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2024 jump events

updated: 06.08.24
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06.07.24: possible something, male
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.08.24, Jessi B., facebook, Last night I called fhp to report a sad looking man walking north towards the top. The dispatcher told me that several people reported him and an officer was on his way. I hope that man is safe and knows that people care.

any more info is welcome.
05.18.24: possible something, 7:01pm, female
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
05.18.24, fake name, goin south, regarding: distressed female, hands on head, elbows on hood of car? message: hi there, it’s 701 pm on the dot. I am heading south towards Manatee over the skyway bridge. I saw a visibly distressed female, wearing a tie-dye dress and flip-flops. She had reddish curly hair and her hands are on top of head. Vehicle was pulled over to the right side of the bridge aside of the barrier and she was outside of her car in front of the hood. I called it in at 7:01 PM. It looks as if it was a newer light silver/light blue Honda a little bit bigger than a minivan? Did anyone to see this as well?
I really hope that she’s OK and that she’s able to get assistance as she needs it.

any more info is welcome.
03.31.24: possible something, 1:00pm or maybe 2:30pm, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.31.24, Chris, Tampa, (1:00pm), Was heading northbound around 1pm on 3/31. An emergency vehicle with lights flashing entered the highway from the on ramp just inside the toll booth. It got a bit ahead of me, but I caught back up with it at the top of the bridge. It was in the right lane going very slow. I didn't notice a vehicle, but in hindsight, one may have been parked to the left, and my attention was to the right. As I continued down from the bridge, I saw a rescue boat with lights on approaching from the St. Petersburg side.

04.01.24, Chris, Venice, Sunday, March 31st around 2:30pm or so i was driving southbound, had just come off the main span of the bridge. There was a shirtless black man walking on the shoulder against the flow of traffic. It took me a minute to realize that unless he was walking all the way to the St. Pete side there were no exits until the other side of the bridge. Now I don't know his intentions at all, he could well have just been walking over the bridge, but it definitely gave me pause and freaked me out a bit.

any more info is welcome.
03.30.24: possible something, 12:24am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.30.24, CS, Tampa, 7 Cops, 2 ambulances and 2 fire trucks on bridge right now (12:24 am), No accident visible, just an suv (jeep looking) parked in emergency lane with driver door opened. couldn’t see driver. no sign of an accident. too many emergency services for it to be an issue with the car. possible jump?

any more info is welcome.
03.27.24: jumper save, 2:40am, female, taken away
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.27.24, trusted source, 240 am. Troopers take woman into protective custody as she worked to climb fence at the top of the bridge.

any more info is welcome.
facebook post
01.11.24: possible something?
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.11.24, K., a brown idk south asian looking girl was trying to jump, people stopped her kinda. I was passing by, found no information later on the same. Its rough out here; she did'nt look older than 16 tho. Whoever it was prayers for them

any more info is welcome.
hoping 2024 brings you all the success and happiness you work hard for.
   the jump records since 2021 continue to prove that the barrier has been a positive deterrent to people jumping off the bridge.

   we will update as things come along. new additions to this site will be listed here. feel free to contribute.

   if you are having trouble dealing with life and everything that comes with it, make the effort to find and use the help that is available to you. life is indeed worth living.

   remember, you are responsible for your own well being. love who you are and who you can be. always maintain an effort to improve upon yourself and allow no one to affect that. rid yourself of those that hold you back, no matter who they are. be they stranger, friend, or even family, lose the destructive forces tearing you down. end your addictions, be they drugs, alcohol, love, social media, and/or whatever consumes you to a negative degree. better yourself. associate with those that care about you. become stronger and healthier in body and mind. by all means, talk to people that can help you.

   do keep an eye on your friends and family members that may be despondent and depressed. check in on those that need checking in on. a few kind words and a helping hand, may be all it takes to send them down a better path. be well, everyone.
 slurp slurp, yum yum    sure, the barrier detractors will still cry their "the suicidal will just find another way!" tears of despair.
   however, self-deathers will not be performing their public display of self-elimination on the public skyway bridge, to anywhere near the extent as the pre-barrier years.
   that, my dear detractors, is the sole purpose of the barrier.
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