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1966 - 1972 jump events

updated: 03.07.12
articles about skyway jumpers before this site was created.
12.15.72: faller?, female, lived
Cecelia Rantanen, 59, Stopped car just south of main span, walked to railing with suitcase in hand, jumped. Held onto suitcase all the way down. She said it was accidental.
09.18.72: jumper, male, died
Paul Panco, 40

08.13.72: jumper, female, died
Charlotte Kelly, 58, Parked car on main span, tied handkerchief on door handle, jumped. Nearly struck fishermen under bridge.
08.07.72: jumper, died
Howard Francis Keller, 40
08.10.72: full article
03.20.72: save
Milton Weston, 70
12.01.71: jumper, female, died
Bertha Tacea, 66
09.02.71: jumper, female, lived
Diana Tyner, 52
first reported jumper from the second span., Car abandoned on bridge. Bottle of pills found in car.
05.19.71: second skyway span opens for two lanes of south bound traffic.
05.09.80: this newer span gets knocked down.
01.22.71: article

our feeling exactly: "makes a public event of his departure".
jumping off the skyway is a public event. everyone gets to know.
12.12.70: jumper, female, died
Esther VanRoo, 58

09.09.66 - 12.11.70 • 4 years, 3 months
the longest known period of non-jumper activity in skyway history.
corrections • updates • additions
09.08.66: save, female
Grace (last name unknown)
09.09.66: full article

09.01.66: save, female
unknown, 25

08.17.66: article about skyway nets.
08.09.66: article
08.08.66: full article
08.01.66: jumper, male, died
Charles Winthrop Rogers, 65, Parked car on main span, jumped. Body recovered same day.
07.12.66: jumper, male, died
Ulysses Harvey, 24, Jumped from the back of a moving taxi after forcing it to slow down. Despondent over marriage.
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