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2023/2022 • updated: 08.28.23
we welcome your random, vague, and off topic commentation.
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08.27.23, Nina R., facebook, Since we have down time, I was curious how you come to amass this Skyway project for so many years? I assume you live in the area and see it everyday. Or maybe your father would take you fishing there all the time. Either way, to maintain this site for so many years, you have to have some kind of personal story with that bridge. Maybe you had a family member pass away there? I don't mean to be offensive in asking that, It's always interesting to see the people's motivation for doing what they do. And I have to say, you've knocked the ball outta the park with this project. I hope you don't stop or give it up. Hopefully you are mentoring someone to carry it on one day. Here's to more activity at the bridge. Take care my friend. 😃
08.28.23, the site started as a joke. in the 90s, i listened to talk radio and got to know one of the talking heads personally. one show, august 1998, he was talking about death pools on the internet. then during a news segment, they reported about a skyway jumper. i quickly assembled a 'skyway bridge jumper pool' page and called it in. they then talked about the joke page and it immediately gained traction, much of it favorable and lots of hate. i liked both responses and that's how started and the rest is jumper history. i had no other affiliation with the bridge, other than driving over it from time to time. i have no one in line to continue the site, so when i succumb to the end dirt nap, my kids will let it fade into internet history, whatever that may be.
08.28.23, Nina R., facebook, LOL!! That's fantastic! I really don't know why I sit here waiting for the next tidbit of Skyway Bridge news. It's interesting that nothing gets people outta their chair more than an unnatural death. Especially a very public Skyway jump. I suppose we are all ghouls in the way we want to know what was going on in their world when it occurred. At the end of the day, I suppose everyone is just one personal tragic event in their lives away from being perched atop that bridge. Or for some, it's their last chance to come out, and tie up traffic and inconvenience the world that ignored them all these years. This is their last chance to give a big middle finger to the traffic bottled up behind them, and to the society that wronged them so many times. Sometimes, we will just never know. One thing I do know is, you are going to be on top of it. Or I guess the bottom of it. Now, their is some "wordy up" for ya.

07.13.23, Nina R., facebook, I want to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to my man Phill (not his real name) from the Skyway Bridge. He should be given a public service medal for all his 25yrs of hard work and dedication to the Skyway Bridge Website. The amount of detail this guy has amassed is simply astonishing! As I read all the material one thing is clear, this guy has a sharp mind, and has such a way with words. Sure he has his share of haters out there, but he only returns firepower on those who start the fight. I for one always enjoy when this "Spark Up" on the page. I say we give ole Phill a big round of applause for all he does with little to no pay or appreciation! Here's to you big Phill! (*blush*... thank you for the website accolades and perhaps making me seem better than i actual am.)

07.06.23, Nina R., facebookdm, I'm curious if over that 25yrs has your feelings or opinions changed any regarding all those who have taken the Ka-plunk over the years? It seems people change over time, some liberals become very conservative, while conservatives become very liberal. I was just curious. Also have any of these nut case family members actually confronted you in public or have any of your windows been busted LOL?? I love the hate mail on your website, its great stuff! I appreciate your time and effort in doing all this over the years. Take Care
07.06.23, we have always had the notion that if anyone wants to end their life, for any reason, it's their choice. who are we to say otherwise? we belong to ourselves and as long as we are not harming anyone physically, it's our body, our choice, right? we always recommend that people seek help for their desire, as it is not normal. we also chastise anyone that makes the decision to off themselves because of lost love or job. those reasons are idiotic, but they do happen. we have had family members and friends of jumpers get very angry, with a handful of death threats. the hate mail is a favorite part. we appreciate your kind words and thank you for them. be well.

06.07.23, Wolf, I will get a mass amount of hate for this, and keep in mind, this is my mentality speaking. I am a bit frustrated that a new barrier was built, as it is now harder to end one's life. I have a nearly 9 year history, possibly more with depression and suicidal thoughts, and I'm sure that's where this comment is coming from. Yes, I have called the hotline, and when I did, their response was less helpful than my parents', who said I was just doing it for attention, saying I was depressed for attention.
I am acutely aware that I need help. I have tried in my best efforts to get aforementioned help. This country does not care about its citizens. It cares only about the money they can leech from their citizens. My mental state is still an ongoing issue, and I don't see it ever resolving itself until the gorgeous day of my nonexistence. (yes, it is harder to end one's life by jumping off the bridge and we won't offer hate for your frustration about it. sadly, you have been tasked to seek your own solution to the depression that haunts you, as your parents and the broken system offer no solace. do you have friends that try to help? nine+ years of it is a slog to be sure. is there anything you can do to distract you away from these thoughts? are you consumed by it or is it fleeting? do you have anything satisfying in your life? work? hobbies? travel? are you consumed by internet devices? so many questions.) wolf left no contact option. then later:
06.07.23, Wolf, I sent a message earlier, and forgot to put my email. I was just reading and saw a lot of people calling jumpers and other people who commit suicide selfish, and supposed experts indirectly calling them attention-seeking. This is not always the case, and quite frequently, is not the case more often than it is. I imagine that most jumpers go to the bridge because we want to end our suffering in the quickest way possible. For them, it's jumping. Had I had the finances and known about this bridge earlier myself, I probably would be a statistic on here as well. I have been struggling with my inner demons for going on close to a decade now, with enough attempts to make my former police dept. and several doctors doubt my ability to be able to die.
Regarding the barrier that was put up, I'll give both sides of my mental state. I've been suffering from PTSD for 4 years, psychological trauma for 9 years, depression for 10 years, and an incurable seizure disorder for 8 years. The suicide hotline has been very unhelpful, my parents calling me attention-seeking, and proceeded to do so even after I was admitted to a psychiatric ward, which happened multiple times.
While I am glad that the barrier is preventing do I say this...I suppose indifferent reasons (??) for people to jump, I am also very frustrated that it is no longer quite as convenient and quick for people who see no other way to fix their lives in the only way that they are left to see as reasonable, and even then, they may know it's unreasonable, but perhaps all other help they sought and were suggested never worked.

05.05.23, Bi4hh, Brasil, regarding: Suicídios, Eu me viciei nesse site por conta de saber de suicídios, sempre fui extremamente viciado em assassinatos, mortes, suicídios e outras coisas fo tipo. [portuguese - regarding: suicides, I got addicted to this site because of knowing about suicides, I've always been extremely addicted to murder, death, suicides and stuff like that.] (Olá, enquanto alguns acham o site péssimo, outros disseram que gastam um longo período de tempo não intencional nele. obrigado e fique bem. [hello, while some do find the website terrible, others have said they spend an unintentional extended period of time on it. thank you and be well.])

05.02.23, Nicole L., Chisinau, Moldova, there is no point in life.

04.15.23, Nina R., facebook, (about the attempted jumper on 04.14.23) I'm going to throw my thoughts out there, and I'd like to hear the Admin comment as well. If I sound dark or morbid here, just let this sink in before you blow a gear on me, and say how awful and inhumane I could be. I say I'm against offing yourself, and one should do all you can to seek help. However, I live in the real world. Life is a struggle, and some people just can not cope. If you are going to do it, and refuse help, why not go off the Skyway? The barrier in my view is a bad idea. So if they can't do this at the bridge now, do you go home and do this. Now your 11 year old finds you hanging in the garage. Now, this will shape that person's life forever-for the worst. Or let's go a step further. What if they decide to now die by a shotgun blast. Now the family has a real mess to deal with! Not only the death, but now your home is now a biohazard scene. Anyone have any idea how bad a suicide shotgun or high power rifle blast is? I'll tell you, the family does not want to go deal with that, on top of the death. You have to have a bio hazard clean up team which most people can't afford. So that leaves it up to the family which is unfair! They didn't ask for this. A public area such as the Skyway is the proper outlet I feel. Even though your actions are selfish and wrong, you are at least making less of a burden to those you leave behind. But we sure accomplished something by putting up those barriers didn't we? How many people had to walk in and see their family member in that horrible death, when the Skyway would have been better for all. Maybe I'm off base here. But we have to examine all sides of this if we are going to have this debate. As far as the numbers go, absolutely the barrier is a sound solution, but I think this creates a more horrible situation for those left behind. Unfortunately we can't get the real numbers on how many were found in their homes by family. Just something to think about. (our response, taken from our opinion page, before the barriers were constructed)

02.06.23, ye, ··· its actually kinda cool that you guys are so commited to this kind of thing, you have my respect.

01.21.23, Max!, I'm not mad at this, On the opinions page,one of the parts say "sometimes, suicidal people are weak" Which that specific wording just URKS me But yk, I know thats not really a reason to take it down or anything. ALSO I GIGGLED AT THE "We will rot in hell because this site makes the jesus cry." ALSO A MESSAGE TO PEOPLE TELLING YALL TO OFF YOURSELF: AS SOMEONE WHO HAS TRIED TO OFF MYSELF BEFORE, DONT TELL PEOPLE TO JUMP!! (some exceptions but this isnt one) Anyways, drink water and have a good day. Never jump ;D (the "sometimes, suicidal people are weak" is not meant as a slight. it's just a fact that some people are too weak to fight their inner demons, whatever they may be. they just can not continue dealing with what ails them. it's the giving up that leads one to suicide. what specific wording would you use in exchange? also, curious as to the exceptions to telling people to off themselves. we have ours. what are yours? you have a good day as well.)

01.01.23, Near jumper, I recently moved away from Florida. I always thought about jumping from the bridge- actually planned it out. Posted here once about jumping too. Had planned out how to bypass the barrier and everything. Still here because life had other plans. I still think about it sometimes, but gonna hang on and see what 2023 brings me for a bit. I visit Florida next in April, we'll see then.
The lack of reports for 2022 because of the barrier is insane. It works for the impulsive. Glad to see it is giving some a chance. Happy 2023 to you, thanks for this website. Gives me some hope for change. (change is always within us. life is work, every day. just keep working for a better you. thank you, be well.)

09.11.22, Miles B., Louisville, As a person who has attempted suicide in the recent past (not by jumping, mind you), the fact that your hate mail constantly accuses you of "exploiting" and "joking about" suicide absolutely bewilders me. I see nothing about this site tries to glorify or make fun of suicide. Simply listing suicide victims shouldn't be considered exploration. (we mostly post reports sent to us or found on the world wide interwebs and then offer opinions and commentary on the reactions to those posts. i hope you have found the hope and reason to continue life and fight the good fight. thanks for the kind words and be well.)

09.09.22, Andrew, I don't know if you get asked these questions often, but I have wanted to ask you these 4 questions since long time:
1) What keeps you determined to keep the site up?
nothing, actually. now that the fence is up, site updates are minimal, yet occasionally there is something to post. i'll keep it up until my kids let it disappear after i die.
2) What do you think about the hate messages you receive all the time?
the hate messages are our favorite. we used to get more hate, but sadly, it's few and far between now.
3) Do you feel pity for the jumpers?
less pity and more sorrow, especially when the jumper is young and seemingly illness free. they seem to jump for immature reasons, like lost love, condemnation for their sexual choices that are no one's business but their own, shitty families, and other reasons that usually become null or more manageable when maturity kicks in. they just don't power through the hard days and wait for a more mature way to handle adversity. youth suicide is horribly sad.
4) Why do you write everything in lowercase letters? (optional)
that started during the 90's irc chat days. it was easier to just type without the extra step to capitalize. i know it's annoying and silly, but now it's etched in mental stone.
Oh and, I also wanted to say that the hate mail page is awesome. My main source of laughter. I genuinely hope to see more grammatically incorrect hate mail and funny comebacks. Probably the best part of the site.
while we understand their hate, most can't seem to make their points without sliding into juvenile grade school recess nonsense. it's pretty much the same as with most social media dialog. less a debate, more factless childish name calling. thanks for your questions and kind words.

08.23.22, Sphinx, Albuquerque, NM., Do whatever you want with your body! If you wanna waste it, go for it! I've attempted at least 4 times in the last year, everybody wants to kill themselves a few times in life! It's a normal feeling as normal as happiness (we're sure not everyone would agree with you. trying four times is definitely not normal and we hope you are seeking help.)

06.26.22, Brad G., Subject: Keep up the work..
Just sharing my experience in relation to the Sunshine Bridge. In 2010 my wife committed suicide in Florida. Not by the bridge. We had been together for 25 years (since childhood) and it devestated me. I was in Sarasota at the time, she killed herself in Clearwater.
Over the following year or so, I contemplated suicide. Well, I really didn't contemplate it, I planned it. My first "attempt" was going to be the Sunshine Skyway bridge. For no reason in particular, I just had to travel across it on the way to my business and it seemed easy enough.
On the drive to the bridge, I had the radio on. A news article came on about jumpers on the bridge, no shit. But it was talking about how they always didn't die and even when they did it wasn't as instant as they likely thought. Well, that talked me out of it ;)
I won't go into my other plans, let's just suffice it to say, I for sure didn't want to stay on the planet, really wasn't afraid to die (but surely didn't want to suffer) and for whatever reason, like didn't want me to do just that. Took me about 4 to 5 years to recover from her suicide, maybe 8 to "fully" recover, but I have, and now happily married living life.
All that being said, my wife took her life. It wasn't by a bridge, it was a drug overdose by someone who was not a drug user. It would have been a bridge if that wasn't available, and if not a bridge a gun, or whatever method she decided to choose.
I have read some of the hate mail you have and what I do know from experiencing her death, people want to blame someone or something. In my case, her family blamed me. In your case, your site.
Suicide sucks. It's a horrible thing to experience as a husband. But the idea that your site is somehow promoting that seems just preposterous to me. (thank you for your story and for sticking around to tell it. as you lived it, your desire to end yourself was temporary. you worked it out and have a new lease on life and we wish you the best of it. your wife's family needed someone else to blame. surely, it can't be their daughter's/sibling's fault. sadly, you were the chosen one. understanding their point of view, however flawed it is, helps get them past blaming her, when in fact, it was her doing. bottom line, only we are responsible for our own self-end. be well.)

06.01.22, 7:40am, Susan D., facebookdm, When will the bridge change the lighting for Pride Month?
06.01.22, in a hurry?
06.01.22, Susan D., Well, sadly,at least on the St Pete side, last year apparently y’all needed Jacksonville to do it first. And June is Pride month. So I’m kinda puzzled by the rude response I got.
06.01.22, again,
06.01.22, Susan D., I didn’t realize you’re no one actually connected to the skyway.
not following an offered link,
is akin to lazy people never
listening to their voicemails.
the rainbow league sure are
concerned about the bridge lights.

04.24.22, Leah R., facebook, I think maybe the netting may need to be reinspected and reevaluated and maybe the company that put the netting up needs to change what they did because too many people are bypassing this
04.24.22, the fence barrier can be climbed, scaled, and/or circumvented in several ways. primarily, it is doing what it is designed to do. so far, it has stopped roughly 90% of the typical flow of skyway suicides. it was never expected to stop the truly determined. can more be done? sure, and we bet more will be done, but who knows how or when. (this exchanged was spawned by this incident.)

04.14.22, Scott W., Indiana/Florida, Hello, I have been fascinated with the Skyway Bridge for many years, almost obsessed you could say. I can just sit and stare at that bridge from the piers for hours. I came across this site a few weeks ago. I started in and could not stop. My eyes were almost bleeding, I was taking in so much so fast. Took me almost a week to get through it all. Just Wow! I was astonished at the amount of information you have compiled about the leapers over the years and the historic accounts. I was fascinated by the leapers and their stories. I will have them in mind the next time I'm out there. I have to say that one of my favorite things about this site is the hate mail. I was laughing so hard, my stomach literally hurt while trying to suppress my laughter in front of my wife and kids. (try it) try holding in your laughter for any extended period of time. Best time i've had in a while. Your responses to these nuts were priceless. I do wonder which fascinates you more, the bridge itself or the ones who leap from it? I'm probably 50/50 myself. I think you've done a fantastic job, this will be a site I frequent over time. Is this a nearly full time job for you? This has to take an exhausting amount of work. I have never made donations to these types of things, but I think this site is worthy of giving you fifteen bucks, just to show some support. I hope the social justice warriors do not get you shut down. Sick of those clowns that try to stifle free speech. I don't mean to ramble on but I wanted to drop a note and say job well done! If there is any other skyway material that you think might interest me, please pass it on to me by E-mail if you have time. I would love to get a copy of Bill Deyoung's book about the Skyway disaster with the account of John Lerro, that story is amazing. I never got to finish it at a friends a few years back. I would like to buy a signed copy from the author, I understand he lives in St.Pete somewhere, and was responsible for the monument that was made at the bridge. If I had to guess, you are probably familiar with him, or maybe are him.(I don't expect you to tell me if you were) my mind wanders sometimes:) Anyway I think you taken a great leap (pun intended) of faith and brought some joy to the lives of us everyday drones. Take Care and give me a shout if you have the time. All The Best Scott
04.14.22, thanks for your email and good words about the website. every so often, we get notice that someone went down the skyway website rabbit hole. there are around 300 pages of info, more if you include the separate skyway bridge disaster companion website.
out of all the pages comprising the website, our favorite part is the hate mail pages. sadly, the hate mail isn't what it used to be. the last few years have been relatively slow in the hate department.
hands down, it's the jumpers that are the focus of the site. all the other stuff is a result of collecting and adding as we found it. keep in mind, that this all started in 1998 about jumpers off the skyway, in the form of a guessing pool, where people could guess when the next one would seek the afterlife by jumping off the bridge. in the meantime, there's been decades of adding whatever we find or is offered by people, such as yourself. we actually spend little time on it for a while now. other than adding bits like this, there's not much new to add. when there is jumper activity, things obviously spark up, but quickly fade by the day's end, for sure the next day after. this is the way of the internet. things are hot for 15 minutes and then people move on to the next 15 minute thing.
while we appreciate any and all donations, don't feel obligated. it's ok if you don't.
i am not bill deyoung, but you might be able to purchase a signed book, if you ask him and buy one. pretty sure he can be found on the facebooks or some other interwebs thing. again, thank you for your email and kind words, be well.

04.14.22, Scott W., I just received your kind response. I forked over a few bucks as it was definitely worth the price of the entertaining hate mail alone. I would strongly suggest that anyone who's having a bad day to go here and get a few laughs. In my case a ton!(guess I'm just sick that way) Anyway, maybe my donation will land me on the Skyway Wall of Shame! Guess there could be worse places to be, although none are coming to mind. Again, I'm rambling here, guess I need to lay off the medication. Albeit, I could give the opposite advice for a lot of folks on here. All The Best! Scott
04.14.22, thank you so much for your support. you are indeed listed on the "skyway wall of shame"!

04.02.22, Gus, I think what ur doing is educational 👍 (thank you, we try.)

02.15.22, Harrison W., facebook pm, people really want to still end there lives on that bridge very badly even if the fence is installed so let them die if they are suicidal. Let them go do not save there lives. the only way to escape Covid and stress.
02.15.22, thank you, captain happy.
02.15.22, Harrison W., Suicide will never go away. I want to jump off that bridge. suicides will contiue
02.15.22, pretty sure you do not want to jump off the bridge, but would rather seek help with your feelings. virtually everyone that survived the jump, indicated they regretted it the second they jumped. chances are, you would too. seriously, seek help, be well.
02.15.22, Harrison W., facebook post 1, Look you guys let people die if they cannot take anymore with covid or other things like depression. They will just go somewhere or find another way like shooting themselves ok. later, on yet another public post:
02.15.22, Harrison W., facebook post 2, Come on take the fence away. Take in away take it away take it away. Look i did not say I would jump but they will. and you will not stop them at all
02.15.22, you did write, "I want to jump off that bridge.", so...
then it just goes on...

02.15.22, Harrison W., facebook post 3, Let me die let me die let me die let me die on the skyway bridge or jump somewhere else and die. the golden gate bridge is suicial also you guys so thats that people
02.15.22, Harrison W., facebook post 4, I am not a very very very very very bad person ok. My point is that people will find another way to die on the bridge thats what they are going to do.
02.15.22, Harrison W., facebook pm, No no no no no no. people will still jump off the sunshine bridge in the future. suicides are part of life suicides will continue forever. covid 19 made them go.
02.17.22, Harrison W., facebook pm, Suicides are continuing

02.12.22, s.o., Suicide is a strange death. I think there is reason to not ban or mystify, but to look at those unfortunate people objectively.

01.26.22, Donna D., facebook, Thank you for everything you've done. Who knows how many lives have been saved because of your page and your website; and that work will have long-lasting effects. I'm very proud of you. My husband and I and our cats are moving out of Florida within a matter of days. Long story short, there's no other option. But I will stay subscribed to your page and read it from Colorado.
01.26.22, thank you for your kind words. i wish you well in your move. i came to florida after living in colorado for 15 years.

01.25.22, Paul R., facebook, I’m so glad that I’m seeing fewer and fewer posts from here. Thankfully the fence has helped at least some have a chance to get help. That’s a good thing get to see these days. God bless you all.
01.26.22, we agree, we are glad that we now have so little to post since this site started in 1998. it would be hard to argue that the barrier wasn't the reason.

01.12.22, anon, I don't hate this website at all I'm just confused as to why you gotta get political with every tag line lmao (we don't think we state a political view all that much, but if you don't see how the current administration is detrimental to this country, then we truly hope you wake up and do so quickly.)
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