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1979 - 1981 jump events

updated: 08.12.19
articles about skyway jumpers before this site was created.
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11.26.81: save, male
Christopher Moody
11.27.81: full article
11.22.81: jumper, male, lived
Eugene (Bill) French, 25

09.17.81: jumper, male, died
Glenn Veilleux, 26, Parked truck on bridge, jumped off. Body recovered next day. Suicide note left in truck.
07.17.81: involuntary jumper, male, died, forced to jump at gun point.
Michael Plezia, 24
07.18.81: full article



04.13.82: full article

04.16.82: full article


  Carl Allen Casey, still in custody florida kentucky


  Ruth Evelyn Paschal

aka: Thelma Aletha Delling
aka: Thelma Clark Delling

03.27.15, granted conditional medical release.

01.26.10,, Grant parole for Ruth Paschal, 150910,
Dear friends,
I am writing this to inform you of yet another injustice. This is the story of a friend of mine, Ruth Paschal #150910. Tomorrow January 27th is her parole hearing. Please call the parole board.
In 1981 there was a murder. A man was forced to jump from the Skyway Bridge in Florida. Ruth was in the car while 2 men stood on the bridge with him. One of those men was Ruth's husband. She did not commit murder. The other man who did commit the crime confessed to the police and was granted immunity in exchange for his confession. Ruth was pressured to stand trial with him against her better judgment. She has served her 25 year sentence and is now still in prison for her 29th year. The Florida parole board should do the right thing and grant her parole in 2010.
This is Ruth's second parole hearing and she deserves her freedom. We are asking people to sign her petition, make phone calls and fax the Parole Commission and Governor Charlie Crist on her behalf.
She is a woman of faith and has taken many vocational and self betterment programs while in prison. She mentors other inmates and is consistently given good reviews from her superiors.
Please urge the parole commission to grant her parole. Feel free to add your own words to the letter. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing whatever you can do. Call, email, fax. We need to let the parole commission know that we mean business. It is time that women like Ruth get their freedom.

02.24.15,, Please help Ruth Paschal #150910 get a compassionate medical release, ACTION COMMITTEE FOR WOMEN IN PRISON
As you know we have been trying to get Ruth Paschal 150910 out on parole or clemency and now her time is coming to a close. She is dying in prison and we are desperately seeking a compassionate medical release. Ruth has less than 6 months to live and we want her to die at home instead of a prison bed. Please call the Florida Commission on Offender Review at 850-488-**** also 855-850-**** the victim services line and tell them you support her release and that she is no threat to herself or society. She has done 33 years and deserves with her loved ones around her as she passes. She has less than 6 months to live.. Ruth was a victim in this crime also. Please make the calls and spread the info around to others. Her hearing is this Wednesday 2/25/2015. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please we are at a crucial moment. It is time that Ruth is released.
Sincerely, Mary Ellen DiGiacomo and friends and family of Ruth Paschal

03.27.15, Ruth Paschal was granted conditional medical release.


10.26.98, Douglas Eugene Hedges, dead
12.28.80: jumper, female, lived
12.30.80: full article
07.30.80: jumper, female, lived
Sheridan Desroches, 32, May have attempted to drive car off of bridge first. After scraping guardrail, got out and jumped.
06.14.80: likely jumper, male

05.09.80: ship collision collapses the skyway. 35 die. disaster website
04.14.80: jumper, female, died
Geraldine Fitzpatrick, 37, Parked car on southbound side of main span, jumped. Body found same day.
05.05.04, Jeff, Saint Petersburg, Florida, Her name was Geraldine Fitzpatrick. She was 37 years old... found floating 300 yards northeast of the hump of the old bridge. A toll booth worker noticed her car at the top.. with nobody inside.. no suicide note was found. The body was taken to the St. Petersburg Coast Guard station and then turned over to the Pinellas County medial examiner. At the time.. she was the 36th person to jump. She was my roomates Aunt. I have the original newspaper article for proof.
02.12.80: possible jumper, female
01.21.80: jumper, male, died
James Slater, 50

11.25.79: jumper, male, died
Allan G. Coughlin, 19

10.09.79: save, male
08.15.79: jumper, male, died
William Dixon Gresh, 55

07.31.79: save, male

full article

06.08.79: jumper, male, died
Anthony Valentine Cubby, 21
06.08.79: full article

links to google paper scan: page 1b 14b. image of the wreak on page 1b.

06.09.79: full article, Crashed into back of another vehicle on bridge, told bystanders he wanted to kill himself and jumped.
04.16.79: jumper, male, died
Roy Krebs, 75, Left car on southbound side of main span, jumped. Body found same day.
02.21.79: save, female
02.19.79: jumper, male, died
Paul D. Martin, 77

02.03.79: jumper, male, died
James David Hicks, 21
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