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potential jumper advisory
updated: 02.08.23
   occasionally, people announce they will jump off the skyway at some point or they know of potential future jumpage. while we never know their true intent, we post their input here, just in case any someone can intervene and prevent these incidents from occurring.
   we always welcome continued correspondence from these alleged future could be maybe possible jumpers. we strongly advise all pondering suicidals to get help immediately. we also welcome visitor comment and/or help, both here and on facebook. (our comments follow.)
no immediate advisory at this time
ongoing advisory
07.17.17, Sean T. B.
has been alluding to a jump from the skyway bridge for years.
past advisories of dubious outcome
02.08.23, Allen, Florida, regarding: Suicide, I guess I am posting because I need help.. I have driven to the bridge with the thoughts to jump.. please help me (allen used our anonymous contact form and left no contact info.)
02.05.23, Mike, I plan to jump tonight.. I can’t with the pain

02.05.23, Mbg, Orlando, I have been going through depression.. I plan to jump from the Bridge this week

02.06.23, Mbg, Orlando, regarding: Jumping, I am so depressed.. everyday I thinking about hurting myself.. I am making plans to jump. (mbg made contact and we had dialog.)
05.19.22, anon, Florida, I think I'll end up jumping off the bridge one day. I've been working myself up to it. Been visiting this site for years too, seeing everyone go. Hopefully I'm next. (this person used our anonymous contact form and left no contact info.)
05.10 - 06.13.22, John Doe, "real name Luis", 22, Orlando, Florida
05.10.22, Future Jumper, I am soon going to jump from this bridge. I have ran out of options to fix my mind and I'm satisfied of my 22 years here. I know it will hurt physically but I'm ready for it. I chose the Skyway because in 2018, I drove on it for the first time while going to a baseball game, and it gave most beautiful sight, and I know it's selfish to tie up traffic and USCG, but I'd rather die in the beautiful sight of the bay, in the sun, than some dark room. I've tried other methods to offset my mental illnesses and none of them have given any results, plus my life situation has been getting worse on top of the illnesses, and it has become far too much to bear. I am finalizing documents and tying up loose ends. Once those are done, The Skyway I go. (this person used our anonymous contact form and left no contact info.)
facebook article posts

05.14.22, Back again, I went to the bridge on Thursday the 12th in the early morning with a plan to jump, however I chickened out after 30 minutes of walking up and down the south rest area. Thank you for all the kind words on Facebook, however I still plan on jumping sometime soon. My gf of 4 years left me and most of my family abandoned me after coming out at bisexual, some giving me death threats. Eventually their prayers for my end might soon come true. I drove up the bridge several times, it's surprising how tall it is, yet how short it feels, it's not as tall as I remember. (sorry, and i'm not trying to be antagonistic, but losing a girlfriend is not worth ending your life. lost love happens to literally everyone. you will find love again. nor is anyone's reaction to your personal sexual attraction. you are your own person, free to live your life as you see fit. you are an adult and it's only your business. if you are willing to leave these unreasonable family members by jumping off the bridge, perhaps leave them anyway, then pursue a life without them. they have proven themselves unworthy of your affection and concern. their standing of 'family' has been voided by their own accord. they are not worth worrying about. work on life with the same vigor you have with ending it. seek out a new life that is more in tune with who you are, not what others want you to be. work on that. seek out people that are more in tune with who you are. they will be far more supportive than your fail family.)
facebook article posts: original post, deleted by facebook, then reinstated after appeal.
facebook article posts: reposted the original post, after it was deleted. this repost was then also deleted by fb the next day, but was then reinstated after appeal.

05.22.22, Unfortunately I was not the Uhaul man on the 15th, although it is one hell of a coincidence. I did park on the span on the night of the 17th after the Rays game but left shortly after. (are you now feeling better about your circumstances? time does heal these wounds, once you realize your struggles are surpassable.)

06.13.22, I tried my best for another shot at life, but it's far too hard for a weak mind such as mine, all of my prep is done, so the attempt will probably be soon. The people who know me will be glad that I can no longer bother them with my stupid complaining from just another suicidal fag. And during pride month too, what a coincidence! (perhaps accept who you truly are, as opposed to fighting against it. there are people that can help you find and accept who you are. try that first. we wish you well.)
facebook article posts
01.10.22, Ron Petito
01.10.22, Rob K., Dunedin, My helper made some troublesome comments about going and throwing himself off the bridge today. Ron petito, Veteran. Maroon f250
Falcon, i will jump on 25th March 2021. 1:00 AM eastern time. Reason that my mission in Alghaede is over now. meet you soon in other planets. Allah Negahdar
04.06.20, George F.
location: Nowhere, regarding: Death, I will be the next (there was no further contact.)
01.27.20, melony
tampa bay, i’m going to jump right now i’m sorry (there was no further contact and no reports of a jump. was this her: 02.04.20?)
12.10.19, Jeff H., Florida, regarding: We have someone who is thinking about jumping. A friend of mine is depressed and is considering jumping off the bridge. I am currently talking to him about it. Just might want to note this. (without more information or a method of contact, there is little more we can do, other than post this here. perhaps peruse this. we wish you luck with your friend.)
07.05.19, Anonymous one
St Petersburg, no contact information, I am actually going to become a jumper soon myself. I spent lot of time on this site researching as far back as possible. Even 1980 lady jumped Google found public records she had mental illness. It's very sad I'm typical age most jumpers 50s no family that we talk to very disconnected I've had mental illness 30 years can't get on disability meds after trying 15 or so they don't help. Have hard time keeping job although I'm computer whiz. Very sad system here in Florida for mental health I've already tried couple times jumping used crisis phones 3 days in local nut ward cut me loose. I have no other choice. I envy those that have loved ones that actually care. By no means am i a victim but when reality hit me 10 years ago living different state same circumstances i finally realized it's not ever going to get better. Mental illness is a death sentence this lady most recent wrote in nearly brought me to tears. I wish i had a loving wife. I did for 5 years but she got smart and left. I see therapist weekly 2 years now i frequently mention jumping i think most people don't think it's in me. The last 20 to 30 years of my life i only wanted stability and few friends but that's not going to happen. I applaud the brave souls that wait until dark so it's not very traumatic. I'm sorry for first responders have to see it. The people that tie up traffic during daytime threatening to jump i would throw over myself. It's a living hell i went back to school got bun4 education now can't get job? If you saw me i look normal and likeable wouldn't know I'm crazy. I wish again i could convince myself things will ever be better but they won't. I can't fathom thought of my body crushing in water but 5 minutes later pain is gone. I wish some people only knew how tough living with mental illness is. A fairly stable ex boss former police officer blew his head off from this so i knew it's only timing. I appreciate the website its real the moderator runs it way he wants. I can honestly tell you my family will not care, my neighbors and landlord and therapist be only ones who notice. Cremation and I'm gone. Majority of people if take time to research you will see reason usually mentally ill person or if a criminal they must get raped in prison most refuse to return. Us crazies that never get into legal trouble fly under radar. I have always respected law enforcement, never did anything terrible and showed respect. Both times i was on skyway was early morning hours they sweep up take you to crazy hospital. But you need be calm ask help. There's no solution i know of for this, rich or poor etc impacts all. For me meds don't help, when i get angry i internalize it. It will more likely be end of July. I'm using VPN device shows me in different country another thing I'm crazy but damn smart with computer. I will contact skyway i know gets few crazies making these threats but only way out of pain. Pray for me.
   hello, you paint a picture of sorrow and a life in collapse. we did add your missive to our facebook page. the response is an overwhelming effort to reach out to you. perhaps peruse the page and see if anything someone says, lights a glimmer of hope in your current low. we will not preach to you about getting help, as it appears you have worn out that avenue. we wish you would at least keep trying. good luck.

some people would like a word with you:
07.05.19, Shelley, Response to possible future jumper, Ok so you think jumping off the bridge is going to fix your problem? Sure for you it will but the people you know will be handed your baggage and odds are they don't want it. They will be dealing with it for the rest of their lives, against their will.
I know exactly how it is after someone decides to check out. I didn't want his baggage but here I am stuck with it. I am mentally ill, have no friends or family. I am not from Florida, but the mental health system is just as fucked up here as it is there. You need to get off your pity party but on your big boy pants and sort yourself out.
Start your own computer business is a idea. I have many more if you need more ideas. Mental illness and self pity are 2 different things. You need to want to help yourself. No one is going to fix your life for you. I fixed myself to the point i function and if I can do it so can you. I do not pity you, I do not feel sorry for you. What I got from your message was poor me life sucks.
Yes it can suck and it is what you choose to make of it. Offing your self is selfish and stupid. Get off your ass look in the mirror and ask yourself what is it that makes me so unhappy and what am I going to do to fix it.
Really looking at yourself as a person is going to suck. Not going to lie when you look at your issues you will totally think you are a hot mess and you are.
Next step, fix the hot mess. Having a pity party isn't going to make you feel better.
After a real deep look at yourself you will look at life totally different.
I do not believe in therapists or psych drugs. Meds just numb the actual problem and therapists get paid to keep you mentally ill. True healing comes from yourself. You got to want it though.
I admit I was a horrible shitty person, and the cause of my own misery. Now with a new view I know where I went wrong. You will to with some self discovery.
If you need advice or talk message me. I won't judge you but I will be bluntly honest with you.
Here is my link to my facebook profile, like I said message me.
And before anyone makes any comments about what I have said, I know exactly what I am talking about bc I have been there, done that and got the tshirt for it. I think suicide is selfish AND YES I had had a front row seat to a suicide, up close and personal.

07.09.19, Miranda, Bradenton, Florida, I have been where this person is. I tried to jump. My sister happened to be in the car with me, she got out and grabbed me before I tried to climb on the wall and jump.
When you feel like there is nothing left for you here, you don't think you just do! I know how stupid that sounds but nothing is going through your head at that point. I was gonna jump and didn't process that my own little sister who was 13-14 at the time was gonna have to watch it and had she not have gotten out and grabbed me then she'd be scared for life watching it.
I hope that this jumper reaches out. I will talk to this person, that's all some people need is someone that understands what your going through, or someone that has been there themselves, I will be here to talk to if they want to reach out and I really hope that they do reach out and give someone a chance.
I could have fought my sister off and pushed her down and still jumped but she made me talk to her and tell her why I was gonna jump and that helped me.
So possible future jumper, please reach out and talk to me or someone so that we can try to help and be here for you, let us try please. Things get better I promise. Please reach out.

'Anonymous one' replies:
07.28.19, I want to thank all the people that reached out to me via the website with the concerns. In particular, I wanted to thank Tara and Shelley, Shelley your feedback was needed, and Tara - I sent you a text - and promised you if it ever gets to that point - I PROMISE I will call you. Sorry about the anonymity, I just wanted to update your readers that I have been getting the help I need, reason for wanting privacy is not wanting to embarrass myself - and honestly being baker acted was very humiliating, but again for several weeks now, aside from a few ups and downs, I have been talking to a mental health professional, and things are much better. Thank you and will keep in touch.
   hello again, glad to see you are putting in a good fight. just remember that there are people that care for you, even though they do not know you. hang in there and continue the one life you were given. be well.

facebook article posts: 07.05.19 and 07.28.19
11.14.18, anon, subject: Possible jumper last night 11/13/18, An ex girlfriend of mine threatened to jump last night. Last contact was at 2136 your time. I am in Texas. I believe she drives a Red Chevy HHR or PT cruiser, unsure of year, Florida plate. She has threatened suicide several times. She said she was going to jump from the skyway. I was unaware of your page until this morning, and none of the forms work to fill out. She has an iPhone and the last two messages are unread. I checked your page and it lost no jumps or attempts last night which is a good thing. Please if you haven't already look into this. Thank you.
later: Fyi contact was made this morning @ 0936. She just drove over it, and states her gma called. Please advise on how better to help if she says she's going to do this again. I am in Texas so it's hard to make contact. I don't know her current address or plate number on her car. Please advise. (not sure how one can predict or even prevent someone from suicide, especially when you're states away. i wish you well and that she finds the help she needs.)
09.14.18, Bill E., facebook, Male that lives in Ruskin has posted pictures on FB of himself holding a gun to his head, saying he is going to St.Pete to get people mad @ him, hoping to get killed. If not he is jumping off the Skyway. FHP on Skyway alerted. HCSO enroute to a Ruskin residence & to Skyway. St. Pete police have been alerted.
12.17.17, Gracie, Florida
regarding: One More, You may have to put one more under 2017 before the new year. I'll be the next to jump.
08.20.17, James E. W.
I'm planning to jump. But if I don't... I guess I won't be considered lucky. As for considered unlucky.
06.19.17, Francia F.
I live two hours away from the bridge. To jump, or not to jump; is the question. ··· Have anybody let you know ahead of time about their intentions of jumping? If not, I will be the first one.
04.11.17, Mary A., facebook, I am being told by a distant friend, Billy B****** Jr. that he plans to get a ride up this bridge (from the St. Pete side) and he intends to get out of the car and jump off this bridge. I do not know where or who to call, I cannot find any phone number for this. (the bridge is patrolled by the florida highway patrol. they can be contacted by dialing *FHP(347). we hope your friend is ok.)
02.15.16, anon
(will jump 02.19.16, male), I was going to use the New River Gorge bridge but after finding this site and pondering things a little more, I've decided to use your beautiful bridge. Yes, I've gone to your other "helpful" links. They've not helped one iota. See ya!
01.13.15, Khanh Minh Nguyen, 29
01.14.15,, Bradenton man reported missing after threatening to commit suicide at Sunshine Skyway
MANATEE -- A Bradenton man was reported missing Tuesday night after reportedly telling his mother that he wanted to commit suicide, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.
Khanh Minh Nguyen was reported missing at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday after telling his mother he was going to jump from the Sunshine Skyway bridge and sending text messages to his roommate saying he wanted his life to end, deputies said.
Nguyen has not been heard from since, according to a release. Deputies said he is driving his silver 2004 Toyota Camry, Fla. license plate tag 440LIP.
Nguyen is 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds, with medium length black hair.
01.15.15,, Missing manatee man who threatened suicide found
A 29-year-old Bradenton man who went missing after telling his mother he was going to jump from the Sunshine Skyway on Tuesday has been found, Manatee deputies said.
Khanh Minh Nguyen, of Bradenton, also sent text messages to his roommate saying he wanted to end his life, according to a release from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.
No information about Nguyen’s condition was immediately available.
12.07.14, anon
from the old guessing form: december 18, 2014, 10:45pm, male, no hotline phones, hit water, dies, body found the same day, it will be me. sick of the constant battle. i'm invisable to the world. i hate myself. (this person left no contact info. we hope he seeks help.)
09.04.14, Bill E., Riverview, (1:30pm), District 5 command grid 723s with FB11 & ECSR, but no car on bridge. Caller reported gray VW driver on way to jump. Apparently unfounded.
02.14.14, Bill E., facebook, HCSO dispatched a car to residence. ...male left house, says going to Skyway to signal 32(suicide) later: When somebody leaves their house & tells relatives he is going to jump off the Skyway, should authorities try to prevent it? I think better to let them jump, instead of doing something like that wrong-way driver did.
09.11.13, anon, chaska, mn., Report an adult male was said to be heading to the bridge about 12:15 est. We need him stopped.
05.30.13, Scott E.
facebook, If I don't figure things out, I'm headed that way
•05.30.13, what is your plan?
ensuing facebook dialog:

•05.30.13, Hanns Jones, Take my advice and figure something out . It is not worth jumping .. If you want to know what it feels like, have someone beat you half to death with a baseball bat .. It really hurts that bad.
•05.30.13, Donna R., yes it does
•05.31.13, Tanya L. S., @ Hanns .. Not to sound out of line or rude... but .... if you die which majority do, you don't feel it that long?. Correct me if I'm wrong.. somewhere I've read its almost instant if done correctly? I know your story, and many others. I am happy you survived, so you can share the experience.
•06.01.13, Sean T. B., What things do you need to figure out I'm 45 been depressed for 35 years. It sucks. Maybe we can help.
•06.01.13, Hanns Jones, A lot of times People get Depressed it is directly related to what thoughts going on in their minds , Thoughts are powerful things so take it easy on yourself you don't have to be prefect to find some joy in life .. But let me make it extremely clear if you go thinking about giving up the thought alone will Depress you deeply .. You were born to be alive now make some plans because it is a beautiful day.
•06.01.13, Sean T. B., It's not that simple HUGH different of feeling depressed and true chemical Depression.
•06.01.13, Hanns Jones, It all comes down to whats between your ears . Change your Thinking and change your life .
•06.01.13, Tanya L. S., no not always
•06.01.13, Hanns Jones, Cars don't drive them selves , Thoughts drive People at the core of it all . Change your thinking it will change everything . You're damn lucky to be alive ..
•06.01.13, Sean T. B., every one gets depressed even GOD if there is one.
•06.01.13, Sean T. B., OH GOd another person who thinks you can snap out of it.
•06.01.13, Tanya L. S., yes but it takes fuel to drive the cars and sometimes you don't get a chance to choose what grade fuel you are pumping and pills to stop the fuel makes you drool so you stop taking it ya know
•06.01.13, Hanns Jones, I'm only pointing out that the only effective means by which to change ones feelings is to take control of ones Thoughts . You can be happy and all of those around you will be happier too. Take account of what you are thinking about ?
•06.01.13, Tanya L. S., not saying life doesn't change just seems like same trailer different park
•06.01.13, Sean T. B., positive thinking doesn't make it go away.
•06.01.13, Tanya L. S., I swear I shine my light so bright ( mania ) NO one on earth would know the real issues I deal with ... and to snap out of it is impossible ... @ hanns I get what you are saying tho
•06.01.13, Hanns Jones It's true positive thinking won't make it all go away but Crappy thinking will drag you in the mud.. I hope that you find some joy today .. My Prayers are with you
•06.01.13, Tanya L. S., thanks your story is remarkable
(further dialog is welcome. please feel free to contact us anytime.)
04.29.11, Jerry Beck, about 35
04.29.11, Lois, Tampa, My friend just received a letter (4/29/11) from her missing husband (4/26/11) that states he is going to jump from the Skyway Bridge. They live in Georgia (car broke down on the highway so he is supposedly walking the rest of the way. He is active military. He is about 35 years old, dark hair, military cut, in good physical condition, half Asian. PLEASE stop him if you see him. His name is Jerry and he's the father of 3 wonderful children. He recently returned from Iraq and is having a difficult time with the adjustment. PLEASE HELP!!!
04.29.11, you best contact the sheriff's operations center at 813-247-8200 and tell them this as well. you said his name is jerry. what is his last name, that might help.
04.29.11, Lois, Tampa, JERRY BECK---the Army is NOT looking for him---they are NO HELP!
(jerry turned up a couple weeks later, alive and well.)
05.16.10, amber
sarasota, i still choose the skyway bridge when i can figure out a time that i wont be stopped. the fact your insides are crushed still doesnt compete with your brains and face all over the walls. who wants to clean that shit up? thats gross. pills arent reliable. skyway jumpers have the right idea. (amber, if you wish to talk about anything, please feel free to contact us anytime.)
01.18.07, Cole O.
Mid Feb Crazy Wanna be jumpers, If she's still interested I'd be willing to talk. I'm going to have to bail if I can't improve things pretty soon. I'm not going to be talked out of it... but it might make for an interesting article. (cole is responding to michelle. she contacted us some time ago with the following:
"11.03.05, Michelle V., Los Angeles, I'm looking for somone who has been talked down from jumping for a piece I'm writing for a national magazine. I'd like to know what happened- what worked for you and what didn't. Please contact me at (contact). Thank you."
sorry, cole, we passed along your email and she replied that she wrote her article and is no longer interested. perhaps you can give us your story as to why you want to end it. let us know, then seek help.)
01.29.05, Alex
 F**k the world im going to do this iv had enough ... laugh at me all you want but i dont care... Just thought you guys would like to know.
02.27.04, Null
Sarasota, FL., (03.03.04, 1:00am, male, no phones, hit: not sure, dies) White male age 18 1am march 3rd 2004 will not be stopped. null writes again:
02.28.04, Null. E., Sarasota, FL., Get really drunk and sprint off the skyway. I'll be to drunk and possibly high to feel my bones breaking, while I drown..........
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