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courtney campbell causeway

crossing tampa bay to the north of the howard frankland.
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08.01.10: jumper, male, lived
08.07.10,, TAMPA - The man standing on his 2010 Kia at the center span of the Courtney Campbell Causeway tossed his sunglasses aside and jumped headfirst, about 75 feet, into Old Tampa Bay.
Randy Lopez, a Tampa police marine and dive unit officer watched it unfold in what felt like slow motion.
"I've responded to suicides; I've seen a guy shoot himself," said Lopez, 44. "But I've never seen a guy jump."
Instinct kicked in. Lopez jumped from a boat into water that was a dozen feet deep or more.
Lopez had the man in his grasp less than a minute later. He swam back to the boat and the rescue was complete within minutes.
The man was wearing shorts and shoes but no shirt. He was dazed after striking the water but didn't appear to have any broken bones. He didn't resist Lopez or say anything.
The man was placed on a boat and taken to a hospital for evaluation.
Unlike the much taller Sunshine Skyway, the causeway isn't a common spot for suicide attempts, said Lopez, who has been with Tampa police for 21 years and has served on the marine and dive team since September 2001. Last year, a man tied a bicycle to his neck and threatened to plunge from the causeway. But he didn't jump.
In the Aug. 1 incident, Lopez wasn't the only officer to play a key role in keeping the distraught man alive. Officers on the causeway kept the man from jumping long enough for the marine unit to arrive.
"The good part of the story was he didn't die," Lopez said. "Everything came together. All the city's assets were ready to be deployed."
09.09.54: poison suicide
William C. Boyland, 59
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