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2012 jump events

updated: 04.01.24
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12.24.12: save, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
12.24.12, Crystal P., facebook, There was a lot of activity on top of the southbound side of the bridge about 6:30pm when I was headed Northbound. Off in the distance I saw the cruise ship that was heading out to sea. Made me wonder [tongue in cheek] if that guy who joked about jumping on to a cruise ship made a go for it.

12.26.12, Jennifer, St. Pete, FL., (6:00pm), While heading south over the Skyway Christmas Eve to have dinner with my family, three FHP and one firetruck passed me between the toll plaza and top of the bridge. When we got to the top there was a small SUV parked against the rail with doors ajar and a pair of discarded white sneakers laying in front of the vehicle. The vehicle was empty and there were a total of 5 emergency vehicles surveying the scene. later: Forgot to mention: we reached the bridge just after the first FHP arrived to the scene, which was precisely the time a gigantic cruise ship passed under the span.

any more info is welcome.
12.24.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, 1801, 1913, 1h12m
05.19.13,, FHP Trooper to be honored at Our Heroes Luncheon for his quick action that saved a life, Trooper saves distraught man on Sunshine Skyway
Pinellas County - Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Javier Hernandez, had to make a split second decision, but that quick action saved a life. It was Christmas Eve 2012, and Trooper Hernandez received a call about a distraught man heading towards the Sunshine Skyway Bridge possibly to commit suicide. Hernandez spotted him and managed to stop him from jumping. For his actions Trooper Javier Hernandez is receiving Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Year Award at Our Heroes Luncheon this Thursday. For 19 years now Sykes Enterprises and John & Susan Sykes have honored our First Responders with Our Heroes Luncheon. The luncheon recognizes the work the men and women of law enforcement and fire rescue provide for all of us as they go above and beyond. They also hand out scholarships to the sons and daughters of our First Responders to help with their education. The luncheon is this Thursday at the Tampa Convention Center from 12 until 1:30. I am honored to be part of it acting as emcee along with Mason Dixon from Q-105.
12.20.12: save, male
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
12.20.12, zolter, facebook, 7:45am. Sunstar transporting a patient saw a male standing on the railing southbound on the bridge. FHP confirms this thru the installed camera system. All units are responding at this time. later: FHP was able to handle and control the situation. Another save. (he could have just waited until tomorrow like the rest of us.)

any more info is welcome.
12.11.12: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
12.11.12, Calvin H., facebook, Possible jumper skyway north bound. Officers going through silver Chevy 4 door at top of bridge.

12.12.12, AB, Sarasota, FL., (4:15am), Saw 2 vehicles pulled over in the emergency lane at the top of the northbound lanes. Neither vehicle had lights on, but the door was open on the 2nd vehicle. I was going too fast and didn't see anything else and checked this site to see if there were other reports.

any more info is welcome.
12.05.12: jumper, 8:05am, male, hit water, died
Mark Mason Esformes, 35
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
12.05.12, zolter, facebook, Working a jumper about 8:05am today. Search underway. later: Body located by red news helicopter. Rescue boat now heading to location. later: Body located by rescue boat. Deceased. Male.

12.05.12, Z T, St Pete, Law enforcement activity on Skyway this morning. Empty car and police looking over railing.

12.05.12, Deena, St Petersburg, Driving northbound from making a delivery in Palmetto saw a four black car with the window halfway down. Firefighters standing and just looking down.12/5/12 appox 8 45 am

any more info is welcome.
12.05.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0817, 1416, 5h59m

12.05.12,, Skyway Bridge Suicide, The man who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge has been identified. Wednesday December 5, 2012 Time: 8:17 AM, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Vehicle: 2004 Acura, Victim: Mark Mason Esformes, DOB: 9-2-77, [address withheld], Bradenton, FL., Details: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office investigators responded to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge after a witness called in reference to a jumper off the bridge. At approximately 8:17 a.m. the driver of a 2004 Acura drove to the north bound center span of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The driver exited the vehicle and jumped over the rail. A witness saw Esformes jump from the bridge and the witness called Florida Highway Patrol. The body was recovered from the water by Fire Rescue and taken to O’Neill’s Marina where it was then turned over to the Medical Examiners Office.
12.05.12,, Man dies after jumping from Skyway, deputies say,
ST. PETERSBURG — Rescuers recovered the body of a Bradenton man Wednesday morning after he jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said. Mark Mason Esformes, 35, drove a 2004 Acura to the northbound center span of the bridge about 8:17 a.m., authorities said. He parked the car, got out and jumped over the rail. A passing motorist saw Esformes jump and called the Florida Highway Patrol, deputies said. Rescuers later recovered his body from the water below the bridge and took it to O'Neill's Marina in St. Petersburg, where it was turned over to the medical examiner's office, deputies said.

12.05.12,, Bradenton man dies in jump from Sunshine Skyway bridge,
ST. PETERSBURG -- St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue recovered the body of a deceased male in waters beneath the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Wednesday morning. The man was identified later as Mark Mason Esformes, 35, of Bradenton. About 8:06 a.m., witnesses reported the man stopped his vehicle and jumped over the bridge’s edge, said Lt. Joel Granata, spokesman for St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue. A Bay News 9 helicopter flying overhead spotted the man in the water. "We talked to them on the radio," Granata said. "They were able to guide us to where they found the body." Esformes’ body was recovered about 8:44 a.m. and taken to O’Neill’s Marina where it was turned over to the Medical Examiner’s Office. "It was pretty quick to find him," Granata said. "The call came in, but that’s not the time we’re on scene. We don’t have a station at the Skyway, but the boat is there." The Coast Guard also responded with an air crew from Clearwater and a boat crew from St. Petersburg. Also assisting was the Florida Highway Patrol and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. This is the 11th death reported from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge this year. There have been two survivors and four saved from jumping. Another 12 possible jumps have been reported, according to a website that tracks bridge activity. (what? a website that tracks bridge activity?~)
Mark Mason Esformes
11.20.12: possible save, 05:54am
11.20.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, MENTALLY ILL PERSON/VIOLENT, 3839, SKYWAY BG, 0554, 0703

any more info is welcome.
11.05.12: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
11.05.12, Calvin H., facebook, Possible jumper red pt cruiser north bound 3 fhp

any more info is welcome.
10.02.12: save, 7:15am
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
10.02.12, anon, (7:15am), Black BMW southbound fhp looking over

10.02.12, zolter, facebook, This was a tweet at about 730am: @BN9: RT @BN9traffic: #PInellas Co: UPDATE: FHP was able to stop someone from hurting themself SB Skyway at the hump Right lane blocked right now. Police Activity

10.02.12, David, St Petersburg, FL., (7:20am), Driving over the skyway and there were about 5-6 state troopers at the top of the bridge. They were looking over the edge. Saw more emergency light in the distance heading that way.

10.02.12, bill e., riverview, fl., (7:19am), 1 trooper and 3 other people looking over side, @ peak, southbound. No reports on HCSO, FHP, or other sms sites. Reports on Bubba show of jumper, and multiple FTP on bridge @ 7:30am

10.02.12, Jane, St Petersburg, (didn't jump, taken away), southbound at the top of the span saw a black bmw at the top with FHP. from what I heard on the radio they rescued the person

any more info is welcome.
09.30.12: jumper, 6:15pm, female, hit water, died, body found same day
Deborah Sue Williams, 43
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.28.12, zolter, facebook, Another jumper. Units responding later: Callers claim female floating. Person in bay liner is with body. later: Confirmed death

09.30.12, Dixi Anne W., Palmetto, FL., (6:20pm), Driving across the Sunshine Skyway Southbound cars were pulled off to the side and people we looking over the sides. The car on the top span had the doors open with people looking through the belongings.

09.30.12, CRAZY JOHN, CLEARWATER FLA., (6:00pm, female, hit water, died, body found), a lady in blue jeans and black leather jacket jumped off the top of skyway bridge today 9/30/2012 a boater was able to get her body out of the water and try doing cpr. she was confirmed dead

09.30.12, Whitney T., Bradenton, (7:00pm), Friend driving over Skyway is caught in traffic and a vacant car at the top. No other details.

09.30.12, andrea, st. Pete. fl., (6:45pm), Just drove by police activity and fire truck at top of bridge going southbound. About 10 people looking overboard into water.

09.30.12, lauren, bradenton, (7:30pm, hit water), Driving over the bridge yet again this year, abandoned car, silver or gray in color at the top, police and fire rescue looking over the edge with flash lights, helicopter flying over water with spot light and appears to be extra boats in the water, most likely coast guard.

09.30.12, randall, st. pete., (6:45pm), was driving southbound and noticed 2 police cars and a grey 4 door car with hazords on and the cops were looking over the edge. and earlier around 5:15 there was a helicopter that left st.pete airport...maybe it was because of this jumper?

10.01.12, jbrown, bradenton, fl, (6:20pm), I was driving home from the airport Sunday 9/30/12 about 6:20 pm. As I approached the top of the bridge all the cars started slamming on their breaks. There were two guys running over to look over the side and the one guy was just pulling his had and shaking his head in such dismay. Then there was a police car with his lights on and the officer was looking over the side. There were about 5 other cars pulled off and people looking over the side. Then there was a woman jumping up and down screaming "Help" and whistling loud and waving her arms as though she was trying to catch a boat's attention.

10.01.12, Sharon, St Petersburg, FL., (6:15pm, female, hit water, died, body found), We were in the Bayliner when the other boat was pointing to the water, we thought maybe it was dolphins or something but when we noticed some were putting on life vest, we realized there was a body floating in the water, I jumped on the phone with 911 who comfirmed that there was a jumper, this was very sad. A smaller john boat came by and pulled the girl onto the other boats swim deck, they tried CPR but as soon as C.G came they covered her up. I still see her when I close my eyes, there is something that makes me feel the urge to find out about her. If someone finds her information out please post it here, I have been doing all kinds of searches & apparently no one covers jumpers, which I think is very sad. Regardless of how you feel about jumpers, they leave people behind that love them, pray they find peace...this will effect the rest of my life & I dont even know her.

any more info is welcome.
09.30.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 1817, 2313, 4h56m

10.02.12,, Second jumper from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge this weekend has been identified. Sunday September 30, 2012, Time: 6:17 PM, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Victim: Deborah Sue Williams, DOB: 3/03/1969, Clearwater, Florida, Details: On September 30, 2012, at approximately 6:17 p.m., deputies responded to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in reference to a jumper. The victim parked her car in the southbound lanes of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and jumped over the rail. St. Petersburg Fire Rescue recovered and transported the body to O’Neill’s Marina. The victim has been positively been identified as Deborah Williams.
Deborah Williams
10.01.12, Carl H., facebook, ...there was something going on with a yacht circling water I have a more nimble lil boat and had to loop around to stay with the body of what seemed to be a younger woman floating face down in water. She was a Skyway jumper and sad to say she had expired her life. I URGE anyone who thinks their life is no longer worth anything to not be selfish and think of all the ones who love you and who will also think, Gosh, I wish I could just talked to them to stop them. I hope I never encounter a situation like this EVER!!! keep your eyes open for signs of depression!

10.02.12, Sharon, St Petersburg, FL., I have never witnessed something that effected me so much, yet has nothing to do with me. Amazing the impact this has had on me and my friends. Thank you for all you for all your hard work on the site, its really is a blessing. I figured there would be plenty of coverage on them and there should be. People should know about the effects on jumping. I just want to tell you how OBSESSED I have become with your site! The bridge has always captured me since I was very young when it collapsed. I have always said that my parents tortured me by taking me under it the very next day after the accident, my Dad even had part of the bus for many years. But I really never knew the impact the bridge would have on my life. This past weekend we were coming back in to the St Pete Pier from Passage Key, when we were flagged by another boat pointing to something in the water, we thought it was nothing more than dolphins until we realized it was a jumper! It has been over 24 hours and all I want to know is everything I can about the jumper. Ive watched news channels, googled recent jumps, read newspapers and this is the only place I have found that gives anything on jumpers, so needless to say I have spent over the last 24 hours GLUED to this website! I think this page is a blessing, not only does it give details in the raw but it also allows people like me to tell how effected I am by this woman's decision to end her life and I have NO CLUE who she is. There were 4 of us on the boat that day and we can not stop talking to each other about our feelings, cant stop trying to find out more about this woman, we are still in shock. Please keep up the good work, if  haters would stop and read through the pages they would realize it is not a game to you but just the opposite! Sometimes raw is what gets people the deepest and when they are thinking about jumping they need to realize not only does it effect their families but complete strangers as well! So continue to give it to 'em RAW!!!! (thank you for the kind words. while we admit this site was started as a game, we now like to think of it as an attempt at jumper prevention, as well as what tends to be one of the few ways jumper information gets published. if these unfortunate events never took place, of course we wouldn't be here, but they do and we feel people need to know what is going on. it's not like these suicidal jumpers are taking a private way out. they are involving several public agencies, thousands of bridge travelers, and, as you attest, boaters that become a part of the drama as it happens. this was not a private suicide. this was a public spectacle and should be reported as such. we are sorry ms. williams has put you through this, but more so that she has put her family and especially her children through this. we hope your participation in this event will eventually leave you normal again, but you will never forget that day. here are a few other boater involved jumper stories: 12.15.08, 07.17.09, and 03.13.10. mind you, if the link you click does not take you to the article as expected, please close the resulting page and click the link again. sometimes the excessive page content won't load properly the first time. again, thank you for your kind words and your story. we hope your foot gets well soon.)

10.02.12, Ed F., St. Pete., Fl., Just wanted to thank the people with the kind words for Deb. I want to also send a special thanks to Sharon and the boaters who took action. Debbie was loved by many, she left me with the most special gift of all My daughter! She touched many with her kind heart. Our Love, our Hearts are with you Deb.
10.02.12, Tina M., facebook, Thank you for your postings!! I have been intrigued by this for the few years I have lived here and cant help but check the site regularly. Now it has hit too close to home. I can't get over the selfishness of this act and who it affects. More people than just the family. Your comments in "red" are right on target. I wish people would think and try to figure out how to cope with life and not take the easy way out, it's not easy for those left behind. Life is always full of challenges and there are people who love them. Thanks again. (thank you for your kind words. we think suicide is a viable out for those that truly need it, such as those at life's end and/or with incurable illness and/or with debilitating pain. however, using the skyway as a method is not the wisest way to do it. we feel the impulsive jump over depression, loss of love, or job is selfish. in our opinion, it's perhaps the cruelest form of mental child abuse a parent can force upon their children. great, you can not handle life, so make sure your kids are set up for a life of never ending sadness over your inability to cope. awesome. people often accuse us of having no compassion for jumpers and sometimes we don't. our disgust over what they have done directs our compassion to those left behind and there is often little left for the jumper.)
Tina M., I know it's just so very sad for the people left behind. WTF is wrong with some people??? just pisses me off a bit. Thank you again. (you have a right to be pissed off, as no doubt you will need to be there to help pick up the pieces. you have been cast in a drama against your will and now must perform. stay positive for those left behind. good luck.)
Tina M., Thank you very much and keep posting like you do. It seriously has to help a few. (we like to hope so, but who really knows? if you saw some of the contact we get from truly depressed people, it's amazing there isn't a line at the top of the bridge. we have over 1300 'friends' on facebook and some of the 'news feed' postings are from some really depressed and lonely people. hopefully, they will read a bit and get some help. times are getting harder and many people are having a tough go of it. we hope the recent flurry of jumper activity isn't a trend.)
Tina M., I am sharing your page with my facebook friends....I don't have the answers and can't solve everyone's problems but if you reach a few, that is something. I can't imagine what you must feel sometimes and yes, this bridge thing is just awful. We can only do so much for an individual....only so much. Times are hard but that doesnt mean you give up. Especially if you have children. What hope do they have if you can't find it yourself. (some people think we relish another jumper, "oh boy, another one, woo hoo!". that's bullshit. nothing would please us more than the site go dormant due to the fact there are no more jumpers. we're not professional counselors, but we absolutely know that we have helped some get through a few bumps in life. however, in the end, the only one responsible for our happiness is our self. no one can make us happy if we are not happy with our selves. suicide is not the answer.)
Tina M., I totally agree and it's a be happy or not. Your site is the only site to get the real information from real people. You're doing a great job and that is why I emailed you the other night. (thank you and good luck.)

10.03.12, Cory, Clearwater, I just wanted to let everyone know she was a great mother. She was a very loving person and had the biggest heart.. She is loved and missed by so many.. Thank you to the boaters and everyone who helped. (truly sorry for your loss.)

10.03.12, Kimberly M., st. petersburg, My Church had a wonderful day out fishing under the Skyway Bridge. They had 4 boats out there and was enjoying the day fishing until they heard the voice screaming all the way down. They contacted the coast guard right away and all 4 boats started to search for the body. They were saddened so much by this. But they continued to hunt for the body they seen coming down. They could not find the body, The Coast Guard took over was there right away. I did not know when they told me about this that it was someone that I have know for a few years. Deborah was the most caring person. Always talking about her children and her little grandchild. Her children were everything to her. Also she had a wonderful Friend for many years that was right by her side always helping her out. He was her Angel. Rob S****** you are a very special individual. A guy with a huge heart that never stops. God Bless You always my friend. You are a true friend. And Deborah always talked about you. And how you were always there to make things easier. Thanks so much Rob for always caring for everyone and always being there. Her children will never forget the wonderful friend you were to there Mom. She will be greatly missed. She now is an Angel looking down on all her loved ones. Please remember all the great times with her and carry them on. Love one another and stay strong. I want to Thank my wonderful Friends from Church for all the help. Laos Community Church 49th st and 11th ave n. Saint Pete. (with all the love and caring she had for her children, why would she do this to them? it just makes no sense.)

10.03.12, Levi lynn F., Saint petersburg, FL., Deborah was a great mother, friend, and woman. She had such a big heart! She would do anything for anyone just to see them smile! She was always there when we needed her, and always trying to stay positive with everything no matter what life threw at her. This is a nightmare for her Children, family, and friends. we see she has touched others lives as well. I do want to thank the people who tried to help, especially the boaters and their quick action. These past days have been so rough for us her family and friends.. This day will stick with us forever and she will never fade from our memory! I also want to thank most of the people on here for their kind words and support. and for those who are quick to judge didnt know her, or what she struggled with every day! have some respect for her, and her family! we dont need to see any negativity! Thanks again to those who helped, and reported their info.

10.05.12, Kimberly M., st. petersburg, At the end of my Blog was why would she do this if she loved her family and kids? We will never know this answer. Some people just can't take anymore. And Deborah tried to make everyone happy. People just need to sit and think did they make her life easy???? Not at all. And after all that was done always she tried. I really am Happy that she will have no more pain. And will be watching over all of you. Deborah will never be forgotten. And will live on in all our great memories of her. Her wonderful daughters and great son. Also her pride and joy her Granddaughter. Rest in peace my Friend. You are an Angel Deborah. Love and Peace forever.

10.06.12, sue, palm harbor, I had recently for 3 months met deb through my son and her son are best friends...she is a wonderful person..and caring..we had alot in common other than our sons...she loved horses as i do to....i am so upset from this situation..i will deeply miss her...i want to send my condolences to her children and parents and to rob also...believe me she is a angel now and will be here for family and friends forever.......

09.13.15, Levi L., facebook, I definitely do not think there is enough help for people struggling with anxiety and depression. After awhile of struggling they see no other way out. People judge so easily, instead of try to help. Its sad. I lost my mother to suicide off the skyway in 2012. The anniversary of her death is right around the corner. I cring everytime I hear of a jumper, and my heart hurts for them and their families. I went through the pain, my family went through the pain, but most of all we knew her pain was so great that she felt she had no other choice. She seen numerous doctors and tried to get help for years. unfortunately treatment is limited, expensive and not covered by many insurances which makes them feel like its a hopless battle. There needs to be more help and understanding of depression to actually help to prevent suicide. Glad it was avoided today!

09.10.21, Arden D., Clearwater, Deborah was my mother and I've missed her every day since she decided to take her own life in 2012. The amount of pain you experience losing a loved one to suicide is unreal. It's been almost 9 years and I still haven't rekindled my love for life. It breaks my heart even more to know that her loss affected people that didn't even know her personally. I'm hoping that the fence/netting will help prevent other people from feeling the devastating aftermath from future skyway jumpers. (it's dreadful to have the constant pain surrounding you and your family with her loss. i only hope that you can eventually live the fullest of life, that she was unable to live. i'm sure she would want that for you. be well.)
09.30.12: possible jumper, 4:08am
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.30.12, zolter, facebook, There was a bridge alert at 4:08 this am. We may have had another this month.

09.30.12, Big G., Pinellas FL., (4:08am, male), He was walking on the northbound right shoulder, approaching the incline just after 4 am. No car seen anywhere on bridge. White guy, 20, short hair, only wearing shorts. Was walking at a fast pace, about 3-5 minutes away from the top span, walking distance. By the time Police/EMS arrived on scene, he was gone.

any more info is welcome.
09.28.12: jumper, 6:45pm, male, hit water, body found next day
Brett Sterling Hall, 43
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.28.12, zolter, facebook, Car at center span. Search in progress. Nobody witnessed. Car with motor running at top of bridge. Still searching.

09.28.12, Terri, St.Petersburg, FL., (6:45pm, male, hit water), I am on the skyway bridge and a man exited out of a Silver color 4 door car. I believe it was a Dodge. He just jumped off the Skyway bridge. The police are on the bridge now. I do not know any more details as of yet.

09.28.12, M. B., Palmetto, FL., (7:00pm), Traveling southbound, silver honda civic parked at centerspan of bridge, firetrucks, police cars, and emergency personnel looking over side of bridge. Did not see a jumper, must have already happened.

09.28.12, Dave H., Bradenton, FL., Heard on The Spice show 102.5 thebone, white Honda Accord. Two cop cars at top. Helicopter in air. Boats below etc. They said he its a male..also had a report of whitecaddy....but another caller said no itsa honda guys rock!

09.28.12, Joe, Tampa, FL., 7:00pm), SB Skyway had 1 car + 1 fire truck + 4 police cars at the apex. 2 helicopters, 1 was coast guard. 1st responders were on the bridge with binnoculars. Traffic was slowed in both directions, dead stop for awhile..

09.28.12, jessica, (6:45pm), driving southbound around 6:45pm and there was an empty car with emergency personnel frantically checking over the side on both nb and sb side.

09.29.12, Nick G., Saint Pete, (3:45pm, male, died), Mother of jumper and sister of jumper told us. We knew him and he was not stable. On medication. Good looking guy who love God. But not stable. late forties. Wanted a wife. Lived by himself. Miss seeing him. His name was Michael

09.29.12, zolter, facebook, FD responding near Egmont for possible body recovery. later: Body recovered.

10.01.12, Cindy, Bradenton, FL., (7:00pm, male, died, body found), A friend of mine told me that Brett Hall jumped off the Skyway and left his car on top of the bridge. She said that his sister has already identified the body.

any more info is welcome.
09.28.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, MISSING PERSONS - ADULT ENDANGERED, SKYWAY BG, 1821, 0145, 7h24m

09.29.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 0905, 1416, 5h11m

10.01.12,, The man who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge has been identified.
Friday, September 28, 2012, Time: 7:06 PM, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Victim: Brett Hall, DOB: 7/12/69, Bradenton, Florida, Details: On September 28, 2012, at approximately 7:06 p.m., deputies responded to the southbound lane at the center span of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in reference to an abandoned vehicle observed by Florida Highway Patrol. HCSO Air Service, HCSO Marine Unit, St. Petersburg Fire/Rescue, Pinellas EMS and US Coast Guard responded to the scene and initiated search and rescue operations. All efforts to locate a person in the water were met with negative results.
On September 29, 2012, the US Coast Guard notified Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit of Mr. Hall’s body just off Egmont Key. The body was positively identified as Brett Hall. The Medical Examiner’s Office responded to take custody of the body.
09.15.12,, Crews searching for possible Skyway jumper
MANATEE -- A silver car left running at the top of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge just after rush hour Friday has sparked a search in the Gulf waters for a possible suicide victim.
But a body, or survivor, had not been found by 7:30 p.m., said Lt. Joel Granata of St. Petersburg Fire & Rescue.
The silver car, whose make or model was not immediately available, was pulled over near the wall in the southbound lanes, Granata said.
An initial search by St. Petersburg Fire & Rescue did not turn up anything, but the U.S. Coast Guard and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office are continuing the search, Granata said.
"There was no note and no eyewitness and nothing caught on camera," Granata said.
A few weeks ago, a similar incident occurred involving an abandoned car and no victim was found in that case, Granata added.
The Florida Highway Patrol monitors cameras on the bridge around the clock and issues a "bridge alert" when a car stops on the bridge, Granata said. (updates?)
  Rescue personnel peer over the side of the northbound lanes of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Friday evening after an unoccupied vehicle was found parked at the top of the bridge.
  Brett Sterling Hall

09.25.12: save?, male, was stopped from jumping
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
09.25.12, zolter, facebook, I believe fhp and FD working to talk a male out of jumping. Initial call at 248pm. Southbound at top of bridge. Appears to be a successful save. Sunstar being called in to come to the top of the bridge.

any more info is welcome.
09.15.12: jumper, 7:20pm, male, hit water, died
Mark Trinder
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.15.12, zolter, facebook, north bound lanes of travel. Witnessed jumper over the bridge. FHP on scene. 7:22PM. FD responding.

09.15.12, allclear, clearwater, (7:30pm, male), PCSO/FHP responding to anon caller of white male jumper wearing jeans and t-shirt jumped, possibly victim made call

09.15.12, Sharon R. S., facebook, Jumper, witnessed by FHP, just went over the southbound side. All normal personnel responding. more: Just after the guy jumped, a large freighter went by, so they are having problems finding where he might be. Also the weather is kind iffy and it is dark out. They are going to make another pass or two and then call it a night from what I hear.


09.15.12, Joe, tarpon springs, (7:30pm), Saw the and police boat searching right lane closed.

09.15.12, C.R., St.Pete, Florida, (8:00pm), Was on the Bridge and saw abandoned white dodge truck. Police all over and helicopter and boats searching water =(

09.19.12, M. Adeira, Madeira Beach, FL., Around 1130 pm police and firefighters standing around bloated body that washed up on Madeira beach. Suspected jumper from 9-15.

any more info is welcome.
09.15.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, MISSING PERSONS - ADULT ENDANGERED, SKYWAY BG, 1920, 0051, 5h31m
09.15.12,, Authorities search for person who jumped off Sunshine Skyway Bridge Just after 7:30 p.m., a Florida Highway Patrol trooper spotted a pickup driving in the emergency lane and pulled behind the vehicle, said Debbie Carter, a spokeswoman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. As the trooper prepared to approach the truck, the driver got out and jumped off the bridge without hesitation, Carter said. Later, authorities discovered the truck had been reported stolen.
Mark Trinder
09.21.12, jeff g., tampa, fl., My good friend Mark Trinder, whom I have known since he was a baby. Super nice guy. Wish I was in town to help him. Service in about three weeks for friends and family. RIP Mark Trinder.

10.28.12, Jeff G., tampa, Just wanted to clarify that Mark Trinder was driving his fathers truck that he had taken without permission. Mark was going through tough times and had lost a few jobs and was unhappy. I don't want any part of his legacy to seem like he was a car thief, granted his father had reported the car stolen but obviously Mark was having issues at the time and I don't think he should be looked at as a thief. If possible please post this under the post that states the theft. Thanks  (it's a different form of thievery when it's kept in the family. much like kidnapping a kid when you're the mother/father. sure, you are taking a kid, but it's your kid.)
09.13.12: jumper, female, 1:57pm, died, body found same day
Reeve Caito, 60
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.13.12, zolter, facebook, 1:57pm. Possible jumper. Units responding. Yellow volkswagon on manatee side of bridge. FHP on scene. more: Body recovered at 2:45pm. Deceased.

09.13.12, Doug M., Palm Harbor, (2:30pm), Saw a car parked northbound vw bug about halfway up bridge firetruck in southbound side...fhp by car on north side not sure if jumper but saw.disbatch went out

09.13.12, nathan, (2:30pm), I was just driving across the skyway bridge and FHP, fire rescue, and FDOT where on the northbound lanes. There was a yellow VW bug parked also. Coast guard rescue was in the water below. Not sure of anything beyond that.

09.13.12, Jonathon, (2:00pm), Was driving south over skyway, newer yellow volkswagon beetle parked on northbound side. Two troopers were looking over north side, ems/fire looking over south side. Now driving back north on way to work (4pm) traffic has been crawling. Detective vehicles have passed on shoulder. [withheld] license plate; car being towed. Could not see boat activity.

09.13.12, DJ, Tampa, FL., We were driving from Manatee to Pinellas when I saw cops lights ahead and a Firetruck on the other side. 3/4 up the bridge before peak (I'm assuming he/she didn't go to the peak because workers were up there), cop car in front and back of a yellow Vw Beetle. As we descended the bridge the Coast Guard recovery chopper was heading to the scene.

09.14.12, Shelly K. F., facebook, Yesterday I was headed home to St Pete and saw someone get out of a yellow volkswagon walk straight to wall and jump. I called 911 and was sorry to hear later a body was recovered. Very disturbing to see it happen in real time.

any more info is welcome.
09.13.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1402, 1841, 4h39m
09.14.12,, The woman who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge has been identified. Thursday, September 13, 2012, Time: 2:02 PM, Sunshine Skyway Suicide, Victim: Reeve Caito, DOB: 9/04/1952, [address withheld], St. Petersburg, FL., Details: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in reference to a jumper. The victim parked her vehicle in the northbound lane on the center span and jumped over the rail. The Coast Guard recovered the body and transferred it to a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office patrol boat for transport to O’Neill’s Marina. The victim was positively identified and next of kin notified.
09.13.12, TampaBayTraffic twitter feed:
1- Medical crews, US Coast Guard dispatched off of southern Pinellas County, near northern end of Sunshine Skyway Bridge
2- SUNSHINE SKYWAY: Delays northbound I-275 at top of bridge due to law enforcement activity.

09.13.12,, Lealman woman dies from plunge off Sunshine Skyway
ST. PETERSBURG — The body of a Lealman woman who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway was recovered Thursday afternoon, authorities said.
A marine unit from the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office found the body.
Authorities identified her as Reeve Caito, 60.
  Reeve Caito
09.06.12: jumper, 9:49pm, male, hit water, died
James 'Jimbo' Turner, 46
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.06.12, Sharon R. S., facebook, Something is up. The entire entourage has been dispatched... including dive boats. more: They just requested a recovery bag to be placed on one of the fireboats. They are also confirming tidal flow. more: searching all the pilings from the north end... victim's car on top of bridge. more: one LEO stated to check the 'young ladies' car as there were numerous pill bottles in the car and he wanted to know what they were

09.06.12, shepdog of skyway lane, St Pete, FL., (09.06.12, 9:49pm), Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Fire and Rescue Station 11, Fire Boat 11, Marine Patrol, the Coast Guard and the District Chief from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper. more: Listening to Pinellas County radio. District Chief reports that someone went off the center span from a vehicle in the northbound lane. Pinellas County active 911 website shows Rescue 11 and Sunstar transported someone to Bayfront. Wait, Rescue 11 just asked if the District Chief can look for pills in the car. Attempted murder-suicide? Suicide pact where 1 appears to survive?

09.06.12, Pattie, Bradenton, FL., (09.06.12, 9:48pm, male), As we were driving over the Skyway in the southbound lane we saw a car parked at the top and a man outside over the rail standing on the edge. He looked over his shoulder towards us and then we didn't see him. I called 911 and they said they had a car dispatched.

09.21.12, someone who knows, Bradenton, FL., (09.06.12, 10:00pm, male, no phones, hit water, died, body found), This was a 46 yr old male. His body was recovered the next afternoon in Pinellis County.

any more info is welcome.
09.06.12,, Suicide, dispatched: 10:06 PM, arrived: 10:38 PM,  SKYWAY BRIDGE NORTHBOUND [ST PETERSBURG]
09.06.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 2159, 0332, 5h33m
09.06.12,, Authorities searching for man who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge
ST. PETERSBURG — A man jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge late Thursday night, authorities said.
Dispatchers received a report about 10 p.m. that two people were standing on the bridge and that one had jumped, according to St. Petersburg Fire & Rescue. Dive teams were searching the waters near the bridge late Thursday to try to find the man who jumped.
No other information was immediately available. (updates?)


03.06.13, annon, Bradenton, FL., RIP Jimbo Turner. <3

06.03.14, Melissa J., James 'Jimbo' Turner was loved by everyone who met him. His gregarious personality apparently belied an inner darkness and his suicide is a true tragedy. I cannot fathom how a man who gave so much love in this world could not find the love to sustain himself. I am sorry, my friend, that I wasn't there to help you find a reason to hang on to life. I hope you all take a look at Jimbo's pictures and you will see what a happy, happy, guy he was. He worked with disabled children and adults and smiled all the while. In his obit it simply says that he died unexpectedly. I just learned that it was a jump. I hate that people dance around the word suicide. Say what it was, probably a long battle with a serious illness.

06.17.16, Angela T., Bradenton, FL., On that Friday after "Jimbo" left work he seemed in reasonable spirits. We spoke. He said he was going on a trip and appeared quite pleased and excited. Jimbo was LOUD....and I do mean LOUD! He had some hearing loss. We sort of bonded over that. I loved catching him for a moment and chatting it up. He was the SWEETEST kindest nicest guy! He would give you his arm if he could and you needed it. He was always wondering if he had satisfied the requests of co-workers. He always smiled. I was going through a very serious postpartum depression at the time. I didn't even feel it sneak up on me. I thought I was going "crazy." Jimbo could see my pain. He would talk to me and tell me that I had my whole life and my children to be worried about. I was DEVASTATED when I learned what had happened. We were not best friends, we had not worked together for as long as most others there, but he touched my heart. I still feel a great deal of pain and disquiet with what happened the afternoon after I left work. My depression depended and I contemplated doing the same. I think what he did saved MY life. I do not mean it was "justified" or anything of the sort! I just mean I felt another pain whenever I thought of doing such a thing. Jimbo, we didn't know one another well, but I have to say I believe you are somewhat of a guardian angel for me. If I could go back to that afternoon when I last saw you I would have let you know how I felt. What a wonderful guy you were. I thought you knew, but I was wrong. I am sorry for that. You are dearly missed. (we are sorry you lost a friend. while you may have not been best friends, that does not negate the fact you had a special connection. sometimes, those less close to us, can know and understand us better than those that are more so.)
08.07.12: save, 12:40am, male, was stopped from jumping
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.07.12, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (08.07.12, 12:41am, male, was stopped from jumping), PCSO dispatch car @ 12:41, priority 'high', suicidal suspect unarmed, skyway bridge. EMS/FIRE shows 6 units dispatched grid 723a. I switched to, EMS staging @ Blackthorne site, reported multiple police units at center of bridge, 1:01, EMS reports patient stradling bridge. 1:26 dispatch advised FHP has suspect In custody, all units return to stations.
08.07.12, Bill E., facebook, 1:27 am, St. Pete dispatch to all units....."FHP has suspect in custody, return to normal." Strange, as FHP site did not show an open call. We have a 'save'.

08.07.12, Cody M., My iPhone wont Let me use the form but last night approx 12:30 AM on 08-07-12 there was an FHP officer talking to a person at the crisis phone, the gold or tan 4 door car was parked next to it with its flashers on, thought it may have been a disabled vehicle, coming back at 1:15 AM headed northbound there was about 6-9 officers at the top of the bridge out of their cars looking at the car and two EMS and two fire rescue SUV's were positioned on the southbound side at the fishing pier exit on standby.

any more info is welcome.
08.07.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, INFORMATION, SKYWAY BG, 1142, 1144, 0h2m
08.02.12: jumper?, male?, 3:38pm, green car?, died?, body not yet found?
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.02.12, zolter, facebook, 3:38pm. Caller reports elderly male just jumped from center span.

08.02.12, David, St Petersburg, FL., (08.02.12, 4:00pm), South bound, white car at top with doors open. 4 police cars at top. 3 looking over edge. Heard news it was an older man.

08.02.12, anon, Just went over bridge, lots of activity, abandoned small green car.

08.02.12, Shepdog of Skyway Lane, St Pete, Fl., (08.02.12, 3:37pm), Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Fire and Rescue Station 11, Fire Boat 11, Marine Patrol, the Coast Guard and the Rescue Lieutenant from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper.

08.02.12, Sara P. K., facebook, Friend is reporting they are stuck at the bottom of skyway with police activity at top and helicopter circling! Do we have another jumper!?? :/ later: Any truth to reports that there was an attempt at 1:30 today as well! Current report is that an elderly man jumped at 4:00 but I'm being told there was an attempt earlier too! Crazy that 2 would happen in one day! (there have been twofers before, but it seems this is a singular jump event.) sara posts these images. all 3 photo credits to Candi M., facebook:

08.02.12, Cody, (08.02.12, 4:15pm), My brother drove over the bridge at approx 4:15pm (8/2/12) and called me to say there was stop and go traffic all along bridge southbound. Helicopters in air and multiple law agencies. Turned on Pinellas Sheriff Office scanner and I will try to quote as best as possible. "Yes 10-4, eyewitness says she saw a man park his car on the center span, walk about 30-50feet away from his vehicle, correction, south from his vehicle, put one leg over the bridge, then jump. Again, he walked 30-50feet south of his parked vehicle. That would put him above the rocks, correct?"... the response was garbled. Thoughts and prayers for the victim and the eyewitnesses involved today. SPEAK UP SEEK HELP!

08.02.12, Kelly, Bradenton, FL., (08.02.12, 4:30 or 5pm), My husband is stuck on the skyway and the normal activity after a jumper is going on. Coast Guard helicopters in the air and Coast Guard boats in the water. Sad :(

08.02.12, Terri, St. Petersburg, FL., (08.02.12, 3:44pm, male, hit water, body found), I was on the Skyway bridge at about 3:44 pm and saw an older man standing outside of his green car and police were talking to him. I saw the man shake his head as if he was saying NO and then he disappeared over the side of the bridge.

08.02.12, pat, bradenton, (08.02.12, 4:30pm), going south in traffic over bridge. watching c.g. chopper searching grids then it stopped 1/2 mile or so south from bridge and hovered over water and descending spraying water. they hovered low approx. 3 minutes then ascending again but did move from site. thought they may have recovered body but not sure. felt bad and didn't even know who it was..

08.02.12, Karen, Bradenton, (08.02.12, 4:00pm, male, died, body found), Going acrooss bridge, knew something was wrong. Either a wreck, jumper, or injured worker. Then saw helicopters flying around. About an hour later we saw Coast Guard with a body strapped under, covered up... Was pretty sad to see. Prayers to his family.

08.02.12, marki, saint pete, fl., (08.02.12, male), I was cresting the top of the south bound side and saw this man jump, I saw him spread his arms and leap out of a squat off the side of the skyway. I wasn't sure what I had just seen because it was out of my peripheral vision but an suv in front of me must've seen him too because as we reached the bottom of the bridge, near all the rest area exits, the s.u.v. pulled off the road to a state trooper and that's when I realized i probabaly saw what I thought I did, a man committing suicide. To be honest I saw him in the last moments of his life as i drove by him. I couldn't stop to look and didnt have enough time to slow down. I have been searching the news, but i havn't found out whether they found him or didnt. He didnt even hesitate to jump, he just let go and fell from my vision after spreading his arms like a bird and kicked off the railing of the bridge.

08.02.12, Lee D., facebook, ···I saw the same thing, a little green beater car, an f h p car, and two sheriff's cars, a fire truck, and a road ranger truck. everyone was looking over the edge and one of them had binoculars.

08.04.12, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., FTP has had an open call for suicide, Skyway since report of last jumper. About 2 days ago, note was added to contact fish and wildlife for more info. Today a time of 11:10 am to the call. Something going on, seems call is not closed yet. (skyway jumper mystery and intrigue. who knows what? when did they know it? will one agency communicate with the other? has someone explained the green car? who does it belong to?)  

any more info is welcome.
08.02.12,, Suicide, dispatched 03:44 PM arrived 04:04 PM SUNSHINE SKYWAY [TOP OF SB SIDE]
08.02.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, MISSING PERSONS - ADULT ENDANGERED, 1 SKYWAY BG, 1544, 2112, 5h28m
08.02.12,, FHP investigates suicide off Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Two eyewitnesses reported than a man jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge about 3:37 p.m. Thursday.
As of 5 p.m., two rescue boats and a helicopter were scanning the area, according to Lt. Joel Granata of St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue. A body had not been located at that time.
Four people have died after jumping off the bridge this year. Two people have survived the jump and one person was saved from jumping.
Another 11 possible jumpers have been reported, according to (not so much 'reported', just that there is the possibility of a jumper. any more, when people see stopped cars on the skyway, they think jumper and send in a report. the Hillsborough Sheriff logs in a 'SUICIDE ATTEMPT' every now and then, but we hear nothing else about it from anyone else. was there a jumper? who knows? so we log it as a 'possible'. it could have easily been an unreported save, vehicle issue, or a quick picture moment. we do thank you for the media mention.)

08.02.12,, Witnesses say man jumped from Skyway
MANATEE COUNTY - Coast Guard and state officials are searching for a person who two witnesses said jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on Thursday afternoon.
Lt. Joel Granata of St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue said that at about 5:15 p.m. his agency turned the search over to the Coast Guard and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
"At about 3 today we had two reports that someone had jumped," he said. "We searched from 3:30 to 5:30, and we didn’t find anything."
The Coast Guard and Fish and Wildlife are continuing the search, Granata added.
A witness reported on the website that he heard on a police scanner that a man had parked his car on the center span, walked 30 to 50 feet away from his vehicle, put one leg over the side of the bridge and then jumped.

08.03.12,, Search suspended for man who possibly jumped from Skyway Bridge
Agencies searching for a man who allegedly jumped Thursday from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge have suspended their efforts.
Two eyewitnesses reported about 3:40 p.m. that a man jumped from the bridge, which spans Tampa Bay.
Two boats and a helicopter were searching the area Thursday afternoon, but no one has reported finding a body.
St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue suspended their search about 5:30 p.m. Thursday, according to Lt. Joel Granata. The Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also searched Thursday.
"Nobody is looking now," said FWC spokesman Gary Morse said Friday.
Morse said the reports of a possible suicide attempt are unconfirmed, but the case is still open.
He added that a search may resume today.

08.03.12,, Search ends after reported Sunshine Skyway jumper sighting
By Dan Sullivan, Times Staff Writer
ST. PETERSBURG — Authorities called off a more than 24-hour search Friday for a person who was reported to have jumped Thursday from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
Passing motorists on the top of the bridge's southbound side reported seeing a person wearing blue jeans leap over the side at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday, authorities said.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission led an air and sea search of the waters near the bridge with assistance from the U.S. Coast Guard and Eckerd College, said FWC spokesman Gary Morse. By Friday, searchers had found no sign that anyone had jumped.
"(The search) ensued with no evidence found that anyone jumped," Morse said. "We're not sure this happened." (can anyone discuss the green car and how it got there? what about the people that claim to have seen a man jump?)
07.29.12: jumper, male, 2:10pm, hit water, died, body found same day
Jason Allen King, 40
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
07.29.12, sarah, ft myers, fl., (07.29.12, 2:20pm), Just drove over the Skyway bridge and at the top was a white four door car that was empty. The call box door was open and there two cops... don't know if person survived. Was very sad seeing the empty car.

07.29.12, Shaun, Bradenton, fl., Drove by saw fhp and an empty old model white car. Southbound side

07.29.12, Kevin B., PoCharlotte, Fl., (07.29.12, 2:10pm, male), Driving back to port charlotte from visiting family in tampa, we saw the man get out of his car, step up on the bumper then trunk to the roof. He turned, took a half step back before he dove off. Called 911

07.29.12, zolter, facebook, 2:11pm. Male jumper. White car. Caller sees boater attempting to pull subject in sailboat. FFWC meeting up with vessel.

07.30.12, Tom, bradenton, (07.29.12, 2:18pm, male, hit water, died, body found), Driving over the bridge saw him get out of a white 4 door . He looked over the edge, pulled his pants up, climbed on his trunk, then his roof and dove off.

any more info is welcome.
07.29.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, 3839, 1 SKYWAY BG, 1411, 1802, 3h51m
07.30.12,, The man that jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge has been identified.
Sunday, July 29, 2012, Time: 3:00 PM, Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Victim: Jason Allen King, DOB: 9-6-71, [address withheld], St. Petersburg, FL.
Details: On July 29, 2012, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in reference to a jumper. The victim parked his vehicle on the center span and jumped over the rail. His vehicle was recovered on the bridge. Boaters in the area recovered the body. The body was then transported to the Medical Examiners Office. The victim was positively identified and next of kin notified.
07.29.12,, Man jumps to death from Sunshine Skyway, officials say
ST. PETERSBURG -- A man jumped to his death from the Sunshine Skyway bridge Sunday afternoon, authorities said.
The man, who was estimated to be in his 20s, was dead when he was retrieved from the water by rescuers, said St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue Lt. Joel Granata.
Authorities responded to a call about the incident around 2:10 p.m., Granata said. Officials with the U.S. Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also responded.
Authorities have not released the man's identity. comments follow article. such as:
• ConcernedInStPete, Drove by the scene this afternoon. An empty white sedan with the windows rolled down, parked at the peak of the bridge directly adjacent to one of the help phones. Several empty police cars were parked at the top of the bridge as well; the officers standing near the car and peering over the edge. You poor young soul. I can't begin to imagine how your demons could torment you so badly that you would choose this particular outcome.

07.30.12,, Man who jumped from Sunshine Skyway identified
By Laura C. Morel, Times Staff Writer
HILLSBOROUGH — A man who died after jumping off the Sunshine Skyway on Sunday has been identified, the sheriff's office said.
Jason Allen King, 40, of St. Petersburg, parked his car on the center span of the bridge about 3 p.m. and jumped over the rail, Hillsborough deputies said.
The U.S. Coast Guard and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission responded to the scene.
11.12.19,, By Erin Murray, Happiness Signs Are Popping Up Around St. Pete,
In red and yellow, signs with the word 'Happiness' are popping up across St. Petersburg.
"A word can change the way a person feels," said Gary King.
King is the man behind the signs. The purpose of them is simple and it happens when a person sees one.
"They smile. And that is why I call it the happiness experiment," said King.
They are placed in high foot and car traffic areas in St. Pete.
"A little cheer never hurt any of us," said Mark Haney, St. Petersburg resident.
"Happiness, yeah, it put a smile on my face, that is for sure," said Austin Noga, St. Petersburg resident.
"Happy! Yeah we feel a little happier yeah," said Jymi and Kelly Spica, St. Petersburg residents.
A cheerful scientist of sorts, King, one would think would be the happiest guy around to do this.
"I am happy, but I have to tell you, happiness, you are not supposed to be happy all the time. Because life brings you challenges," said King.
In 2012, King faced one of his biggest challenges. His son, Jason Allen King, went out to the Skyway Bridge and died by suicide.
"Every hour of every day I miss my son," said King. "And I chose to do whatever I can do, to make a difference in this world. And there is one of the things I chose to do."
Hanging signs is his own form of therapy.
"Off to the next happiness location," said King.
King is an author of The Happiness Formula. He works as a mentor and coach of life skills.

02.21.20,, Life-long PTSD battle leads St. Pete man to hang 'HAPPINESS' signs around town.
Gary King has hung 48 HAPPINESS signs near his home as a form of therapy. He calls it his 'Happiness experiment.'
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Gary King loves it when he goes into stores and gets recognized.
"They go, ‘You’re the happiness guy’ and I go ‘Yeah, I’m the happiness guy’," said the St. Petersburg man. "There are worse nicknames."
It’s easy to earn a nickname when you care around as many signs as Gary. Since November, he’s been hanging red, white and yellow signs on trees and telephone poles near crowded Pinellas County intersections baring one simple word:
"It could be affecting thousands and thousands of people," said Gary, who authored a book titled ‘The Happiness Formula’ in 2016. In it, he shares his journey battling complex PTSD.
"This is a form of therapy and it’s a really great form of therapy," he said. "There’s not a lot of therapy for PTSD and millions and millions of people suffer from it."
Gary lost his only child, Jason, to suicide in 2012.
"I think about him every hour of every day."
Gary understands what it’s like to be depressed. He was instrumental in helping get measures passed to place security netting on the Skyway Bridge. He hopes these HAPPINESS signs remind drivers to stop and realize that happiness is a choice.
"Every tree has potential," he said as he sauntered over to a palm near the intersection of 4th Street and 54th Avenue North. "How often do you see the word happiness? People think pleasure and happiness are the same things and they’re not. They’re completely different. Pleasure has to do with the external world and happiness has to do with the internal world."
Gary has hung 48 around town. The signs are hung just out of reach for most people. Gary stands on a milk crate to reach the necessary height – out of reach of people yet high enough to be seen by drivers stuck at red lights. He attaches the signs using a hammer and roofing nails.
"They will not damage the tree," he assures.
The results are hard to tabulate but the feedback he’s gotten has been nearly universally positive. Only one person has complained among his hundreds of Facebook comments.
"The potential is unlimited. I have people contacting me from other cities saying they want to do it in their city," the 75-year-old said. "It changes the way people feel."
"Happiness is a choice and, even more interesting, happiness is a journey. It’s not a destination."
His friend, Marty, at Piranha Graphix makes the signs. They are inspiring others to smile more.
"After I put them up I stand and I watch people as they look up at it. Sometimes I even point about it. What happens is that as soon as they see it they smile," said Gary.
According to this Amazon author page, Gary’s book is based on "The Happiness Formula". In it, Gary "shares with readers a formula developed over years of research. It is about my real-life experiences of tremendous highs and unfathomable lows. I used that hard-earned wisdom to create a formula to help others evolve from victim to victorious. Over the last 25 years, I have been active in the personal development world and interviewed literally thousands of participants. The questions asked were deep and the insights gained are priceless."
Gary’s 48 signs are all over St. Petersburg, including two at the 10News WTSP studios.
Here are some of the locations where you can find Happiness Experiment Signs.

04.01.24,, St. Pete man starts ‘Happiness Experiment’ after son takes his own life: ‘They save people’s lives’
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A St. Petersburg man has posted nearly 600 "Happiness signs" around Pinellas County in honor of his 40-year-old son who jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
Gary King's passion project is all about spreading positivity.

"We’re in a time period where if there was ever a time for happiness, it’s now," he said.
King suffers from Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). In recent years, he learned his 40-year-old son Jason also had it after Jason died by suicide when he jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on July 29, 2012.
"Jason, he had a heart of gold. But he struggled, and he struggled, and he struggled," King said.

The tragedy propelled King to launch "The Happiness Experiment" in 2019.
"Everybody, after they’re born, that’s what they’re doing, they’re doing the ‘Happiness Experiment,'" he said.
"They’re looking for something outside of themselves that will change the way they feel internally."
King worked with Piranha Signs in St. Pete to come up with the first design of the sign.

"The second one I put up, I bolted to a City of St. Petersburg city limits sign, and it went viral. I’ve been putting them up ever since," he said. "There’s 592 of them up in St. Petersburg and Gulfport now."
On Monday, King posted his 593rd sign at Gladden Park, where Jason enjoyed playing basketball when he was a child.

"The city planted a tree in his honor eight days after taking his own life," he said.
King will soon star in a documentary based on his mission that's produced by Julian Farris Films. Shooting for the documentary began last June.
"I had to be in a boat, and I had to be filmed underneath the Skyway, where he hit the water…there’s no way for me to explain how hard it was to do that. But I had to do it," he said.

King also published his own book: "The Happiness Experiment."
Although he's almost 80 years old, King said he has no plans to stop hanging signs anytime soon.
"They go, ‘you’re climbing ladders and putting up Happiness signs?’ I go, ‘yeah.’ ‘What happens when you can’t climb a ladder anymore?’ ‘Well, I’ll buy a bucket truck. What do you think I’m going to do? I’m never going stop putting up happiness signs, never.’ Because they save people’s lives," King said.
 Jason King, facebook 
7.30.12, Mike B., facebook, I am so sad I don't know what to say. ··· My oldest friend jumped of a bridge and killed himself. We have been friends since I was 5. I am sad and so empty this morning. I feel so mad and wish I could yell at him. I love his mom and his family. We hadn't talked in a few months. I should have been a better friend. Please pray for his mom and his family. I love all you guys and miss you. Thanks.  
  07.30.12, Gary K., facebook, Here are 2 men who mean more to me than words can express, The man on the left, my friend Tony Robbins, helped me save my life in 1991, The MAN on the rightt is my son, Jason, he is a beloved treasure and always will be. 24 Hours ago he decided to graduate from this lifetime. He is by far the greatest man I have ever know, my wish for him is that he now knows that in his heart and soul. To the greatest SON, from his Father. I LOVE YOU
(we're sorry jason king took his life, but 'low self worth' is not a disease. cancer is a disease. parkinson's is a disease. low self worth is as much a disease as high self worth. it is a mindset and it can be altered, but it is not a disease.
   we feel the current politically correct practice of telling every child that they are winners and champions, when they clearly are not, or that they are awesome and smart when they are average or below average, only works for so long. at some point, children will realize they have been lied to when they mature into the real world and can't live up to the lies they have been told about themselves. suddenly, they find themselves not special at all. they are not winners and they can not deal with this reality.
   they can not be handed self confidence through false words. children need to be allowed to fail, in order to learn and become stronger. there are winners and losers and the sooner we teach our children these truths, the sooner they can try to be winners by their own accord or allowed to fail and learn from their failures, as children, before they become adults, without the ability to recover from failure. coddling children into adulthood only contributes to the further pussyfication of this country.) a comment about this:

04.03.13, MD, Tampa Bay Area, Regarding the red commentary, there is much I can say regarding the pontificated rant. At the very heart of the human is a subconscious instinct for self-preservation (ever been in a situation close to death or catastrophe? If so, you know the instinct well.) People who commit suicide are devoid of or overcome that intensely strong instinct, and it is yet unknown why that happens. As a physician, I can tell you that this does in fact qualify as a disease. While you seemingly blame suicide on the 'pussyfication' of this country, you're own page shows this is a stretch. Why then are there so many older folks listed on here who have committed suicide? Your lists go back to 1954. Was American 'pussified' back then too? I take particular issue with a virtue you extol that is held by many in society. The suicidal "mindset" is NOT one that can be altered simply by toughening up. In fact, I'd say military veterans are pretty damned tough, yet 22 veterans commit suicide each and every day. Many of them hear that same bulls^#*t ideaology - they just need to toughen up - right up until they toughen all the way up to eating their gun. Truth of the matter is that, while medical science is at a loss for the cause (as it is with Alzheimer's, Autism, etc, etc), it does not mean that the suicidal mind is not likely in a state of disease. Take home message: Look, I agree that societal over indulgence of self-esteem is a problem; however, relating this to suicide is an erroneous extrapolation. Additionally, telling the suicidal/depressed that they need to just toughen up is uneducated bulls^#*t. (one would think that when someone identifies him or herself as a "physician", that he or she would be better able to read some text and reflect upon it correctly. where in my opinionated "pontificated rant" did i even hint that i "seemingly blame suicide on the 'pussyfication' of this country"? how do you read "coddling children into adulthood only contributes to the further pussyfication of this country" and come up with your conclusion?
   much of your diatribe rides on your very own "
erroneous extrapolation". are you sure you're not a politician? i stand behind my contention that "'low self worth' is not a disease". i doubt that by itself, it's even likely to lead all that many to suicide.
   i was responding to the video about 'low self worth' being a disease, not whether or not it's the impetus for suicide. as a matter of fact, i made no connection between 'low self worth' and suicide. the word 'suicide' does not even appear in my "pontificated rant" opinion.
   i did mention something about making kids stronger by allowing them to fail as kids, thus likely making them better able to accept failure as adults.
   i'm not really sure how you correlate that to the military suicide rate, but again, your ability to twist things around is stellar. are you sure you're not a mainstream media talking head? no doubt military suicide has more to do with ptsd, than how tough a soldier may be. sure, they are tough going in, but the experience has altered the ability of some to cope afterwards.
   i gave up looking for where i indicate to any degree "
the suicidal/depressed that they need to just toughen up". so much for overeducated bullshit. yeah, i call it and spell it correctly.
   one last point, i'm sure more went into mr. king's decision to commit suicide than whether or not he had 'low self worth'. sure, i can't prove that, it's just more of my "pontificated rant" opinion.)
08.05.12, anon, florida, I am so sad that Jason King chose this as his only release. His meds were changed and his doctor removed him from prozac abruptly. I feel incredibly sad and even more sad to see business before son, Tony before Jay. That is painful. I will miss Jason terribly and there is so much more to this story that will be left unsaid. I'm sorry Jay, I know the truth, I wish you had just called. Will miss you so much. I am so sad. (the opinions expressed in the previous comment are those of the comment submitter and not of this website.)

06.30.15, Tamara M., facebook, My cousin, at age 40, in 2012, jumped from the skyway bridge. He suffered with mental illness for since his teens. He and I regularly spoke about his mental anguish and that he felt taking his life would be a relief to himself and others around him. He felt like a burden, he wanted a wife, children, to be able to work, he felt worthless and useless. I miss him, but I know that he longed for peace and I hope it was all he wished for! It is no one's place to judge, he was a good guy, kind, good looking, smart...but felt like he was nothing and didn't have a purpose here. I will say, it takes a hell of a lot of something to drive to that bridge, park at the top and NOT look back as you stand on the roof and jump off, seconds! RIP Jason, we miss you but know that you are no longer suffering!!

07.29.15, Tamara M., facebook, (in response to the 07.29.15 jumper), Today is the 3rd anniversary of day my cousin jumped... so sorry to hear of another...may he be at peace... later: It makes me sad that there wasn't a better solution for those that jump, my cousin fought mental illness for 20 years, he was a great guy, handsome, smart.. a young 40 years old, he told me you will never understand the peace I long for... the dream of having a wife, children, even a job... I know he needed peace.. I can't judge heart is full of sadness for all that take this route
07.23.12: possible jumper, 5:38pm
07.23.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, 3839, SKYWAY BG, 1738, 1851, 1h13m

any more info is welcome.
07.13.12: possible jumper? just an accident? south bound? north bound?
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
07.13.12, Anon, Treasure Island, Florida, (07.13.12), Saw FHP on SB side of the bridge just past mid span. Checked ems active calls and noticed SPFD station 11 dispatched to the bridge. Not sure if someone jumped. Would like to find out.

07.13.12, Jacqui, Bradenton, Fl., Just an accident thankfully with NB right lane blocked

any more info is welcome.
07.05.12: jumper, 7:20am, female, hit water, lived
Debra Jane Roche, 35
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
07.05.12, Doug M., (07.05.12, 7:25am), Drove over skyway southbound got passed by two troopers one parked at top behind 4 door saturn other rode halfway down bridge was flagging a boater in the water assumed we had a jumper

07.05.12, Meg, Bradenton, FL., (07.05.12, 7:30am, female), I saw a woman this morning. She had parked her gold 4 door car and was walking UP to the top. When I looked back in my review mirror she had her legs over the side. Then I couldn't see her anymore. I pulled over, dialed 911, and reported what I had seen. Does anybody know if she jumped? Once I couldn't see her, I assumed the worst.

07.05.12, zolter, facebook, Female jumper visualized by Bridge Cameras. Southbound lanes on top of span. Vehicle left on bridge. FD responding. FHP Trooper sees female in the water and appears to be swimming. Date 7/5. Time 0724

07.05.12, Russ B., facebook, I just crossed the bridge. Cops everywhere. comment to the post: Suzanne P., its been on channel 13 a couple of times already.

07.05.12, Lillian Y., Bradenton, Fl., (07.05.12, 7:25am, hit water, body not found yet), Driving across southbound on bridge. Many emergency vehicles present. All searching and looking toward the water.

07.05.12, shepdog of skyway lane, St Pete, FL., (07.05.12, 7:19am), Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Fire and Rescue Station 11, Fire Boat 11, Marine Patrol, the Coast Guard and the district chief from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper.

07.05.12, anonymous, (07.05.12, 7:30am), driving over skyway on southbound side. emergency vehicles just getting on scene. toyota corolla parked at mid span and emergency personnel looking over side.

07.05.12, meg, bradenton, FL., Just spoke with FHP - she survived and is in the hospital was all they would tell me.

07.05.12, Lainie, Bradenton, (07.05.12, 7:02am, female), I saw a silver car on south span and just ahead saw female sitting on wall and saw her stand up and jump. Called 911 immediately to tell them that I saw her. They said camera had spotted her getting back into her car, but I told them that there was no way.

07.05.12, anon, debbie is out of surgery. in stable condition.

07.06.12, Dave O., Tampa, FL., (07.05.12, 7:20am, female), I saw a gold car while approaching top of bridge. I noticed a young woman walking and then sat on the wall of the bridge. I was going to stop, but couldn't stop due to heavy and fast traffic. When I passed this woman, I looked in my rearview mirror and she was no longer on the wall. Apparently she had jumped.

any more info is welcome.
07.05.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, PERSON DOWN, 1 SKYWAY BG, 0739, 1201, 4h22m
07.05.12,, Female Survives Jump From Skyway Bridge, She was alert and talking to deputies when transported to hospital. Thursday, July 5, 2012, Time: 7:39 AM, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Jumper: Debra Jane Roche, DOB: 3-15-77, [address withheld], St. Petersburg, FL., Details: On July 5, 2012 at approximately 7:39 a.m. deputies responded to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in reference to female jumper. A witness driving on the bridge noticed a female sitting on the center span with a legs hanging over the rail. The witness returned to scene, but the female had already jumped. Florida Highway Patrol spotted the female swimming in the water. She was picked up by a boater and transported to Fire Rescue at O’Neill’s Marine. She was alert and talking to deputies when transported to Bayfront Medical.
07.05.12,, Bradenton boat captain rescues Skyway jumper
A Bradenton charter fishing captain rescued a woman who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge about 7:19 a.m. Thursday.
Capt. Kris Winkel of Tailing Tales Charter Fishing was with several clients in the south side of the channel when they heard a commotion coming from the bridge.
"I thought the guy yelling from the bridge was going to jump," Winkel said.
While scanning the water, he noticed what appeared to be a crab trap marker in an unusual location.
"It went under as we started going that way and popped back up. I realized it was somebody," Winkel said.
He said the woman, who was in the north side of the channel, waved toward them. Winkel's crew brought the woman aboard and called for help.
Winkel said several people on the boat who formerly served as EMS personnel or had military backgrounds, were able to assist the woman until she was transferred to a St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue boat.
"She was coherent and talking. She told us her name," Winkel said. "She wanted to live, you could tell that."
Winkel said her pupils were dilated and she appeared to have a broken leg.
The woman, in her mid- to late-30s, was taken with injuries to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg in stable condition.
The woman parked her vehicle in a southbound lane at the highest point on the bridge, sitting on the edge before she made the 174-foot jump, according to St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue.
Lt. Joel Granata, Fire and Rescue spokesman, said it is rare for people to survive the jump. He said survival depends on factors such as the weather, the person's ability to swim and the way they land.
Granata said in many cases the injuries are internal.
"Around the holidays we see an increase in jumps," Granata said, referencing the Fourth of July.
Granata said he does not know the victim's city of residence.
The Florida Department of Transportation observed the parked vehicle at the bridge, dispatching public safety personnel with a bridge alert. Granata said the Florida Highway Patrol determined someone jumped, triggering the rescue boat's response.
"We send crews to the bridge to determine whether someone jumped or not," Granata said. "We don't want to send a boat every time a car is stopped."
A flare was hanged over the bridge above the victim's head to guide the rescue boat, Granata said.
Capt. Tim White, St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue incident commander, said in a news release, "Lucky the guys in the fishing boat saw her when they did. ... They saved her life."
Emergency personnel were yelling to Winkel from atop the bridge when they were unable to reach him via radio.
"He was glad he was in the right place at the right time," Granata said.
According to, the woman is the second person to survive the jump this year. Three people have fallen to their deaths.

07.05.12,, ST. PETERSBURG — Charter boat fishing captain Kris Winkle and three passengers were near the Sunshine Skyway bridge, heading out for tarpon early Thursday, when they heard the screams. Winkle looked up at the bridge and saw nothing. Straight ahead he noticed what appeared to be a crabtrap. Until it started waving. "She just lifted her arm up," Winkle said. He drove closer and two of the passengers pulled the woman aboard his teal-colored boat and laid her on the deck. Her eyes were dilated and wild, Winkle said, and she appeared to be in her early 20s. The impact of the fall tore off most of her clothes. "She only had on shorts and a sock on her foot," Winkle said. They wrapped her body in T-shirts and called police. "I don't know if she was thinking straight," Winkle said. She told the men about wanting to avoid the insane asylum. A St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue boat soon arrived and took the woman to shore. She was taken by ambulance to Bayfront Medical Center, where she was listed in critical condition. A traffic camera first noticed the woman's gold late-model Saturn in the southbound lanes of the bridge about 7:20 a.m. Thursday. She sat on the edge, near the top deck of the bridge, and jumped into the water, about 174-feet, St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue officials said. The impact from the plunge into the water has killed more than 200 people, with only 34 surving the fall, according to the website For Winkle, the plan that morning was to reel in some tarpon. For as much as $500, he gives guided fishing tours in Tampa Bay. "Only one guy was kind of shaken up," Winkle said. So they went fishing.
Warning signs
• Suicide warning signs include dramatic mood swings, withdrawing from family or friends, uncontrolled anger, hopelessness, insomnia, recklessness and mentioning thoughts of death.
• If you suspect someone is thinking of suicide, ask directly if the person has thought of hurting himself or has made a plan to do so. If the answer is yes, immediately call for help and do not leave that person alone.
• Call 911 or 211 to reach the nearest crisis center or toll-free, 1-800-273-8255, to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. (the usual onslaught of ridiculous comments followed the article. apparently so much so, commenteering has been disabled. imagine that.)

07.05.12,, A St. Petersburg woman jumped Thursday morning from the Sunshine Skyway and survived the 174-foot fall to Tampa Bay, officials said.
A Florida Highway Patrol trooper saw the 35-year-old woman trying to swim about 7:30 a.m. The trooper hung a flare from the bridge to guide rescuers to the location.
A nearby fisherman in his boat got to the woman first, and he and his friend pulled her from the Bay and called 911, officials said. A rescue boat then arrived and took the woman to O'Neill's Marina, officials said.
"Lucky the guys in the fishing boat saw her when they did. … They saved her life," St. Pete Fire Rescue Capt. Tim White said.
St. Pete Fire Rescue transported the woman with injuries to Bayfront Medical Center, White said.
She was listed in stable condition.
The woman was alert and talking to deputies before going to the hospital, deputies said.
The woman pulled her car over at the highest point of bridge – about 174 feet over Tampa Bay – at 7:19 a.m., White said in a news release. Video from the bridge showed her car stopping on the northbound side.
The woman got out of her car and sat on the edge of the bridge before jumping, St. Pete Fire Rescue said.
A witness driving on the bridge noticed a woman sitting on the main span with her legs hanging over the rail, Hillsborough deputies said. The witness returned to scene, but the woman had already jumped.
According to records from 2009, an average of about nine people per year attempt to commit suicide by jumping from the Skyway, the Interstate 275 link between Pinellas and Manatee counties.
More than 140 have jumped since the existing cable span opened in 1987. Only three bridges are known to top that: the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Aurora Bridge in Seattle and the San Diego-Coronado Bridge.
This year, three people have jumped, and two survived, according to records. (5 people have jumped, possibly 8 more. 3 suicides, 2 survivors, and 1 save, according to better records.)
On Feb. 3, a 36-year-old Pinellas Park man survived the leap from the main span. On June 16, a 20-year-old man died after jumping.
07.05.12,, A tow truck picks up a car driven by a woman who pulled over and jumped from the Sunshine Skyway.

07.05.12,, Captain Who Rescued Jumper Says She Wanted to Live
Bradenton Charter Boat Captain Kris Winkel quickly spotted the woman who jumped from the Skyway Bridge and went into action. He is credited with saving her life.
By Toni Whitt and Rachel Jolley
A woman who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge this morning "wanted to survive" said the Charter Boat Captain who plucked her from the water, saving her life.
Captain Kris Winkel, who operates his charter business Tailing Tales out of Bradenton, didn't see the woman jump and never heard the splash. But he did hear a lot of commotion up on the bridge, people shouting and pointing to the water. Winkel looked in the channel and saw what he first thought was a buoy. He quickly realized what must have happened.
"I saw what I thought was a crab trap buoy," Winkel said. "It was the girl. We put two and two together. We were there pretty quick. She was floating towards the Gulf and she was alive."
He headed toward the spot thinking that he was going to find a body, but then the woman lifted her hands over her head and waved to him for help. He said she was in the shipping channel and the tide was quickly pulling her into the Gulf.
Winkel said he was fortunate that the weather was good and that the folks who had chartered his boat were all ex-military, including someone who had served in the Coast Guard.
"They helped get her in the boat," Winkel said. "They weren’t freaking out. They all knew what they were doing. It didn’t ruin their day."
The woman had lost most of her clothes when she hit the water, so they immediately covered her up and a woman on the boat came and sat with her. The rescued woman said she was in pain and may have had a broken leg or pelvis, Winkel said. She also had cuts on her feet and legs, which made him think she had hit the rocks.
Winkel said he was amazed that she was alive, but even more so that she was also conscious and talking.
"People don’t survive that," he said.
Winkel said the woman was hurt and scared, but it was obvious she was grateful to be alive.
As soon as they got her in the boat and comfortable, Winkel called emergency services and they told him to take her to O'Neill's Marina where rescue workers would meet the boat.
The woman was taken to Bayfront Medical Center where she is currently in stable condition. In a news release Captain Tim White, Incident Commander for SPFR said that the fishermen, "saved her life."
It's not the Winkel's first rescue. Three years ago he said he was out in the boat when he spotted to dogs about a mile off shore and being pulled out to sea by the tide.
Winkel said they were two gorgeous chocolate labs who were really happy to see him. As soon as he got near them they were trying to climb into the boat he said. They let him pull them into the boat by the scruff of their necks.
The dogs were wearing collars with tags, so he called Animal Services and the dogs were returned to their family. comments follow article. such as:
•07.05.12, L Wolfe, My boyfriend saw her jump. He called 911. There were at least 3 other boaters who went by her without stopping. I hope it's only because they didn't see her. It was the cop who responded immediately to the 911 call who got the attention of the boater that did rescue the woman as she was treading water. The woman's rescue was due to teamwork and not just the efforts of the boater who pulled her from the water. A big thanks also needs to go to the Florida Highway Patrol officer.
•07.06.12, Alexa Romeo, This is my cousin and I am devastated. I was glad to hear that she not only survived, but that she was cared for by so many rescue, police, fire, and especially Captain Krins Winkel! Thank you so much for giving me another day, and many more with her. Thank you for your kind heart!
07.05.12, OrlandoG8tr,, Another Suicide Attempt Off Sunshine Skyway Bridge: This is now the 3rd suicide attempt off the bridge this year, to me this brings up an interesting question regarding suicide attempt. This lady was obviously saved but will probably now be placed on a psychiatric hold, have charges filed against her (public safety for stopping on the bridge), and go through the embarrassment of her family and friends knowing she tried to commit suicide. It would be interesting to know if she even wanted to be saved or if she was forcefully saved. To me this brings up a question, if a person tries to commit suicide and does not want to be saved do we really have any obligation to save them? On the opposite point, if someone has gone to the lengths to end their own life, do they have that right? I mean as sad as it is to see anyone end their own life, if we don't have control over our own body and what we do with it, what do we have control over? Sure some people who try to commit suicide and are saved change but the vast majority will be miserable and hate you for saving them and will eventually try to take their own life again and eventually succeed. So my question do you all is, do we have to right to take our own life and not be forcefully rescued? (link leads to an intelligent discussion about suicide, the right to die, and the responsibility of rescuers.)

07.06.12, anon, on behalf of debbie's family and friends, i wanted to send a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped save debbie. from those who saw her and called 911, to the fisherman in the bay, to the rescuers. she is alive today because of the role everyone of you had. thank you.
open request to Debra Jane Roche: care to tell your story?
06.28.12: possible jumper? bridge worker's car?
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.28.12, Alec T., Bradenton, Drove over the Skyway around 4 PM today (June 28th) and I saw a state vehicle with its sirens on right in front of the crisis hotline phone parked behind a white vehicle with nobody inside it. Here's an image I captured of it.

07.04.12, anon, if the person that took this picture looked the other way, they would have seen a half dozen guys in orange vests working on the bridge. Those of us that have to work on this bridge do not have to jump to die... we can easily be run down by someone texting or taking pictures on their cell phone. PLEASE pull over a lane and slow down when you see us working. We are trying to make this bridge safe for everyone. (for many years now, we have posted this link about this issue: we implore everyone to slow way down and be extra cautious when taking pictures to send to us. it seems there has been work going on up there for some time now. just what are you guys doing?)

any more info is welcome.
06.21.12: jumper, 10:28pm
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
06.22.12, JT, Parrish, FL., (06.21.12, 11:30pm), Drove across Skyway, south bound around 11:20pm. A couple emergency vehicles on southbound side, 1/2 dozen on north bound side. Helicopter searching water to west of bridge, along with several boats with flashing lights in the water. Assumption is WE HAVE A JUMPER!

06.22.12, Anon, (06.21.12, 10:28pm, female), Driving north over the Skyway. Noticed a parked Chevy SUV right before the emergency only parking sign and then a woman straddling the railing facing north but looking towards the water. Called 911 at 2248.

any more info is welcome.
06.21.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 2249, 0102, 2h13m
06.17.12: jumper, 3:25pm, male, hit water, died, body found same day
Thomas F. 'Trey' Malone III, 20
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
06.17.12, a driver, palmetto, FL., (06.17.12, 3:45pm), Driving over the Skyway about 3:50pm 6/17 (Father's Day :( ) saw a ton of activity (police, ambulance, recreational boats) and an empty car. On the Pinellas 911 site see this listing of emergency vehicles for the skyway area: MEDICAL FB11 E3 R3 D5 LR1 PD2 488 T11 PCSOM HCSO", Listing to the scanner out of Pinellas County now, heard that Engine 3 is waiting at the docks now.

06.17.12, shepdog of skyway lane, St Pete, FL., (06.17.12, 3:15pm, died, body found), Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Fire and Rescue Station 11, Fire Boat 11, Eckerd College Search and Rescue, the Coast Guard and the district chief from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper. At 3:57pm, Pinellas County SO Marine 13 hailed the ambulance waiting at O'Neill's for a body bag when they get in.

06.17.12, Earl W., St. Petersburg, FL., (06.17.12, 2:00pm), Driving over the bridge right after they jumped (South heading side). Came back to St. Pete at 4:30 and Police still on the bridge with huge backup heading south

06.17.12, Pam M., Tampa, FL., (06.17.12, 2:46pm), Traffic came to a sudden halt heading southbound on the causeway and was backed up as we approached the span. HCSO deputies were all over the bridge and a helicopter was circling the top of the span. We also spotted zodiacs in the water below. As we got to the top of the skyway, there were about four emergency vehicles and a newer-model gray VW. We continued to our destination and headed northbound. The car was still at the top of the bridge as were a couple of deputies. Haven't seen any news stories yet.

06.17.12, John, Sarasota, (06.17.12, 3:00pm, hit water), was at the foot of the bridge stopped in traffic fire rescue trucks hillsbourgh & pinellas sheriff's were on scene with bayflight flying over the water, when i got to the top of the bridge there was a gray car no passengers with the rear tag covers with a piece of paper.

06.17.12, yo, Bradenton, FL., 06.17.12, 4:00pm), Driving over the bridge southbound there is a gray Volkswagon sedan surrounded by police with the license plate covered. Ambulance heading northbound shortly thereafter.

06.17.12, pn. lithia, fl., (06.17.12, 6:00pm), Just drove over the Skyway a few minutes ago and a tow truck was towing a car (greenish color) from the top shoulder. They had paper covering the license plate and a cop car was following. Part way down the bridge, there was another cop with a green truck and a county truck pulled over and people were looking over the side. :-(

06.17.12, D., St. Petersburg, FL., 06.17.12, 3:25pm, male, hit water, died, body found), Driving northbound on skyway, police and fire trucks in southbound lanes. Three police officers were pointing down and police boats were coming. A grey four door sadan was parked on the top of the skyway with no one in it.

06.17.12, Rachel, St Pete, FL., (06.17.12, 4:00pm), I saw the abandoned car & 3 police cars (1 with k-9) & officers looking over the edge as I drove over

Pamela L. N., facebook, Just drove over about 20 min ago and they were towing the car away. The tag was still covered and a cop following. Part way down the bridge was another cop, green truck, and a county truck. People were out looking over the side. :-(

any more info is welcome.
06.17.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1522, 2129, 6h7m
06.18.12,, Man commits suicide jumping from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
Thomas Malone III, DOB: 12/19/1991, [address withheld], Bradenton, Florida
Details: On June 17, 2012, at 3:25 p.m., Florida Highway Patrol notified Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office that a man parked his gray four door vehicle in the southbound lanes over the center span of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and jumped over the side.
Approximately 15 minutes later, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit recovered a body found floating face down in the center channel. The body has been taken to Marina in south St. Petersburg and turned over to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.
06.17.12,, Man commits suicide off Sunshine Skyway bridge
Posted: Jun 17, 2012 06:40 PM
ST. PETERSBURG — A man committed suicide Sunday afternoon after parking his car on the Sunshine Skyway bridge and jumping over, authorities said.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, which has jurisdiction in that area, said it was notified at 3:25 p.m. by the Florida Highway Patrol that a man had parked a gray, four-door vehicle along the center span's southbound lanes.
About 15 minutes later, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office recovered a body from the water.
The man's identity has not been released. comments follow article, such as:
Tiffany, I was on my way to the air port today an saw thi man on the bridge, gettin ready to jump. I'm so utterly upset. I wish I could have done something. By the time my family had the police on the phone he was gone. I feel horrible not only for this man but his family as well. ):

06.18.12,, Bradenton man dies in jump from Sunshine Skyway
HILLSBOROUGH — A Bradenton man who had been arrested Friday by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and charged with battery on an officer, holding an open house party and resisting arrest, apparently on Sunday jumped to his death from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Thomas Malone III, 20, parked his gray four-door vehicle in the southbound lanes of the center span of the bridge at approximately 3:25 p.m. Sunday and jumped over the side, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. The Hillsborough report identifies Malone and gives his date of birth as Dec. 19, 1991, the same name, address and date of birth listed for a man in a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office arrest report from Friday. At 11:26 p.m. Friday, a deputy was sent to investigate a noise complaint in the 6200 block of Yellowtop Drive in Manatee County, the Manatee report states. The deputy found the street completely blocked by people and vehicles and more than 100 people in the house and in the backyard, the report states. A suspect later identified as Malone quickly came forward, shoved the deputy backwards and said he was not welcome in the house, the report states. Malone was then taken from the house, handcuffed and put in the deputy’s car, the report states. Upon further investigation, deputies discovered several minors had been drinking alcohol in the home, according to the report. One minor told deputies she had been consuming vodka and Gatorade, the report states. About 15 minutes after he jumped from the bridge, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit recovered Malone’s body in the water.

06.19.12,, Bradenton man commits suicide on Skyway bridge
A 20-year-old Bradenton man committed suicide Sunday afternoon by jumping off the Sunshine Skyway.
Hillsborough County sheriff's investigators identified him as Thomas F. Malone.
The family of "Trey" Malone said he suffered from depression.
Malone was the valedictorian for Out-of-Door Academy's Class of 2009. He also excelled at track and field and other sports.
"Trey was an extremely bright and talented young man," Head of School David Maher said in a statement issued to students and faculty. "While at Out-of-Door, he was known for his intellect, his quick wit and his love of learning."
He was an honorable mention in the Herald-Tribune's All-Area Boys Track-and-Field team for 2009. comments follow article, such as:
   Mary Ann P., It was a beautiful Father's day until we drove home from the beach across the Skyway bridge. We saw the empty car on the side of the bridge and two police officers looking down over the side of the bridge. We knew immediately what happened. Today there is a grieving father who lost a son on this special day. My heart is sad for this family.
   Roxie Korell, as my husband also died by jumping off the bridge, and i have had 2.5 years of therapy since.. i feel that shame over ones actions often becomes the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak, to drive one to commint this unreasaoble act. plese remember the horrendes pain, yes i know i cannot spell. that he must have been in to do this. in his distressed mind, he beleived he was doing what was best for evenyone involved. have pity on him, do not condemn him. support not blame will get you to a healing point. Todd Korell 3-13-2010

11.05.12,, Lead a Good Life, Everyone: Trey Malone’s Suicide Note
Trey Malone took his own life in in June 2012. His last wish was that his voice finally be heard and listened to. Editor’s note: We want to open this article with a warning: we are reprinting, in full, the suicide note left by a young man named Trey Malone, who killed himself when he was unable to cope any longer with the sexual assault he had suffered as a student at Amherst College. To say it might be triggering for those sensitive to issues of suicide and sexual assault is an understatement. Trey’s family support the publication of his final words. They have provided the text of the note to us, and we are publishing it with their approval. More importantly, we are publishing it because it was written to educate. In his last words, Trey speaks of important issues that go unexamined, important voices that go unheard. He writes to a society that, in the end, couldn’t help him enough. He wanted the things he was saying to be heard, and so, in accordance with that wish, we are publishing his words.  
    "I suppose, in a lot of ways, this was how it was meant to end. The water tried to take me once and I’m drawn back to this day. Especially on a day like today. There is a certain sense of irony involved in choosing to end my life in the one thing that’s always pushing forward. Even in this awful polluted bay, the water licks the seaweed and barnacle-covered pieces of rock. There’s some tortured metaphor in everything isn’t there? When I was in elementary school, I often wondered if I’d get to be like Dad. I spent hours imagining my own reconstructed version of those stories. Initially, the base of these dreams was King Arthur. Endeared by months spent on that bed reading back and forth with mom, then it turned to Zelda, a black and white Gameboy game. The landmarks of St. Maarten all became transplants from that 2" by 2" screen. By the end of 2nd grade, however, it became your stories dad. All those years reading and imagining developed into that one strong fanciful King Arthur of New York. There is a special level of humility to all those tales. The triumphs and failings of a damaged man, certainly no less broken than the rest of us, but human, none the less. My dreams and hopes have shifted since then, but that base has always been there. King Malone in the Volvo P1800 (with the broken headlights). These days, I’ve become more tired of remembering the past and wondering about the future. I’ve slowly watched that future collapse in on itself whether by my own actions or those of others and now I’m simply tired. My future is rubble and while below that rubble, there is still a foundation, my arms are weak and my tools are broken. My job is gone, relationships strained, and mugshot posted. Entropy is a funny thing I suppose. A house of stone may take a millennia to collapse, but it will collapse. Unfortunately, it would appear the imaginary building blocks of my future were far less sturdy. Even absent that natural collapse, the sexual assault was too much. There was no adequate form of preparation available for that and no repair afterwards. What began as an earnest effort to help on the part of Amherst, became an emotionless hand washing. In those places I should’ve received help, I saw none. I suppose there are many possible reasons for this. But in the end, I’m still here and so too is that night. I hold no ill will nor do I place an iota of blame upon my family. I blame a society that remains unwilling to address sexual assault and rape. One that pays some object form of lip service to the idea of sexual crimes while working its hardest to marginalize its victims. One where the first question a college president can pose to me, regarding my own assault is, "Have you handled your drinking problem?" My story is far from exceptional in this regard. Every two minutes there is another victim. 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail. 1 in every 6 woman in the US has been a victim of rape and 1 in 33 men. Despite this, every awful myth about rape persists. Society will continue to blame women for the clothes they wear (despite hard evidence showing no link) and continue to say, "You shouldn’t have been there" when 73% of rapes are committed by non strangers and more than 50% take place within one mile of the victims home. (4 in 10 take place at their home) Sexual crime is viewed as inconsequential unless the fabled "dark alley with a gun" assault occurs and even then, women face the eternal, "why were you there? What were you wearing?" badgering. To hear men and women speak of our culture as some Feminazi PC nightmare is embarrassing. To act as though we are not to be held accountable for our words and language is even worse. Free speech has never nor will it ever mean immunity from criticism. Words and languages have meaning. If you don’t think what you say or how you phrase it matters, look up Frank Luntz. The next time you carelessly use the N-word or any other derogatory term, the next time you call some man a bitch or a pussy, try to think about the repercussions of casual slurs. If you’re angry about political correctness or whatever other worthless phrase you feel is necessary, ask yourself why you feel not only entitled to the usage of slurs but compelled to. Read some real freaking feminist literature and stop listening to Rush Limbaugh too. "Feminism is for Everybody" by bell hooks is a good start. Sorry I ranted a bit, but please have someone read the last two paragraphs to whomever comes to say goodbye. I love all of you and I know this will hurt you more than anything else I could have done, but I’m tired and the water looks beautiful. Pithy a statement as it may be, "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem" is certainly accurate. I’d take my own advice, but I stopped listening nine months and six days ago. Mom, I’m sure you will blame yourself for any number of things, but I want you to know it is not nor was it ever your fault. If it were not for you, dad, Dan, Callan, and everyone else, I never would have lasted this long. I love you more than I will ever be able to tell you. Please go to Costa Rica. You deserve every minute of it. Besides, I hear they pack your lunch for you in heaven. Dad, I imagine this will hit you the hardest . I want you to know that I still have that dream. Even if I’ll never get to see it. Please take care of your health. Callan will need you and so will everyone else. I love you dad. Dan, Sorry about the $300. I’d pay you back if I could. You were right about most of the things you told me and I’m sorry that you’ll have to buy a ticket down as well. Take a break please. Find some way to spend time with everyone. I love you I’m sorry. Callan, What happened over the last week has nothing to do with this, if nothing else, it was one helluva way to end it. Please study and work, You’re every bit as capable as I ever was. You can finish what I couldn’t. Spend the time you need to, please get A’s. I always wanted to name a son after dad and if you could for me, I’d be thankful. You are by no means required or even expected to. Do what you want to. Pet the dog too, she’s very nice. I love you Callan. You’re a beautiful girl and going to be a stunning woman. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Listen to dad and write down his stories cause I never could. Sheng, Sorry I fell out of touch dude. You’re a great guy and I’m sorry that I’ll miss the parties. Make them count for me and even if it annoys you, try to take some Women and genders study classes. Tell nick I say hey (or bye I guess) as well. I’m not drunk enough to rant about politics right now, sorry. Either way, it meant more than you will ever know that you were such a good friend to me when I got back to Amherst. Nathan- Freshman, you’re far too nice for your own good. No one dude, should be so willing to listen and talk. Sorry that I can’t give you the full story now, but I imagine the police report is funny as hell. Keep reading and do something important. Do me a favor and tell Sara Simonsson that my fake ID came in as well. Everyone else, I’m sorry, my hand is falling off. If we were friends, remember me for at least a week or so. Please listen to what I said about sexual assault. There are millions more just like me that need help and no, someone who is drunk cannot give consent, fuckers. Remember me however you’d like. I hope it’s a positive memory. If not, I swear to god I will haunt you. I don’t know how that works, but I figure I’ll have plenty of time to figure it out. Lead a good life, everyone. The water looks beautiful."
   Thomas Francis Malone, III (Trey) December 19, 1991 – June 17, 2012 Trey was born on St. Eustatius, Netherland Antilles. He spent his first 7 years swimming in the sea on St. Eustatius and St. Maarten. In 1999, he moved with his family to Sarasota, Florida and joined The Out-of-Door Academy community. Trey was the Valedictorian of the ODA class of 2009. An avid musician, he played the violin in the orchestra and in all of the spring musicals. As a varsity athlete, he competed as a member of the Varsity Swimming, Soccer, and Track teams. In 2009, his 4x800m relay placed 8th in the State track meet. He attended Amherst College. He was known for his wit, his intelligence, his ease, his thoughtfulness, and his kindness. For this, he will be missed by all.— If you are feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK

11.12.12,, Amherst College Student's Suicide Note Points Blame At School Administration For Mishandling Sexual Assault

11.12.12,, Amherst College student Trey Malone's suicide increases pressure for sexual abuse reforms.
 facebook image
'Trey' Malone
 facebook image 06.15.12, florida mugshots.
mr. malone was arrested
two days before he jumped.
07.11.12, anon, saint pete, florida, There is a sad story behind the young man that jump Mr.malone on fathers day. when they took his body to o'neill's marina, this kids father lives at the marina and had to see it. His father has moved out of the marina for a month. He said he can not wake up in the mornings and see the bridge. 
05.25.12: possible jumper, 12:12pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
05.25.12, Mark, Bradenton, (05.25.12, 12:12pm), Just saw on the FHP website while I was checking traffic before a trip to Tampa and it shows a suicide just happened. Guess we will have to see the details and so sorry for someones loss!

any more info is welcome.
05.04.12: jumper, 5:45am, died
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
05.04.12, Brian, Tampa, FL., I was watching abc actionnews this morning, 5/4/2012, around 600am and they showed FDOT cameras on the bridge southbound with numerous emergency vehicles responding to a "medical emergency."

05.04.12, Mark, Tampa, At 5:45 this morning I called *FHP to alert them of a gold Chrysler stopped on top of the bridge headed southbound. I was in a group of cars and trucks so I couldn't see if anyone was in the car or not, but the lights were on. Hopefully not a jumper...

05.04.12, Sharon R. S., facebook, Activity at 5:47 this morning. Vehicle on bridge still running with no one around. Staging at O'Neils. All regular apparatus en route. Looks like we have a jumper. They just said the tag number of the vehicle. I have the ability to pull the info but won't out of respect. (we respect your respect.)

05.04.12, CP, video by e-mail, Possible jumper, 7am (from the looks of this video, the jump took place over the rocks. no one lives through a jump onto the rocks.)


05.04.12, Valerie B., facebook, May 4 at 7:45am, My friend is stuck on the bridge right now...apparently there's a jumper. - Just checked HCSO...suspicious vehicle reported on the bridge at 5:53 and 6:19 - Per my friend..."It was Southbound. There were like 8 COP cars and a Fire truck there on the hump when I was traveling northbound." That's all for now.

05.04.12, shepdog of skyway lane, St Pete, FL., (05.04.12, 5:47am), Pinellas county dispatched Fire Boat 11, Eckerd College Search and Rescue, the Coast Guard, Engine 11 and the district chief from downtown to grid 723S at 5:47am this morning. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper.

05.04.12, John M., Palm Harbor, FL., (05.04.12, 6:00am), Driving Southbound on 275 this morning, 5 police cars, one abandon gold or brown sedan and everyone's looking over the rail toward the water. No ambulance or emergency equipment.

05.04.12, Steve, Saint Petersburg, Florida, (05.04.12, 8am), My friend's car had broken down right before the high-rise of the bridge and she saw the St. Pete fire boat and a Highway Patroll car there at center span and the officer told her someone had jumped and died this morning. You know, they take all of the bodies to Oniell's Marina where St. Pete Fire and Rescue docks thier boat at.

05.04.12, anon, Ellenton, FL., (05.04.12, 5:30am), I was headed to work at 5:30 a.m. and the EMT/Police and an abandoned car. The officials were looking over the south bound side of the bridge.

05.04.12, Meghan, Seminole, looks like someone jumped this morning :(,

05.04.12, Ken, Sarasota, FL., (05.04.12, 7:30am), I saw three FHP vehicles stopped on the southbound side of the bridge just north of the center. One of the troopers was looking over the edge. I did not see any other car. Did anyone else see this?

05.04.12, Christine, Palmetto, Fl., Customers at the Crab Trap bar located on U.S 19 just over bridge said a jumper this morning died.

05.05.12, Nat, Tampa, Fl., Hillsborough County Sheriffs office deceased person 5/4/2012 1 skyway bridge 6:19. Not sure its a jumper, but a good chance.

05.05.12, Concerned Friend, Tampa Bay, FL., The jumper was a relative of a very dear friend of mine. I have not seen anything in any of the local media, but there would have to be a police report. We know that someone saw the whole thing happen and called 911.

(also thanks to Jessica F. on facebook. any more info is welcome.)
05.04.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE, 3839, 1 SKYWAY BG, 0553, 0558 0h5m
05.04.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, 3839, 1 SKYWAY BG, 0619, 1340 7h21m
6:04 -- SUNSHINE SKYWAY: Several units on the top of the Sunshine Skyway SB I-275 for medical call, possible water rescue.
6:14 -- SUNSHINE SKYWAY: No delays on the bridge, though law enforcement officers still working something on the top of the bridge. SB I-275
6:18 -- SUNSHINE SKYWAY UPDATE: Confirmed that someone jumped from the bridge this morning. :( SUICIDE CRISIS HOTLINE: Dial 2-1-1
6:44 -- SUNSHINE SKYWAY: 1 lane now blocked SB I-275 on the bridge toward Manatee County. Investigation into suicide. :( If you need to talk, call 211.
04.11.12: save, 5:45pm, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
04.11.12, Mike, Bradenton, (04.11.12, 5:45pm, male), The guy was standing on the edge of the cement rail on the top of skyway drive lane. He was acting like he was on drugs, jumping up and down, giving the middle finger to people and risking falling over into the water. There were police etc there but the guy keep playing on the edge. I do not know what happened then, but he was young 25 - 30 and did not have a shirt on. Alot of people must of seen him.

04.12.12, anon, port charlotte, florida, I drove by around 525ish at that time the Man had a light green shirt on. He had stumbled up once and fell back there was 4 cars stopped no police yet and he had stumbled back up with his arms out like he was going to jump. he was very unstable and if he didnt jump i wouldnt be suprised if he fell. the man was about 30 and was definitly intoxicated or on some kind of drugs.

04.13.12, Joe, St. Petersburg, (04.11.12, 5:55pm, male, didn't jump, taken away), My wife and I were driving south to Parrish. By the time we got up to the center span the alleged jumper was on the ground with a state trooper holding him down with a knee on his back. The fact of note is that a taxi-cab was stopped at that center span. I assume the cab driver played a part, no pun intended, in keeping the guy from jumping! The cab driver was at the back of the car speaking to the authorities. This report comes after reading the one prior where the eye witness saw the jumper jumping up and down and threatening to jump at the edge.

04.13.12, Lori B. McK., facebook, SO12-132252 4:01 PM, HIGH, S1 SUICIDAL SUBJECT UNARMED SKYWAY BRIDGE

any more info is welcome.
04.08.12: possible jumper
04.08.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1935, 1946, 0h11m

any more info is welcome.
03.27.12: possible jumper, 11:00pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.27.12, erica, san d., California, (03.27.12, 11:00 pm), did anyone see a black hummer at the top of the bridge stopped

any more info is welcome.
03.23.12: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.23.12, Suzi G., facebook, Major activity on the the bridge today. . . heard anything? (not until now. run on over there and see what's going on. i'll wait here by the pool for your full report. thanks, doll!)
03.23.12, Suzi G., facebook, HA! Already did that. ;)

any more info is welcome.
02.02.12: jumper, 1:30pm, male, lived, no phones
John Stewart Murray, 36
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
02.02.12, Sharon R. S., facebook, Looks like another possible jumper. (I just turned on the scanner.) All the emergency vehicles and boats are convened. "Patient with purple pants" is being taken to O'Neills. An ambulance has just left the scene heading to the hospital.

02.02.12, anon, St Pete FL., (02.02.12, male, body found), A friend of mine works with a family member of this person. There was a jumper, no info on condition or where he jumped from on the bridge at this point. I'm just confirming there was in fact a jumper today.

02.02.12, anon, (02.02.12, 1:00pm, male, hit water, lived)

02.02.12, Don, Tampa, FL., (02.02.12, 1:30pm, male), I was talking with my brother on his cell phone when my cousin, who was riding with him, saw a black pickup truck parked with the flashers on at the top of the bridge. He then saw a man in a white T shirt, seated on the edge of the bridge lean forward and dive off. The stopped at the bottom of the bridge and reported the incident to police.

(any more info is welcome.)
02.02.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, 3839, 1 SKYWAY BG, 1329, 1758, 4h29m

02.03.12,, Man survives jump from the Skyway Bridge. Thursday, February 2, 2012, Time: 1:30 PM, Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Victim: John Stuart Murray, DOB: 1/06/1976, [address withheld], Pinellas Park, FL
Details: At approximately 1:30 p.m. on February 2, 2012, deputies responded to the Skyway Bridge in reference to a male that had jumped from the center span and was picked up a boater. The individual has been identified as John Stewart Murray.
Murray remained conscious after he hit the water and was picked up by a passing boater. Murray was brought to O'Neils Marina where he was then transported to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg. He is currently in good condition and receiving further medical evaluations.
02.03.12,, Man, 36, survives suicide jump off Skyway bridge
TAMPA, Florida — Deputies say a 36-year-old man is in good condition after jumping off the Sunshine Skyway bridge, which spans Tampa Bay.
Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies say John Stewart Murray of Pinellas Park attempted suicide early Friday by jumping off the bridge.
Authorities say Stewart was conscious when he hit the water and a boater picked him up. He was taken to Bayfront Medical Center, where he is receiving further medical evaluations.
Stewart apparently jumped from the center span of the bridge. No further details were immediately available. (odd that the first real news article having anything to do with the recent flurry of skyway jump activity is from a non-local source. way to go, local news disorganizations. the locals finally chimed in about this event, some two days later.)
11.09.15, Chris, Tampa, FL., Found a YouTube video of a guy crossing after this jump. I don't think the driver was aware.

open request to mr. murray: care to tell your story?
01.28.12: possible jumpers?, 9:00am? 12:43pm?, male?
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.28.12, Largo Mike, Drove over Skyway at 9:00 on 01/28/12, St. Pete fire rescue and police at apex of southbound lanes looking over the edge. No vehicle seen, but looks like a possible jump.

01.28.12, Boomdog, St Pete, Another standard dispatch with body recovered by FB 11. No vehicle found on bridge.

01.30.12, Lisa, St. Petersburg Fl., (01.28.12, 12:43pm, male), I was driving northbound around 12:43 pm and there was a young man with a bike sitting on the ground under the suicide box and it looked like he was peeling an orange. I called 911 and the dispatcher forwarded my call to the highway patrol and he said that he was aware of a possible suicide jump and he was on his way there and hung up on me. Does anyone know what happened? (one might guess he ate his orange and either coasted down the hill or threw the bike off and jumped in after it. is your time of 12:43pm correct?)
01.30.12, Lisa, St. Petersburg Fl., I called at 12:43 pm based on my friends phone log on her cell phone. When I called 911 she said that she received calls that there was a boy riding his bike on the skyway bridge going southbound. Then when she sent me to the highway patrol I said there was a young man sitting on top of the skyway under the phone box and he said yes a possible suicide we have received several calls and we are responding to this now and he hung up on me. (one incident? two incidents? newspapers? tv news? anyone? hello?)

any more info is welcome.
01.28.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, 3839, 1 SKYWAY BG, 0905, 1849, 9h44m
01.22.12: possible jumper, 11:28am
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.22.12, shepdog of skyway lane, st pete, fl., (01.22.12, 11:28am), Pinellas Cunty dispatched Fire Boat 11, Eckerd College Search and Rescue, the Coast Guard, St Pete Fire and Rescue Station 11 and the district chief from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper.

01.22.12, Sharon R. S., facebook, Uhoh.... all still responding.... GRID 723S MEDICAL DV11 ECSR FB11 E11 R11 D5 LR1 365 USCG PD4 SPPDM PCSOM T11 (thanks for the flurry of acronyms. got the ECSR, FB11, and USCG.)
01.22.12, Sharon R. S., facebook, Rescue 11, District 5, Ladder 1, 365 (Ambulance), Police Department 4, SPPD Marine, Pinellas County SO Marine..... looks like a false alarm, however. Sorry for the mis-timed head's up...)

any more info is welcome.
01.16.12: jumper, 6:00am, female, died, no phones, body found 12 days later.
Arlene Hoffer
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.16.12, Steven H., facebook, Car parked on top of span. Note in car. Search underway. 6:45am

01.16.12, Elle, Bradenton, FL., (01.16.12, 6:50am), There's an empty sedan and two cop cars northbound on the top of the bridge. One of the cops was looking over the edge. Pretty sure someone just decided to take the plunge.

01.16.12, Wildman, Riverview, FL., Ongoing activities on the bridge - abandoned car on bridge at 7:30 AM on 16JAN12. No other info at this time

01.16.12, anon, cape coral, fl., Not a confirmed jumper, but there was an abandoned car at the peak of the bridge with all the windows down and no one inside. There were several police cars and at least 4 officers looking over the side of the bridge

01.16.12, shepdog of skyway lane, st pete, fl., (01.16.12, 6:53am), Pinellas county dispatched Fire Boat 11, Eckerd College Search and Rescue, the Coast Guard, Engine 11 and the district chief from downtown to grid 723S at 6:53am this morning. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper.

01.16.12, Sharon R. S., facebook, They are running the grids and just told the Sunstar unit to go available until they find something and discontinued the timers on the call. I think we've got our first jumper, unfortunately.

01.16.12, J. Dunn, Bradenton, FL., (01.16.12, 7:40am), Headed N.bound around 7:40AM.. Lots of police and emergency vehicle activity on both sides, mini cooper parked w windows down on outside Nbound lane, middle of the hump. Officers looking over side on Sbound lane across from cooper. Looks like someone might have picked a beautiful morning to end their life a tragic way.

11.16.12, Chris, Kansas City, MO., (01.16.12, 7:00am), TampaBay Traffic, Sunshine Skyway UPDATE: Slow traffic both directions of I-275 on the top of the bridge due to police activity. #Suicide

11.16.12, TampaBay Traffic, ...Yes, that car was found with a note on the windshield... :(

01.16.12, ESP, St Pete, Lots of cops and firefighters looking over the side as we slowly drove by around 7:15AM

01.31.12, Julie, Dunedin, Fl., (01.16.12, 6:00am, female, hit water, died, body found 12 days later), Body of young girl who jumped 1.16.2012 was found Saturday by boater, she owned the mini cooper found on the bridge. You may call the coast guard to verify but I know it to be true, it is not in the news or online as I have seen

01.31.12, Lori, Dunedin, fl., (01.16.12, 6:00am, female, hit water, died, body found), Arlene Hoffer jumped 1.16.2012

any more info is welcome.
01.16.12, Hillsborough Sheriff, VEHICLES - ABANDONED, SKYWAY BG, 0647, 1138, 4h51m
01.16.12,, 7:35 a.m. - Traffic alert: Traffic is down to one lane on SB I-275 Sunshine Skyway Bridge due to police activity. Traffic is very heavy . . . expect delays heading out of Pinellas Co. (channel 10, "tampa bay's news leader", they're on your side! well, maybe about jumper traffic back-ups, just not the actual jumper news itself. perhaps they had the whole news cabal covering MLK day parades.)
01.16.12, Jessica F., facebook, Coolest thing about my new job - taking this awesome bridge to and from work everyday... I love living here... I have a commute with amazing scenery... except today, it made me late for work and sad. I saw the grey mini cooper and 3 cop cars and thought - I hope they didn't jump.. eerie feeling having seen and passed the persons car... all the windows were down. It's such a pretty morning...

01.16.12, anon, St Pete Fl., (01.16.12, 7:00am), I come across the skyway every day on my way to and from work always amazed at the beauty, this morning though police activity at the top both north and southbound. Makes you think what could be so bad in a persons life to make them end it in such a horrific manner!!

01.16.12, Elvis C., facebook, Just think of how considerate he was by choosing a holiday where there isn't as much traffic to back up. (the holidays can be stressful. thanks for the positive spin.)
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