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Joe Winko videos

10.30.18, Joe Winko, West Coast of Florida, Hey, I really like your site and I thought it was sad, but interesting. I made a couple videos about the skyway bridge, one of them is a couple minutes of me at the skyway bridge, and another one is of me talking about some of the people who jumped off (it's nothing mean or insulting at all). I was just wondering, would it be ok with you if you shared them on your site? (no problem, joe. nice job, thank you. if you have any more in the future, let us know.)

videos could go gone at any time. updated: 03.05.19


10.29.18: Souls of the Skyway Bridge | Joe Winko Talk
"This is the one of me talking about some of the people who jumped off".

10.28.18: Julia Tyson's Grave | Manatee County, Florida

10.27.18: Driving Across The Skyway Bridge
"Here's one of me going over the bridge. Another thing is, the song used in that video was written about a girl who committed suicide."

09.29.18: The Sad Skyway Bridge
joe likes building 'sims'.

03.05.19,, I Finally Finished editing The Skyway Bridge in The Sims 2. I had to change the golden rods because they didn't show up good enough in the last one, and I also wanted to revise the texture of the roads too, but I'm Much more pleased with how this one turned out & glad it's finally complete.
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Joe Winko Wiki: 04.17.00 - Dalana Davis
03.13.05 - Julia Marie Tyson
05.29.09 - Arcadia Moyer

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