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gandy bridge

crossing tampa bay to the north of the skyway and
south of the howard frankland.
it was the longest automobile toll bridge in the world when it opened.
gandy bridge postcards
updated: 08.22.18
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08.22.18: jumper, male, lives.
08.22.18,, Off-duty Tampa police officer rescues man who jumped from bridge
Officer James Wilcher and his friend Chip Roberts saved a man who jumped from the Gandy Bridge in Tampa Bay.
An off-duty police officer looking for some relaxation found himself in the middle of a rescue Wednesday, the Tampa Police Department said.
Officer James Wilcher and his friend Chip Roberts were fishing near the Gandy Bridge in Tampa Bay when they saw a man jump from the bridge.
They moved their boat over to the man and held onto him for about 30 minutes until a police boat could arrive. The police boat took the man to an ambulance, which took him to a local hospital for treatment.
11.05.09: jumper, female, lives.
Sophie Dao, 23
11.05.09,, Pair of anglers rescue woman who jumped off Gandy Bridge
ST. PETERSBURG — A woman who jumped off the Gandy Bridge on Thursday was rescued by two men fishing nearby, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.
The men, who were not acquainted with each other, told deputies they were standing on the rocks on the south side of the bridge when they saw 23-year-old Sophie Dao jump about noon.
According to deputies, Nedzed Crnalic, 47, of St. Petersburg saw the woman walk about 100 feet onto the bridge. She then climbed over the railing and jumped.
While Crnalic was preparing to help, 36-year-old Shan Bran­han of Tampa jumped in the water and swam to Dao, who was struggling and screaming for help, deputies said. Both men assisted in Dao's rescue.
Paramedics and deputy sheriffs arrived shortly after. Deputies report that Dao, who is from Largo, was treated at the scene and taken to St. Anthony's Hospital for observation.
08.24.87: Search suspended for person said to be jumping off Gandy
‎Pay-Per-View - St. Petersburg Times - TAMPA - The anonymous caller told police that someone was going to jump off the Gandy Bridge. Officers, on arriving Monday evening, found panties, a bra and ... (gotta hate getting short changed on pay-per-view panty and bra news. hey you with the s.p.times subscription, step up with your pay-per-view contribution!)
02.06.81: gandy gets hit by a barge. • full article
08.27.79: jumper, male, missing
Steven Kent Biddle, 26
09.28.64: jumper, male, lived
Patrick E. Keller, 55
gandy bridge postcards
other non-skyway tampa bay area bridges
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