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2023 jump events

updated: 01.01.23
25 years of skyway jumper news.
we post everything we know.
if you have any factual news, updates, or additions,
please bring it to our attention.
(our comments follow)

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01.01.23: hoping for a zero jumper new year...
any and all skyway jumper news or olds is welcome.
hoping 2023 brings you all the success and happiness you work hard for.
   the jump records for 2021 and 2022, continue to prove that the barrier has been a positive deterrent to people jumping off the bridge. we will update as things come along. new additions to this site will be listed here. feel free to contribute.

   if you are having trouble dealing with life and everything that comes with it, make the effort to find and use the help that is available to you. life is indeed worth living.

   remember, you are responsible for your own well being. love who you are and who you can be. always maintain an effort to improve upon yourself and allow no one to affect that. rid yourself of those that hold you back, no matter who they are. be they stranger, friend, or even family, lose the destructive forces tearing you down. end your addictions, be they drugs, alcohol, love, social media, and/or whatever consumes you to a negative degree. better yourself. associate with those that care about you. become stronger and healthier in body and mind. by all means, talk to people that can help you.

   do keep an eye on your friends and family members that may be despondent and depressed. check in on those that need checking in on. a few kind words and a helping hand, may be all it takes to send them down a better path. be well, everyone.
 twenty five years of this
thank you, one and all, for 25 years of skyway jumper history.

facebook article posts,
01.02.23, Nina R., I spent so many hours on this site the last couple years. The guys that run it are swell people. They get flooded with hate mail, but it is a well done site! Check it out. (thank you for calling us out on our swellness, but it probably wouldn't stand up in court.)

01.02.23, Rachel Z., Thank you for reporting the truth. (thank you. seems on many levels, the truth doesn't really matter anymore.)
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