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2023 jump events

updated: 12.11.23
25 years of skyway jumper news.
have any factual news, updates, or additions?
(our comments follow)
12.11.23: article - preventative measures cause decline in suicides.

11.30.23: article - 11.28.23 suicide ends 19 month run without one.

11.29.23: article - crisis center helps install signs on the skyway.
11.28.23: jumper, ≈3:40pm, male, climbed fence, died, body found same day.
Michael Sender, 33
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.28.23, Laurie P., facebook, Jumper today, victim found, signal 7 (dead person), transferred to Manatee coroner. later: listening to the scanner, and also it is in a sarasota traffic fb group. also emergency/police activity seen on the traffic cam on the bridge I guess.. but I have not loaded the cam

11.28.23, Jumper watchers, St Pete, Someone just jumped, reported black car with out of state plates stopped and people saw man climb fence

11.28.23, Skyway Jack, Male jumped, found by MCSO

11.28.23, JESSICA, Ruskin, FL., Someone jumped 30 min ago, drove car half way up and jumped. Choppers, police, boats, all lanes closed

11.28.23, Unknown, Tampa Bay, Heavy police activity and rescue. Car parked on south side of bridge heading north and police looking under the fence on opposite side of the road.


any more info is welcome.
11.28.23, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUSPICIOUS PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 15:42, 21:45, 6h03m, Report Number: 231178129

11.29.23,, SUNSHINE SKYWAY BRIDGE DEATH INVESTIGATION, For Immediate Release : Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, release #23-215
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is investigating a suicide that occurred on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
On November 28, 2023, around 3:40 p.m., deputies were called to the bridge for reports of a suspicious man. Once on scene, witnesses told deputies they saw a man jump from the bridge.
Immediately, marine units with HCSO and the Manatee County Sheriff's Office responded, working to locate the man. Unfortunately, Manatee County's crew did quickly locate a deceased male matching the description of the man seen jumping from the bridge.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office will conduct the death investigation per protocol based on the jurisdiction of the incident.
"This time of year can be difficult for so many. Please check on your friends and family during the holidays," said Sheriff Chad Chronister. "If you or anyone you love is in need of support, I urge you to use the amazing resources in Tampa Bay. The Crisis Center is only a call away 24 hours a day at 211. Let's support each other so that no family is left with one less person at their holiday table."
This investigation remains ongoing and the identity of the deceased will not be released until family can be notified. Any updates will come from the Public Affairs Office.
11.28.23, iontb/, Skyway Bridge: Law enforcement and fire rescue marine crews responding to the bridge. Northbound lanes of the bridge on the Manatee Side will have at least one outside lane blocked. later: Body of victim recovered. comments:
• Stacy W., We just saw someone climbing the fences
• Mike A., located body from what I'm hearing on scanner
• Richard S., Is just seeing the police boat racing from the South side of the saint pete pier Heading in that direction.
• Kimberly S., Tons of sheriff and state troopers with binoculars looking into the water. Looks like someone jumped

11.29.23,, Skyway Bridge Jumper: Man died from suicide by jumping at Sunshine Skyway Bridge on Nov. 28
Skyway Bridge Suicide Investigations - Law enforcement agencies are investigating a death-by-suicide incident at the popular Sunshine Skyway Bridge on Tuesday. According to reports, a man passed away from an apparent suicide by jumping off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida. The deadly incident happened late Tuesday evening.
According to law enforcement agencies, officials from the Florida Highway Patrol, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, Tampa Bay, and St. Petersburg Police responded to the Skyway Bridge following reports of a possible jumper on the scene. Law enforcement agencies arrived and admonished the male to refrain from carrying out the self-disastrous act.
The individual identified only as a male eventually jumped off the Skyway Bridge. Florida Department of Transportation was also on the scene where law enforcement agencies worked around to recover the individual's body. At this time, police, fire rescue, and marine crews are on the scene for active investigations.
Law enforcement agencies in Pinellas County say all Northbound lanes of the bridge on the Manatee Side are closed to traffic as officers respond to the incident. The tragic event happened at approximately 4 p.m. The body of the male was recovered about half an hour later. The identity of the male remains unknown. (thank you, AI news reporter: "Man died from suicide by jumping at Sunshine Skyway Bridge···" and "Law enforcement agencies arrived and admonished the male to refrain from carrying out the self-disastrous act" and "···law enforcement agencies worked around to recover the individual's body". perhaps at least employ a non-AI proofreader.)
 Michael Sender   Michael Sender (Mikey Keyz)


instagram: "Lost as fuck but trusting the universe, finding the light, and searching for TRUTH and LOVE."
facebook post,
• 11.28.23, Neal R., Watched the entire thing. He was quick, no stopping him.

• 11.30.23 Nina R., As I read through all the latest comments on this jumper, the arguments are mirror arguments of all the past jumpers. Poor mental health, jumpers will always find another way, love the fence, hate the fence blah blah blah. People getting angry at bots and showing fake outrage for people they don't even know. But I gotta admit, I freaking love it!! Carry on fellow peasants!!
  11.30.23, Skyway Bridge, the petty bickering has been going on since the beginning of the website. the battle game leveled up after the barrier made the scene. people just love to argue.

• 12.06.23, Milky V., This was my baby. My soulmate. He tried so hard, he really did. He wanted to get away from drugs, the bad crowd he was with. I was there when he booked a hotel room in Jax. I thought he would come back, often would make drives up to NC and hike. I already had a bad feeling, but couldn't stop it in time. The last thing he told me was "I'm gonna go see the sunset, then I'm coming home"... He never came home..
10.27.23: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
10.27.23, noah s., petersburg, really close to this bridge, regarding: possible jumper, white female, looks around 25 - 30? black hair just started walking near the fence looking at the bottom, shes wearing a black and white striped sweater and jeans, no vehicle whatsoever, just the woman herself.. any reports on this or updates? (yours is the only report we received.)

any more info is welcome.
07.19.23: florida man news - fleeing from deputies, man jumps into gulf at the skyway, to avoid arrest after critically stabbing and burning victim.
07.17.23: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
07.17.23, James, Pinellas, Black male mid to late 40s bald head no facial hair walking on bike stopped on south bound lane by fence looking over wearing black pants and blue shirt I called it in to FHP any news on this did they catch him or did he Jump? (yours is the only report we received.)

any more info is welcome.
06.21.23: jumper, male, survived, jumped from 20 feet, below the barrier section
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.22.23, anon, Yesterday morning. Male parked car on base of bridge sb manatee side and jumped approx 20 ft. During horrible lightning storm. Pulled from water after about 45 min., Seemed stable

any more info is welcome.
06.21.23, iontb/fb, Skyway Bridge: Watch for slowdowns in the southbound lanes on the Manatee County side due emergency vehicles in the outside lanes.
facebook post,
• 06.22.23, Lee N., Im surprised you reported this! Ive jumped in deeper pools...
  06.23.23, while it's not like a classic on high jump, it was a jump from the bridge, so it was added on a technicality. besides, under the weather circumstances, this individual could have ended up with a similar outcome, if indeed self-death was his goal.
• 06.24.23, Jean S., I actually thank you for posting this. As I was driving over the Skyway and saw the empty vehicle, ambulances on the Skyway and on the Fishing Pier, emergency personnel looking over the side and numerous boats in the water, I really wanted to know what did happen. Even a jump from 20 ft with the amount of debris and structure under the bridge could lead to death or the currents could lead to drowning. I was concerned and I am happy to know the outcome.
  06.24.23, you could stick any number of random people in the water at that exact location, early in the morning, during a major storm, and i bet a fairly high percentage of them would not survive, unless rescued in time. it's not the 20 foot drop that would get you, it's the exposure and inability to manage in the water that would do you in.
• 06.24.23, Rebecca R., Can assure you this case was an attempted suicide. He’s going to be ok.
  06.24.23, thank you. hopefully he will gain a new perspective on this second chance.
open request to this person: care to tell your story?
06.18.23: possible jumper, 1:00am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.18.23, Marie, Pinellas, regarding: Possible Jumper, Around 1am 6/18 I seen a man walking up towards the skyway. Shortly after police were at the top. Would like to know if something happened to that man. I wish i would of made a call when i seen him.

any more info is welcome.
04.14.23: save, female, 4:15am
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
04.14.23, anon, facebook, Subject taken into custody at approx 4:15am this am on top of the skyway. SPPD got her on top of the bridge and she had intention of jumping.

04.14.23, Gayle, St pete, Incident on skyway

any more info is welcome.
facebook post
open request to this person: care to tell your story?
03.03.23: jumper, male, lived, jumped from below the barrier line.
unknown, 22
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.04.23, Unknown, Confirmed jumper South side

03.04.23, Jason L., facebook, someone is in the water right now

03.04.23, anon, Jumper. Most units called off search but victim was located hours later, alive. Car left on bridge. In the water for approx 7 hrs. Picked up by uscg, Transported to Bayfront, Male in early 20s, Vehicle was near where net stopped, Exact jump site unknown. FD responded about 1230 but he may have jumped closer to 9 or 930, FD went available about 215

any more info is welcome.
03.04.23, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, Service Date: 03/04/2023 @ 00:33, Time Cleared: 6:29, 5h56m, report #23250171
03.04.23, iontb/fb, Skyway Bridge: Police activity on the southbound lanes of I-275. Right shoulder blocked. later: The subject jumped from the bridge. He left the car at the start of the fence. Fire rescue was called to the bridge by FHP at about 12:35am. Reports that the jump took place between 9 and 10pm. Fire rescue called off the search at about 2:30am. The victim was located by the USCG at about 4:30am. He was transported to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. comments:
• 03.04.23, Mike M., I'm thinking so, drove past about 30 min ago, handful of cops looking over the side
• 03.04.23, Richard R., I’m on the old pier there was definitely someone in the water I don’t know if anyone was found it’s 3 and they’re still on the bridge more: theyre still flying helicopters almost 3a
• 03.04.23, Angel U., Its been an active scene since 12:30am

03.04.23,, US Coast Guard rescues man from the Gulf nearly 8 hours after he jumped from the Skyway Bridge
The crew from the US Coast Guard (USCG) rescued a male in his 20s from the Gulf of Mexico at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 4, 2023.
The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) reported a vehicle parked in the southbound lanes of bridge, near the start of the fence, and suspected a person jumped from the bridge.
The 45774 crew from the USCG launched along with St. Petersburg Fire Rescue and began searching the area of the bridge.
The fire rescue crews terminated their search efforts at approximately 2:30 a.m., however the USCG continued to search throughout the morning. At approximately 4:30 a.m., the victim was spotted and rescued near Egmont Key after being dragged by a barge and having been in the water for nearly 8 hours.
The victim was alert and conscious and transported back to the USCG station to meet with fire rescue crews for transport to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg.
Earlier, this same crew, assisted with the rescue of 4 people after their boat capsized in Tampa Bay.
The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is a hotline for individuals in crisis or for those looking to help someone else. To speak with a trained listener, call 988. Visit for crisis chat services or for more information.

03.06.23,, Man rescued from waters near Egmont Key spotted by mother and son aboard cruise ship, Coast Guard says.
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Photos provided by the Coast Guard show the moment rescue teams pulled a man from the water near Egmont Key on Saturday.
The location was about three nautical miles from where the man fell into the water near the Skyway Bridge.
"It is just a needle in the haystack honestly," said Petty Officer 3rd Class Justin Swaim.
The man was first spotted by a mother and son onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, and the son quickly called it in, according to Coast Guard crew members.
But rescuers still had other issues - the pitch black darkness, and the fact that a passing barge's wake had dragged the man out for miles.
The Coast Guard said he didn't have a life jacket on.
"He’s incredibly lucky, number one that we found him and number two that we found him with little injury," Swaim said. "It's a miracle honestly."
He had been in the water for some eight hours, according to the Coast Guard.
Had it not been for the mother and son who spotted him from the cruise ship, this story may have ended much differently.
"That son had no idea what was going on, but because he was so diligent and called 911 without any hesitation was the reason we saved a life," Swaim said.
a comment:
03.08.23, Clancy, Thanks Fox for not even mentioning that it was a suicide attempt, censoring it even saying he "fell". Maybe if they were so worried about copycats they should stop reporting murders or mass shooters, or any crime if you think about it. Hiding it doesn't solve anything. Hope this guy gets the proper help he needs. (the media is skilled at reporting the news, as to how they want you to believe it.)
facebook post,
• 03.09.23, Kelly O., Did anyone report what kind of car he had? The make and color? I drive the bridge six days a week and was wondering if it was one of the cars seen up there earlier that week. I am interested in knowing if he did a test run before that day. (anyone?)
open request to this person: care to tell your story?
02.24.23: possible jumper, 9:15pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
02.24.23, Violet, St. Pete, On Friday, February 24th at 9:15pm there was an older model, green, SUV (Tahoe or similar) blocking traffic in the right northbound lane. It’s hazards were on and it was stopped right where the fence begins nearing the top of the skyway bridge. A cop was there with his lights flashing but I did not see an occupant in the vehicle.

any more info is welcome.
02.21.23: possible something, 9:25pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
02.21.23, Kelly, St. Petersburg, FL., (9:25pm), Possible Jumper- I was traveling in the northbound lane going over the Skyway Bridge at 9:25pm this evening (2/21/23) There was a tiny blue car parked at the very top. (Possibly electric) I did not see anyone.

any more info is welcome.
 twenty five years of this
thank you, one and all, for 25 years of skyway jumper history.

facebook post,
• 01.02.23, Nina R., I spent so many hours on this site the last couple years. The guys that run it are swell people. They get flooded with hate mail, but it is a well done site! Check it out. (thank you for calling us out on our swellness, but it probably wouldn't stand up in court.)

• 01.02.23, Rachel Z., Thank you for reporting the truth. (thank you. seems on many levels, the truth doesn't really matter anymore.)

• 03.06.23, Sherri G., Thank you for all you do. (you're welcome, but the thanks go to those that support the website and what it entails, so thank you too.)

• 05.06.23, Joe Winko, I honestly feel like if it wasn't for this site, the whole bridge barrier wall would have never been built despite it being really sad, this site helped me a lot more than people know i'm thankful for it (thank you, joe, you are unique and original. keep being you. thanks for all you do.)
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