing unusual, often dangerous antics.
Bob Yursky was on friend Robert Edwards' boat in Sarasota Bay when he saw it happen.
"I saw him jump. I was like, 'I know I saw it.' I saw him hit the water," Yursky said. "I thought he may have slipped or he jumped. I didn't know. I just knew it was a body and we had to get it out."
"We were right there when he came down," Edwards said. "We were like, 'What the heck is that?'
"We had to turn around. We can't believe that happened. We didn't have time to think."
Edwards said he and Yursky saw something in the water, realized it was a person and got into the water and turned him over. Then, Edwards said, the man started breathing and talking. They put a life ring around him so the police boat could pick him up, Edwards said.
"We weren't told to take him out of the water," Edwards said. "So he stayed out there until the police showed up, and they got him on the stretcher and they pulled him out."
A police boat came out and put the jumper on a stretcher and brought him to shore, where he was loaded into an ambulance for the ride to the hospital.
On shore, Timothy Haberer was sitting with some friends and talking when he saw the two people on the bridge, then saw Porter jump.
"We'd seen the two guys walking, and they kept hesitating," Haberer said. "He was wanting to jump in the middle of the bridge. But then he decided to keep going down further," where the bridge was lower.
Haberer said, "All of a sudden he just jumped right off the edge, and down he went, and hit. We didn't see him come up for quite a while. And then the boat come over, and the people on the boat jumped over, and I guess they got in and started to save him."
Someone called 911, Haberer said.
"I can't believe it. We just sat here and watched the whole thing happen."
It is illegal to jump off the bridge, which connects Bird Key, St. Armands Circle, and Lido and Longboat keys with the mainland.
Court records show Porter has been arrested more than a dozen times on a variety of charges, including the possession and sale of marijuana, battery and driving with a suspended license.
This is not the first time someone has jumped off the bridge, which opened in August 2003.
On Sept. 25, 2003, a 47-year-old Manatee County man jumped off the new bridge.
David Fraser later told police the jump was "a daredevil stunt."
Fraser was treated for minor injuries and released.

09.05.07: full article
09.25.03: full article
David Frazier
03.12.81: full article
Allen Buck
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